Lost Animals

When a beloved pet is missing, the first thing that an owner should do is to contact the Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection (RCACP) to see if the pet has been brought to the shelter by a kind member of the public or an Animal Control Officer. Animals that are found in the City of Roanoke, Counties of Botetourt and Roanoke, and the Town of Vinton will be brought to the RCACP for their stray holds.

We are the only open intake municipal shelter in the Roanoke Valley that accepts stray companion animals.

If Your Animal is Not a the Shelter

If your animal is not at the shelter, please fill out a lost pet report (PDF) and we will hold that report for 30 days.

Members of the public that find a stray animal may hold the animal for the required stray hold period; however, they must report the animal as found. We try to match up the lost reports with any animals that come into the shelter and also those found animal reports from the public.

Area Animal Control

In addition, if you are missing your animal, please contact the appropriate locality below to alert the Animal Control Officers.

  • City of Roanoke Phone: 540-853-2411
  • County of Botetourt Phone: 540 - 473-8631
  • County of Roanoke Phone: 540-562-3265
  • Town of Vinton Phone: 540-983-0617