Stray Search

Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection (RCACP) is responsible for housing all stray (running at large) companion animals for designated stray holds in the hopes that owners will come forward to reclaim these animals. Animals that are found in the City of Roanoke, Counties of Botetourt and Roanoke, and the Town of Vinton are brought to RCACP for their stray hold periods.

Animals Currently on Stray Hold

Active Stray Hold to Adoption

Please be aware that only the animals that are on active stray hold will be shown through this search. Once the stray hold has expired, it will not be shown on the adoption search pages until it has completed its vetting and is available for adoption.

Animal Transfers

Depending on space at the shelter, animals whose stray holds have expired may be transferred to rescue organizations for their vetting and adoptions.