My lost pet is at the shelter - what do I do?

To reclaim a lost pet, please come to the shelter during our regular operating hours (9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday - Saturday).  You will need to identify the animal as yours so the staff will take you on a walkthrough to see if your pet is in the building. If your pet is, indeed, in the building, you will need to pay the appropriate fees to reclaim the animal.  Arrangements can be made if you cannot afford the fees at that time, so please do not let that circumstance keep you from reclaiming your pet.

Redemptions must be made in person by the rightful owner of the animal.  We require some form of identification that the animal is, in fact, owned by the person who is reclaiming it.  Identification can include pictures, tags, microchip, vet records, etc.

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1. My lost pet is at the shelter - what do I do?
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