What is the process for adopting?

At the Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection, our goal is to connect adoptable pets with suitable forever homes.  The first step in adopting through RCACP is to complete an Adoption Application(PDF).  The next step is having a meet and greet with the animal to make sure that he/she is compatible with your family, human and animal alike.  When adopting dogs, we do require that all family members living in the home (or ones that will have frequent contact with the dog), come to the shelter to meet the dog prior to approval for adoption.  We also require that any other dogs in the home come to the shelter to meet the selected dog to ensure that they are compatible prior to adoption.  For cat adoptions, it is recommended that everyone in the household meet the cat prior to adoption as well.  If all goes well, the selected animal will go home with you and a folder full of helpful hints to introduce the animal into its new home!

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2. What is the process for adopting?
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