Roanoke Adventure Dogs

We're Letting the Dogs Out, and You Can Too!

Adoptable Dog Bella on a field trip.

What is Roanoke Adventure Dogs?

The RCACP's Roanoke Adventure Dogs program allows members of the community to take our adoptable dogs out on offsite, day-long field trips! This program is a great alternative for those who are unable to adopt, but still want to make a difference in a shelter dog's life by letting them take a break from the shelter on adventures with you!

How Do I Sign Up to Take a Dog Out?

The first step to taking a dog out on a field trip is visiting the RCACP after 9:30am Monday through Saturday. No need to sign up ahead of time! 

When you arrive, ask to take a dog out for an adventure. One of our volunteers or staff members will talk to you about your adventure plans for the day and match you with a dog that would enjoy that trip. We then check to make sure you are able to handle that dog on leash, go over our basic field trip rules, and volunteer paperwork. We will also answer any questions you have at that time. The whole process should take about 15 to 20 minutes and then you can be on your way with your four-legged adventure companion.

Where Can I Take My Adventure Dog?

Where you go on your field trip is up to you! A field trip can be a hike, a trip to the lake, a walk on the Greenway, or a pit stop at a local dog-friendly restaurant or brewery. We just ask that our dogs do not go to any dog parks, places where animals are not allowed, or environments that are unsafe for them! 

Still not sure where to go? Ask a volunteer or staff member for recommendations!

No Need to Sign Up Beforehand! Stop by the RCACP to take a dog out TODAY!

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