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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
03/30/2014 Cat Long haired fluffy black cat. Approximately 9 months old. Recently spayed. There is a slightly shaved area on front leg and belly. (Grown out but shorter than other hair) sweet and friendly. Slightly timid at first. Her name is diamond. SW county. Cave spring area / castle rock/ brambleton area. View Details
03/29/2014 chihauhau ten months old never outside by herself got out and gate to yard was open. She is on medicine. all white dog twinkle 2060 Maiden Lane SW Roanoke VA Yes View Details
03/29/2014 Cat Black female cat about 9 months old lost around King George Ave in Roanoke, Va. Her name is ET "Little Bit" because she looked like an alien when she was a kitten. She slipped out of the door at about 3am this morning. She has had all of her shots, but unfortunately was not wearing a collar as she just chewed through hers the day before yesterday. 519 King George Ave Apt 4 Roanoke, VA 24016. She darted off towards the alley in the back. Yes View Details
03/28/2014 Cat Black and white cat, looks like he is wearing a tuxedo. He is typically unfriendly to strangers but may be scared and friendly. His name is Tux. Off 221, Apple Grove Lane and Stone Mountain Road, in Roanoke. Near Big Lick Vet. Yes View Details
03/27/2014 short hair cat Domestic short hair, neutered, solid black. Very friendly to strangers and the Vet. 2311 Garden City Blvd. SE View Details
03/27/2014 Miniature Poodle-cream color Muffin is 16 years old. She will be 17 yrs old in October.She is a very sweet dog. She has been a member of our family since she was 6 weeks old. She is hard of hearing and her eyesight is fair. She does not bite. She is cream color and has curly hair short all over. She has a short snub tail. She has some arthritis. She is wearing a worn light brown leather collar with a green dog tag from Animal Care Center in Salem Va. She is an indoor dog. I am sure she is frightened as she has never been away alone from home or her yard.We are devastated/heartbroken. Muffin went missing from our home on East Riverside Dr.in Salem Va.(our house is near to the corner of Orchard Drive)on Thursday night 3/27 at 9 pm. A neighbor said she spotted her in their yard and she said then Muff went across the street to the Riverwalk path and headed left up towards Colorado Street.(She still may have got turned around) We live right across from the Roanoke river.We searched the river banks/brush and paths and neighborhoods throughout the night until 3:00am and resumed searching early am yesterday and we continue to search and pray we find her. The Salem Animal Shelter has a report on file , along with the Salem Animal Control officer. Yes View Details
03/27/2014 Cat Very loving cat mostly black white paws and white under chin and white streak on nose Troutville area beside of post office View Details
03/25/2014 Pit Bull Lost last night, last seen heading in the direction of 13th and Jameison. Name is Napolean, large, weighs 75 pounds, ears clipped 1230 Dale Ave SE View Details
03/22/2014 pitbull all white with brown patch on left eye and brown right ear and brown spot on tail with big head and feet. peterscreek rd View Details
03/21/2014 Canine Yorkie Mix Last seen March 1st in the Vinton Area, please help us get Little Mama home. Vinton Area View Details
03/21/2014 black, lab/retriever mix "Mossberg" half black lab and half golden retriever ran away at 3:00 this afternoon from 5146 Arrowhead Trial, Salem. He is about 9 months old. He is beautiful with a solid black, very shiny, curly coat. He is extremely friendly. He had no collar on at the time. He has never been gone this long. Please contact Nick (397-1683) or Gretchen (798-2227) Shaffer. We live at 5145 Arrowhead Trail. Cherokee Hills, Glenvar area of Roanoke County. He ran East toward Fort Lewis Church Road Yes View Details
03/21/2014 DSH Grey Tabby Tall, skinny, hungry all the time cat. He has a streak of black running down his back. He is very friendly, likes to bump heads, but also growls a lot. Near Bowman Ave/Eddy Ave Salem, Va Yes View Details
03/21/2014 Dog - Yorkie Lost ToTo brown and black Yorkie 10 years old. Very friendly and affectionate. He likes children, people and other animals. Backyard last seen on Madison Avenue Roanoke VA View Details
03/20/2014 dog Yorkie brown and black 10 years old his name is Toto and he was lost he needs medication. Between Rutherford Ave and Madison Ave NW Roanoke kn the morning. View Details
03/20/2014 pit bull He came up missing last Thursday after neighbors complained about him barking. He is white with black spots. between stewartsville and vinton View Details
03/19/2014 Dog / Chihuahua Tan chihuahua with white markings, goes by Tate. Approx 8-9 yrs of age. 12 Oclock knob area in Salem, Va around 5:00pm on Wed 3/18 Yes View Details
03/19/2014 Dog Blue Heeler, male, nuetered, older, white in the face, mostly grey blue with brown feet Mason Mill Rd Roanoke Va View Details
03/17/2014 Dog - Black Toy Poodle Lost black toy poodle in the Cobblestone neighborhood of Blue Ridge, VA around 9pm on Monday, March 17. Her name is Fifi and she is black with a grey beard and weighs about 9 pounds. No collar but is microchipped. She looks homeless due to matted fur, but she is really very pampered. She has heart disease and does not like to be combed anymore, so I just let it go. She is on medication and will need it right away. Please help me find my 16 year old baby dog. Thank you. Cobblestone neighborhood of Blue Ridge, VA View Details
03/17/2014 Australian Sherphard Black & white no tail w/ white paws and chest. Answers to Tebow. About 60lbs. Troutville, Va. View Details
03/17/2014 Mixed Poodle Black w/ puffy tail answers to Zoe about 22lbs Troutville Va. View Details