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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
07/06/2015 cat Solid white,full grown goes by Cassie Brambleton Vet. clinic last seen headed north toward View Ave. Home on Montgomery Ave. near Shenandoah Life View Details
07/05/2015 Pit bull My 9 week old puppy Chief was taken from the bed of our truck at Salem Walmart. She was on her leash which was tied around the toolbox, she is black with a white chest and paws. She has a blue harness with bones all over it and orange outline and a camo dog tag with her name and my number which is 540-392-4179. If anyone finds her or has info please give me a call! She was taken in Salem but we live in Elliston Yes View Details
07/05/2015 Dog Treeing Walker Coonhound Dog ran away July 5, 2015. His name is Henry, tan and white. Henry weighs approx 50 pounds. Henry got out of the camper about 1:30am. Last seen off route 615, 9 miles from old Roaring Run store going towards Craig county. Henry is very skittish and is a runner. Please call if found.

Sara Ingram
Route 615 Botetourt county View Details
07/04/2015 Dog Black lab/ newfie mix Grandin View Details
07/04/2015 Cat Long hair Manx with a long tail King St Yes View Details
07/04/2015 Cat Gray with white belly and paws Memorial ave Yes View Details
07/04/2015 beagle Neuter male pure bred tricolor 9month old beagle named Tinker. Very friendly & calm. Our home 8165 Newport Rd in Catawba, Va View Details
07/04/2015 pitbull Kenya is a blue pit, very gentle. SE Roanoke View Details
07/04/2015 Yorkie-Terrier Missing Cindy (dog) since July 4th around 7 pm in Salem. She is a 15 year old Yorkie-Terrier with a light brown coat Salem area (Wildwood Rd, Horner Lane) Yes View Details
07/04/2015 Dog Yorkie-Terrier light brown 15 years old lost since July 4 evening. Please call or e-mail if you have or seen Cindy. Thanks! Salem VA Yes View Details
07/04/2015 Cat Very long and lean cat who can be skiddish. She is new here and probably got spooked by the fireworks and/or riffraff on the 4th of July. Only over a year old. 2523 Rosalind Ave, Roanoke va, 24014 Yes View Details
07/04/2015 cat solid black long hair with mane and clipped left ear. Taylor Avenue, Salem View Details
07/03/2015 Dog His name is tobby ,his brown & white shorty 5 years old ,,i put him in the bat yard last night to use the bathroom and he escapet 4831golfview dr roanoke va Yes View Details
07/03/2015 dog I lost my dog fraiday nith .his name is tobby he is brown and white mediun side
5 years old hes like 20 pounds,,,Iput him in the yard fraiday night to use the bathroom and he escaped please if you have seen him call me at 703-798-9234
4831 golfview dr roanoke View Details
07/02/2015 Cat Blue point Himalayan that answers to the name Pippin. 5786 Pine Acres Lane, Roanoke VA 24018 View Details
07/02/2015 Malti poo White long hair..... 15-20 pounds 1024 Glenn ridge rd Roanoke va View Details
07/02/2015 Mutt, some type of hound His name is Toby. He is brown medium sized short and stocky dog. Brown eyes. We put him in the yard last night to use the bathroom and he escaped. He is about 10 years old. 808 Murray Avenue SE, Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
07/02/2015 Mutt, mixed breed, hound Brown dog, short stocky male, neutered with brown eyes. His name is Toby. 36 lbs. 11 years old. Last seen by a neighbor going down the street he lives on on July 2nd about 9 pm. Our address is 808 Murray Avenue SE Roanoke, VA 24013 Yes View Details
07/01/2015 Cat Panda is a spayed black and white female cat. She is mostly black with white on her chest and belly. She has gold eyes. She is microchipped. Christian Ave, NE View Details
07/01/2015 Beagle mixed with schnauzer Looks like a brown shaggy terrier mix, comes by the name copper or pooty Colonial ave area Yes View Details

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