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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
03/01/2017 Dog His name is Bear and he is light brown color. He is very friendly In the area of tazewell going towards 9th street View Details
03/01/2017 Chihuahua Tan colored long haired Chihuahua wearing green shirt. Overland ave sw View Details
02/28/2017 Tabby Cat Brown, white, and black tabby cat with green eyes lost near Whetherwood Subdivision in Daleville. He responds to Lilo, and has a scar by his nose and a notch on his right ear. His stomach is white with brown spots and all 4 legs are white. Whetherwood Subdivision, Daleville, VA, by Catawba View Details
02/26/2017 Golden Retriever Name: Sienna Shamrock St/Hershberger Rd near Westside Elementary View Details
02/25/2017 African grey parrot Sweet pea is his name he is only 2 years old well trained Richmond California Yes View Details
02/24/2017 Cat Red collar, no tags
Maine Coon / tabby mix
4512 wyndale av
Roanoke 24018
Yes View Details
02/24/2017 Dog Gerald Hostetter
Buchanan va Yes View Details
02/23/2017 Dog Very friendly
White Cavashon
Hershberger Rd
Oakland Blvd
View Details
02/22/2017 Cat 3yrs old, black cat.

Collar was a breakaway so my have come off. He is very skittish. Micro-chipped #985112005269148. He needs prescription food. Vet is banfield.
Kerns Ave SW, Roanoke. Wasena area. Yes View Details
02/21/2017 Chihuahua Shepirke mix Black with white on chest. Answers to Big Girl. 1032 Woodrow Ave SE Yes View Details
02/21/2017 Cat Gray and black stripped Calico cat 4000 block of Oliver Rd NE Roanoke View Details
02/21/2017 cat Seri is quite large (about 20-25 lbs), She has golden coat with pronounced cheetah spots. She is very skittish with people she doesn't know. She gravitates toward other animals. Please don't try to approach her, she will run away. Rather, please give me a call and I will be right away at the location she was seen.

There is $500 reward
Brooks st and Wisconsin st, Oceanside, Ca Yes View Details
02/20/2017 dog 1 year old grey pit very friendly. His name is cilo. Murray ave se roanoke View Details
02/18/2017 Beagle Black, brown, & white. His name is Chip. King George. Old southwest. View Details
02/17/2017 Dog Grey and white female pit bull 2 years old missing hair on her back Thaxton va View Details
02/16/2017 Dog Sawyer is a chocolate beagle. He is very friendly. He sometimes has a limp. Southeast View Details
02/16/2017 Lab mix Brown lab mix. Her name is Ruthless. no collar. She is very shy and will run. She got out of our fence 2/16. Last seen at the dollar tree on Williamson rd. She is very sweet but may bark and growl out of fear. Williamson Road View Details
02/15/2017 cat During furniture delivery she (Tilly name) escaped. Not an out door pet. She is micro chipped, vaccinated, fixed, very skiddish, has probably been abused in past as we just adopted her January 8th. She is extremely hand shy. She is white with 4 black spots on left side and 3 black spots on right side, a black/striped tail, and black/striped ears partial face and ears. 5417 Apple Blossom Lane, Roanoke, VA 24018 (behind empty Allstate Building parking lot in Roanoke) View Details
02/14/2017 Cat Grey Tabby with white chest and chin.
1.5 years old. He's an outdoor access cat that usually comes home twice a day and all night. We haven't seen him since Tuesday Feb 14. His name is Fen and he is microchipped.
Day Ave SW/6th St SW in Old Southwest Yes View Details
02/11/2017 Pitt bull mix white w/ blk spo Goes by diamond friendly and about 6 months old 10th st,Andrew Rd.,Eureka park,layfette Blvd. NW AREA View Details

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