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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
01/18/2015 cat Answers to Daphnee or Daphee. Light gray nearly beige with light blue eyes - almost six years old - on the plump side. Home - 2313 Carlton Rd. SW Roanoke VA 24015 Yes View Details
01/18/2015 k9 female yorkie AJ is a 5 pound yorkie she has a pink bone tag with her name AJ on the tag. She is very friendly. AJ was given to my mom by her grandson who lives in Hawaii. My mom was so excited when AJ was flown from Hawaii especially for her as a birthday gift. My mom loves AJ and she misses him so much. If you see her dog please call so we can bring her back home safely. Cherry Hill area off of Frances Dr NW Yes View Details
01/17/2015 Mini Daushanud Her name is Coco she's been missing since 7am today and I can't find her. She went missing on Bent Mountain. On Poor Mountain road. Please help me find my baby girl!! Bent mountain va Yes View Details
01/17/2015 cat large breed brown tabby with shortish tail, long hair, neutered Guilford Ave SW, Roanoke city 24015 View Details
01/17/2015 yellow tabby Chevy is an older tabby cat abt 13 yrs old. I live in Hardy, Va. In Franklin Co. View Details
01/16/2015 husky/sheppard mix Her name is ellie she is brown in color beautiful brown eyes. she likes to jump but is sweet. she ran out last night after a cat and hasn't returned home. We miss her. SW roanoke floyd ave Yes View Details
01/16/2015 Mini daushaund Her name is coco she only a year old chocolate and tan in color. Reward if found. Bent mountain va Yes View Details
01/11/2015 Dog 2 missing a male fawn with black mask and a female Harlequin. his name Neeko hers Kiara.got our of yard non aggressive either one. 1423 Greenbrier ave SE Roanoke VA 24013 View Details
01/11/2015 Dog Small terrier mix. White with brown ears and brown spots on rump. Very old and cannot see or hear well. Very skiddish. 23rd Street NE Roanoke View Details
01/11/2015 Pit Bull Dog Between 4 and 6pm on Sunday (Jan. 11th), our pit bull disappeared on Falling Creek Rd in Bedford. Rascal is a 9 month old boy and will respond to his name.

He is white with large black spots, one near/around his eye. During Sunday morning, he had slightly injured his front right paw and was limping a little but still felt well enough to play with his sister. He also has a healing scar on his nose.

He is not a dog that wanders far from home especially by himself. He is scared of the dark when he is outside. He is a very sweet and friendly dog but does get moody if he's in a foreign territory or around strangers. He will sulk and lay down and ignore whoever talks to him. He is not all aggressive. Quite honestly, he's a big baby but he's our baby and we miss him so much and are very worried.
Bedford, VA
Falling Creek Rd.
Yes View Details
01/11/2015 cat Orange/yellow and a little white cat, looks like Morris off old cat food commercials. Answers to Prec prec or precious. Lost on Bowman Street. Just moved to area when he got out. Stocky build. Small reward if found. Bowman Street N.W. 2 blocks behind Legends off Williamson Rd. View Details
01/10/2015 Domestic Short Hair Cat 6-month-old male tabby (dilute; tabby markings but tan color). Was awaiting vet appointment for small injury to right eye. Neutered. Very sweet, not accustomed to being outdoors. 1600 Block of Westover Avenue (between Denniston and Dunmore) in SW Roanoke City View Details
01/10/2015 Beagle 2 Beagle males, wearing collars, but tags had fallen and hadn't got a chance to reattach. These are my in-laws dogs and would love to see them come home. Bedford, VA 24523 Patterson Mill Rd Yes View Details
01/09/2015 Canine answers to cadence. Was not wearing collar when lost. Roughly 50-60 lbs. 1706 padbury ave roanoke va Yes View Details
01/09/2015 pit/lab she will answer to bailey tazewell in south east View Details
01/03/2015 Hound Mix We just adopted this dog from the Lynchburg SPCA and brought it home. It is very skittish and skinny. We had him in our back yard getting used to the yard and his surroundings. We went inside to give him some space and came out later and he was gone. We put a collar on him from one of our dogs that passed away. He had not been fed at the time of his escape. He had his shots from the Lynchburg SPCA. They say he is about 4 years old. 914 Gaymont Street. Just off Persinger, behind the Elks club Yes View Details
01/01/2015 dog-collie Male collie 5 months old. Lost in the vicinity of Roanoke County at Cotton Hill Road/ 221. Last seen at 12 am on 1-1-2015. Became frightened of neighbors setting off fireworks and ran through his invisible fence. Roanoke County- Cotton Hill Road 221 Yes View Details
01/01/2015 cat lONG HAIR WITH ORANGE AND WHITE FUR garden city yellow moutain road Yes View Details
01/01/2015 Dog White toy poodle with cataracts in both eyes wandered away from the Ferncliff Apts on 1/1/2015 as the family was moving into their new apartement. Dog has been in the family since she was a pup which is about 9 years. She is tiny, white, red nose, and attached to 5 children as well as her sister dog Chloe. We know that someone found her on the side of the road and we appreciate that she is in kind hands.... We love our Tinkerbell... she is micro chipped and is not wearing a collar because she had just been bathed for flees. She has her rabies shots and we love her. Please return if found to 3533 Ferncliff Avenue NW, apt L136. thank you. Deb Clinkscale Ferncliff Apartments View Details
12/31/2014 American short hair Black and white, white is mostly under chin area, a little white in the face. Named Lucky; very friendly, a little on the chubby side. Creekwood dr., Salem, Va. Yes View Details