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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
07/04/2014 Chihuahua/Yorkie Mix Her name is Macy. She looks like a Chihuahua with Yorkie colors. If found, please contact me or the shelter Leon Street (Andrews and Cove Road Area) Yes View Details
07/04/2014 Dog Black lab/coon hound mix. Went missing 7/4/14 due to fireworks. Very timid, easily frightened. She is about 90 lbs. 220 Dagger Spring Rd Eagle Rock, VA Yes View Details
07/04/2014 Dog - Chihuahua Scrappy is 5.8lbs. Tan with black eyes and redish black nose. He is skittish and is on prescription dog food. He does have a chip that was purchased & registered with his vet Smith Mountain Lake Animal Hospital He went missing on Glenwood Drive in Garden City, Roanoke. Yes View Details
07/04/2014 Quaker Bird His name is Gizmo and he is a Green Quaker Parrot that is very missed and loved. His blue wings are showing out from under his green wings. He is friendly. He is banded but I dont know what the number is on his band. He will be a year old July 10. We just really want him to come home. Could be in the houses off Deer Branch Road. 7004 Peters Creek Road Lot 37 Roanoke, Va 24019 Yes View Details
07/04/2014 Jack Russell Hello, my lost dogs name is Scooter he is brown with a back face- due to older age he does have white around his mouth. and he has a little nub for a tail. And on his back right foot he has two white toes. Mt Pleasant - Yes View Details
07/04/2014 Gray Tabby Cat Silver/Gray tabby with left ear clipped, wearing pink collar. No micro chip/no collar tag. Missing from Gala Drive (Botetourt County) since July 4th. 3-4 years old, declawed (front only), very friendly. Gala Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019 (Botetourt South Subdivision) near Walmart. Yes View Details
07/03/2014 brindle/terrier pitbull just over a year old, weighs about 40 or 50 pounds, has long ears and tail, has short hair which is colored brown and black in a striped pattern down her back with white on her nose, chest, belly, and paws bonhill dr. nw just off of florist rd. Yes View Details
07/03/2014 Dog Small brown and white long haired chihuahua. Responds to the name "Crash". Botetourt South/Bonsack area. View Details
07/03/2014 mixed got out of fence on Ingal in Glenvar East, brown dog with white markings on face. Has shaved hair on back from a recent injury. 9 years old around 40 pounds, name is Kinsey. Kinsey is not familiar with the area, she was being kept by relatives while the owners are on vacation. Ingal Blvd, Glenvar East View Details
07/03/2014 dog Daschund mixed with jack Russell. Looks like a daschund but is brendle in color. Bandy road Yes View Details
07/02/2014 Pomeranian/ terroir His name is Marley and he is 5lbs. He is appox 4 months old and very friendly. His colors are tan brown and black! He has hair like a terrier and all over favors a terrier more! Please help us find him back to his home. Mt pleasant Yes View Details
07/02/2014 Mixed Two dogs. Both black. One is smaller (part Cocker Spaniel). The other is the size of a small lab (part black lab with longer hair). Two miles east of Fincastle. Farmers Road and Brugh's Mill Road area. View Details
07/01/2014 siamese mix Help us bring mrs kitty home. she is a fat white cat with black tan and grey spots. she has a blck tail and a black nose. her eyes are very large and she is friendly. my grandma is missing her dearly please help us bring her home 365 Newtown rd Buchanan,Va Yes View Details
07/01/2014 Cat Grey / tan / black tiger stripe kitten.
Got out of foster home on Sherwood Avenue near Avon Road in SW Roanoke City on Tuesday, July 1st at approximately 11:30PM during a burglar alarm incident.
He is approximately 8 weeks old and VERY VERY shy.
Please call or text (540) 632-2333, if found.

Sherwood Avenue near Avon Road in SW Roanoke City Yes View Details
06/30/2014 Cat Black and white cat, his name is Mickie. Avenel Avenue, near Patrick Henry HS Yes View Details
06/30/2014 yellow lab mix Ran from home in Blue Ridge. Answers to Alphie. Medium sized mixed breed yellow dog with long hair. Blue Ridge, VA View Details
06/30/2014 Tabby Cat Very young kitten. Multi colored with a two toned face. She answers to Baby Kitten. Dale ave SE Yes View Details
06/29/2014 peekapoo Her name is PO. She is a small Black and White Female PeekaPoo. She probably weights about 15-20Lbs. She is extremely friendly and will go to anyone. We are not sure how she got out of the backyard but a little girl will just be happy to have her home. Once we noticed she was missing we searched a few blocks around our house but was already dark and hard to locate her. 1020 Morgan Ave. SE Roanoke View Details
06/27/2014 Maine Coon cat Raleigh is a small black/grey/white Maine Coon with beautiful green eyes. She has long hair and long whiskers. She is very friendly. She may be identifiable by the shoved area if her belly from her veterinarian visit. 2600 Lansing Dr SW- Greater Raleigh Court area Yes View Details
06/27/2014 Feline Long hair, dilute calico. Very affectionate but scared at first. Lost in Old SW on 2nd Street. She is a petite little girl and has a very fluffy tail and tufts of hair on the tip of her ears. 2nd St. SW
Roanoke, Va 24016
Yes View Details