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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
02/22/2015 Jack Russel His name is Sir Boris he is white with a large Brown patch on his back. 1604 Church
Ave. SE Roanoke Va.
View Details
02/19/2015 Cat Small, DSH, Black/brown/tan Tabby, Spayed Female, No front claws. She looks Young but is 14 Years old. South Roanoke (Richelieu Ave) Yes View Details
02/19/2015 Beagle mix "Oliver" is a neurtered beagle mix. He has reddish brown spots with white legs, chest, and under his belly. He is about 4 years old. He wiggled out of his collar and leach last Thursday afternoon in the Cove Road/Peters Creek area. Yes View Details
02/18/2015 Rat Terrier Frankie is brown and white. He is skinny with long legs Botetourt County View Details
02/18/2015 Poodle 5 year old poodle black with a little white. His name is midnight. Last seen on high acres roanoke va when he was let out to go bathroom. Any help in finding please contact me Roanoke city high acres rd View Details
02/17/2015 cat Gray and white striped tabby with white front paws and a pink nose with white on her face and spayed Glade Creek apartments Roanoke Virginia turned into SPCA by Matthew Cooper View Details
02/16/2015 cat Long haired Grey Tabby with prominent M on forehead and two white front paws and white on neck. Large fluffy cat. Name is Two Socks. Williamson Rd and Courtney Avenue srea NE Yes View Details
02/15/2015 Cat Orange & White Declawed Real Fluffy, Goes by the name of Parker Approx. 2 1/2 years old Salem, Upland Drive Are Yes View Details
02/15/2015 Beagle overweight older beagle whose name is "Honey Bun" 1735 Blair Rd. SW; Roanoke, VA 24015 View Details
02/15/2015 Cat Yellow and orange striped cat, looks like Garfield, little fat Floraland Dr. NW Roanoke Va View Details
02/15/2015 Cat He is black and white cat with distinctive marks. Hes nose is all black but it has a little white dash going left to right, and he has a black spot on his chin. Hes been missing about a week. Hes my little girls cat and its crushing her to not have him around. He skittish around people and hes likely to run away. He meows A LOT. To get him to come near you just meow back at him. (let him meow and then you meow.) Please help us find him. Hes a big part of our family and its like a empty spot in all of our hearts for him to be away. I live in Roanoke City SW near towers shopping center. Yes View Details
02/14/2015 Cat His name is Parker
Orange and white real fluffy
Approx. 2 1/2 yrs old.
Salem Upland Dr. Area View Details
02/14/2015 Cat Orange and white short haired domestic cat, neutered, very affectionate. Floyd Ave SW, Roanoke 24015 (Wasena) Yes View Details
02/12/2015 Domestic shorthair cat Orange striped young medium sized cat, pale green eyes, lost in Bent Mtn area near Bent Mountain Bistro. Wimpy meow. Bent Mountain, Va. View Details
02/12/2015 Cat Black cat with small white spot on the underside of her neck and yellow eyes. She is very friendly, a little skittish, and she got out of our home on the afternoon of 2/12. We miss her and are very worried, she is an indoor cat who has never been outside. Grandin area, behind Virginia Heights School, off Memorial Ave. Yes View Details
02/12/2015 cat Named Jordan- Extremely friendly very small, black, spayed cat. She is front declawed with one front paw having a tiny bit of white on it. One of her eyes is chronically runny and she normally sneezes and coughs quite often. South Roanoke Neighborhood - Stoneridge Road; Near Peakwood Road View Details
02/11/2015 Dog 3yrs old Husky Mix white black and gray with brown markings on head. Named Jax. Vinton Hardy Rd Area Yes View Details
02/10/2015 Boxer Mostly light brown with white and black on face, white feet, white neck, and cropped ears. Ran off without collar. 65 Lbs. Glenvar Heights Area in the Salem end of Roanoke County Yes View Details
02/10/2015 Cat "Aye" is a black and white cat neutered male cat with medium length fur with a thick white mane at his chest.. He has no collar. He is very friendly and has never been missing before and never seen out of my yard or the next door neighbor's yard. Cave Spring-Cresthill Dr. Yes View Details
02/09/2015 feline long hair Long haired black and white female. Very small breed. Dreadlocks around her neck.
Looks like she has a mustache
Roanoke county. Plantation road. Near hollins. Summerdean. Yes View Details