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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
06/04/2015 dog - westie small white westie goes by TITO, lost together with 'sister' miniature wirehair dachsie JAZZY about 7am thusday morning. Bloomfield Ave Bonsack Area View Details
06/02/2015 Tortoise Turtoise Mostly yellow with black; Leopard tortoise
Ben Holloman 540-397-2287
Belle Ave Area near King St.
belle Ave View Details
06/02/2015 Dog (Chihuahua) Answers to Daisy. Charm on collar reads "If the tiara fits" 2465 Lipscomb Road, Moneta View Details
06/02/2015 Dog (Chihuahua) Answers to Daisy. Charm on collar reads "If the tiara fits" 2465 Lipscomb Road, Moneta View Details
06/01/2015 Pitbull Canine Blue brindle pitbull with perky ears went missing from Forest park area please contact Camille 540-397-6539 Forest Park View Details
06/01/2015 labradoodle answers to the name WALKER.He is a 10 yr old chocolate labradoodle that coat was recently groomed short for summer months.He weighs 85 lbs but is a gentle GIANT,Walker got out when the back yard gate was accidently left open . west of salem in the GLENVAR area Yes View Details
05/30/2015 Miniature Schanzer He was let out to the bathroon at 12 midnight last night and has not been seen since peters creek and N barrens rd Yes View Details
05/30/2015 Feline Calico DSH Ear tipped short haired calico cat missing Please contact Lynn 540-354-5728 Cedar Avenue, Roanoke VA View Details
05/30/2015 Cat Orange tabby with white chest and 4 white paws. White marking across the top of his nose. Will be very skiddish around strangers. 739 Brandon Ave. SW. Last seen on Windsor Ave. SW Yes View Details
05/28/2015 chow mix *****LOST***** light brown chow mix goes by the name of grizzly. Very sweet, lost off Salem turnpike/Melrose/lake side area. Please help me bring my baby home! Just moved and he got loose off his chain. Please call me anytime if you find him! 540-494-8091 Melrose/lakeside/salem View Details
05/27/2015 Dog Female 1.5 years old. Brendle and white. 1000 block of Dale Ave Se Yes View Details
05/26/2015 chocolet lab dog is blind and hard of hearing huntridge dr and golden circle View Details
05/26/2015 small dog / pomeranian/mix? Small Gold pomeranian/mix? Answers to the name of Sandy. Escaped out of a side garage door that had accidentally been left open. Almond Dr. in the Dillon Woods Subdivision. Yes View Details
05/26/2015 Siamese cat 12 pound ivory colored lilac point siamese cat. Declawed in front. Very sweet and friendly. Loud meow. Children's beloved pet. 9 years old. Named Penelope but nicknamed 'Bean'. Answers to 'Bean' or 'Beanie.' Strictly indoor cat. May have slipped out back screen door. Children distraught! Winnbrook subdivision (near Jamison Orchards) in Roanoke County. Yes View Details
05/25/2015 cat Black and white (tuxedo) neutered male. Ten pounds. Eleven years old. Name "Micestro." Inside cat--tame inside. Fearful outside.

No collar. But he has a micro-chip.
Hazel Drive/ Colonial Avenue. Yes View Details
05/25/2015 Pitbull/mixed She's tan with a white under neath her neck and stomach has an white marking on the back of her neck that looks like a symbol from Avatar The Last Airbender. Please if you find her call me asap. My family misses her so much! 17th and Grayson View Details
05/25/2015 America shorthair He's 5-6 yrs old. White lower half, fawn back & face. Yellow eyes....kinda overweight. His name is Nicholas. 2500 Rutrough Rd. SE Rke Yes View Details
05/23/2015 Female cat Young female cat. Just over a year old. Her name is Flower. She is a much loved member of our family. She is white with calico markings on her head, back, tail, and legs. When her legs are together, her calico markings resemble a heart. She has beautiful green eyes and can be vocal. She is very friendly but may be skittish as she has never been outside before. I was trying to rescue a lost dog in my neighborhood and when I finally got him to come to me, I opened the door, and she darted out. Wasena neighborhood, Roanoke, Va. 24015. She was last seen in the alley behind Summit Ave. SW Yes View Details
05/23/2015 hound mix she is a big brown boxer hound mix with white on her chest very friendly likes to lick in the face 2519 Windsor Avenue SW View Details
05/22/2015 Cat Gray and Black striped Tabby cat. Big body, long legs, Small head. CAt needs his medication. Corner of Belle AVE NE and Old Vinton Mill Rd. View Details

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