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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
12/05/2014 american bully / pitbull brown and white stocky shy and skiddish might be with a brown pit mix with black collar... cottage ave vinton Yes View Details
12/05/2014 cocker spaniel His name is Bailey. Has a frequent cough due to heart condition. Beige cocker with darker freckles on face. Med length hair. Poor Mountain Rd near Harborwood - Salem View Details
12/04/2014 Cat Black cat with "tuxedo" white on his neck, belly, and all 4 feet 5378 Luwana Drive Roanoke, VA 24018. Adjacent to Hidden Valley High School on it's North side. View Details
12/04/2014 Dog American bulldog/hound dog mix. 15 years old. Tan and brown with a grey face. Around 65 lbs. Back creek/ 12 o'clock knob area. SW county, Roanoke Yes View Details
12/03/2014 Cat He DID have a collar. We suspect it has been removed. Tag on collar had a phone number and his name, Bo. Large cat. Loves to eat! Not neutered. Castle Rock Farm area. Cave Spring Corner. View Details
12/01/2014 Lhasa apso Our 4 year old went missing today around 5 pm. She's our sweet girl and has epilepsy and needs her meds. She's 18 lbs and black/grey, with chip. Stone manor subdivision off Roselawn road in sw cty. Yes View Details
12/01/2014 cat Large white neutered male cat with rust colored points on ears and tail, blue eyes. Strathmore Lane, Bently Park, off Peters Creek Road in North Roanoke County Yes View Details
12/01/2014 cat Large white cat with rust points on ears and tail, blue eyes. Strathmore Lane, Bently Park, North Roanoke County off Peters Creek Road. Yes View Details
11/28/2014 Dog Great Pyrenees and black Shepard lost in South Roanoke. Respond rto Koda and Nawny. Please call 797 3230 orb769 7461 if found! South Roanoke Lockridge Road View Details
11/28/2014 Boston terrier Black and white Boston terrier, sweet nature. Little timid. Recent rescue dog but very loved. Answers to name of Toby. Claws need clipping Dixie Caverns area of Salem, dog slipped his collar and ran off after being frightened by gunshots in distance. Yes View Details
11/27/2014 Cat He is a tabby cat. please let me know asap, my fiance is looking for her. near cave spring, 5616 southern pines rd. Yes View Details
11/26/2014 cat Orange and brownish red striped. Very skittish. Was a rescue pet and has always been very frightened of strangers. Cave Spring/Penn Forest. Lost from home on Chaparral Dr. Yes View Details
11/26/2014 cat Orange and dark orange striped cat. About 10 lbs. Was last seen on my front porch on Chaparral Drive. His right eye sometimes closes more than the left and sometimes runs. He was a shelter rescue and has always been very frightened of strangers and is VERY skittish. His name is Callum. Cave Spring/Penn Forest Area on Chaparral Drive. View Details
11/24/2014 Cat Lost, large, male grey cat with green eyes. He is long, has quite a dangling belly and answers to the name Monkey. His is approximately 7 years old. His fur has some darker grey stripes if you get close enough. Micro-chipped. Our former home was in Illinois. Contact number and name may be under Stacia (SJ) Creek or Maximus (Max) Hardee, or a vet's office in Carbondale, Illinois. Wasena area. 1206 Howbert Ave SW Yes View Details
11/23/2014 Dog Brown 10 lb Poodle His name is Charlie brown his tag number is VA15455. 3316 viking Dr Roanoke VA 24019 View Details
11/23/2014 Dog Brown 10 pound Poodle. His name is Charlie Brown he was lost Sunday afternoon in the North Lakes (county) area on Viking Dr. He is an indie dog and not used to these outside conditions he is a shy dog and will not bite. If you see him please call me (540) 819-4414. The last report did not have his photo. Viking Dr. Roanoke Va Yes View Details
11/22/2014 Dog- lab/pitbull mix Light brown lab/pitbull mix with scars on her back. She has a loving family and little dashound that misses her:( rt 24/ stewartsville- vinton va Yes View Details
11/22/2014 Lab/Pit Bull Light brown with scars on her nack- very friendly- answers to the name of Daisy Stewartsville/Vinton View Details
11/21/2014 tabby she is very small and goes by the name Pebbles 1615 18th St NE Yes View Details
11/20/2014 terrier mix Black and tan and grey with short tail, scruffy, about 35 pounds, medium size dog/ Name is Rex. 1700 block of Westover Ave, near Denniston. Grandin Village. Yes View Details