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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
10/14/2014 Chocolate Lab Medium build, dark brown coat, yellow eyes may be with a larger yellow lab
that is wearing a royal blue collar. the yellow lab has a big
block head and has yellow eyes and may be limping
Poor Mt. Rd area of Roanoke County View Details
10/13/2014 Chug (chihuahua/pug) He is tan with a black stripe going down the middle of his back and tail. He is closer to the size of a pug but looks like a chihuahua. He's 2 yrs old and responds to Tanner or TanTan Cornell dr NW just of Williamson rd and Hershberger rd Yes View Details
10/13/2014 chihuahua Disappeared between 2:35-4:00 pm. on October 13. Sweet dog 8 months old. Gray color. Answers to "Blue". Has a problem with his left eye. Photo shows whitish areas on face, etc. He became all gray. Belle Haven Rd. Area of
Yes View Details
10/12/2014 cat Orange male tabby lost in South Roanoke area. 9 years old and about 9 lbs. Distinguishing feature is missing hair on tail from earlier accident. No front claws. Very friendly and like to follow people when they walk their dog. View Details
10/11/2014 dog About 10lb black with tan eyebrows. White on tummy. Valley animal hospital. Around Williamson rd/ Hershberger intersection. Reported seen behind airport on thurlain View Details
10/10/2014 black lab Black lab about 100 pounds. Very friendly we live off Of 311 Beldon dr salem va off 311 View Details
10/10/2014 Spitz mix Small/Medium build black senior dog. Very timid around strangers. Can jump/climb any chain link fence you put him in. His head smells like skunk because he was recently sprayed & we haven't been able to get the scent out yet. He wasn't wearing a collar because he had recently been bathed for skunk smell & was inside. His name is Pepper. Salem, Va... 12 O'Clock Knob Road & Ellison Ave area. Yes View Details
10/10/2014 Black lab/German shepherd mix We last saw Babe on Friday morning before I left home for the day. She is black, with a white breast and white on her paws. She has grey eyebrows and is built like a greyhound. She is very skiddish and shy. I have reported her being lost to the Bedford Animal Shelter and have put up flyers around my neighborhood, also the Montvale post office. Home View Details
10/09/2014 Chihuahua He is a male chihuahua named Rico and is a year old. He is a rescue and is very timid and shy. He was last seen near Taco Bell on Brambleton Ave. His retractable leash is still attached. He is black with some tan color on his feet and eyebrows. He is microchipped and is info is on his collar. Brambleton Ave. near Taco Bell Yes View Details
10/09/2014 dog She is a black and white Australian Shepard/border collie mix. her left side of her face is white and the right side is black. She is around 60 lbs. She is friendly, never seen her be aggressive. 6th street Yes View Details
10/09/2014 Chihuahua mix Name is Rico, resembles a mini pincher. Lost while walking, pulled leash out of hand, last seen wearing a blue collar, red harness with the leash attached, the leash was a pink retractable leash. He could've pulled out of his collar and harness. Very, very timid, he is microchipped. Name is Rico.

Neighborhood behind taco bell on Brambleton ave. Yes View Details
10/09/2014 Dachshund/Corgi Mix Dog Katie
9 year old mixed dachshund/corgi
black and white with some grey
not chipped
approximately 35 lbs
Garden City Yes View Details
10/08/2014 cat Female cat, slender build, all silver/grey. Possibly pregnant. Yellowish eyes. Her name is She-ra. Last seen on evwning/night of 10/7. Usually an indoor cat. Lost on Salem/Roanoke county line. Academy St, Salem, very near the Roanoke County line. View Details
10/08/2014 Boxer Dog Marley
5 year old female brindle boxer
mixed brown color
approximately 70 lbs
Garden City View Details
10/07/2014 dog 85lb. lean American lab. A bit skittish with strangers but not aggressive.
Named "Smokey", loves milkbones called "goodies". Well trained on basic
SW Roanoke City, Edgehill area View Details
10/07/2014 white short hair block spots Let her out to use bathroom just befor storm , have not seen her sence . We love her and she is a big part of my Family.
Answers to Amie
Roanoke County 220 clearbrook to Boones Mill Area View Details
10/05/2014 Dog Beagle, black, white and brown, mostly black on his back. Answers to Russell, super friendly, fixed. Salem, VA off of Hemlock Rd near the Roanoke/Salem line View Details
10/04/2014 Dog Small tan/brown terrier mix with an under bite. Very sweet dog. Her name is Lisa. Hollins View Details
10/04/2014 lab walker hound mix Answer to Bella black and white 380 a Washington Ave near downtown roanoke va View Details
10/04/2014 lab walker hound mix Large black white friendly answers to Copper 380 a Washington Ave near downtown roanoke va View Details