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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
07/10/2014 Dog - Cockapoo Silvery brown, short haircut, weighs 15 lbs.
Lost in Wasena - Raleigh Court SW area in Roanoke.
My address: 1217 Floyd Ave., SW
1217 Floyd Ave., SW, Roanoke
Wasena - Raleigh Court area of SW Roanoke
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07/10/2014 Lhasa Apso Small white Lhasa Apso/Silky Yorkie mix. Name is Gonzo. Has a collar, but no tags, as they keep falling off. He's fixed and friendly. Loves all people and kids and will run up to you wagging his tail if he sees you. Hair is growing out, but not matted or too long. Picture is less than 2 months old. Burke St/Memorial ave in SW Roanoke (Grandin rd area) View Details
07/10/2014 Dog Pug This is a fawn male 7 year old pug, his name is smeagles and we are looking for him dearly. Garden city in Roanoke City View Details
07/09/2014 Tortoise LOST CAT, "NELLIE", Tortoise, 2yrs. old, small/med. size, spayed, has claws. Indoor only, she got out Sat. 6-14, almost a month ago & we've had no reports anyone seeing her. She is a sweetheart, shy w/strangers, we miss her desperately, her twin Sister still cries for her as do we. We live on Belle Aire Ln, off Crestmoor Dr., behind Lewis Gale Hospital. We've followed all suggestions to find her, we haven't given up hope. Please, if you think you may have seen her, contact us. This experience has opened our eyes & hearts to all the many people who are searching for their beloved pet as are we, we hope for you that we will all find our "babies". Thank you to all who give their time & hearts to this cause. Belle Aire Ln, off Crestmoor Dr., behind Lewis Gale Hospital, lost from our home. Yes View Details
07/09/2014 Chihuahua White and brown Chihuahua lost in Eagle rock town... Eagle rock town View Details
07/08/2014 Dog Beagle/hound mix answers to name Dusty; around 9 years old about 50 lbs very friendly, just moved to area so does not know her home area Lee Lane, Fincastle, VA Yes View Details
07/08/2014 dog He is black missing few Teeth and he like jump to get inside the car by Williamson rd in Oakland Blvd View Details
07/07/2014 Cat, short-haired Lost my small female black and white cat(tuxedo cat). She has one ear clipped. She is afraid of strangers and used to be a feral cat that is now basically tame. Her name is Teddy . She has not been outside in over 12 yrs. and is likely very frightened. Oakcliff townhomes off of Garstmill Rd, across street from Cave Spring Corners. Townhomes are on a hill behind Brambleton Deli and Carilion Family Medicine on Brambleton Ave. View Details
07/06/2014 Yellow Tabby Cat Yellow Male Tabby Cat, 14 lbs, neutered, lost in Garden City/Yellow Mountain Rd/Roanoke County area. Classic yellow tabby with target markings on sides, white chest, four white paws, white tip of tail, and some white on face. Wearing blue collar with heart shaped nametag "Yellowstone", Rabies tag from Dallas, Texas. Last seen June 19, 2014. Garden City/Roanoke County Area Yes View Details
07/06/2014 African Grey Parrot Grey bird w/white around eyes and on chest, and red tail feathers, and hook beak. Fully flighted, but never outdoors before and doesn't fly well. She whistles and talks in male and female voice. If you get close to her, she may step up if you ask her to. Other phrases she may respond to: "want some," "wanna get out," "don't bite me," and "ouch." Near Roanoke VA in Cloverdale/Troutville area of Botetourt County near Cloverdale Elementary School Cougar Drive) and Southern States (Challenger Drive); about 2 1/2 miles from Truck Stop. Yes View Details
07/05/2014 chihuahua I am desperate to find this dog. I am supposed to be dog sitting for my girlfriend and her family while they are out of town. He ran away.

So sick about this happening. Please call me if you spot him. He answers to Midnight/pup pup
5947 Breckinridge Mill Road
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07/05/2014 Border collie mix Rigby black and white male border collie mix 2 years old. Last seen bottom creek lane, bent mountain, va. Yes View Details
07/05/2014 Dog Our old boxer, Sasha, has been missing since 9:30 pm on 7/5 from the 500 block of Elm Ave. She is medium build (about 55 lbs), fawn, black mask with graying hair on her muzzle, and white on chest/paws. She is over ten years old and in poor health. She has heart problems and neck/spine problems which can cause her to walk unsteadily and fall or crash into things. She has a cut on her upper left forehead, which should help identify her. She is micro-chipped (her info is on file at her vet, Valley Animal Hospital).

We have put up flyers (with her picture) around the neighborhood, given a flyer to RVSPCA (we will go to Angels of Assisi on Monday), and put up lost ads in Craigslist.
Missing from our fenced back yard around 9:30 PM on Saturday (7/5/14) at 521 Elm Avenue SW, Roanoke VA. Yes View Details
07/05/2014 Dog - Boxer/Pit Mix Fawn & White Boxer
10 months old
Tail docked
Has dew claws
Responds to Diesel
Around Roanoke View Details
07/04/2014 dog Hes a small light red cream color chihuahua. He has a black nose and eyes. he's very skittish and won't come up to strangers but if seen at all please just contact the number Garden City area Roanoke va Yes View Details
07/04/2014 dog Her name is Annie. She is very friendly. She is a mix between a chihuahua and a beagle (small head, larger body). She is tan and white with thick fur. Mt. Pleasant area
271 Sunnyvale St.
Roanoke, Va. 24014
Yes View Details
07/04/2014 Chihuahua/Yorkie Mix Her name is Macy. She looks like a Chihuahua with Yorkie colors. If found, please contact me or the shelter Leon Street (Andrews and Cove Road Area) Yes View Details
07/04/2014 Dog Black lab/coon hound mix. Went missing 7/4/14 due to fireworks. Very timid, easily frightened. She is about 90 lbs. 220 Dagger Spring Rd Eagle Rock, VA Yes View Details
07/04/2014 Dog - Chihuahua Scrappy is 5.8lbs. Tan with black eyes and redish black nose. He is skittish and is on prescription dog food. He does have a chip that was purchased & registered with his vet Smith Mountain Lake Animal Hospital He went missing on Glenwood Drive in Garden City, Roanoke. Yes View Details
07/04/2014 Quaker Bird His name is Gizmo and he is a Green Quaker Parrot that is very missed and loved. His blue wings are showing out from under his green wings. He is friendly. He is banded but I dont know what the number is on his band. He will be a year old July 10. We just really want him to come home. Could be in the houses off Deer Branch Road. 7004 Peters Creek Road Lot 37 Roanoke, Va 24019 Yes View Details