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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
01/01/2015 dog-collie Male collie 5 months old. Lost in the vicinity of Roanoke County at Cotton Hill Road/ 221. Last seen at 12 am on 1-1-2015. Became frightened of neighbors setting off fireworks and ran through his invisible fence. Roanoke County- Cotton Hill Road 221 Yes View Details
01/01/2015 cat lONG HAIR WITH ORANGE AND WHITE FUR garden city yellow moutain road Yes View Details
01/01/2015 Dog White toy poodle with cataracts in both eyes wandered away from the Ferncliff Apts on 1/1/2015 as the family was moving into their new apartement. Dog has been in the family since she was a pup which is about 9 years. She is tiny, white, red nose, and attached to 5 children as well as her sister dog Chloe. We know that someone found her on the side of the road and we appreciate that she is in kind hands.... We love our Tinkerbell... she is micro chipped and is not wearing a collar because she had just been bathed for flees. She has her rabies shots and we love her. Please return if found to 3533 Ferncliff Avenue NW, apt L136. thank you. Deb Clinkscale Ferncliff Apartments View Details
12/31/2014 American short hair Black and white, white is mostly under chin area, a little white in the face. Named Lucky; very friendly, a little on the chubby side. Creekwood dr., Salem, Va. Yes View Details
12/29/2014 dog Gray Toy Poodle named Kalvin about 5-6 pounds. 800 block of Gilmer Ave NW Yes View Details
12/28/2014 Dog Red nose pitbull mix. Brown in color. Has white starting at his chest and going down towards his stomach. Also has some white on his paws. Goes by the name Diesel. 6-7 months old. He is not neutered. Rorer ave Yes View Details
One is Tricolor, brown, black and white "Deuce"
One is blond/red mix "Pete"
Both were lost in the Eagle Rock area of Hickory Hollow Road.
Highly unusualy for them to run off. Both are trained bird dogs.
12/27/2014 Bull mastif Both dogs together. Chaos and zeus Sunflower dr. Vinton,virginia Yes View Details
12/27/2014 cat neutered 20 pound orange tabby. very friendly and has a bold legged walk. lyndhurst st nw roanoke,va View Details
12/26/2014 DSH Cat She is a black and white cat. At least 15 lbs. & she has a hangy belly. Is an inside cat only & is not declawed! She has a white 'mustache' above her mouth. Her name is Sadie Lou, but comes best when she hears 'kitty' or 'kee kee' I live on Pennsylvania Avenue off of Old Mountain Road, in Roanoke. Yes View Details
12/26/2014 Cat 9 year old calico cat. Very skidish cat. Redwood road off Bennington ave. In Roanoke city View Details
12/25/2014 cat mirco chipped. Black 4 year old cat. Northlakes Roanoke County View Details
12/24/2014 Himalayan cat Beloved indoor male Himalayan cat named Merlin slipped out door unseen. Owner is visiting in Roanoke for Christmas, so Merlin is not familiar with his surroundings. Oregon Ave. in S.W. Roanoke city View Details
12/23/2014 dog Blonde shepard with short coat approximately 70lbs, answers to Sam. Has a microchip Westmoreland Dr Roanoke VA 24018 Yes View Details
12/23/2014 Pomeranian He is wearing a small black harness. He is approx 5.5lbs. He is easily mistaken as a puppy. He is 13 years old and has a few health issues. He is not able to move too fast because of arthritis. He has difficulty seeing and hearing. His coat is brown on top with a few strands of gray mixed in esp in his tail and white underneath. Grandview / Dorchester Rd area in Roanoke Yes View Details
12/23/2014 cat black and grey tabby cat - female. near Penn Forest and 419 View Details
12/23/2014 cat Black and grey Tabby (striped). Bottoms of all 4 feet are black. Eyes look like they have eyeliner. Just under 1 year old. Glenmont Drive near Penn Forest Blvd and Penn Forest Christian Church View Details
12/21/2014 Dog - white boxer Weiss, pronounced Vice, was let outside to use the bathroom and went down a trail on Bent Mountain around 11:30am on Sunday December 23rd. He is a solid white boxer with brown eyes and is 6 years old. He is very friendly and will probably coming wagging to anyone. Bent Mountain, Roanoke Yes View Details
12/21/2014 Great Pyrenees She's a six year old solid white Great pyrenees...very friendly but scared of loud noises and my run if yelled at...answers to Isis (her name) but also to Baby Girl and Pooh Bear....she's spayed, up to date on shots and very kid friendly. She'll lay down and sleep anywhere she gets tired. Roaring Run area of Alleghany/Botetout County Yes View Details
12/19/2014 Cat Grey striped tabby with white paws and white tuxedo, pink and black bottom lip. Green eyes. Might have lost his collar. Goes by Jesse. Peters Creek and Melrose View Details