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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
04/11/2014 Feline White with black markings 10 yr old male (neutered) cat named Kiefer was last seen about 10 pm Friday night. He is an indoor/outdoor cat. We have a cat door. 287 Martins Lane, Fincastle Yes View Details
04/10/2014 Germany short haired pointer My parents dog ran away that they are keeping for my brother who is currently away. She is a Germany short haired pointer that is mainly white with brown spots. She answers to the name Kaytee and is super friendly. She does have a hernia on her stomach area and around the age of 12 years old. Any information please contact me. Thanks so much. Se area View Details
04/10/2014 Poodle Mix just over 1 yr old, 65 - 70 lb. Great Pyrenees/Standard Poodle, primarily white with black on face and black spot on back; curly medium length coat (longer than in photo) lost with brown male Newfoundland/Standard Poodle Johns Creek area, Jefferson National Forest, near New Castle, VA Yes View Details
04/10/2014 Poodle mix 1 yr 4 mo old, 65 - 70 lb. Newfoundland/Standard Poodle, solid brown; curly medium length coat (longer than in photo) lost with white (and black) Great Pyrenees/Standard Poodle mix of approximately same size Johns Creek, Jefferson National Forest, near New Castle VA Yes View Details
04/10/2014 Dog 2 Dogs one male one female. female is brindle pitbull and male is chestnut hound/pitt mix. lost in the bradshaw catawaba area. both are very friendly and very deeply missed. can provide pictures. contact me any time of day even if its 3 a.m. catawaba/bradshaw rd area View Details
04/10/2014 Chihuahua / Rat Terrier Hame is Mikka. She is black & white in color. Very friendly and loveable. Only 10 months old and has been my house pet. I was working outside and had her with me, and turned my attention away what seemed to be just a few minutes and she was gone. I figured she would come back but here I am. I did not get her Botetourt County tag yet so she is without it. She was lost around the McAffee Knob area so she could be on either side of the mountain. McAfee Knob area of Botetourt County

The image is of Mikka as a puppy. Only one I could find.
Yes View Details
04/09/2014 Dog Answers to Kahula pitbull mix chocolate color. Collar is purple very friendly, might be with another pitbull mix named Hobey. Back door was left open and they both escaped. Family misses them greatly Vinton, VA View Details
04/09/2014 cat Orange tabby cat, male. White chin. Very friendly. About 4 years old. We miss him a lot. Blacksburg, VA View Details
04/08/2014 Mini Pinscher Solid Tan/brown color Off of 10th and Mercer ave in NW Yes View Details
04/04/2014 Rottweiler Very sweet girl named Djuna. Black with brown markings. She is eight years old. Got out of our fenced in back yard. Very unusual that she did not immediately come home when called. She is with our other dog, a beagle, named Bubbles. 2923 Rosalind Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24014 View Details
04/04/2014 Beagle Sweet neutered girl named Bubbles. She is with our other dog, a Rottweiler with a green collar on. They got our of our fenced back yard. It is very unusual that they did not come when called. 2900 block of Rosalind Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24014 View Details
04/04/2014 Dog Red Aussie Cattle Dog/ Hee 8 year old female named Duchess. Strawberry roan in color with tan on her face and a red spot on her rump.Spayed but not mircochipped. Approximately 40 lbs with a docked tail. Friendly! Botetourt County Virginia View Details
04/03/2014 chihuahua Cool-jo is a small chihuahua hes very scared and has a problem eating he is brown and black with a v on forehead with white paws and long sharp nails . He had on a blue tiny collar and a green leash that lights up.Hes a very sweet dog and very special to me and my family . 944 Rockland ave nw 24012 and 10th st. In Roanoke va Yes View Details
04/02/2014 German Shepherd * black black GSD with walking harness on and cammo colllar. Mt. Pleasant/Garden City area

Mt. Pleasant Blvd./Deer Field Estates area View Details
04/02/2014 pom/jack russel mix tags on collar with phone number and name "LEVI" Mt. Pleasant Blvd, Deer Field Estates Area View Details
04/02/2014 short hair cat emily is orange and black, 3 1/2 yrs old, friendly and meows alot, spayed, no collar in our neighborhood, 25th and rosalind ave sw Yes View Details
03/31/2014 2 labs Found 2 big lab dog 1 female 1 male Found Dixie Cavers Area, Dry Hollow Road View Details
03/31/2014 ole English bulldogge He is about 80 pounds. White and brindle. Comes to the name Dozer. Most likely with a boxer-mix male also trundle in color named Zeus. Mt Chesnut, back creek area View Details
03/31/2014 boxer mix Brown with black stripes, kinda looks like a tiger, white patch on his chest, when his mouth is shut his tooth hangs out. very friendly. Cave Spring area, Roanoke Va Yes View Details