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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
01/29/2017 Pitbull Husky mix Very shy puppy only about 17 weeks old now. Beige and white with white socks and black and pink spots around her mouth. Looks like she could be mixed with lab. My cousin was watching her while I was away on vacation and I was told she got out. Love people. Elm Avenue / 3rd streer Yes View Details
01/28/2017 jack russell brown and white botetourt etzler rd Yes View Details
01/27/2017 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Brown and white long hair, about 15 lbs. About 2 years old and responds to Leo. Was wearing a small blue collar with bow detail. 3455 Norway Ave. NW Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
01/27/2017 Shepard 9 month old black with brown Shepard. Very friendly. His nam is Zeus Roanoke (bonsack area) Yes View Details
01/27/2017 Tabby cat Grayish tabby cat, kind of shy, but very sweet 5961 Flamingo Drive 24018 View Details
01/25/2017 Maltese Yorkie (Morkie) Small white fluffy maltese yorkie named Boris last near Waffle House on corner of Starkey Road and Electric Road. PLEASE CALL 703 906 2446 Near Waffle House on corner of Starkey Road and Electric Road View Details
01/25/2017 Maltese Yorkie (Morkie) SEE PICTURE! Small white fluffy Maltese Yorkie (Morkie) lost in Roanoke near Waffle House near corner of Starkey Road and Electric Road. PLEASE CALL 540 815-2157 Roanoke near Waffle House on corner of Electric Road and Starkey Road Yes View Details
01/25/2017 Spaniel Mix His name is Mister. He is chipped, but does not have his collar on. He has a cyst on his back right between his shoulder blades. He does not have a full length Spaniel type tail. His coat is long and shaggy/wavy for the winter. Hartland Rd. SW
Roanoke, VA 24015
Yes View Details
01/25/2017 Cat Orange tabby - answers to Kitty - very vocal - very nice - likes women much more then men Vinton area - 2644 Lindenwood Dr. Yes View Details
01/25/2017 Spaniel Mix Mister is a Black and Tan spaniel Mix with a white spot in his chest. His fur is longish and wavy. He has furry feet like most spaniels. He is old and requires daily medication. Our back gate was left open and both he and our other dog ran off. Only she returned. We live in the Virginia Western/Fishburn Park area. Mister weighs about 40 pounds and he barks a lot, but is harmless. He is suspicious of men. Off Colonial Avenue. Hartland Road. Fishburn Park area. Yes View Details
01/24/2017 Pitbull Black and white pitbull, the white is on his belly Southwest Roanoke, on Rorer Avenue Yes View Details
01/22/2017 Cocker spaniel Dog Mocha is a dark brown cocker spaniel. She is blind. She wandered away from our home last evening. Lewiston street and ranch road Roanoke city va View Details
01/22/2017 dog Turbo is a beagle, he was on a zip line and the line broke sometime early on Jan. 22 which means he was dragging the connecting chain behind him. His collar did have tags with contact info. Archway Dr in Blue Ridge, Va View Details
01/21/2017 Lhasa Apso We just moved to VA last month. My son let Harley out yesterday around 11am and forgot about him. 20 mins later we looked all over for him but he was gone. He is a black and white Lhasa Apso, 12 years old, neutered. He is not microchipped and is not wearing a collar. South Roselawn Rd and Montague Way View Details
01/21/2017 Black and tan coonhound He is a neutered black and tan coonhound about 65 pounds very sweet answers to the name of Drake has a bald patch on right hip went missing from Blue Ridge Montvale area please contact 540-293-5285 if found View Details
01/21/2017 Dog chocolate lab mix He is a chocolate lab mix about 85 pounds answers to the name of Harley he is very sweet went missing from Blue Ridge Montvale area please contact 540-293-5285 if found Blue Ridge Montvale View Details
01/21/2017 PUGGLE Male, Puggle 8 years old, gray on face Last seen at our home in Lafayette View Details
01/21/2017 Miniature Pinscher Mickey was let out Saturday morning around 7:30 am. I did not realize that his collar was not on. My husband had placed it on charge the night before. Mickey is an older dog so the picture I have shows him in his younger years. He does have some gray on his face. on Callie Mines Rd. in Botetourt VA Yes View Details
01/21/2017 Cat Maine Coon Cat like a long haired tabby. About 10 pounds. Female spayed. Not an outside cat snuck out. North Roanoke Hollins area. Magnolia Rd just off Plantation. View Details
01/20/2017 cat Gray striped cat with bobbed tail and three legs. She has short legs. All four declawed. She is a 100% indoor cat. 10 years old. Spayed. Her name is Pumpkin and she answers to it when spoken to. She is super loving and friendly. Pumpkin loves to purr anytime she is spoken to or petted. Wetherwood subdivision in Daleville, VA. View Details

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