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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
02/09/2015 feline long hair Long haired black and white female. Very small breed. Dreadlocks around her neck.
Looks like she has a mustache
Roanoke county. Plantation road. Near hollins. Summerdean. Yes View Details
02/08/2015 Dog Female Boston Terrier, black and white. Please contact to identify. Found in northwest roanoke View Details
02/06/2015 mixed He is a sweet baby his name is TJ. He looks like a yellow lab. Day Avenue SW Roanoke, Virginia 24016 Yes View Details
02/04/2015 Dog White with tan spots, around 10 years old, not fixed, bull dog mix his name is patches. 118 18th street se
Roanoke va 24013
Yes View Details
02/04/2015 Cat He is black with a white patch on his chest
Green eyes
He is 1 year old
Medium sized
Colonial Ave near Towers and Virginia Western Yes View Details
02/03/2015 German Shepherd 1.5 year old German Shepherd
Name: Havoc
Black and tan
Roughly 70lbs
Microchipped cross reference to Lela Blewett
3521 Simsmore Ave. Roanoke, VA 24014. Yes View Details
02/03/2015 PUG Her Name is Mckensie and she is 13 years old. She has lost her eyesight and got lost on James River Road Natural Bridge Station Va. 24579. She has a fatty tumor on her left rear leg. She is light tan. James River Road Natural Bridge Station, Va.24579 View Details
02/02/2015 Cat small gray (with black stripes) and white cat. TimberRidge Area E. Augusta Ave, Vinton Yes View Details
02/01/2015 Dog/chocolate lab He ran away into the woods with our huskey Shepard
The huskey came back but Charlie did not. Conners run in
Salem is the street closest to our house on one side &
St Clair Gardens the other side Charlie is wild And crazy
but loves people when he clams down he loves
To be pet under his neck & will sit when asked and shake
Usually for a dog treat.
1876 Mountainwood Dr Salem va 24153 View Details
02/01/2015 PUG Vader is our Pug that went missing from our back yard through an open gate. He was last seen near Green Hill Park. He is tan with black wispy hair on his chest and down the middle of his back. He was not wearing his collar, but is micro chipped. He was with our other dog, but he has since been found and returned home. Woodbridge Subdivision in Salem, VA. Last seen near Green Hill Park in Salem, VA. Roanoke County. Yes View Details
01/31/2015 lab mix No tags....just a chain....he broke the cable. Very sweet black lab mix..... Goose creek valley rd. View Details
01/30/2015 mixed color tan let her outside to go to bathroom and she disappeared, she is tan in color and weighs about 50lbs 418 houston ave roanoke va View Details
01/29/2015 dog Tri colored, wishbone scar below eye, about 70 pounds Berkley Ave SW, Memorial Ave, Denniston Ave View Details
01/29/2015 DSH Tiger neutered male Cat goes in and out, but when cold, comes home regularly South Roanoke Yes View Details
01/29/2015 cat Lost cat on Jefferson St 1/29. Was wearing a pink collar, but may have come off. South Roanoke, but may have gotten in car and travelled. Yes View Details
01/26/2015 chihuahua Please help! My dog doodle slipped out of the door of my apt at 433 Albemarle ave, across the street from Highland elementary school around 4 am. We are currently canvassing the neighborhood but no luck. He is about 5 lbs with 3 black spots on his back, black ears and a black dot on his head. He is a chihuahua and goes by the name Doodle or Doo. I have no kids or other pets so he is very loved and important to me. If you happen to see him please call at 540 - 598-7985. My name is Ashley ....REWARD!!!! house across from Highland Park Elementary and beside Highland Park Old Southwest historic distric View Details
01/26/2015 siamese His name is max he is about 9 months long haired more fuzzy hair than silky Clearbrooke area View Details
01/25/2015 Cat Her name is Montana and she is 5years old she is our family pet she wouldn't go up to any strangers Went missing from the north east section of Roanoke Williamson road area Yes View Details
01/22/2015 Black Lab The sweetest dog you will ever meet! her name is Luna and she is a very petite black lab. big brown eyes and a small face. she is very loving and wouldn't hurt anyone. She is very attached to my husband and hates when he leaves the house, we believe she jumped over the fence chasing after him when he left for work on 1/22. She is super fast and can jump ridiculously high. Grandin village area Yes View Details
01/22/2015 Black Lab Her name is luna and she is the sweetest dog ever. She is a very petite black lab with big brown eyes. super strong, fast and can jump ridiculously high. Grandin village area Yes View Details