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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
12/28/2016 Pug Year old fawn pug. Buck Mt Rd area in SW Roanoke County View Details
07/02/2016 Potbull She was with her mother. She mixed lad red diva and thunder harmless 606 harrison ave .w roanoke va 24016 View Details
12/21/2015 Poodle x bichon Cream, poodle cross bichon, male, 1year old. Red collar with silver name tag. Microchipped.
Last seen 1pm in Norley. Was being looked after by a pet sitter, heard a loud shot / bang and ran. Also has a pet sitter tag for dash pets.
Norley, Cheshire Yes View Details
02/13/2016 Pomeranian Teacup Pom with tan colored hair. Her name is Kiki and she weighs about 5-6 pounds. Super friendly. Citrus Heights on St Philomena Way. Main cross streets are Oak and Fair Oaks. Yes View Details
04/01/2016 pomeranian 12 year old BLIND and insulin dependent black Pomeranian named Dixie has been missing for half an hour. My daughter left our gate open and She must've wandered out. We live on 1820 Colgate street. 1820 Colgate street View Details
10/21/2016 Pomeranian He is a fluffy black pomeranian that answers to Judo. He is friendly and will go to anyone when called. Yes View Details
07/15/2016 Pittbull Mix Red Nose Pitt, redish brown and white. white paws. slightly over weight. Approx 90 lbs.
Phone number on tag is my husbands # 540-556-2613
Corner of McDonald St and Hardy Rd. Vinton VA Yes View Details
10/12/2016 Pitt Bull Brown and white Pitt with spots on her belly. She's smaller and weighs about 45 lbs. Goes by Roxy. Yes View Details
05/03/2016 Pitbull Terrier Answers to Cleopatra or Cleo. She is very friendly however she is a rescue dog so she doesnt do well with other animals. Roanoke View Details
01/05/2016 Pitbull Mix Hobbes is 6 years old, neutered, brown and white pitbull-type dog. He's *very* friendly and will get into the car with anyone (with or without prompting). He answers to "Hobbes" or "Goober-Dog", and is very food motivated.

He has a microchip that traces back to Franklin County Humane Society/Planned Pethood.
The corner of Bibb Street and Baldwin Avenue in NE Roanoke, just down the street from the RCACP/RVSPCA. Yes View Details
08/07/2016 Pitbull Dog Black Pitbull
Twine Hollow Road Area View Details
02/20/2016 Pitbull Short Brindle female Pitbull,She is a pocket pit so she is shorter than most pitbulls and is very friendly. Garden City Roanoke View Details
06/23/2016 pitbull black and white, name is diesel and he had a red harness on him north west off of Melrose and Lafayette. View Details
07/23/2016 Pitbull Two female pitbull terriers. One white with brindle patches. One grey and white. 22nd street and Florida ave area View Details
10/05/2016 Pitbull She is VERY VERY FRIENDLY! My daughter's dog. Kentucky ave nw Roanoke VA 24017 View Details
10/17/2016 Pitbull Blue and White in color. NW Roanoke on Aspen St. Yes View Details
12/13/2016 pit/lab mix brown with white front patch....has grey around the face Cresthill Dr/Hillbrook Dr View Details
10/02/2016 Pit/Boxer/Lab mix Buttercup is a medium sized dog, maybe 35 pounds, and comes up approximately to your knees. She is predominately a light, caramel-colored brown with a white strip on her face, a big white patch on her chest/stomach, as well as white paws. She has floppy ears. She is very friendly and will jump on you when excited. She broke off her leash in my backyard in Southeast Roanoke near Jackson Park. Yes View Details
08/20/2016 Pit Bull Pupply Puppy brown with severe mange. The worthless owner dropped her in the cemetery on Westside Blvd NW Roanoke on Aug 20th. This was after I offered to get her to a rescue that would help her and find her a good home. Please I am worried. We have placed her information on Face Book and have heard nothing. Even if you have her and want to keep and give her a good home, please just reach out to me by phone to let me know she is safe. Thank you Dropped at Westside Blvd Cemetery View Details
05/21/2016 pit bull mix male red pit bull mix with white chest, black nose, and orange collar. appalachin trail, north to mcafee knob. lost 1 mile from parking area. ran down hill towards 311. View Details

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