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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
03/13/2016 Italian Greyhound Small Italian Greyhound weighing only about 12 pounds. He is grey with a white belly, and white paws. He answers to Luca, and is hesitant to strangers,but very friendly. Roanoke County, Cotton Hill Yes View Details
02/13/2016 Hound/pit mix Her name is Athena. She is white and black with spots. She is very sweet and shy at times. Loves kids and other animals.She ran out the door saturday and I have not been able to locate her in the neighborhood. she is about 9-10 months old, 20-35lbs. 1410 9th St Southeast Roanoke Va 24013 Yes View Details
06/10/2016 Havanese Poodle mix Outside with the dog washing the car Thought he went with neighbor because he plays with the kids A few minutes go by and I am searching ...I live Off Liberty Road .. We miss him already ...please help !!!! Off liberty road near lincoln terrace elementary school View Details
05/10/2016 Harrier hound Piper is a very shy, very timid Harrier hound. Tan, brown and black markings. She is not aggressive, but is quite scared of people. She has long legs and typical hound markings. She escaped from a fenced area on Pendleton Ave, NW 24019 at aprox. 1a.m. this morning, May 10th. She is microchipped, and was wearing a collar, but the tag may have fallen off the collar. Airport road/Dent road/Williamson road area. Lost from yard on Pendleton Ave, 24019. Yes View Details
04/25/2016 German Shepherd Micro chipped, Black and Tan, answers to Roman Botetourt County near Stoney Battery View Details
05/12/2016 German Shepherd German shepherd lost during today's storm - has a scar on her nose - 1726 Ellis court
Salem va 24153
View Details
03/26/2016 German Shephard mix breed He is a 7 or 8 month old German Shephard mix breed. He is dominately black with a blonde/rust colored tent. His chest is white but looks like he has mud splashed on his chest. His paws are also this muddy white color. He does have blonde wings like a German Shepard. Rusty is wearing a solid blue collar. He is microchipped. He was last seen at 11am on Saturday March 26,2016 when he was let out to play and potty. His dog sitter said he seemed to be headed west. But you never know if he turned around. He is a recently rescued puppy from a hoarding case by Angels of Assisis. We adopted him February 1st. Rusty is very loyal to us and our two year old son and I suspect that he is looking for us. He has not been fed since 9am Saturday morning, unless someone was able to feed him. He is not an aggressive dog at all. I am nervous he won't come up to anyone. He may be curious about other dogs, but scared of them if anything. WE ARE OFFERING A $75 REWARD ON FACEBOOK FOR ANYONE WHO FINDS HIM AND TURNS HIM IN. Off Quarterwood road in Montvale. He was seen running west when he took off. Yes View Details
01/22/2016 German Shepard (White) Her name is Sakura. She is solid white. One ear stands up and one flops down.
She is friendly and precious.
Cotton Hill Road Area Roanoke, VA 24018 Yes View Details
03/16/2016 Feral cat She is a fairly small cat, she is gray and has a M on her forehead , her name is Luna. She has faint grey stripes around her body. Next to Penn forest elementary, in the area of cave spring. I between the cave spring library and elementary Yes View Details
03/10/2016 Feline Spayed Female Domestic Shorthair (Tortoiseshell/Totie - a mix of browns, reds, oranges, and black). She does have an Avid microchip. Almost 6 years old but may look younger. About 7-8 pounds. No collar, no tags. Indoor only cat - has never been outside before. Very sweet, but may be frightened or scared if outdoors. Yellow eyes. REWARD OFFERED. Call anytime, day or night - it's never too late to call. Would like any pertinent information relating to her, such as sightings. She is EVERYTHING to us and even though she's only been gone for a few hours, we miss her so much! Castle Rock/Oak Grove/Grandin Court/Raleigh Court Yes View Details
05/27/2016 Feline Black and white with skin allergy and some hair loss. Mt. Chestnut road across from Valhalla winery View Details
06/08/2016 Feline Crow is a Male Black DSH, Neutered, and is about 1 1/2 Years Old
He has no food allergies or serious health issues, and is up to date on his vaccinations. He has been an indoor/outdoor cat his whole life, though he's never wandered very far from our home previously
3027 McVitty Rd, 24018 Roanoke County, VA (Near the intersection of McVitty and Electric Rd, and the intersection of Brambleton Ave and Electric Rd Yes View Details
02/09/2016 Domestic Medium Haired Calico She harmony is a 4 year old medium-haired calico with a white tummy and feet. Her bottom rump is a little bare due to a skin allergy she is being treated for. PLEASE help bring her home!! Roanoke City - On Bowman St NW which is off Williamson Rd behind New Yorker Deli and Legends Sports Bar. View Details
01/18/2016 Dog: pit bull/rotweiler mixed WE ARE OFFERING A CASH REWARD FOR FINDING OUR LITTLE BOY BLU!!! We live on Skyview Road and he broke off his collar and went thru the woods possibly towards Wildwood Road, on the Roanoke County side. His name is Blu and he is classified as a "blue-pit." He is very friendly and may be a little scared of loud noises. He is approximately 4months old and weighs around 20 pounds and a little on the husky side and growing fast! We are missing him terribly!!! Please call or email ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT!!! Thanks! Skyview Road and Wildwood Road, Salem, Roanoke County View Details
06/25/2016 Dog- Cocker spaniel Max is golden in color, but may be covered in mud. He disappeared Saturday afternoon and a neighbor saw him rolling in mud. He then ran up into the woods. He does answer to his name. I am unsure if he has his tags on the collar. Off of 220 near roanoke and franklin county line. View Details
04/29/2016 Dog, Beagle and Jack Russell I have lost my dog of 10 years. Her name is Daisy and she was wearing a blue collar with her name and old address on the tag. She is lightbrown/tan with white throughout her face, chest, stomach, and paws. Daisy never runs off like this so I'm afraid someone has taken her. If you have any information please let me know! Chamblissburg, Saunders Rd. Bedford. Yes View Details
02/18/2016 Dog White Shih Tzu White male small Shih Tzu with very small amount of tan on his face. He has been neutered. Very friendly answers to the name Ollie. He has somewhat of a very small overbite on top. He is an indoor dog. Potty trained, will beg for a treat after he uses the bathroom, he will stand on his hind legs & use his little front paws to ask for a treat. He has never gotten out before, my children & I looked everywhere for him with no success. The picture I enclosed is not that good, my daughter took it & put a filter on it with her iPod. 1612 8th Street SE Roanoke, VA 24013 View Details
06/25/2016 Dog mixed breed Very sweet. Her name is kiera. She's a brindle color. We just moved and she bolted in a new area. She may be scared and hiding. Please let us know of anything please. Vinton area near southern states. 9th Street vinton Yes View Details
02/09/2016 Dog (Yorkie) LOST DOG ALERT near Old Mountain Rd and Read Mountain Rd (zip 24019) on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at approximately 8am. "Maverick" is a 2 POUND MALE YORKIE with microchip. His owner slipped and fell this morning which resulted in the dog running away into the woods. Family and friends are frantically searching the area. CALL 540-312-3553 with any information. Stay tuned at https://www.facebook.com/roanoke.oldmountain/. Thank you! Old Mountain Rd / Read Mountain Rd. in Roanoke, VA 24019 View Details
06/12/2016 Dog (Great Dane) Black with white and gray areas. He's been spotted multiple times but keeps running away. He thinks it's a game that people are trying to catch him. Sweet and loves kids and other dogs. His name is Norman. Brookfield lane in the bonsack area. Yes View Details

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