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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
07/25/2015 Cat Green eyes, with black white and tan coloring. Paws all white and chest. He has black/ brown spots on the stomach.shoulder of front paw has banded coloring.scar on front of his mouth near whiskers on one side, on the otherside, colored tan in a circular patch. Small notch taken out of his ear from cat fight. The neighborhood around 175 Wellington Lane, Daleville. He's let out at night and has always come back for 6+ years, and did not come back after Saturday night. Responds to the name Lilo. View Details
07/17/2015 Cat Name is Dwee Dwee, black, 11 LBS, 15 YRS old, very friendly, very vocal, has a flabby, floppy belly. Loves people, esp.kids. Kenwick Trail, Cave Spring area View Details
07/20/2015 Cat A year and a half old black cat with greenish yellow eyes weighing about 12 lbs. Short fur, very shy. Wasena area, near Main St Roanoke. Yes View Details
07/17/2015 Cat Black and White Tuxedo looking cat with markings named Mia she is 8lbs and 5 years old. She is now at our new house and has only been there for 4 months and our old house was in between Crystal Creek and Meriman Rd. Roanoke. Cave Spring Area. 5516 Mountian Village Dr. off of South Mountain Dr. which is off of Starkey Rd. Roanoke Yes View Details
07/19/2015 Cat Smaller, yellow cat with a very fluffy tail and med long hair. Tinker Gardens Neighbourhood. Botetourt County View Details
07/20/2015 Canine Pitbull Lab Mix No collar, dog was just given a bath. Microchipped, neutered male one green eye and one blue eye. Went missing from Chaparrel Drive Chaparrel Drive View Details
07/24/2015 Boxer/Hound Mix My dogs name is Syrus. He will probably come right to you. He's very friendly and just a 10 month old puppy. He is brindle color kind of like a tiger look. I took his collar off when inside my home. I was taking him outside to use the bathroom and he chased after a deer. Has not return from the night before. West Side Blvd NW Roanoke, VA 24017 Yes View Details
08/19/2015 Beagle mix Our dog ran off during a recent storm. Small to medium in size. Black with white feet, white undercarriage, some brown. Southeast Roanoke City View Details

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