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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
07/18/2016 part siamese Izzy missing since 7-18 or 7-17 in Jefferson Street SW area. House cat, very shy. Dark grey face with blue eyes, Lighter grey body. Precious family pet. 25th block of Jefferson Street SW View Details
06/22/2016 Part King Charles/cockerspanie Short stubby tail Lansing road View Details
01/10/2016 Papillion Dog white with brown Annie is 15 years old. About 7 pounds. White with brown markings.
She has a chip and our vet is Read Mountain Animal Hospital. Her collar has our address and number she has been missing since about 11 this morning.
Rainbow Forest area, 1114 Lakeridge Circle,Troutville address. Yes View Details
05/16/2016 Orange, short hair, tabby "Prince" is about 3 years old, fixed and vaccinated. He is friendly, and still has some lack of fur growth on his back side from when he was fixed in February. He wears no collar. Obviously, he's the orange one in the picture. 1016 Woodrow Ave., S.E. Roanoke Yes View Details
02/14/2016 Orange tabby Has microchip from RVSPCA and he has been neutered. He has golden eyes. Even though his breed is an orange tabby he is more yellow looking with stripes on him. His name is Ozzie and he is 7 years old. Has a Grade III murmur. Is on medicine for heart condition. Was in house afternoon of 2/14/16 and went outside before snow started. He knows the yard and wanders up street sometimes, but when snow came, should have come back home, but did not come home night of 2/14/16 and is still missing on 2/15/16. We have been out looking for him walking up and down the street. He knows his name and usually comes when you call but did not. Either someone has taken him in or he has gotten under a bush and snow has fallen on him and he cannot get out with the snow falling. He missed his dose of medication on 2/14/16 and if he does not show up today 2/15/16 to get his medicine he will be in grave danger. I am afraid that he has gotten in the snow somewhere and has frozen to death but that is not like him because he usually comes back when it snows or rains and even if you call him. He can miss one day of medication but has never missed more than one dose. We live at 146 Lee Avenue, NE, Roanoke, VA 24012. We have been up and down our street on Lee Avenue but have not been on Ellsworth to check it out or on Huntington which goes off of Ellsworth. Sometimes when I am in the far back yard I will call him and he may come from behind which would be on Huntington Blvd. I hope you can find him. Jennie Robertson Our address is 146 Lee Avenue, NE, Roanoke, VA 24012 so it is on Lee Avenue and surrounding streets like Ellsworth or Huntington Blvd. View Details
05/15/2016 One collie/chow one minpin Our dogs BOTH got out of our back yard off of penmar SE Rke. One is a large female collie mix with a pink and blue collar and the other is a min pin male with a lime green collar. They are VERY sweet and have been missing since either yesterday morning or Sunday night. They have gotten loose before and tend to stick together. Please call with any info!! The collie is micro chipped.they will answer to Lillie (collie) or Debo (minpin) Southeast around Woodrow and penmar Yes View Details
09/06/2016 mixture Black/white "tuxedo", white feet, small white patch on hip. Missing some teeth. She's 15 or 16 years old. Weighs 9.5 pounds. She has coughing/wheezing spells, but vet says he can't find anything wrong in her lungs. No chip. Neutered. 47 Manchester Court, Troutville, VA 24175 View Details
07/05/2016 mixed She looks like a a large CHIHUAHUA, tan and white View Details
08/30/2016 Mixed Little white dog really fluffy kind of looks like a Maltese mix only weighs about 5 pounds answers to Casper Se Bennington rd View Details
02/16/2016 Mix Terrior Her name is Jasmine. She is an all white Terrior mix , about 30-35 lbs. Very Friendly. Bright green eyes. 206 E Madison Ave Vinton VA 24179 View Details
08/29/2016 Mix breed yellow lab / husky Taffy disappeared 8/29 around 10pm when she was let outside without her Invisible Fence collar. She is about 50lbs, larger dog, long yellow hair. Missing from the Garden City residential area behind Bible Baptist Church. She is very friendly and loves to be petted Hartsook Blvd., Garden City., Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
05/15/2016 Mix Her name is Lola she is only 10 months old black fur floppy ears. I live at 4804 Foot hill drive, holiday Fl 34690 she was last seen in the back yard on Sunday View Details
12/24/2015 Miniature schnauzer Bella is super friendly and even a little bit more trusting ...but unfortunately she's on a Heath and nature does its job and she decided to sneak out the house when our guests where leaving house,unfortunately nobody didn't notice her sneaking out !bella is white with neon spots on her and is really fluffy with her winter cut ! Serra messa , San Diego , zip code-92123 Yes View Details
07/13/2016 Miniature Pinscher Black with brown Webster Heights Road
Blue Ridge
View Details
09/18/2016 Medium to large mix Josie is a beautiful, mixed, rusty brown and white, female dog. She is 6 years old and weighs approximately 50 lbs. She is very sweet and answers to her name. She has an identifying tattoo in her right ear that is registered in the previous state we lived in. She has long white legs, white chest and a white patch that runs down the middle of her face. She is missed very much! 1409 15th St. NE Roanoke, Tinker Creek, 13th st. NE and Mason Mill area. View Details
08/26/2016 Maltipoo She is white and weighs about 5 lbs, her name is gracie 117 9th st rke va View Details
09/05/2016 Maltese/Yorkie "Morkie" She is 6 years old White in color with black spots on her belly very friendly .. She is an inside dog... Bessemer Road/ Eagles Nest Road in Eaglerock Virginia (Botetourt County) Yes View Details
07/10/2016 Maltese White toy Maltese
Name: prancer
Talofa avenue Toluca lake ca Yes View Details
01/21/2016 Maine coon cat His name is Malachi and he is 10 months old, he is very timid and is afraid of people and loud sounds. He is a maine coon cat, very fluffy, we recently trimmed up his mane around his face because he get dreads VERY easily. He has a green collar on with a bubble bee on it. He also has a crooked tail in the middle. He has the M shape on his forehead, and his under belly probably has a couple of dreads on him, since he didn't let us cut them off. He is a baby, and never has seen the snow before. He isn't fixed or neutered. He has yellow/ green eyes. Loch haven dr. Right before the snow storm, its near the new All State building. He went outside around 9:30 and never came back. Yes View Details
01/22/2016 Maine Coon Cat Brown tabby Maine Coon cat with white paws and white under chin. Big and fluffy. Has blue collar with tag Lost in Salem on Upland Drive. May be in West Club Forest or Hidden Valley Forest neighborhood. Yes View Details

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