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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
11/12/2016 Shitzu mix Peppy is primarily black but has a cherry eye and an underbite. He was last seen near Monterey Elementary school Saturday night when my son was walking him. Peppy pulled away and backed out of his collar and took off. He is well groomed and our family pet who is greatly missed. Peppy is also microchipped. Fleming Oakes, near Hershberger and Plantation Rd. Yes View Details
06/27/2016 Shihtzu Black and white markings around face Allendale street Roanoke city Yes View Details
07/03/2017 Shihtzu Black and white. Name is Tucker View Details
05/05/2016 SHIH TZU/ MALTESE MIXED. He was at a sitters while I was going out of town. He pulled his head out of his collar and took off. He is white with brownish color around his eyes he has short hair and has been fixed. He is very skittish around strangers and goes by the name Rosco. He weighs about 12 lbs. He was last seen in the MOUNT PLEASANT area, BANDY ROAD, GARDEN CITY AREA. LAST LOCATION CORNER OF BANDY ROAD AND ROCKINGHAM IN ROANOKE COUNTY. $200 REWARD FOR HIS RETURN MOUNT PLEASANT area, BANDY ROAD, GARDEN CITY AREA. LAST LOCATION CORNER OF BANDY ROAD AND ROCKINGHAM IN ROANOKE COUNTY. Yes View Details
07/16/2016 Shih tzu Brown,and cream shih tzu with brown and black face answers to Chewy Panthers villa rd.
View Details
11/02/2016 shih tzu White, 11 years old Pines Apartments off Electric rd/rt 419 View Details
11/22/2016 Shih Tzu Black fur with small bit of gray on face -- her name is Lucy From 3528 Garden City Boulevard, Roanoke, Va 24014. Brick home next to Garden City Baptist Church View Details
11/12/2016 shih poo Diamond is a black Shih Tzu Poodle mix that got out of the gate today around 2:20pm. We believe she wondered onto Colonial Ave near Pasley Ave and someone stopped and picked her up. Dog is micro-chipped and registered with Roanoke City 3321 Heywood Ave View Details
02/02/2016 Shiba Inu dog looks like a fox, light brown color, we just got her so we haven't had a chance to get her tags updated. She answers to the name Chloe and is very friendly. Plantation Road near Fugate Yes View Details
06/07/2016 Shiba Inu This is my baby girl Chloe. She was outside at my mom's house and somehow got loose. I have driven through the whole neighborhood over and over until it got dark. I'm heartbroken as well as my kids. She went missing from the Plantation/Liberty Road area this evening. She did this once before right when I adopted her and I was able to get her home with the help of Facebook. If you see her please call me 540-529-5682. Plantation/Liberty Road Yes View Details
06/11/2016 Shiba Inu If you happen to get a purebred red Shiba Inu with no collar about a year old, please contact me. He should respond to "Kenji". He knows how to shake, just offer your hand to him. He doesn't take kindly to strangers but eventually warms up to you. Went missing around 1 PM today (Saturday 6/11) near Hidden Valley High School. Has microchip. Has scratches on his stomach from our cat.

Thank you,

Travis Taylor
4426 Brentwood Court, Roanoke, VA 24018

Mom's number:

Dad's number:
4426 Brentwood Court
Roanoke, VA 24018

Last seen at Hidden Valley High School
Yes View Details
09/04/2016 Shiba inu Our shiba inu got out of the fence this morning (9/4) no collar she chewed it off 2 days ago. She's black and tan with some white her names bella. She's 15-20lbs only 11 months old. She's been missing for 7 hrs now have called roanone County dispatch and nobody has reported a found dog. 5520 consul drive roanoke va 24019 View Details
07/07/2017 shi tzu clean shaved shi tzu, white with light brown spots. cloverdale Yes View Details
01/27/2017 Shepard 9 month old black with brown Shepard. Very friendly. His nam is Zeus Roanoke (bonsack area) Yes View Details
09/27/2016 Schnauzer/Doxie Has his name Finn and my phone number on tag. Also has a Franklin County dog Tag and his vaccination tag. He was spooked by something and ran. He was spotted again on Wednesday morning but was running and could not get window open fast enough to call his name. He is afraid of people but not really afraid of other dogs. 3315 Circle Brook Drive, Roanoke, VA - Pebble Creek Apartments View Details
02/23/2016 Schnauzer Her name is Kacy, she is black and has a mole under her neck Off of Cove Road around the Greenridge Baptist Church area. Yes View Details
07/04/2016 Schnauzer He is a fairly older dog. His weight is on the lower side of 20 lbs.. He has a curled up tail with black ears that flop. He is a white dog with gray hairs mixed in and he has 2 black spots on his lower back His eyes have cataracts so they both look cloudy. In the light you can see the scarring that looks green because he had a deep ulcer- he had treatment on it and is healed. His name is Bam Bam. 4931 Pomeroy Rd Nw Roanoke VA 24017 Yes View Details
08/04/2016 Savannah Cat Kyan is a Savannah cat missing from the South Salem area. He has unusual markings: dark tan with spots and stripes. Kyan is friendly but skiddish. He is also microchipped. Please contact if you have any information. Salem, VA Yes View Details
11/20/2016 Savannah Please help me find Anna, the Savannah cat. She was lost 11/13 from Deerpath Drive on the lake in Hardy. She is easily recognized by her shiny and spotted coat. I am brokenhearted to have lost my best friend. Please call Scott, at 301-325-9497 with any news or information leading to her safe return. $1000 reward for information leading to finding her alive. Deerpath Drive, Hardy, VA on the lake in Franklin County. Yes View Details
01/03/2017 Russian Blue He has Grey fur with yellow eyes. He can be very friendly but he has a strong personality and does what he wants. Outdoor cat. Male, 1.5 years old. 5573 Valley Drive 24018 View Details

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