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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
02/03/2018 Standard poodle Chocolate standard poodle goes by the name roscoe Near Bandy road in garden city View Details
12/03/2016 Staffordshire/Pit Bull White spot on chest Williamson area Yes View Details
03/28/2017 St. Bernard Two st.Benards both pink collars. One Roxy is larger and Harley is a smaller St. Bernard. Missing in Garden City area Garden City. View Details
12/12/2017 Springer Spaniel Two dogs - springer spaniels

Belle - predominantly liver and white - long 17kgs ish
Fliss - smaller more white than liver - 15kgs ish
Marsh Green, Telford, TF6 6NE View Details
01/25/2017 Spaniel Mix His name is Mister. He is chipped, but does not have his collar on. He has a cyst on his back right between his shoulder blades. He does not have a full length Spaniel type tail. His coat is long and shaggy/wavy for the winter. Hartland Rd. SW
Roanoke, VA 24015
Yes View Details
01/25/2017 Spaniel Mix Mister is a Black and Tan spaniel Mix with a white spot in his chest. His fur is longish and wavy. He has furry feet like most spaniels. He is old and requires daily medication. Our back gate was left open and both he and our other dog ran off. Only she returned. We live in the Virginia Western/Fishburn Park area. Mister weighs about 40 pounds and he barks a lot, but is harmless. He is suspicious of men. Off Colonial Avenue. Hartland Road. Fishburn Park area. Yes View Details
02/18/2018 small black schnauzer mix Micro-chipped, but no collar today. Solid black, but for a few white hairs on chest and one white whisker, under 20 lbs and less than a year old.
Puppy has a wiry beard and wiry paws, but the rest of her is smooth-coated.
Her name is Ebony, and she is beloved.
Penn Forest area
Meadowlark area
View Details
01/28/2016 Siberian Husky Mix Lost from Rockbridge County, but reporting in all surrounding counties to ensure I'm covering all bases. Her name is Zia and she is a red and dirty white siberian husky mix approx 2 years of age. She is friendly. She was wearing her collar when she disappeared from our home, however who knows if it's still on. She has been missing since approx 10am January 28th. We are worried sick. Any leads are helpful. Thank you. Casey Durham Rockbridge county View Details
06/14/2016 Siberian husky mix Laska is a Siberian Husky mix of around 45lbs and currently has short hair. He is a very sweet dog and disppeared in the Vineyard Park area in Vinton Vineyard Park, Vinton View Details
09/20/2017 Siberian Husky Mix White and light tan with some black markings. Medium size. Short haired Roaring Run/ Rich Patch Covington Va Yes View Details
01/28/2016 Siberian Husky Got loose from our house on Viking Dr. In North Lakes yesterday around 7pm...we have searched everywhere..placed a post on North Lakes Facebook page and also SPCA page. He is black and white with black face a and one blue eye and one brown eye...very friendly. Viking Drive in North Lakes View Details
02/17/2016 Siberian Husky Smaller breed husky, very sweet, Grey, White and black fur, blue eyes, answers to the name Amani. She jumped the fence earlier and has been gone since 6:30p.m on 2/17. We live off of Hershberger and Grandview. She could have gone to valley view or the surrounding neighborhoods Cornell Dr NW Roanoke, VA/ Hershberger Rd, Grandview Ave, Rutgers st NW View Details
06/10/2016 Siberian Husky Mostly black husky w/ white markings. Bi-eyed (One blue, one brown). His name is Ruger. Very friendly. He is chipped Took off late last night from my house, which is directly beside Northside High School's football field and tennis courts. View Details
07/15/2016 Siberian Husky Siberian Husky - approx. 70 lbs. Black and white with black stripe down center of her back. Very skittish. Mason Knob Trail / Cotton Hill Road Yes View Details
09/14/2016 Siberian Husky Her name is Sheba and was lost in Garden city 3747 Gardencity Blvd South East View Details
05/21/2017 Siberian Husky Red and white Siberian husky, weighs approximately 65lbs Salem, VA near lakeside plaza Yes View Details
10/04/2017 Siberian husky Gray with white and some tan, blue eyes they change to white. 1712 Colgate st. NE Roanoke VA 24012 View Details
10/09/2017 Siberian Husky Black and White Siberian Husky Male (knows commands/friendly with children/other animals including cats)

4.5yrs old - not-neutered - microchipped
4441 Branderwood Drive
Roanoke, VA 24018
Yes View Details
03/02/2018 siberian husky she is approx. 40 lbs, spayed, micro-chipped twice - most recently at Angels of Assisi when I had per spayed. She was last seen at 4824 blue ridge blvd, blue ridge, va around 1:00 a.m. this morning. she can get out of metal crates and we think she was able to somehow get the door open and escape.

Her name is Qaya
4824 blue ridge blvd, blue ridge, va (near Rt 460) Yes View Details
06/02/2018 Siberian Husky 1202 Stewart ave Roanoke va View Details

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