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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
02/14/2016 Lab, pit mix dog Very sweet black Labrador, pitbull mix. His name is Rocky, and we just moved here. He loves people and kids. He has a white patch on his chest and stomach, muscular, short Shiney coat. He is unaltered Maiden Lane, Grandin area View Details
02/15/2016 Lab Mix She went out to use restroom in Mansard Square Apartments and when a private company came through to plow the lot, she either took off because of the noise or one of them picked her up thinking she was loose. I miss her and I am so worried about her. I rescued her and I think she was abused before so I need her home. Please call anytime of day or night.

She's a black female lab mix. Possibly with pit bull. Answers to Stormy and is a big baby. Loves to lick. She probably misses her mommy.
Mansard Square Apartments in Vinton. Yes View Details
07/16/2016 Lab mix Lost on Spring Rd SW, Roanoke Yes View Details
05/30/2016 Lab 13 year old sweet lab - was scared away by some fireworks being launched by a neighbor. He is shedding his winter coat, so he has splotches of lighter brown throughout. Probably limping due to his age and hips. He has anxiety pretty bad also. Starkey/Buck Mountain Road / Woods Crossing area Roanoke County. View Details
05/19/2016 Korkie 14 year old korkie short brown and black hair blind spot in eyes corner Kennedy St & liberty St NE please call 5403911664 if found View Details
06/28/2016 Kitty Grey body w black head tail and legs w white paws w greyish belly w white as well and nipples are white he also has a white spot on his nose by nostril and one white whisker by his eye his name is Jasper At the Walmart on challenger road right up from troutville Coverdale exit has a lowes beside it Yes View Details
12/22/2015 k9 Brindle walker hound pit mix. Virginia beach VA View Details
06/07/2016 Jack Russell Terrier My son is visiting from OK with his dog. The pup got loose yesterday in our neighborhood. We have flyers up and people are reporting having seeing him. Oakland Blvd, Roanoke, VA 24019 Yes View Details
06/10/2016 Jack Russell Terrier He has long wired hair , sweet and kind dog. He's a friendly dog loves people! He got out Friday June 10th with I was at work. He has a micro chip in him. I've had him for 5 years. We have gone around the whole neighborhood searching for him. We are devastated and heart broken about him being gone. Please if anyone finds him please return him I will deeply appreciate it! Thank you so much !! Thrasher Park on Gus Nicks BLVD NE off of 460 Roanoke Va Yes View Details
06/29/2016 Jack Russell Terrier 12 pound, white jack Russell terrier. Recently had her hair clipped short, so I don't know if her collar was put back on. Answers to Darby. She has black and brown around her nose. Almost 10 years old, is probably terrified wherever she is. Ashley Plantation View Details
04/03/2016 Jack Russell mix White brown and black Off of wood haven near green ridge Rec center View Details
01/20/2016 Jack Russel/Miniature Pinscher We are missing our chocolate and tan puppy. He is wearing a blue collar with white dog bones. He has white on his chest. His name is Favre and will usually respond to his name. He is very friendly and has lots of energy. Missing from the Wasena area on Welton Avenue off of Main Street. Yes View Details
03/13/2016 Italian Greyhound Small Italian Greyhound weighing only about 12 pounds. He is grey with a white belly, and white paws. He answers to Luca, and is hesitant to strangers,but very friendly. Roanoke County, Cotton Hill Yes View Details
02/13/2016 Hound/pit mix Her name is Athena. She is white and black with spots. She is very sweet and shy at times. Loves kids and other animals.She ran out the door saturday and I have not been able to locate her in the neighborhood. she is about 9-10 months old, 20-35lbs. 1410 9th St Southeast Roanoke Va 24013 Yes View Details
06/10/2016 Havanese Poodle mix Outside with the dog washing the car Thought he went with neighbor because he plays with the kids A few minutes go by and I am searching ...I live Off Liberty Road .. We miss him already ...please help !!!! Off liberty road near lincoln terrace elementary school View Details
05/10/2016 Harrier hound Piper is a very shy, very timid Harrier hound. Tan, brown and black markings. She is not aggressive, but is quite scared of people. She has long legs and typical hound markings. She escaped from a fenced area on Pendleton Ave, NW 24019 at aprox. 1a.m. this morning, May 10th. She is microchipped, and was wearing a collar, but the tag may have fallen off the collar. Airport road/Dent road/Williamson road area. Lost from yard on Pendleton Ave, 24019. Yes View Details
07/04/1916 great dane st bernard mixed 3 month old grey and white great dane and st. Bernard mixed puppy. She got frightened by fireworks on the 4th of July and ran off when I let her out to use the bathroom. If anyone has seen her or found her please give me a call or please send me an email. She is a big puppy that stands up to knee length. She will not bite you but is very playful. She is a little bit bigger than the picture. Shenandoah Ave. Yes View Details
04/25/2016 German Shepherd Micro chipped, Black and Tan, answers to Roman Botetourt County near Stoney Battery View Details
05/12/2016 German Shepherd German shepherd lost during today's storm - has a scar on her nose - 1726 Ellis court
Salem va 24153
View Details
07/03/2016 German Shepherd Female German Shepherd missing from Crystal Creek/Brambleton/Penn Forest/Cave Spring Middle area...may have gotten out on 7/3 or 7/4. Named Cookie. Has pink rabies tags on black collar for Brambleton Vet Clinic. Owners are on vacation out of service area, please call Brianne at 276-685-9883 if found. Crystal Creek Road near Brambleton/Penn Forest/Cave Spring Middle View Details

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