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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
10/16/2015 Cat blue eyed cat. Stripped tail. White with grey and light brown spots. Penn Forest Area Cave Spring VA View Details
10/15/2015 cat DLH Black fur. about 3 years old. Fincastle, VA Yes View Details
12/05/2015 Cat Maggie is a small grey Tabby? Her rear paws and belly are white. She has no front claws. She is spayed. She is very timid. She is about six years old. Lost from 1101 Wasena Ave. Apt 3 Roanoke 24015 Yes View Details
12/07/2015 cat "Ernie" Brown and white cat, short hair. Small,about 8 lbs. Neutered male, no collar. Microchipped. Last seen Monday, 12/7. The Forest Twonhomes, Penn Forest area. May be hiding, spooked by leaf blowers. Very shy. Please call Sarah with any info- 989-2738 or 904-8943. Thank you! Penn Forest- SW county View Details
12/19/2015 cat Yellow/orange not neutered castle Rock sw rke 24018 Yes View Details
12/18/2015 Cat Black cat with light brown marbled spots. Light green eyes and she's declawed. Very sweet weighs about 7 lbs. Carson Rd. Area Bonsack VA View Details
01/10/2016 Cat Maleficent is a medium sized black and white cat she is very friendly gets sleepys in her eyes often so she has little streaks under them she is very sweet and is neutered she went missing outside my house in Norwich (1519 Roanoke ave) if you have seen her please contact me at 5403204392 1519 Roanoke avenue off of memorial brigde View Details
01/06/2016 cat grey male white under his chin bradshaw area// Roanoke co View Details
01/18/2016 Cat This cat's name is Stitch. He is about 2 years old. He has very unique markings and a black spot on his nose. He is VERY friendly and loves everyone. He got out of my apartment at The Summit between 2am and 6am on January 18th. I have scoured the roads, forest and ditches around the complex. I am so terribly worried!!!!!!! off route 220 at the Summit apartments, around the 11-20 building Yes View Details
12/22/2015 cat solid light/medium gray. Has limp on back leg. escaped in Troutville. Was going to vet and needs medical attention. Male. Reward. Troutville. View Details
01/01/2016 Cat Grey and white tabby. Andrew Louis place View Details
01/02/2016 cat Calico. Mostly white body with face and tail markings Penn Forest Blvd, Roanoke County, 24018 Yes View Details
12/22/2015 Cat She's a gunmetal-gray almost silver adolescent cat, looks no older than maybe one and a half years. She has yellow eyes with dark gray lines from her nose to her eyes, paw pads, and a dark gray nose. Her tail is also a darker gray at the tip, if you look closely you can see a few stripes at the end (Very feint!). She cowers to mostly everything, mainly men and boots. She came back the first and second nights but got scared when I opened the door and bolted off into the darkness. She did not return last night. She was a rescue and has always meowed at the back door. I think she might have been an outdoor cat at one time in her life, but I don't care, she's an indoor kitty now and I just want her to come home. 5340 Cooper Street, Roanoke VA, 24019. Yes View Details
01/27/2016 Cat Female orange tabby declawed indoor cat friendly to me growls when door rings. Don' t know how she reacts to strangers when I 'm nor around. 2427 Wolf Run Vinton,Va 24179 View Details
01/29/2016 Cat Large (about 14 lbs) friendly spaded female Orange Tabby named Mindy. She has big round golden eyes and white around mouth/chin and down part of chest. She is short haired, but has a very thick coat. She has a fluffy tail that curves slightly at the end from a past broken bone. We believe she may have gotten out between 8:00am and 10:00am Friday morning 1/29/16. Vinton area near the Blue Ridge Parkway Ranger Office/Mountain View Rd Yes View Details
01/31/2016 Cat Yellow tabby, name Punk'n. Neutered and Declawed, front, 17 years old. Always been indoor cat. Very skinny because has hyperthyroidism. Should be on medicine for. No collar and not microchipped. 425 Ingal Blvd, Salem (next to Glenvar schools) View Details
01/30/2016 cat 7 yr. old neutered male seal point siamese. Rather stand-offish with strangers. Heathy, fit. Named : "Monkey Man".
In photo, he is the cat on the left with the question mark tale.
Grandin Village area View Details
09/22/2015 Cat BobbyT is a neutered male, 15 years old. He is a very special boy. He is a Siamese mix and also has NO TAIL. He is a Siamese, Lynx point, Manx. His back is gray and tabby like. He neck and chest are the creamy tan color like most Siamese cats. So he has BLUE EYES. A very handsome boy. He escaped from our RV at the Pilot Truck Stop without our knowing. We are still devastated!! STILL MISSING AND STILL SEARCHING AND STILL MISSING HIM SO MUCH. If you have seen him or have him....PLEASE report it. He also needs his medicine. Shy around strangers but a super loving cat. He has a tattoo on his inside leg!!! BIG REWARD!!! Thank you so much! Pilot Truck Stop in Troutville VA . Off of I 81 Yes View Details
01/01/2016 Canine He's a Jack Russell puppy. Goes by the name mega. He weighs about 10 Lbs. He has a white body with small spots and face is black and brown. lost on Wilmont Ave View Details
01/27/2016 canine Answers to Poochie. Has dirty blond thin scraggly fur, crooked overbite, brown eyes and a green line tattoo down her middle where she was fixed. She was outside with my daughter around 4pm when she ran off before my daughter could get to her a woman in a burgundy vehicle picked her up. A witness said the woman in the car said she was going to drive around the neighborhood but my daugher was unable to find the vehicle. Poochie was picked up within a block from home and wasn't lost or stray.When last seen she was wearing a pink halter under a pink hooded jacked. Craig Robertson Rd Roanke Va. (Garden City) Yes View Details

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