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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
10/15/2013 Tabby cat He's a gray blackish white tabby only 7 months old blind in one eye doesn't yet answer to his name (Colby) not very big maybe 15 pounds has never been outside so he'll be very scared and mewing for his sister Lost from 1621 kenwood blv he wouldn't be very far from home all he's ever know is home. Yes View Details
01/14/2014 tabby cat He is very big. He is a tabby and goes by the name Trip. He is about 9 years old. He has a mixture of colors (gray, black, and brown) and his eyes are black and green. Keefer Rd off of Buck Mountain Rd View Details
06/06/2014 tabby cat was a miro chip. small scars on nose Sw Allison and 4th Roanoke Yes View Details
06/24/2014 Tabby cat Orange Tabby cat. Name is Oliver. NE Roanoke Yes View Details
06/30/2014 Tabby Cat Very young kitten. Multi colored with a two toned face. She answers to Baby Kitten. Dale ave SE Yes View Details
07/12/2014 Tabby Cat We have an indoor cat that got out when a friend was helping us out while I was in the hospital. She escaped and ran into the woods behind our house, which is directly behind Rainbow Forest Church. We have tried everything, including a small animal trap. Her name is Shasta...she is very "skidish", but very sweet...and is VERY special to our family (Dad, Mom, and two teens). 94 Ridgewood Drive, directly behind Rainbow Forest Church Yes View Details
04/06/2013 TABBY


07/30/2013 tabby Yellowish orange and gray tabby cat approx 13 lbs long thin body
answers to name Butterfinger
Starmount Avenue, Barrens Rad are Yes View Details
04/29/2014 Tabby Female Tabby, almost 14 years old. I adopted her from the shelter back in Aug-Sept 2000. She is an indoor cat only. She has her front paws declawed. I think my mother may have accidentally let her outside when I was napping and I haven't seen her since. I have looked all over the neighborhood, called and called her and had absolutely no luck. She would not be able to survive outside very long with no front claws. I have been staying with my mom off and on. My current address is 1113 16th St SE. I don't know if it would be possible if she would try to go back home, but as old as she is, I don't think she would do that. I go back and forth, as I'm trying to help my almost 80-year-old mother out some. She lives in the Garden City area.

I have pictures of her but found that my mother's computer doesn't have a media slot to put my card in to copy the pictures. I did notice on your site that you have a cat that you picked up that looks a whole lot like her #1073940, but she is way older than two.

The cell phone above belongs to my son.
Garden City area View Details
11/21/2014 tabby she is very small and goes by the name Pebbles 1615 18th St NE Yes View Details
10/10/2014 Spitz mix Small/Medium build black senior dog. Very timid around strangers. Can jump/climb any chain link fence you put him in. His head smells like skunk because he was recently sprayed & we haven't been able to get the scent out yet. He wasn't wearing a collar because he had recently been bathed for skunk smell & was inside. His name is Pepper. Salem, Va... 12 O'Clock Knob Road & Ellison Ave area. Yes View Details
05/26/2015 small dog / pomeranian/mix? Small Gold pomeranian/mix? Answers to the name of Sandy. Escaped out of a side garage door that had accidentally been left open. Almond Dr. in the Dillon Woods Subdivision. Yes View Details
04/08/2015 small beagle Very small female beagle. Has a fat Nubby tail. Tricolor. Is microchipped. Very sweet dog. Buchanan Yes View Details
05/15/2013 Silky Terrier brown and black silky terrier. male. neutered. 10-12 pounds. Answers to Moe. Picture is from when his hair is cut but it's shaggy now. Creekwood Drive. Salem Yes View Details
04/11/2015 Silky terrier He had a collar and a pet ID tag that had kamelot with my name Kathy padgett my address 7205 Peppervine court with the phone number 562-3716. That was my old phone and no longer exists. He is a very sweet dog he loves everyone and loves to be held and go for rides. Was lost at my parents house at 3173 Richard avenue NE Roanoke,va Saturday morning. 3173 Richard avenue NE Yes View Details
06/21/2015 Silky terrier He is a silky terrier. He looks similar to a Yorkie only bigger. He is 11 years old and has only three teeth in the back of his mouth. He is black and brown with spots of grey on his head. 2502 Creston Ave SW Roanoke, va 24015 Yes View Details
05/14/2013 siberion huskydog Black white siberion husky ice blue eyes. 3 years old lost with my red white siberion female one blue one brown eye 7 years old. Last seen terre haute terre town area please contact me if found thanks! Terre haute indiana in terre town area. Yes View Details
04/03/2013 siberian husky Dakota is a small black and white purebred siberian husky with bright blue eyes. She is about 45 lbs with shorter fur. (She is not very fluffy like typical huskies) she is on the smaller range for her breed. She has just turned 1 year old. She is very friendly and curious. She is not shy to people but is a little hesitant to larger dogs. She has been spayed. Garden City area... 3645 Yellow Mtn Rd SE. Roanoke, VA 24014 Yes View Details
04/04/2013 Siberian husky black n white with blue eyes n black around her eyes ran out door two men were chasing her dont know if they took her or what i live behind walmart on 460 in bonsack area. my address is 595 hillview dr roanokd va 24019 bonsack borderline of roanoke and botetourt co View Details
06/08/2013 Siberian husky Mostly white with black circles around ears. Bg blue eyes. Very friendly. Name is CHLOE Belle-Carson street area. View Details

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