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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
04/23/2013 Yorkshire Terrier NAME - FLETCHER
3 years old
Around 8 lbs
Got loose from backyard with tan/white chihuahua named Tinkerbell. PLEASE contact me with ANY information!!
Dogs got loose from backyard on Centre Avenue Yes View Details
08/12/2013 Yorkshire Terrier We have lost a small yorkie or Yorkshire terrier near Orlando and Plantation road. She weights about 5 pounds and goes by Emma. She has white brown, tan and gray on her fur. Please if you find her call CJ Lewis at 540-581-4977. Reward will be given. Hollins area, Plantation and Orlando View Details
08/21/2013 Yorkshire terrier Winston is a 12 year old Yorkie who is on medication for an infection and for other health issues. Our family is completely devastated. We think someone may have taken him or he may have gotten out of our fence. If you know who has him or if you find him please contact me anytime. He was last seen on Pyrtle drive in Salem,va. Pyrtle drive in Salem Yes View Details
05/10/2014 Yorkshire Terrier Peanut got lost around 4:30pm on Saturday. He has a left leg limp. His colors are Black and Tan brown. Plantation Rd, Roanoke Yes View Details
07/20/2014 Yorkshire Terrier Name is Toby, brown and black. Oakland Blvd. Neighborhood behind Preston Park View Details
03/09/2015 Yorkshire Terrier Redish/Tan & Silver NW Roanoke City View Details
03/09/2015 Yorkshire Terrier Her name is Ginger. She is a recent rescue and very skiddish! Her coloring is redish/tan & silver.

She was lost around 10pm last night after being started by a overhead airplane.
Showalter Road, NW Roanoke City. View Details
06/15/2014 Yorkiepo Gray with black on ears & paws...around 6 pounds..very scared of people he doesn't know...His name is Marley..he had a name tag on collar Woodhaven Rd /Northlakes Neighborhood... off Peters Creek Rd View Details
08/03/2013 Yorkie Poodle Colors: Tan / Black / Brown 202 Madison Avenue NW, Roanoke, VA 24016 Yes View Details
09/13/2014 yorkie pomeranian mixl Lost in the Barrens Village neighborhood in North County off of Peters Creek Road. He is around 5 pounds, black and brown with a tail that curls up. His name is Bentley. North County Roanoke, Barrens Village neighborhood off of peters creek road. View Details
04/17/2013 Yorkie Small Yorkie dark brown coat very friendly Boxley Hills, behind Brookside golf course View Details
05/12/2013 yorkie small, male yorkie. About 7 pounds. looks like a small lion as he is between cuts. very affectionate. attached to his mother so he will be wearing a sad face. hunting hills/off lead View Details
09/30/2013 yorkie a 2 yr. old female around 7 lbs. goes by the name Geshia Hiram Street S.E. off Riverdale View Details
12/31/2012 yorkie This dog was lost on 18th st in south east. Was seen last in my fenced backyard. Southeast View Details
04/18/2014 Yorkie "Penny" Strother rd roanoke, va Yes View Details
05/24/2014 Yorkie Name Zoe. Off Vermont Ave/Melrose near Popeyes. View Details
10/03/2014 yorkie Small yorkie maybe 10 lbs named yoshi.. He is very friendly, loved, and missed. I believe his stake came lose from the ground last night and he took off dragged his chain and stake... I'm afraid he is tangled up somewhere I'm not going to stop looking but u may happen to come across him please please call me so he can come home. Rose ave in garden city area View Details
12/28/2013 Yorker-Pom His name is Charlie. He's very active and likes to bark. He's white/cream in color and favors a Pomeranian more than yorkie. But has the shorter legs like a yorkie. 2003 Lovers Ln Vinton, Va 24179 View Details
05/16/2013 yellow tabby dark orange tabby very loving he is an indoor cat and slipped out the door have been look everywhere if you should see him please call asap 1017 17th street se roanok, va 24013 Yes View Details
01/17/2015 yellow tabby Chevy is an older tabby cat abt 13 yrs old. I live in Hardy, Va. In Franklin Co. View Details