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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
12/14/2015 Yorkipoo Weighs about 11 pounds mostly black waves hair with a little silver in it Norbourne Avenue,Briarcliff subdivision Vinton,Va. View Details
01/13/2016 Yellow cat Yellow male tabby. May have injured back right paw. Last saw was limping. He has some white fur under chin & upper chest area. His name is Tiger. Brookedfield sub-division (behind fire house off Jae Valley Rd. Mt. Pleasant) Yes View Details
01/21/2016 Tabby/Persian Lost him around 9:30 PM before the snow came in. He has never seen snow. Maybe he lost his way home. I searched everywhere for over 5 hours as the snow came down. I couldn't find any tracks or marks. I am hoping someone picked him up to keep him warm over the weekend. He has a few dreads under him from branches and such getting stuck in his fur. His hair is short around his neck due to being trimmed. He can be a little aggressive to unknown strangers but he is a total sweet heart once he gets comfortable. His tail is also not perfectly straight, it has a knot as he was born that way.

His name is Malachai, a male, unnuetered 10 month old kitten. he will turn 11 months on the 28th of this month.
Roanoke Virginia, Around Loch Haven Drive near the new All State Building Yes View Details
12/09/2015 Tabby 6 months old, spayed, has a micro chip, many colors with a small spot of orange on top of her head, about 5 pounds Roanoke County, Bradshaw area of Bradshaw Road View Details
01/28/2016 Siberian Husky Mix Lost from Rockbridge County, but reporting in all surrounding counties to ensure I'm covering all bases. Her name is Zia and she is a red and dirty white siberian husky mix approx 2 years of age. She is friendly. She was wearing her collar when she disappeared from our home, however who knows if it's still on. She has been missing since approx 10am January 28th. We are worried sick. Any leads are helpful. Thank you. Casey Durham Rockbridge county View Details
01/28/2016 Siberian Husky Got loose from our house on Viking Dr. In North Lakes yesterday around 7pm...we have searched everywhere..placed a post on North Lakes Facebook page and also SPCA page. He is black and white with black face a and one blue eye and one brown eye...very friendly. Viking Drive in North Lakes View Details
11/16/2015 Siamese She's 9 - 10 months old.
She's an indoor cat.
Living around the Cave Spring area off Manassas Drive and Colonial Ave area Yes View Details
02/02/2016 Shiba Inu dog looks like a fox, light brown color, we just got her so we haven't had a chance to get her tags updated. She answers to the name Chloe and is very friendly. Plantation Road near Fugate Yes View Details
11/30/2015 shephard beagle mix Around 40lbs, male looks like a small brown, black and white german shephard, white blaze on nose, crooked ears. 900 block of Hershberger road Yes View Details
11/24/2015 poodle/chihuahua White with light brown on back. 6 yrs old. named Daisy. has seizures :-( Grandin Road View Details
12/21/2015 Poodle x bichon Cream, poodle cross bichon, male, 1year old. Red collar with silver name tag. Microchipped.
Last seen 1pm in Norley. Was being looked after by a pet sitter, heard a loud shot / bang and ran. Also has a pet sitter tag for dash pets.
Norley, Cheshire Yes View Details
11/25/2015 Pomerainian Tan and white pom
Recently got haircut so she has short hair now
Answers to the name "zoe"
NW Roanoke City off of Melrose Ave Yes View Details
01/05/2016 Pitbull Mix Hobbes is 6 years old, neutered, brown and white pitbull-type dog. He's *very* friendly and will get into the car with anyone (with or without prompting). He answers to "Hobbes" or "Goober-Dog", and is very food motivated.

He has a microchip that traces back to Franklin County Humane Society/Planned Pethood.
The corner of Bibb Street and Baldwin Avenue in NE Roanoke, just down the street from the RCACP/RVSPCA. Yes View Details
01/10/2016 Papillion Dog white with brown Annie is 15 years old. About 7 pounds. White with brown markings.
She has a chip and our vet is Read Mountain Animal Hospital. Her collar has our address and number she has been missing since about 11 this morning.
Rainbow Forest area, 1114 Lakeridge Circle,Troutville address. Yes View Details
12/24/2015 Miniature schnauzer Bella is super friendly and even a little bit more trusting ...but unfortunately she's on a Heath and nature does its job and she decided to sneak out the house when our guests where leaving house,unfortunately nobody didn't notice her sneaking out !bella is white with neon spots on her and is really fluffy with her winter cut ! Serra messa , San Diego , zip code-92123 Yes View Details
11/21/2015 Mainly Maincoon, but small Small maincoon with white boots very soft hair and very friendly. She is a house cat so I do not know if she knows how to deal with outside at all. Think she may have gotten out when furniture was delivered today at 4:30 this afternoon. 1125 16th St. SE Roanoke, VA 24013 Yes View Details
12/16/2015 Mainecoon silver Bell is a house cat. She is a rescue cat that my wife rescue from a job site in NW Roanoke back in 2010. She has not been outdoors since that time. She is very friendly and not afraid of strangers and may have been picked up by someone thinking she was a stray. 1125 16th St. SE Roanoke, VA 24013 Yes View Details
01/22/2016 Maine Coon Cat Brown tabby Maine Coon cat with white paws and white under chin. Big and fluffy. Has blue collar with tag Lost in Salem on Upland Drive. May be in West Club Forest or Hidden Valley Forest neighborhood. Yes View Details
01/21/2016 Maine coon cat His name is Malachi and he is 10 months old, he is very timid and is afraid of people and loud sounds. He is a maine coon cat, very fluffy, we recently trimmed up his mane around his face because he get dreads VERY easily. He has a green collar on with a bubble bee on it. He also has a crooked tail in the middle. He has the M shape on his forehead, and his under belly probably has a couple of dreads on him, since he didn't let us cut them off. He is a baby, and never has seen the snow before. He isn't fixed or neutered. He has yellow/ green eyes. Loch haven dr. Right before the snow storm, its near the new All State building. He went outside around 9:30 and never came back. Yes View Details
12/15/2015 kitten 5 1/2 month old kitten. Black & white with black spot on pink nose. Black eye patch. Very friendly. Likes people, other cats, and small dogs. Last seen around 3pm at 658 Hardbarger Road Buchanan VA. 658 Hardbarger Road
Buchanan, VA 24066
View Details

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