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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
08/07/2015 Yorkshire Weighs 6 lbs. Friendly and shy. Dale Ave. (Southwest) View Details
09/01/2015 Yorkie Yorkie will respond to Prada grey and tan please return my dog she is very well missed and loved she is part of our family reward if returned. Eastgate area 460 Orange ave View Details
09/01/2015 Yorkie Grey and tan about 5-7 pounds Last seen 19 th st eastgate area460 Orange ave View Details
08/16/2015 Walker hound Goes by Toby. Very friendly. Wasena neighborhood Roanoke va View Details
08/19/2015 toy poodle she got out and someone picked her up and told my neighbor she was taking her home and will call animal control. I pray to God that she is an honest person and returns my sweet baby Fleming and Plantation, Roanoke City View Details
08/19/2015 toy poodle older toy poodle, graying around the mouth, wearing pink harness, answers to Chloe. Fleming and Plantation View Details
07/31/2015 Terrier mix (Yorkie & Alaskan Her name is Chanel. Weighs 20 lbs. and is tri-color (black, white & brown). Roanoke, NW area. Off of Lafayette Blvd. Yes View Details
11/28/2015 Small mixed Black with white or gray around face snipped tail very friendly dog 1100 block of Salem ave n w Roanoke Virginia View Details
08/30/2015 Siamese tabby mix Friendly cat. Comes to bernard Highland park Yes View Details
07/28/2015 Siamese mix All gray, except for a white patch on chest. He is a very scared cat. His name is Totoro. Huntridge rd, Roanoke va View Details
09/06/2015 Siamese cat Female seal point Siamese cat ( light brown with dark brown face, paws, and tail with blue eyes) lost in very rural area (no houses within a half mile radius) at 10am on 09/06/2015. She usually never leaves the yard but may have wandered into the woods. No other domestic animals live in the area and no wild animals were seen/heard when she went missing. I can't wattage image below. 1217 Red Valley Rd. boones mill, va. House is at end of mile-long driveway in woods by small pond. View Details
09/03/2015 Siamese cat Went missing near Troxell rd. In Garden City Roanoke half brown and tan with black tint with big blue eyes has been declawed Garden City View Details
08/19/2015 siamese Siamese, very vocal. Riverdale View Details
08/14/2015 Seal Point Himalayan Persian She is a seal point Himalayan Persian. She has blue eyes, very friendly but shy cat. She was lost during our move into a new home and has only ever been an indoor cat. We call her Smush Lynchburg Virginia Boonsboro area Yes View Details
08/17/2015 rhodesian ridgeback Zari, 100 lb female ridgeback (with ridge), shy, lost in Mudlick area. Lost with "sister" Sophie, 45 lbs, female, brown/black ridgeback (no ridge) Mudlick/Windsor Road area. SW City View Details
08/22/2015 Rabbit White rabbit with gray on his face. Friendly and litter box trained. Got loose Saturday night. 4313 Siden Circle NW
Roanoke, VA
View Details
08/03/2015 Puppy He's light brown with white patch on chest and some black in his tall. He has on a green collar. He's a pitt mix. He got out, really early Monday morning, on Mason Mill Rd. (off of Orange Ave. and Hollins Rd.) Last seen at 7am. View Details
08/03/2015 Pointer Mix Named Bravos. Brindle mix breed dog. Is microchipped. Southeast Roanoke. Highland and 9th Ave. View Details
07/21/2015 Pitbull Intact adult male pitbull. White with brown markings. Name is Diesel. Was on a lead outside of house and disappeared. Collar was left on lead. Taken or left from 1900 block of Dale Ave., SE across from Fallon Park. Yes View Details
09/03/2015 pitbull I lost both a male and female pit bull. Her name is Isys and his name is name is Hitler. She is all white with a brown patch over her eye and he is brown and white. There is also on craigslist pictures of what they look like They were both lost off of king street and gus nicks area. Yes View Details

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