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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
12/19/2015 cat Yellow/orange not neutered castle Rock sw rke 24018 Yes View Details
12/18/2015 Cat Black cat with light brown marbled spots. Light green eyes and she's declawed. Very sweet weighs about 7 lbs. Carson Rd. Area Bonsack VA View Details
01/01/2016 Cat Grey and white tabby. Andrew Louis place View Details
01/02/2016 cat Calico. Mostly white body with face and tail markings Penn Forest Blvd, Roanoke County, 24018 Yes View Details
02/22/2016 Cat About a year old. Black with tan. She has been spayed. Near Mountain Pass Road in Blue Ridge Virginia Yes View Details
02/05/2016 Cat White short haired female with grey tiger stripes spots on back and a tiger stripe tail with brownish tan spot on butt. Responds to Tata or Ataliyah. Hunt ave nw roanoke View Details
02/10/2016 Cat Black and white cat, fat and fluffy Roanoke city. Off Williamson Rs, behind GoMart Yes View Details
01/31/2016 Cat Yellow tabby, name Punk'n. Neutered and Declawed, front, 17 years old. Always been indoor cat. Very skinny because has hyperthyroidism. Should be on medicine for. No collar and not microchipped. 425 Ingal Blvd, Salem (next to Glenvar schools) View Details
01/27/2016 Cat Female orange tabby declawed indoor cat friendly to me growls when door rings. Don' t know how she reacts to strangers when I 'm nor around. 2427 Wolf Run Vinton,Va 24179 View Details
01/30/2016 cat 7 yr. old neutered male seal point siamese. Rather stand-offish with strangers. Heathy, fit. Named : "Monkey Man".
In photo, he is the cat on the left with the question mark tale.
Grandin Village area View Details
02/09/2016 cat While I was out of town for the day/night of 09 February 2016, my cat Moose somehow got out of my apartment, I'm assuming by an exterminator or utilities person who left the door open. He is incredibly timid, however, he loves to have attention and will let you pet him once he is given some time. He typically answers to his name, Moose. 2754 Brandon Ave Sw.Roanoke, Va. 24015. Brandon West Apartments. Yes View Details
02/07/2016 cat Female cat- grey and white with green eyes Highland Ave Old SW Roanoke VA View Details
02/06/2016 Cat Friendly female Calico "Callie". She loves to go outside. Wood Haven Rd (North County) Yes View Details
02/08/2016 Cat Neutered male about 4 years old. Yellow/ginger with striped markings. Friendly but a slightly timid. Has no tail. Glade Creek Apartments North East Roanoke city Yes View Details
02/04/2016 Cat His name is BayBay. Orange tabby, about two years old, gentle/lazy. Very loving. No collar. Outdoor/indior cat. Unique bump on the bridge of his nose. Medium length fur. Last seen in north west, near Hershberger Rd. and Valley View Mall area. Please, if you have any info call or email me. Northwest roanoke, near hershberger/valley view area View Details
04/01/2016 cat Grey with white. Very sweet and loving. He belongs to my 3yr old son who is devastated Dale ave SE Roanoke city Yes View Details
04/01/2016 Cat She is orange and white and also has yellow eyes. Her name is Penelope and she is 1 years old and weighs about 6 lbs. 2525 Kings street NE View Details
04/01/2016 Cat She is orange and white. She has yellow eyes. Very friendly and lovable. 2525 Kings street NE Roanoke va View Details
03/31/2016 Cat Toby is a 7 month old kitten/cat, he weighs around 7-8 lbs. he is grey and white tiger striped and very shy. He runs from everything. Roanoke County, Dexter Road View Details
03/16/2016 cat Missing Savannah Male Cat (two years old); neutered; micro-chipped; missing upper left canine; distinct markings of gold/rust, brown, and black rosettes and stripes.
I am missing my boy so much, PLEASE help me. I love him. If you notice someone who suddenly has what appears to be a full-grown cat or you see an ad to sell a cat, meeting these descriptions, please, please report.
Route 221 and Route 460 Yes View Details

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