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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
06/12/2014 Bichon Frise Small fluffy white dog very friendly, nervous. Answers to the name Luna. We live in the Grandin Village Area of Raleigh Court. She should be wearing a pink collar with a heart shaped tag which reads LUNA and has our address 2117 Maiden Lane listed. 2100 block of Maiden Lane Yes View Details
01/20/2015 big, grey cat His name is Gir (grrrr) and he will respond to his name. He is big and grey and friendly. Medium length fur. Off of Mountain View Avenue in the Grandin/ Norwich area. View Details
08/14/2014 bird Whitecap pionus parrot Roanoke city. Near Jackson Park Yes View Details
10/26/2014 bird Gray Cockatiel, white wing tips, yellow head feathers with red checks. May chirp excessively when stressed. Highwood Road NW View Details
08/21/2013 Black and white cat I moved into Roanoke, Friday 8/16. 'Charlie' got out @ 2pm on 8/20. He has a chip as well as collar; but may have lost collar as he just got it. Very friendly and will come to his name. I live on Windsor Ave. SW near Grandin area.He is about 17 lbs., black face with white stripe up his nose. 5yrs old. 1710 Windsor Ave. SW, Roanoke View Details
07/30/2014 Black and White kitty Our little black and White kitty loves outdoors, however we could not keep a collar on her. She continued to manage to get her collar and flea collars off. She sometimes goes away ,somewhere, for a couple of days, but never this long. She is very small for full grown, she is up to date on her shots, and was spayed. She has a real loud cry. That's what saved her when I got her, she was a kitten in the motor of this lady's car. She was screaming real loud, I rescued her. 7913 Sequoia Drive Roanoke Va,24019 View Details
01/04/2013 Black Cat Samson is less than 2 years old. He has yellow eyes and has a white mark under his neck. We miss him so much. Our cat was last seen on Catawba Valley Dr (Rt. 311) near Hanging Rock in Salem. View Details
12/17/2012 Black Lab She is very friendly and will come to you. She is wearing her collar, but it doesn't have tags on it. She's black with white spot on her chest and toes. She's about 10 months old. Her name is Millie. last seen on Washington Ave, in Vinton. Yes View Details
05/21/2013 Black Lab Black lab anwsers to diesel broke his cable early this am he has a orange collar Salem via near arrow dr View Details
08/29/2014 Black Lab Izzy went missing around 5:00 PM today. She got out of the fenced in back yard. Usually she is only going for a few minutes. She is about 80lbs has white around her chin and a white streak on her chest. She responds to Izzy, and she may want a treat. Izzy is wearing a black fence collar. 1035 Sherwood Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24015 Yes View Details
10/10/2014 black lab Black lab about 100 pounds. Very friendly we live off Of 311 Beldon dr salem va off 311 View Details
01/22/2015 Black Lab The sweetest dog you will ever meet! her name is Luna and she is a very petite black lab. big brown eyes and a small face. she is very loving and wouldn't hurt anyone. She is very attached to my husband and hates when he leaves the house, we believe she jumped over the fence chasing after him when he left for work on 1/22. She is super fast and can jump ridiculously high. Grandin village area Yes View Details
01/22/2015 Black Lab Her name is luna and she is the sweetest dog ever. She is a very petite black lab with big brown eyes. super strong, fast and can jump ridiculously high. Grandin village area Yes View Details
12/15/2012 black lab / mix Name is lucky. Escaped from fenced yard, through gate accidentally left open by children. Neighbor says "dog catcher" picked him up. Brubaker Cr., Willow Ridge subdivision, N. Rke Co. View Details
06/05/2013 Black Lab Hound Mix Buddy was also wearing a dark blue "Pet Safe" tone/shock collar when he went missing from our yard/neighboring woods. Solid black, with a hint of white on nose & chin. Almost 4 years old and weighs 55 pounds. He is slender & fast, w/ long ears and legs. Totally sounds like a Hound dog. Likes to run & swim, & is very friendly. Oakshire Lane, near Boxwood Geeen, Wirtz, Franklin County, VA Yes View Details
06/02/2013 black lab mix Answers to Tippie. Black with white tip on his tail, also white on chest. He has a scar on his right back leg from recent knee surgery. .acl repair. Not sure how he got out, he was in a seven foot privacy fence. Missing from home in north lakes Nicholas hill lane, north lakes division off peters crerk rd in roanoke county Yes View Details
06/12/2014 Black Lab Mix His name is Chewie, hyper and friendly as can be. He's about 40-50lbs. Has a small line of white on his cheat, and a little white soul patch on his chin. If you look inbetween his paws he has little white patches as well. Currently on treatment for fleas so he has a few parches of fur missing. He has a black collar and a tag with his name and my info. If someone finds him please contact me. He is honestly my best friend. Salem, Va Apperson Yes View Details
09/11/2014 Black Lab mix Old dog stays in neighborhood. We have looked and can not find him. Paint Bank Road off Texas Hollow. West Roanoke County View Details
03/21/2015 Black Lab Mix Missing from Buchanan/Arcadia area along Frontage Rd. since Saturday morning. Answers to the name of Shooter. He has a lot of grey in his face. Very calm and loving dog, likely to come to you. Buchanan/Arcadia area along Frontage Rd. Yes View Details
03/20/2015 Black Lab Mix My dog has been missing since Saturday from the Buchanan/Arcadia area along Frontage Rd. If anyone has seen a Black Lab Mix with a blue collar please let me know. He is friendly and answers to the name of Shooter. Buchanan/Arcadia area along Frontage Rd View Details