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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
10/10/2014 black lab Black lab about 100 pounds. Very friendly we live off Of 311 Beldon dr salem va off 311 View Details
12/15/2012 black lab / mix Name is lucky. Escaped from fenced yard, through gate accidentally left open by children. Neighbor says "dog catcher" picked him up. Brubaker Cr., Willow Ridge subdivision, N. Rke Co. View Details
06/05/2013 Black Lab Hound Mix Buddy was also wearing a dark blue "Pet Safe" tone/shock collar when he went missing from our yard/neighboring woods. Solid black, with a hint of white on nose & chin. Almost 4 years old and weighs 55 pounds. He is slender & fast, w/ long ears and legs. Totally sounds like a Hound dog. Likes to run & swim, & is very friendly. Oakshire Lane, near Boxwood Geeen, Wirtz, Franklin County, VA Yes View Details
06/02/2013 black lab mix Answers to Tippie. Black with white tip on his tail, also white on chest. He has a scar on his right back leg from recent knee surgery. .acl repair. Not sure how he got out, he was in a seven foot privacy fence. Missing from home in north lakes Nicholas hill lane, north lakes division off peters crerk rd in roanoke county Yes View Details
06/12/2014 Black Lab Mix His name is Chewie, hyper and friendly as can be. He's about 40-50lbs. Has a small line of white on his cheat, and a little white soul patch on his chin. If you look inbetween his paws he has little white patches as well. Currently on treatment for fleas so he has a few parches of fur missing. He has a black collar and a tag with his name and my info. If someone finds him please contact me. He is honestly my best friend. Salem, Va Apperson Yes View Details
09/11/2014 Black Lab mix Old dog stays in neighborhood. We have looked and can not find him. Paint Bank Road off Texas Hollow. West Roanoke County View Details
View Details
07/27/2013 black lab/aust shep mix Very shy, skiddish, about 7 months old -people tortoise shell pattern to coat Woods by Mt Pleasant Blvd SE & Shannon Yes View Details
10/10/2014 Black lab/German shepherd mix We last saw Babe on Friday morning before I left home for the day. She is black, with a white breast and white on her paws. She has grey eyebrows and is built like a greyhound. She is very skiddish and shy. I have reported her being lost to the Bedford Animal Shelter and have put up flyers around my neighborhood, also the Montvale post office. Home View Details
07/30/2014 Black short hair cat Very large (17lbs), we think he was hit by a car but would like to know for sure. South Roanoke county, Eastland Road View Details
03/21/2014 black, lab/retriever mix "Mossberg" half black lab and half golden retriever ran away at 3:00 this afternoon from 5146 Arrowhead Trial, Salem. He is about 9 months old. He is beautiful with a solid black, very shiny, curly coat. He is extremely friendly. He had no collar on at the time. He has never been gone this long. Please contact Nick (397-1683) or Gretchen (798-2227) Shaffer. We live at 5145 Arrowhead Trail. Cherokee Hills, Glenvar area of Roanoke County. He ran East toward Fort Lewis Church Road Yes View Details
08/13/2013 Blonde German Sheppard mix She is spade and somewhere around 9 months old. Her name is Luci and she does not have a chip or a name tag with a name and number on it like the one in the picture. She had on a red one (mentioned above) She is very sweet and is able to sit, lay, and give a paw. I miss her very much! 100 oak ridge rd
Union hall va
Yes View Details
11/13/2013 Blue heeler/ chow Color- White with tan spots on his face on his skin not fur Roanoke County, Riverdale Rd. View Details
12/18/2012 blue russian cat Chunky blue russian adult cat. Named Captain Jacqueline. Will answer to Captain. Has one fully developed eye. 3202 Pasley Ave., Roanoke Yes View Details
01/07/2013 border collie black and white border collie with red coller name is Hickory. old and hard of hearing. is sick and has lost alot of weight. you can text any info. ran off from knollwood area of botetourt county on monday night around 6:00. View Details
09/10/2013 Border Collie Black and white intact male short hair border collie with beautiful brown eyes. Half of his face is black the other half is white. Very skiddish around other people will only come willingly to myself or my husband. His name is Tucker. Eagle Rock, Virginia on Route 43 about a mile out of the town of Eagle Rock on your way towards Buchanan View Details
10/03/2013 Border Collie Black and white neutered male Border Collie. Route 615, near Oriskany View Details
02/24/2013 Border Collie mix mostly black, white paws and chest/neck. around 8 years old, medium sized answers to the name of Yammie (short for Yamahaw) Buckland Mill Forest neighborhood northwestern Roanoke View Details
08/21/2013 Border collie mix She is brown and white. Name is daisy. She is very skidding especially of men. Prob looks like she needs to be groomed. She has a slit on her tongue. She's jumped once before and ended up in botetourt bear the truck stop. Please please please if you see her call me or text me. I can send pics. I want her home. My little boy misses her. This stinks since his birthday is Monday. Being our girl home please. Vancouver drive Roanoke 24012 View Details
07/05/2014 Border collie mix Rigby black and white male border collie mix 2 years old. Last seen bottom creek lane, bent mountain, va. Yes View Details