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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
08/04/2016 Bully Blue Pitt bull My Dogs name is Blue he was stolen from Blue Ridge Camp Ground in Wirtz V.A He is a Bully Blue Pit his left ear is crooked like hes about knee high or so i have more pictures and videos of him Blue Ridge Camp Ground in Wirtz V.A Yes View Details
06/27/2016 Calico cat Petite female calico (orange, grey/black and white) I bottle raised her from 2 weeks old. She's 1 1/2 years old now and is a very tiny cat. She could be mistaken for a kitten. Her name is Noel. She is skittish outside and scared of strangers outside. She's a sweet gentle cat. She's fixed.

The photo attached is a few months old but you can see her colors well. If you have seen her please contact me!! She's my baby!!
Wasena area (Winona Ave) View Details
01/27/2016 canine Answers to Poochie. Has dirty blond thin scraggly fur, crooked overbite, brown eyes and a green line tattoo down her middle where she was fixed. She was outside with my daughter around 4pm when she ran off before my daughter could get to her a woman in a burgundy vehicle picked her up. A witness said the woman in the car said she was going to drive around the neighborhood but my daugher was unable to find the vehicle. Poochie was picked up within a block from home and wasn't lost or stray.When last seen she was wearing a pink halter under a pink hooded jacked. Craig Robertson Rd Roanke Va. (Garden City) Yes View Details
02/24/2016 Canine Boston Mix; primarily brown with some white; ~22lbs; spayed; microchipped; very friendly; food oriented Dodge's Southern Style- 2644 Lee Hwy Troutville, Va Yes View Details
01/01/2016 Canine He's a Jack Russell puppy. Goes by the name mega. He weighs about 10 Lbs. He has a white body with small spots and face is black and brown. lost on Wilmont Ave View Details
04/10/2016 Canine White 11 year old bichon wearing blue collar. Visiting Roanoke from northern VA.
Name: Kody
Roanoke North
Peters Creek /woodhaven area of Thirlane Rd
Yes View Details
07/12/2016 Canine 45 pound Lab mix. Has Three legs. Tan Blacksburg Rd, Catawba View Details
07/20/1916 Canine Catahoula Pit Mix- Diesel. Neutered. Microchipped. Home vet-Southern Hills Animal Hospital. Brown with black spots, white tipped tail and paws. People friendly. 565 Webb Mountain Road Yes View Details
11/16/2016 Canine Schnauzer miniature pinscher jack russell terrier 1770 gilmer branch rd boones mill. Va View Details
11/14/2016 Canine brown and black with silver on muzzle and ears. 10.5 lbs intact male. Jordantown Rd/Vinton/Bedford County Yes View Details
12/20/2016 canine 2yr old female German Shorthaired Pointer, name is "Siegen". Approx. 45lbs.
She is microchipped (985112004714164).
Read Mountain Preserve View Details
03/06/2017 Canine Lost in vinton. Montgomery village area. Just adopted from LAP today. Escaped and ran. Montgomery village vinton area View Details
03/12/2016 Cat Orange tabby cat got out of apartment and has not returned home. Very sweet. Roanoke by Tanglewood Mall (Honeywood apartments) Yes View Details
03/12/2016 Cat Black and white tuxedo. Beautiful white markings on the paws and the chest up through his face. Eastgate Avenue NE Roanoke, VA 24012 Yes View Details
03/08/2016 Cat Tan color with a bobtail. Slender build. Split ears from previous injuries. Answers to name of Mikey. Botetourt East. 16 Chivas Dr. Roanoke,VA View Details
03/07/2016 Cat Lost Cat- Roanoke, Virginia- Starkey Rd Area/ Woods Crossing area. Female Calico, has striped tail. Callie is an indoor only cat, that got out of a loose screen. She is skittish, but very sweet. Last seen around 7:30pm 3/7/2016 Woods Crossing Area. If seen, please call 540-320-3204 or 540-798-5077 Roanoke County- Starkey Rd/Woods Crossing Area Yes View Details
03/03/2016 cat Grey & white large male Manx Troutville View Details
02/29/2016 Cat His name is blizzard, he is a white cat and tends to get frequent "eye boogers". He has had his front paws de-clawed. 5259 crossbow circle Yes View Details
03/01/2016 cat Rita is a BIG calico/tori colored kitty who is very friendly and chatty. She never gets out so we were surprised when we couldn't find her. She is 13 years old and we miss her very, very much. Raleigh Court (Wakefield Rd) Yes View Details
12/21/2015 cat gray cat. reward. has bad limp on back leg. shorthair. was lost a while ago, but maybe he can still be found. might have traveled some distance by now, or might have found a food source near where he was lost. troutville va. View Details

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