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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
03/26/2016 Boston Terrier Her name is Maggie and she is basically blind. She also has problems in her back legs so be careful if lifting her. She is friendly with people but not social with other dogs. She is 10 yrs old. Her vet is Harris Animal Hospital on Peters Creek Rd, Roanoke. Riverdale S.E. Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
02/25/2016 Boston Terrier Charlie is a 1 and 1/2-year-old spayed, female Boston Terrier weighing in between 20 and 25 lbs. She has a tricolor coat. Charlie was last seen at 12:30 AM on February 25, 2016 at Dodge's Southern Style, 2644 Lee Highway, Troutville, VA Yes View Details
07/14/2016 Boston Terrier Female, about 4 years old, black and white Boston Terrier with brindle markings. She must have escaped from my fence during the day while I was at work. When I came home Thursday evening, she was no where to be found. She lost her tags recently so she was not wearing any. Arbor Avenue near Piedmont Park and the Roanoke River Greenway Yes View Details
08/06/2016 Boston Terrier She is 10mths. Black and white. The number on tag doesn't work she was just given to us 30 minutes before she got out off of Williamson Rd Ne 2719 Edison St. Ne Roanoke Va 24012 Yes View Details
08/08/2016 Boston Terrier Got out of fence at 3204 Collingwood Street 3204 Collingwood Street
Roanoke, VA
Yes View Details
08/14/2016 Boston terrier MIndy is an 11 year old Boston terrier. She wandered off from our home at 4:00 am when we let her out to potty. She is suffering from unknown neulogical problems. She typically does not come when called any more but will usually respond when she hears her name. She walks in circles and sometimes cannot get in and out of doors. She side wipes objects on her right side and the nails on her right front and rear paws are wetted down. She is NOT aggressive and will not bite.

Our home 4212 Berry Hill Cir. Vinton va -Roanoke va View Details
08/24/2017 Boston terrier mix Missing from Belle Haven Road/Hollins area. Has microchip inked to California rescue organization. Hollins View Details
01/28/2016 Boxer White and black, has a lump on bottom gum. Mckinney St Roanoke, VA 24019 Yes View Details
10/04/2016 Boxer All white with brown right eye patch. Tail is full length. He is around 70lbs. And 10 months old. Garst Mill area, Cresthill Dr. Roanoke, VA 24018 View Details
12/03/2016 Boxer Brindle boxer goes by the name Myleigh Hollins (lemarre area) View Details
03/26/2017 Boxer This is my brothers dog! The dogs name is Oaklee. My brother is Travis Slusser. He is an un-neutered, brindle color, pure bred Boxer. He was lost on Wood Haven Road...near Green Ridge Recreation Center. View Details
01/25/2018 Boxer Jill is a 4yr old Brindle boxer. Motel 6 6621 Thirlane Rd NW, Roanoke, VA 24019 Yes View Details
10/21/2016 Boxer Mix He is pretty big for his age and something distinct about him is that he got fixed and they never took the staples out so you can clearly see the staples there. He was lost in the south houston area around college View Details
08/25/2017 Boxer pitt mix About 4 years old very sweet his name is Rock. 819 Centre Ave NW Yes View Details
10/17/2017 Boxer/begal 2 yr old female boxer begal mix, tan with black markings on face.
47lbs had on a pink collar
Sw county Roanoke, sugarloaf area View Details
06/13/2016 Boxer/German Shepard Mix Tejas is a tan Boxer/German Shepard mix with a white chest and white paws. Friendswood, Texas.
Sunset and 2351
Yes View Details
01/09/2017 Boxer/lab Rocky 3201 Ogden Rd View Details
06/25/2017 Boxer/Pit mix Took advantage of an open gate and snuck out of the backyard. 11 months old, neutered, very sweet and friendly. Maybe in the Grandin Road village area where he goes for walks with family. Greater Deyerle Neighborhood/Windsor Hills Yes View Details
04/01/2016 Boykin Spaniel Chocolate Boykin Spaniel, Gray around her mouth. 4 years old, 40 pounds Botettourt County. Greenfield Street Daleville, VA Yes View Details
02/05/2016 Brindle boxer Hes our baby! Pennsylvania ave ne. He broke out of our gate. View Details

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