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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
03/06/2016 Beagle Mix Medium size, male beagle mix, approximately 30 pounds went missing from 126 Winesap Road, Roanoke, VA 24019. We had just adopted him from Angels of Assisi. He is very timid and came from a neglectful situation from Bedford County. He is microchipped and should have our information as the owners. 126 Winesap Road, Roanoke, VA Apple Tree Village off of Read Mountain Road View Details
07/11/2017 Beagle mix He is white with brown spots. He's super sweet. His name is Hammer. I live right beside 220 in basset forks VA. People have told me they saw someone with him in the parking lot of Nelson Subaru. I am not sure if those people took him but I suspect whoever took him got him from that parking lot. Yes View Details
01/19/2018 Beagle Mix Dee is a very sweet but shy little dog. 20 LBS. Has black fur from ner neck back onto tail.... light tan head, ears, and paws. If you see her, approach slowly and call her name softly. She absolutely will not bite. Her collar is snug and will not get caught on a fence or sharp branch. Has two tags --- one has ALL my key information. 540-761-5663. Along Harborwood Road in western Roanoke County. Seen on Sunday, Jan 21st, in 3900s of Harborwood, 2 miles SW of Green Hill Park. View Details
12/09/2017 Beagle/ Australian Sheperd Our 14 week old puppy, Mowgli, was lost last night on 12/9/17. He had a red collar and red retractable leash still attached to the collar. No tags on the collar. He has black, brown, and white fur. He's very friendly, but afraid of his leash. Grandin Area Yes View Details
03/12/2017 Beagle/Boxer Answers to Leela. Black/white brindle beagle/boxer mix. Very sweet, may have gotten lost in woods. Lost Mountain Rd off 12 o'clock knob in back creek area of cave spring. May have been seen on Canyon Rd. around 10am on Sunday, 3/12 Yes View Details
10/10/2017 Beagle/Colley mix Sweet dog, very timid around strangers, probably difficult to get her to come if she doesn't know you. Loves to be asked if she wants to go see "momma" responds well to that phrase. Looks like a long haired beagle. About 8 years old. She got out of our fenced in yard. Southeast Roanoke, 400 block of Arbutus avenue View Details
09/23/2018 Beagle/Dachshund Mix Is microchipped: 981020027419784; answers to Rosie, is about 7 months old. Copper brown with white stripe on chest, and black tip of tail. Recently spayed, so you can still see her shaved belly and tattoo. She escaped unnoticed from back yard. Grandin Village, around 2000 block of Maiden Ln SW Yes View Details
10/05/2017 Beagle/hound Lost pet in Vinton. She answers to Rosie. Very energetic. Good dog. Vinton va off clear view Yes View Details
08/31/2016 Belgium Melenois Got our during a storm. Did not have collar on at the time. She was sprayed by a skunk in the face and was cleaning collar. She has on flopped ear. She is a Belgium Melenois. Looks like a Shepard with short hair. Her name is Milly. High Street Salem Yes View Details
02/21/2018 Bengal cat Neutered. Green/yellow eyes. Kinda fat with a large pouch on his belly. Very friendly. Brown with black spots (looks like a leopard) Boxley Hills Yes View Details
02/21/2018 bengal cat Neutered, VERY FRIENDLY. Green/yellow eyes. Brown with black spots (looks like leopard). Kind of fat with a large pouch on his belly. Boxley hills - Commander ST Yes View Details
05/03/2017 Bichon Frise His name is Beau weighs maybe 20 lbs last seen on grandin. Yes View Details
10/14/2016 Bishon Yorkie Dog got out of fenced yard - at 1047 Barrens village Ct in Roanoke Co around 3:30pm. 1047 Barrens Village Ct Roanoke VA 24019 View Details
11/18/2017 Bishop fries mix shiz tuz 101 woodhaven Blvd ozone park View Details
08/19/2017 Black & Tan Coon Hound 7 year-old Neutered black & tan coon hound discovered missing early 8/20/17. Collar found in yard. Very friendly dog, 80 lb. Answers to name Rebel. Missing from Old SW Roanoke area. Rebel is microchipped. Old SW Roanoke. Photo of Rebel at 6 months old. Yes View Details
01/21/2017 Black and tan coonhound He is a neutered black and tan coonhound about 65 pounds very sweet answers to the name of Drake has a bald patch on right hip went missing from Blue Ridge Montvale area please contact 540-293-5285 if found View Details
04/26/2017 Black Cat 9 month old black cat with gold eyes named Bynx. He got put of a 2nd story window between 11:30am April 25, 2017 and 6:30am April 26, 2017 so he might be injured from the jump. He is skiddish so may not approach you easily. He is very sweet though.He loves to eat so food might help lure him in. We live in NE between 13th and 20th St. Behind Dollar General and Dairy Queen off Orange Ave. Yes View Details
11/06/2017 Black cat Front paws are declawed Buena Vista Blvd SE Yes View Details
02/25/2018 black cat Black cat named Solomon. He is very friendly. fluffy with a slight red/brown tent. a little over a year old. Yes View Details
10/06/2016 Black cat and a orange cat solid black male cat with cliped ear and a mostly orange with spots of white male cat names are blacky and spider man View Details

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