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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
04/11/2015 Australian Cattle Dog mix white dog with black ears and faint black spots on backside. Responds to the name piper but very shy to humans, recent shelter rescue. Microchipped. Vic Thomas park. Swam across the river and went up the hill towards wasena park. View Details
06/24/2014 Australian Sheperd Australian Sheperd-Black white under neck, male, approx. 50lbs, Answers to D. He left out to go to bathroom, never returned. Playful, likes to give ear kisses. Not fixed. Drewrys Hill/Rt 24 just outside Vinton VA Yes View Details
08/29/2013 Australian Shepherd Name is Kiwi. White with black and gray splotches. 2-1/2 years old. Friendly. Rowan Street in Salem, near Graham White. Yes View Details
07/06/2013 Australian Shepherd Mix 13-year old mostly black dog (some white on chest), 35 pounds. Weak back legs due to arthritis. Often has trouble walking or getting up. Friendly. Escaped back of property at 1246 Laurel Street in Walnut Hills section of Roanoke (on Mill Mountain). Likely headed up to Woodbine St or down to Belleview. Yes View Details
03/17/2014 Australian Sherphard Black & white no tail w/ white paws and chest. Answers to Tebow. About 60lbs. Troutville, Va. View Details
10/27/2014 Basenji mix Black dog with white feet. Probably weighs about 60 lbs. His name is Boots Vinton - Lindenwood Yes View Details
05/28/2014 basset hound dog got loose sometime around 5pm today. has a black collar, don't think he has a tag on him...might have micro chip..dont remember... 2117 Brandon Ave, roanoke va, 24015 Yes View Details
05/28/2014 basset hound escaped from house around 5pm this afternoon...very sweet 2117 brandon ave Yes View Details
04/14/2013 Beage White beagle, with black and brown spots, brown cow spots on low tummy area, he will respond if you call him buddie, very friendly and hyper Roanoke county , colonial ave area View Details
12/18/2012 Beagle Redish-brwn, name is Jeter. 2 yrs old, friendly but cautious. Hopefully with Toby, blk and wht and brwn. Missing 2 beagles. 3115 northside rd View Details
04/24/2013 Beagle Name is Lucy, about 25 lbs., standard beagle coloring, extremely friendly but timid 1817 Woodlawn Avenue Yes View Details
05/11/2013 Beagle "Stub" is his name, he is about 25 lbs , he has a docked tail(short), he is white with little and big black spots, he has brown on his mask,he is microchipped and has a blue collar on, he was here the morning of 5/11, but when we arrived home he was gone, we live on webster rd in roanoke va 24012 but it is considered botetourt county. He is a very smart dog and loves to go for rides in the car, please help me find my baby... Webster rd n roanoke va, its considered botetourt co Yes View Details
05/22/2013 Beagle Dog name is Gabby. Small Beagle with a smaller right eye. Very sweet and friendly. North Roanoke County in the Green Ridge rd/ Montclair Estates area. Yes View Details
05/21/2013 Beagle Beagle is larger and slightly overweight. Ran away with beagle mix last Tuesday and hasn't returned home. Vinton, VA View Details
06/06/2013 Beagle Beagle named Gabby was lost today. She is a small Beagle with a smaller than normal right eye. Lost in the Montclair Estates area off Cove Rd. Yes View Details
07/04/2013 beagle Female black, white & tan beagle. Name is Winnie. Our neighborhood: Petty Acres, off Plantation Road in Roanoke County on Meadowcrest Street. View Details
07/27/2013 beagle Smaller beagle (around 20lbs). Brown on face. Mostly white body with large black spot, and spotting on chest. His name is Tex. Poage Valley Rd. Extension Yes View Details
07/31/2013 Beagle Two female beagles, year and half old with typical beagle markings. Black, white, and brown. One has more black then the other. Both females. One collar is pink and the other is black and go by ellie and lulu. Weight about 20 pounds. Very sweet and loveable. Off hardy rd in bedford beside turner branch. View Details
07/20/2013 BEAGLE 12 Y/O INTACT MALE BEAGLE. MARION, VA View Details
07/21/2013 beagle She is a typical tri-color beagle, on the small side, and it looked like she was pregnant, but not extremely large. Teats were getting large and belly was enlarging. SUPER sweet. Red collar. Answers to "Little Pup" or "Little Bit" Turners Creek Road area between Callaway and Ferrum in Franklin Co. View Details