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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
10/15/2015 cat DLH Black fur. about 3 years old. Fincastle, VA Yes View Details
10/07/2015 Cat Mostly white cat with black circles around her ears, black spot on right side and left ear is clipped (she was a stray before I adopted her ). Has a solid black tail. Dixie caverns Twine Hollow Rd. Yes View Details
10/06/2015 Cat Black male cat, appx. 4 years old. He comes to being called "kitty". He got out of the house Tuesday evening, but generally returns shortly Williamsburg Court in SW County. Near Cave Spring Baptist Church, Brambleton Avenue and Roselawn Road. Yes View Details
10/09/2015 Cat Completely Black Cat, she's an indoors only, nine years old and spayed cat . She has a microchip with our name but the wron address and phone number because we recently moved to Roanoke. 3825 Hyde Park Dr., Roanoke View Details
10/06/2015 Cat Gray, long hair, 17 years old. Answers to "Bethany" (when she's not being ornery)... Snuck out door ... she is an indoor cat ... 515 Highland Avenue, S.W. - Roanoke, VA - OLD SOUTHWEST Yes View Details
10/08/2015 cat HAPPY is happy. He is an indoor kitty. Long, light orangish-blonde hair. Almond shaped golden eyes. Likes to play. Doesn't quite know if he likes belly rubs or not. He let's you know when to stop, and it can be painful. LOL. He is truly loved and missed. I adopted him less then a yr ago when his humans left him when they moved. A neighbor put an add in the paper. I picked him up that same day. He is about 5 yrs old. He and SMITTY were let out of he house together by a deranged neighbor. I am just sick about it. This photos does not do him justice. It's taken thru the screen window. 1600 block and Riverside Drive. Tulsa, Ok. Yes View Details
07/02/2015 cat 3 years old black male burgundy highlights in sun looks Burmese big ears name kissa very very talkative golden eyes disappeared from thirlane rd Roanoke va Thirlane rd Roanoke va View Details
09/20/2015 Cat Sachi is a male brown and black tabby with a lean, long body. He has been neutered and is about 5 years old. He has been missing for over a month now and we suspect he was attacked by a raccoon. If found or seen please call 540-521-7645. Oak Grove Area, Roanoke VA Yes View Details
10/24/2015 cat $300 REWARD. .Male been fixed 3 years old weight about 10 pounds tabby short hair black and dark gray strips GOT BROKEN BEND OVER TAIL very friendly and loving ..his name is babbush Christiansburg v.a View Details
11/18/2015 Cat Brown/gray tabby female with green eyes. Front feet are declawed Chesterton Street in Roanoke Yes View Details
11/16/2015 Cat Black and white long-haired cat, 13-pound neutered male, may be aggressive, May respond to the name Mouse Meadowbrook Rd NW, Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
11/21/2015 Cat Batman is a Gray and black tabby cat, a year old, very playful and friendly, been around dogs all his life so he may not run from them. He ran out of the house on Willow Wood Drive which is right off Webster Road in Botetourt County Yes View Details
11/21/2015 Cat Batman, gray and black tabby one year old cat, very playful, lovable, and very missed by his family. He has been raised with dogs so he might not be afraid of a strange dog. Willow Wood Dr which is right off Webster Road. He ran out the door around dark Saturday and hasn't been seen since. Yes View Details
11/10/2015 Cat Teddy is a very shy, large, gray, neutered male cat. He has a saggy belly and a small, white patch on his chest. He was last seen in the Sandy Ford Rd, Willow Ridge Rd vicinity of Blue Ridge, but may be traveled further. Some people have seen a cat identical to Teddy in the Sweetbriar Ln area of Boones Mill. Pictures were verified and the resemblance is remarkable! Any news is good news. A reward will be paid to anyone that provides a lead to my Teddy and I can bring him home! He was last seen in the Sandy Ford Rd, Willow Ridge Rd vicinity of Blue Ridge, but may be traveled further. Some people have seen a cat identical to Teddy in the Sweetbriar Ln area of Boones Mill. Pictures were verified and the resemblance is remarkable! Yes View Details
11/24/2015 Cat Black, gray, and white male tabby. White paws, chest, and belly. Neutered. Named Tiger. 600 Block of Albemarle or Highland in SE Roanoke City Yes View Details
11/25/2015 cat Female. All gray cat with a tiny speck of white on her neck. Short haired. Meows a lot when she wants food or attention. The tip of her tail is slightly bent. She will lick you if she likes you. Countryside Estates (Apartments) - Tuckawana Circle Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
11/09/2015 Cat Tortie shell female cat about 10 years old. Colors: mostly black and orange with some white Hollins in North Roanoke County (I live right beside Hollins Park) Yes View Details
11/25/2015 Cat Gray and black tabby cay 6th and Perry area in Denver, CO Yes View Details
11/24/2015 Cat She goes by Montana she would be skiddish around strangers. She went missing from the Fleming court area. View Details
11/27/2015 Cat Solid black cat with big yellow eyes , black spot on the roof of her mouth. Short cat not very big. Brandon ave. near little Caesars View Details

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