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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
08/14/2016 small black long hair. grey/white hair on the end of paws and chest .friendly. roughly 10 to 15 pounds. name is Night. Elmont st Dorchester View Details
12/10/2016 The dog was brought to the center by Missy Church on sunday 12.10.2016. It belongs to my nephew and he would like to have his dog back. I will stop by tomorrow morning to get the dog Dog was brought to the center by Missy Church View Details
04/04/2018 White small maltese shih tzu
She is 11 years old
Wollert Yes View Details
06/03/2018 My friends dog got away this morning from my home near the orchards/botetourt area. Responds to the name Luna. May or may not have her collar on with her name on it and an old phone number. Please call me or my friend alondra 540.519.8484. Roanke county/Botetourt line Yes View Details
07/29/2018 Chihuahua Black with brown on her chest and face. Her name is Addie, she is sweet little girl will go to anyone. 1531 8th SE Roanoke va 24013 Yes View Details
06/22/2017 Dog Black and white Chihuahua mix named Doobie Manassas, view, good view 24018 Yes View Details
11/19/2016 2 Beagles 2 Beagles. MALE AND FEMALE. Got away from me in Buchanan on 43 close to James river high school. Names Jip and DALE the female has a litter of puppies. These r my son's hunting dogs. Please help us find them Buchanan Yes View Details
06/19/2016 2 male Peacocks Adult peacocks, not tame. If seen, please contact me but do not approach them. They may roost in a tree after dark, and this will be the best chance for me to recover them. Flowing Spring Road off of Springwood Road, between Fincastle and Buchanan View Details
12/14/2017 2 Rhodesian ridgeback mix Large, solid black dogs with faces like a lab. Phineas, the larger of the two, has the ridge down his back and weighs about 115. Gene is smaller, no ridge, weighs about 85. Both have collars and tags. They are brothers and are friendly. Little Catawba Creek Rd area of Botetourt Co near Gravelly Ridge and about a mile from the Roanoke Co. line. They may have crossed the ridge to Catawba Rd. Yes View Details
12/14/2017 2 Rhodesian ridgeback mixed Large solid black dogs; Phineas has the ridge down his back and weighs about 115 lbs. The smaller one has no ridge and weighs about 85. His name is Gene. Friendly. Little Catawba Creek Rd area of Botetourt Co. May have crossed ridge to Catawba Rd. Very close to Roanoke Co. line Yes View Details
11/23/2017 3 yr old lab mix Answers to MAX. 3 yr old lab mix. brown. very sweet, friendly dog. he is microchipped!! probably running around with brindle boxer mix (no collar) spring meadow dr, roanoke va 24018
cave spring/castle rock/canterbury park
View Details
04/09/2018 African grey Name is Simmon. Likes to say "hello" and make police siren sounds. Will also use his beak to knock on surfaces. Next to Glen cove elementary school. Yes View Details
02/25/2017 African grey parrot Sweet pea is his name he is only 2 years old well trained Richmond California Yes View Details
04/26/2017 Airedale Terrier Tan and Black&Gray Had a blue scarf around her neck lost around Cove Road ,Lafayette Blvd and Orange ave area View Details
07/19/2017 Airedale\collie mix Medium hair, multi coloured with brown and black spots similar to a terrier. He's medium sized around 45 pounds. He had a small red flea collar on. Odis was a rescue dog so he's very shy at first but super loyal and sweet once you catch him. We was on vacation while He managed to escape our dog sitter. Odis is a emotional support dog and we are offering a reward for the safe return of our little boy. 1205 brown street Christiansburg va 24073 View Details
12/28/2016 Akita lab mix Very nice older dog named debo. He got out of backyard around 6pm on the 28th. Please he is very nice and old. Its cold and rainy. Bali hai neighborhood in vinton View Details
12/28/2016 Akita lab mix Very nice older dog, got out of backyard on the 28th around 6 pm. Please he is very nice and his owner and kids are truly missing him. Please he is kind and old. View Details
11/11/2017 Amazon Parrot Green bird yellow face. Will step up on a stick to be put in cage or crate. Talks. Maiden Lane, Indian Point area Smith Mountain Lake Hardy VA Yes View Details
05/22/2017 American Black Lab Black, some white on chest, very sweet, 50 pounds, licks you a lot. No picture to post; looks just like you'd know a sweet black lab would look! Indian Grave Road and Enchanted Lane, Clearbrook area View Details
12/23/2016 American Bulldog/Pit Mix Max is a white American bulldog/pit mix.
Small black spots on ears
Pink around eyes / mouth
Black nose
Big head and short about 55-60 lbs
Dorchester Drive NW, Roanoke 24012 Yes View Details

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