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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
04/26/2014 Gray/White Roanoke County Laurel Drive Yes View Details
11/03/2014 A 2 year old German shepherd long hair brown and black color name buddy. In Babylon turnpike and sunrise highway in merrick ny View Details
11/08/2014 My dad lost his cat named Sam. Please contact me if you see him. Thanks! Thomason Rd. Roanoke Va
Garden City area (S.E.)
Yes View Details
09/22/2013 cat Pretentious isblack and white tuxedo his markings cut black to white in mid point of both eyes. Pretentious is a very sweet friendly and loving cat. we often call him Tin tin or tinny. he is microchipped with home again pet id mountain ave se roanoke va Yes View Details
07/08/2014 dog He is black missing few Teeth and he like jump to get inside the car by Williamson rd in Oakland Blvd View Details
11/23/2014 Dog Brown 10 pound Poodle. His name is Charlie Brown he was lost Sunday afternoon in the North Lakes (county) area on Viking Dr. He is an indie dog and not used to these outside conditions he is a shy dog and will not bite. If you see him please call me (540) 819-4414. The last report did not have his photo. Viking Dr. Roanoke Va Yes View Details
06/06/2014 2 black labs 2 big friendly black labs. Mac is wearing a red collar, Duke is wearing a blue collar. They are brothers. Please please call if found. Grandin area. 3008 dover dr sw, roanoke, va. Yes View Details
03/11/2013 2 German shepherds Male and female missing in blue ridge area Blue ridge va View Details
03/31/2014 2 labs Found 2 big lab dog 1 female 1 male Found Dixie Cavers Area, Dry Hollow Road View Details
03/09/2014 7 month old kitten 7 month old neutered mail kitten, mostly black with a white strip down the front of his precious face. Last seen 6:30 am on the date above. He has been neutered has his shots all updated. He is a precious baby boy and I miss him so much. We call him little bit, but his name is Luke. 105 Ward St Salem, VA View Details
07/06/2014 African Grey Parrot Grey bird w/white around eyes and on chest, and red tail feathers, and hook beak. Fully flighted, but never outdoors before and doesn't fly well. She whistles and talks in male and female voice. If you get close to her, she may step up if you ask her to. Other phrases she may respond to: "want some," "wanna get out," "don't bite me," and "ouch." Near Roanoke VA in Cloverdale/Troutville area of Botetourt County near Cloverdale Elementary School Cougar Drive) and Southern States (Challenger Drive); about 2 1/2 miles from Truck Stop. Yes View Details
05/21/2013 Alaskan Malamute Grey Alaskan Malamute was stolen between the hours of 11:00 pm and 5:00am Tuesday morning. He has brown eyes and only one testicle. He is very friendly. Wolf like appearance. If found please call 540-598-3010. 2400 block of Brandon Ave Roanoke VA Yes View Details
08/29/2014 American Bulldog 3yo sweet girl named Olly. Had a hiccup in dog security and she got away. She is a rescue and we havent had her but about a week. Very shy and timid. Fincastle, VA
White Church Community
View Details
12/05/2014 american bully / pitbull brown and white stocky shy and skiddish might be with a brown pit mix with black collar... cottage ave vinton Yes View Details
12/31/2014 American short hair Black and white, white is mostly under chin area, a little white in the face. Named Lucky; very friendly, a little on the chubby side. Creekwood dr., Salem, Va. Yes View Details
07/18/2014 american shorthair Approx 8/9 yrs old
Coloring white,tan,gold stripe,white belly
mouth on 1 side bad from teeth
tongue hangs out mostly
1308 dunmore st sw intersects with memorial ave 24015 Yes View Details
04/24/2013 Aus sheperd Got out of yard Lakeside and melrose View Details
11/27/2013 aus shepherd mixed looks like a tall hound. Brown and white. Name is Jameson. Besides red collar he is wearing a flea collar. Darted out door Wednesday evening. Meadows Rd, Vinton area View Details
10/05/2013 Aussie and a boxer/lab mix Boxer lab mix is named loki... Black with white paws and chest.

Aussie is mostly.black with some white and brown and goes by Ares...

Both male and very friendly to people and kids...
Roanoke, Va near jersey lilys off of orange ave View Details
08/18/2014 Australian Cattle Dog Miss Madison is a 13 year old cattledog - blue heeler. She has larynx paralysis so she is very wheezy and has difficulty breathing. She has bad hips andwalking problems. She is chipped but had no collar due to her breathing problems. She does not leave her yard so this is highly unusual. She is deaf and responds to hand clapping. Very weak and will be distressed. Completely docile and a house dog. The humidity will make it very difficult for her. She has Roanoke County Tags and all shots are up to date. An adored pet. Cave Spring area on Colonial Ave. at the roundabout. The Belle Meade, Sunnyside area backs up to our home. There are 6 acres on the hill where we live. We have searched since last night at 8:30. View Details