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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
09/21/2015 Australian Shepherd Goes by the name of Ripley, DOB 6/11/15 natural Bob tail, two different color eyes. Blue merle, beautiful markings very friendly puppy. If you seen him or have him please contact me. My 3 kids including myself are heartbroken. Reward. Draper VA. View Details
09/10/2015 beagle mix her name is princess she ran away in Vinton on Ruddell rd New shell station and food lion, she's about 25lbs and has a green spot on her stomach from where she was fixed Vinton, near shell station View Details
11/24/2015 bichon frishe Has a wort/ skin tag between shoulder blade Eagle rock Craig creek area View Details
11/02/2015 Black & White Cat Large black & white female cat with no collar, green eyes and white markings on her chest and four white-tipped paws. Cat ran into the woods across from the Botetourt Veterinary Hospital on November 2. Her name is Annie Mae and is not agressive but avoids people in most instances. A $50 appreciation gift for her return. View Details
09/12/2015 Black cat Very sweet, loves people. Have a patch on his left side where he is growing his fur back. Westover avenue in roanoke View Details
09/21/2015 Boxer mix Black female around 8 months old. Brindle legs with white on chest. Very pronounced under bite. May be traveling with large older hound dog. Berkley Ave SW View Details
11/16/2015 callico orange an white big cat 12 years old has 6 finger big belly on rockland ave ,.he goes in back where there are brushes and trees he might went over on the next street which is brightwood apts View Details
09/11/2015 Cat Jade is her name black cat short haired has white markings on her belly also a shaved back leg from previous infection few months ago. Shes spayed has angels of assissis tatoo on belly and litter box trained. Has some scabs on kneck and head from flea bites. Please contact us if found Last seen at my house 362 madison ave near civic center behind st andrews church. Recently moved from brandon ave so possible she may have walked there and got confused. View Details
09/24/2015 cat Gray tabby, female spayed, 2 years old. ONLY HAS 3 LEGS, missing right rear. Polydactyl in front. Friendly, answers to "Lucy." Roanoke County, off Main Street in Salem, near Dixie Caverns exit. View Details
09/25/2015 Cat 3 year old gray medium haired female spayed cat. Only has 3 legs, missing right rear. Polydactyl front feet. Very friendly, answers to "Lucy." Last seen off Pleasant Run Rd, Dixie Caverns area off of Main Street in Salem. Yes View Details
09/22/2015 Cat Bobby T is a 15 year old neutered male MANX/SIAMESE MIX.....NO TAIL! Gray tabby face, beige chest and shoulders, body gray stripes and spots. BLUE EYES!!! Pilot truck stop @ 2966 Lee Highway South, Troutville, VA 24175 Yes View Details
09/24/2015 cat Orange and white Tabby 19 year old cat who answers to Tigger. Mostly white on legs, very long white whiskers, pink nose and amber eyes. Very friendly will snuggle on your shoulder. Ellsworth St. Roanoke City View Details
09/21/2015 Cat Approximately 6 years old, long haired black and white spayed female cat with tipped ear, answers to the name Simone. Glade Creek apartments Roanoke City View Details
09/17/2015 cat Stray cat adopted from Brandon Animal hospital on 9/15/15. We believe she escaped through the dog door and then out of our fenced back yard. She answers to "Betsy" Grandin Road 2140 Windsor Ave Yes View Details
09/13/2015 Cat Black long hair Cat. White on her toes, chest, and a little on her face.
Her name is Pillow.
Old Manor Court: Near Mount View Elementary School View Details
09/18/2015 Cat She's a very large cat she has grey,white,and black stipes her belly is completely white she's very chubby and is fixed she responds to pookerro Roanoke va 24015 off of memorial bridge on Roanoke ave Yes View Details
09/18/2015 Cat Tabby cat Northridge apts 24019 Yes View Details
10/06/2015 Cat Gray, long hair, 17 years old. Answers to "Bethany" (when she's not being ornery)... Snuck out door ... she is an indoor cat ... 515 Highland Avenue, S.W. - Roanoke, VA - OLD SOUTHWEST Yes View Details
10/09/2015 Cat Black cat with white patch on chest and stomach. Slightly overweight. Next to Northminster Presbyterian Church, next to Valley View baseball fields. 3911 Greenland Ave NW, Roanoke, VA 24012 Yes View Details
10/09/2015 Cat Completely Black Cat, she's an indoors only, nine years old and spayed cat . She has a microchip with our name but the wron address and phone number because we recently moved to Roanoke. 3825 Hyde Park Dr., Roanoke View Details

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