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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
01/21/2015 begal mix she is friendly and her name is diamond oliver rd View Details
11/02/2014 pit bull Light brown and white. Very sweet. Name-Buffy Boyds rd. Draper VA Yes View Details
09/28/2014 Long Hair Domestic Cat Long Hair black female cat. She has green eyes.Her name is Kate. She is about 10 years old.
Lost on Layman Road Bonsack area. View Details
09/22/2014 Dog English Setter lost in the South Roanoke are. black and white, with distinct black spot around right eye and white face otherwise. Answers to Skye. mostly white with black ticking. about 30 ish pounds. south west Roanoke Yes View Details
09/21/2014 Dog Sadie is a fat beagle wearing a pink collar. The collar has a green rabies tag and a yellow ID tag with her micro chip on it. She is deaf and will not respond to her name. Vinton very close to Vineyard park. Yes View Details
09/19/2014 Feline Pancakes is a domestic long hair cat--mostly orange, with some white fur accented with dark green eyes. He's about 5 years old and has a bit of weight to him. He's very friendly, but becomes timid in open environments. Essentially he doesn't like to be outdoors, which is strange to think he got outside. Near the Sonic on Franklin Road, Roanoke, VA 24014. Yes View Details
09/19/2014 cat He is a very fat orange cat with a white patch under his neck chest area friendly. Edinburgh/Rutgers area Yes View Details
09/19/2014 Cat Hello, my cat has been missing since Friday (9/19). We live in Craig County but he could have gotten in a vehicle and been taken to Roanoke or Botetourt. He's black and silver with a little tan around the head / belly area, striped/marble tabby Bengal coat. Male. His name is Cheetoh. He just turned a year old in August. He's a fairly small cat with a long body. Yellow-orange eyes with black around the water line, it looks like he has eye liner on. He had a purple flee collar on. He's not neutered nor microchip-ed yet but we had an appointment to get that done this Wednesday. If you found him or have seen him please contact me. We miss him and want him safe back home. A large reward will be given for his safe return. Thank you. Craig County / Roanoke / Botetourt View Details
09/18/2014 cat Boots is a black cat with white under chin and white paws. She is approx. 8 years or older. We live in the Clearbrook area on Back Creek Rd., Boones Mill, VA. Back Creek Rd. Boones Mill VA (Clearbrook area) View Details
09/18/2014 cat beautiful distinct tabby type markings, neutered male, about 9 lbs. Wary of strangers. Fleetwood ave, . Runs parallel to Brambleton rd. Across from Bank of America next to coffeepot. View Details
09/18/2014 cat 6 years around 9 lbs, slim and athletic Tabby with brilliant green eyes named Sabu
fleetwood ave, which is parrallel to Brambleton Ave, by coffeepot and across street from Bank of America View Details
09/18/2014 cat Grey tabby, 5 years old, male View Details
09/18/2014 Cat Short hair grey/ brown tabby. Male. Up to date on all shots so don't be afraid to pick him up. Very friendly. His name is Neko about 3y and 8lbs 3309 birchwood ave Roanoke va View Details
09/17/2014 miniature schnauzer approx. 25# silver grey, recently groomed. Name is Max. Very friendly. 4101 Chesterton St SW Roanoke, VA 24018 Yes View Details
09/17/2014 miniature schnauzer This is a duplicate report, but has a more current picture attached than previous report of this morning. 4101 Chesterton St SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 area of grandin and mudlick Yes View Details
09/16/2014 Dog White great Pyrenees around 100lbs ran off in South Roanoke near Peakwood around 4:30. Very friendly. Responds to Nawny. Please call if found! View Details
09/15/2014 Ragdoll Orange rag doll around 5 yrs old. Answers to the name frisco. Very loving and sweet. Off of peters creek rd neer the new goodwill store View Details
09/14/2014 pitbull Female brindle pitbull 3years old timid around people she doesn't know Bonsac sudivision behind Wal-Mart View Details
09/14/2014 Feline Alice is a long-hair pale orange cat, roughly 4 years old. She is spayed, has a clipped left ear and several dark moles on her lips and gums.

She was playing on the balcony of our apartment yesterday morning and tumbled off, as soon as we got to the bottom of the stairs, she had run off. Alice is a VERY loving but timid cat. We took her in as a stray about three years ago- she does well with my boyfriend and I but runs from strangers. She also does well with our other cat.

She was a terrible mess when we took her in. The outside was not kind to her!
Bent Creek Apartments II View Details
09/14/2014 Cat Solid black male neutered cat, medium length hair. Apparently slipped out of house Sunday evening around 6 p.m. 9/14. Have not found him in house. Very friendly and sweet. Answers to Duggy or Lil' Duggy. $100.00 reward for safe return. Courtney Avenue near Williamson Road. View Details