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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
11/02/2014 pit bull Light brown and white. Very sweet. Name-Buffy Boyds rd. Draper VA Yes View Details
09/11/2014 Pit Bull He's a very friendly dog. His name is Kraytos, he's about 55lbs., mostly white with grey patches across is back and face. 816 Dale Ave, 24013 Roanoke, Va. Yes View Details
08/26/2014 pitbull she is white and brown patches right on her eye 179 bob perry road bethpage, tn 37022 View Details
08/22/2014 Cat Bob is a 3 year old neutered male, solid black with medium length hair, only has half of a tail, not wearing a collar but is microchipped. He is epileptic. Floyd County, Lick Ridge Rd. Check, Va Yes View Details
08/21/2014 pit Her name is Diva Lost in the Melrose/orange ave, LOUDON, layfette. Area Yes View Details
08/20/2014 Dog-Boston Terrier female boston terrier around 8yo spaid black and white with grey sparsed through her cheeks around 17lbs responds to hayley or baby girl VA 24 in goodview by lovers lane Yes View Details
08/20/2014 Dogs 2 dogs missing: Stella and Achilles. Most likely traveling together. Stella is brindle female, long-haired mix. Achilles is large, lanky German Shepherd. Callaway: near Ferrum Mountain Rd Yes View Details
08/19/2014 cat Clifford is a black cat with white on his face and a little white on feet. He is sweet but shy at times. He is a neutered cat, and my son misses him very much. He is a year old. Cave Spring Lane Roanoke 24018 View Details
08/18/2014 Australian Cattle Dog Miss Madison is a 13 year old cattledog - blue heeler. She has larynx paralysis so she is very wheezy and has difficulty breathing. She has bad hips andwalking problems. She is chipped but had no collar due to her breathing problems. She does not leave her yard so this is highly unusual. She is deaf and responds to hand clapping. Very weak and will be distressed. Completely docile and a house dog. The humidity will make it very difficult for her. She has Roanoke County Tags and all shots are up to date. An adored pet. Cave Spring area on Colonial Ave. at the roundabout. The Belle Meade, Sunnyside area backs up to our home. There are 6 acres on the hill where we live. We have searched since last night at 8:30. View Details
08/17/2014 Dog We have lost a total of 3 hounds (2 females and 1 male) Clover is a english hound, yellow specks, about the size of a beagle. They all had dog collars on with our phone number on them. Botetourt County, near Lee's Gap Road View Details
08/17/2014 Dog We have lost 3 hounds, Abby is a red English, she was wearing a collar with our phone number on it along with some tracking collars. They were all three last seen together however we have been unable to locate them since Sunday afternoon. Botetourt County near Lee's Gap Road View Details
08/16/2014 Golden retriever Big older golden retriever lost around June dr and green ridge rd in north county Roanoke. June dr and green ridge rd View Details
08/16/2014 dog Found the dog; not lost. Older dog appears to be a blonde lab mix, very sweet with fleas (we are treating) and very long nails. Found near Mountain Pass and Humbert in Botetourt County View Details
08/16/2014 Cat Himlayian siemese mix, black bushy tail, light blue eyes and rapid eye movement. Large reward! Roanoke county Yes View Details
08/15/2014 feline Older female orange/buff in color. She has no tail and does not like to be picked up. Knollwood Drive/Laymantown Botetourt County Yes View Details
08/14/2014 Cat - Small in size
- Long haired tortoiseshell coloring
- Four white paws/feet
- Green eyes
- Was last seen wearing a collar
Cave Spring, Va Yes View Details
08/14/2014 Long haired Tortoiseshell Cat Very small in size, green eyes, long haired tortoiseshell colored, four white paws/feet, very friendly. Cave Spring, Va Yes View Details
08/14/2014 bird Whitecap pionus parrot Roanoke city. Near Jackson Park Yes View Details
08/13/2014 Jack Russell terrier 13 year old jack Russell mostly white with brown. Very friendly named kaya Grandin area Bluemont ave View Details