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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
01/17/2017 Dog He's a brindle color with white on his chest paws and face 3013 Crockett ave Roanoke va Yes View Details
01/14/2017 Golden doodle very friendly, big brown eyes, his name is Zeus Taylor Lane, Apple Orchard Lane area of Troutville View Details
01/14/2017 Chihuahua Mix Oak Grove area behind the Pines apartments Yes View Details
01/09/2017 Boxer/lab Rocky 3201 Ogden Rd View Details
01/09/2017 Dog Brindle Pit Bull / Puppy / Chubby 903 Front Avenue Salem VA View Details
01/09/2017 Dog- boxer, brindle with white Female boxer brindle with white markings belongs to my brother Paul Williams Tub Run Rd and Rt 311 in New Castle, Craig County View Details
01/07/2017 Cat very shy grey with black stripes/patterns small 6 months old cat/kitten . he's name's ritz... corner of laburnum avenue and langdon avenue Yes View Details
01/06/2017 Maincoon White/cream Long hair, Front paws are declawed. 1540 Blacksburg rd Fincastle Va 24090 View Details
01/05/2017 Chihuahua Jack Russell mix Jack was with his buddy Jasper. Jack is a Chihuahua Jack Russell mix. Jasper is a West Highland Terrier he was wearing a blue collar. They got out of my house and ran down the road. I live behind Berglund Chevrolet in Roanoke City off Williamson Road. View Details
01/04/2017 Dog Looking for my 15 year old Lab/Collie mix She is mostly deaf and partially blind. She may look a bit funny because we just had her shaved. She is mostly white with some yellow. If she hears you she will respond to the name Ginger or Ginny. 3182 Clayview Cir. Salem Yes View Details
01/04/2017 Blue heeler/pitbull mix Missing our 5 month old puppy, he is covered in small grey spots like a blue heeler and has one big brown spot on his back and over one eye, very friendly and should be accompanied by our 2 year old black and white pitbull (also missing, made a separate post) Jeters chapel rd vinton virginia, at the top of the mountain View Details
01/03/2017 Cat Small gray with black striped male neutered cat Buck Mountain road area View Details
01/03/2017 Russian Blue He has Grey fur with yellow eyes. He can be very friendly but he has a strong personality and does what he wants. Outdoor cat. Male, 1.5 years old. 5573 Valley Drive 24018 View Details
01/02/2017 Cat Mostly black cat with a white spot in his belly. Should respond to Raven. Cornell Dirve NW Roanoke Va 24012 View Details
01/02/2017 Dog White/pink female pitbull mix with some dark spots. A dark spot by left eye like a tear drop. Answers to Luna. Vinton, Va-lindenwood area View Details
01/02/2017 Black Labrador Mix Name: Shadow
Age: 12 years old
Appearance: Black with gray muzzle and toes. White spot on chest. 65-70 lb.
Penn Forest
Last Seen on Commonwealth Dr.
Yes View Details
01/01/2017 Cat Big cat. White paws. No tail (very little), looks like an American Bobtail. Roanoke County, Near Mount Pleasant School View Details
01/01/2017 Brown lab mix Our beautiful sweet little Truffy has been missing since January 1, 2017 around the Lithia area in Buchanan VA. She is a little over a year old, has a beautiful medium length cocoa colored coat and is a lab mix. She was last seen with her big brother ( a cream colored short haired lab mix). Our family is deeply distraught over this, especially her brother ( they have been together their whole lives; BFFs). He's been so lonely and depressed without her and it just pains us to see him suffer like this. So please, please, if anyone has seen her or has any information , please contact us. We have looked everywhere, asked around with no leads. Thank you very much for any help you can give.
Lithia rd, Buchanan VA View Details
12/31/2016 Grey/White cat Looking for my grey/white female short haired cat. She is around a year old. Is grey with white socks and a white chest. Also has unusual marking of white half-mustache under her nose. Answers to Abbie or Abigail. Moran Street, Salem VA Yes View Details
12/31/2016 cat Orange and White Fluffball with half a tail. Very Friendly. Wasenan and Main St. Near Floyd and Summit Ave Yes View Details

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