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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
03/05/2015 German Sheppherd/ Lab Mix My two dogs got out and ran away this morning. This one's name is Otto. Very friendly, may bark at first meeting him. HE is about 9 months old. Back Creek Rd. Clearbrook Area View Details
03/05/2015 Corgi Mix- Black with white My two dogs got out this morning and ran off. Her name is Abbie. She is very friendly and will come if you offer her a treat. IF taken in shewill go straight to the couch or a bed. She does not have a collar because hers often falls off and does not fit well. She has black belly and feet Back Creek Clearbrook Area View Details
03/04/2015 Lab black lab with white strip on chest. Extreme playful. Florida LaFayette Cove Rd area Yes View Details
03/03/2015 Dog Chester is a black lab shepard mix wearing a collar. He is 15 years old and has a fatty tumor on his side. Chester does not hear well and has arthritis. He got out of our yard when a gate was left open. Our address is 4842 Glenbrook Dr. He could be around or near Castle Rock. Our subdivsion is beside Our Lady of Nazareth Catholic Church. Surrounding streets are Brookwood, Orander, Westhill, and Geiser. View Details
03/03/2015 dog/ Chihuahua Peanut is a 2 year old Chihuahua Missing from S.E. last seen on 9th st. S.E. Roanoke Memphis St. View Details
03/01/2015 shi-tzu/yorkie mix Name is Desi/Desire'. 16-17 years old. Mostly blind. Pretty deaf. A little senile but still very pleasant. Penn Forest Neighborhood-SW county along penguin dr. View Details
02/26/2015 dog Lincoln is our golden retriever he jumped the fence in Mt Pleasant area Brandy road Yes View Details
02/26/2015 cat A sweet friendly dark grey cat. He looks like a blue Russian with a white spot under his chin. His name is Shadow. Botetourt county/Troutville in the Houston Mines and Nace Rd area Yes View Details
02/25/2015 Cat Small cat, name is Ramona Wasena View Details
02/23/2015 Cat will answer to Tokeyo. Grey with white under belly. 16th block of Rugby Blvd View Details
02/22/2015 Jack Russel His name is Sir Boris he is white with a large Brown patch on his back. 1604 Church
Ave. SE Roanoke Va.
View Details
02/19/2015 Cat Small, DSH, Black/brown/tan Tabby, Spayed Female, No front claws. She looks Young but is 14 Years old. South Roanoke (Richelieu Ave) Yes View Details
02/19/2015 Beagle mix "Oliver" is a neurtered beagle mix. He has reddish brown spots with white legs, chest, and under his belly. He is about 4 years old. He wiggled out of his collar and leach last Thursday afternoon in the Cove Road/Peters Creek area. Yes View Details
02/18/2015 Rat Terrier Frankie is brown and white. He is skinny with long legs Botetourt County View Details
02/18/2015 Poodle 5 year old poodle black with a little white. His name is midnight. Last seen on high acres roanoke va when he was let out to go bathroom. Any help in finding please contact me Roanoke city high acres rd View Details
02/17/2015 cat Gray and white striped tabby with white front paws and a pink nose with white on her face and spayed Glade Creek apartments Roanoke Virginia turned into SPCA by Matthew Cooper View Details
02/16/2015 cat Long haired Grey Tabby with prominent M on forehead and two white front paws and white on neck. Large fluffy cat. Name is Two Socks. Williamson Rd and Courtney Avenue srea NE Yes View Details
02/15/2015 Cat Orange & White Declawed Real Fluffy, Goes by the name of Parker Approx. 2 1/2 years old Salem, Upland Drive Are Yes View Details
02/15/2015 Beagle overweight older beagle whose name is "Honey Bun" 1735 Blair Rd. SW; Roanoke, VA 24015 View Details
02/15/2015 Cat Yellow and orange striped cat, looks like Garfield, little fat Floraland Dr. NW Roanoke Va View Details