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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
10/27/2016 Yorkshire Terrier We call him Happy or Scruggy. He is half Yorkshire and Beagle but he looks mostly like a Yorkie...black/brown color. We are not sure if he had his nametag on but he was wearing a blue collar. 5346 Plantation Road, Roanoke, Virginia View Details
10/27/2016 Dog Blue Ridge Va 24064 View Details
10/25/2016 Dog He is a red Doberman he will be 2yrs old in Jan. He has reached his full size - maybe 70 lbs. Shy but extremely loving. He will come to Ceaser. Off of King street near Vinton Yes View Details
10/25/2016 Dog Black lab/ terrier mix. Around 80lbs. Bruder is his name. White chest. Light gray around his snout Antietam Dr. Roanoke va. 24018 View Details
10/25/2016 Dog/ boxer/ American bulldog American bulldog boxer mix. About 75 pounds. Goes by the name otis Antietam Dr. Roanoke va 24018 View Details
10/22/2016 Golden Retriever She is a 12 year old Retriever who has seizures and needs medications. She is unstable on her back legs and may have gotten down and can't get back up. Cloverdale 604/220 Area View Details
10/21/2016 Pomeranian He is a fluffy black pomeranian that answers to Judo. He is friendly and will go to anyone when called. Yes View Details
10/21/2016 Boxer Mix He is pretty big for his age and something distinct about him is that he got fixed and they never took the staples out so you can clearly see the staples there. He was lost in the south houston area around college View Details
10/19/2016 Chihuahua Joy is only 5 months old. She is black with a little white under her chin. She won't bite and when you go to rub her she will lay on her belly. I know she is very scared as am I. I miss her very much ams just want her to come back home where she is safe and warm and loved. Please call me if she is foumd. 18 street southeast Yes View Details
10/19/2016 Cat Calico, front declawed, answers to "Lou" or "Dagny" Laura Road NW
Roanoke, VA 24017
Yes View Details
10/19/2016 Dog Sheltie- black tan and white. He goes by Cowboy. Hardy Rd vinton area. Please help us bring our sweet boy home!! View Details
10/17/2016 dog Beagle/German Shep pup, 3mo old, mostly tan with black saddle, neutered male named Teddy. Startled when he got into yellow jacket nest & ran dragging a green retractable leash attached to a blue collar 11/17pm. Just adopted, does not know his new home. May be trying to return to Bedford/Forest area. 115 Parkway Lane, Vinton, VA Yes View Details
10/17/2016 Miniature Shanuzer and Beigion His name is Boss he resembles a poodle he is white and tan View Details
10/16/2016 Irish setter mix brown 2792 Beverly Blvd sw..wandered off... over 16 yes old.. cannot hear.. must clap hands to get her attention. Louloubelle is her name ... very gentle misdemeanor. Myself and 4 others were looking all over the neighborhood on foot and car. 2792 Beverly Blvd Sw Yes View Details
10/16/2016 cat Older neutered male. Fluffy, black, little bit skinny. Has a cloudy right eye. Black whiskers.Generally friendly Laburnum Ave, just one block south of Brandon, near Patrick Henry HS. Yes View Details
10/16/2016 Dog Remy is a blue male pit-bull about 3yrs in age. Very friendly will approach anything just to investigate. 1300 Block of Aspen, Roanoke City Yes View Details
10/15/2016 Gray Cat Her name is Sage, but she doesn't answer to her name. Her eyes are an off green color, I believe. She is a plain gray cat with no distinctive markings. 8327 Wickham road, Springfield, VA
Yes View Details
10/14/2016 Bishon Yorkie Dog got out of fenced yard - at 1047 Barrens village Ct in Roanoke Co around 3:30pm. 1047 Barrens Village Ct Roanoke VA 24019 View Details
10/14/2016 Cat 2 year old Black cat last seen in my back yard on Thursday, October 13th. He is microchipped but wasn't wearing a collar. Hardy Rd, Vinton, VA near the parkway View Details

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