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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
04/01/2015 Golden / lab mix Also had on a red underground fence collar. He is big (90-95) pounds, but very friendly. Between Troutville and Buchanan on Rt 11. Near Mill Creek Baptist Church Yes View Details
04/01/2015 short hair black male cat He is around 7 months old; very skid dish; very fast. Has been fixed. He darted out the front door of our business which is his home. He is an indoor cat and has a companion cat who misses him terribly. Lifestream Center - 2006 Windsor Ave SW, Roanoke. View Details
04/01/2015 Dog Shih Tzu mixed Champ was out for a walk with his dad and two other dog siblings and pulled out from his collar and got away! We looked for him, but can not find him. He is not neutered. He is 4 yrs, tan , and brown in the face. He looks like Yeti form Star Wars. I took him in because his wasn't being looked for. I took him to the vet and got his shots and I have an appointment for him to be groomed. Please if you find him call me asap! My family and I miss him so much! Franwill Ave and 17th and Grayson Ave NW Roanoke, VA, 24017 Yes View Details
04/04/2015 Cat Large black and white declawed cat with green eyes and bushy tail. Answers to Quinn Carolina Avenue in South Roanoke View Details
04/04/2015 Jack Russell and mini schnauze Both dogs were picked up by a burgundy van on Catawba Road in Blacksburg VA around 1:00pm. About a mile from Roanoke County line. Catawba Road Blacksburg VA View Details
04/04/2015 Cat Grey Tabby. 3 years. Fluffy. Small. Bent Creek Apartments. Near the post office on Williamson Road. Yes View Details
04/05/2015 cat Black female with a fluffy tail and small face. Bradshaw forest acre trails salem va View Details
04/06/2015 Beagle Mix His name is "Jesse". He is primarily white with large black spots and a little brown on his face. His face is graying. He is 12 years old and neutered. He rabies shots are up to date. 9210 Hardy Road View Details
04/06/2015 boston terrier Small, approx 9-10 months old -- very skiddish, but doesn't growl/bite. 13547 W Lynchburg Salem Tpke, Blue Ridge VA, 24064 -- Last seen yesterday afternoon around 4:30pm, on Villamont Church Road, headed West Yes View Details
04/07/2015 cat sold grey....house cat and got out...probably very fearful of people Livingston Rd SW View Details
04/07/2015 Beagle Standered beagle. Goes by the name Tiddle. 5 1/2 years of. No collar. Very skiddish when approached. Cave spring, roanoke county. Near poages valley road Yes View Details
04/07/2015 Cat Grey with white markings. Long thin neutered male. Half Maine Coon, long silky hair. Polydactyl; both front paws have "thumbs". He is microchipped.
Summerfield subdivision, Bonsack, north Roanoke county View Details
04/07/2015 Yorkie Molly is a 4 year old black Yorkie mix. About 4-5 lbs. She is very skiddish, but doesn't bite. Corner of Greenridge Rd and Twilight Rd in North Roanoke County ( Edge of North Lakes) Yes View Details
04/08/2015 small beagle Very small female beagle. Has a fat Nubby tail. Tricolor. Is microchipped. Very sweet dog. Buchanan Yes View Details
04/10/2015 Cat Our 8 month old baby got out Friday April 10, and we have had no luck finding him yet :( he is maine coon/tabby mix with green/yellow eyes, medium length black/tan/gray fur with a black line down the length of his back down his tail and black feet. He is an inside only cat so Im assuming he is still timid, sweet to people he knows but somewhat shy with strangers. He is missed so much!! Thank you Grandin area Yes View Details
04/11/2015 Cat 7lb tabby cat with white belly, area on side of abdomen is shaved from recent vet visit. Lost around West Ridge Rd in South Roanoke. Indoor cat, has front claws. West Ridge/Peakwood area, South Roanoke Yes View Details
04/11/2015 Silky terrier He had a collar and a pet ID tag that had kamelot with my name Kathy padgett my address 7205 Peppervine court with the phone number 562-3716. That was my old phone and no longer exists. He is a very sweet dog he loves everyone and loves to be held and go for rides. Was lost at my parents house at 3173 Richard avenue NE Roanoke,va Saturday morning. 3173 Richard avenue NE Yes View Details
04/11/2015 German Shepard Black & tan. Friendly
Cave spring. Coleman rd Yes View Details
04/11/2015 Australian Cattle Dog mix white dog with black ears and faint black spots on backside. Responds to the name piper but very shy to humans, recent shelter rescue. Microchipped. Vic Thomas park. Swam across the river and went up the hill towards wasena park. View Details
04/11/2015 Cat His name is "Spatz", Because he has 4white socks, Basically a DMH, Tuxedo in color, as you see in his picture, he also has a white chest, & a streak of sorts that run up to his bottom lip area! He has been having some skin issues & has a large patch of new fur growing in on right side in front of hip / thigh, & a little spot same place on left side!

I work nights & on Sat., 4/11, while I was sleeping some neighborhood kids took the screen off one of my bedroom windows & they either took them, (another male too I'll enter his info separate) or they are now on a walk about! They used to be indoor /outdoor cats but for 3yrs since moving in town they have not gone out! So I'm asking for prayers for them to come home, or for them to find the love they've gotten with me! Thank you!
Villages at Gasrst creek Apts
4309-D Garst Mill Rd
Roanoke,VA. 24018
Yes View Details

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