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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
12/05/2015 Cat Maggie is a small grey Tabby? Her rear paws and belly are white. She has no front claws. She is spayed. She is very timid. She is about six years old. Lost from 1101 Wasena Ave. Apt 3 Roanoke 24015 Yes View Details
12/07/2015 cat "Ernie" Brown and white cat, short hair. Small,about 8 lbs. Neutered male, no collar. Microchipped. Last seen Monday, 12/7. The Forest Twonhomes, Penn Forest area. May be hiding, spooked by leaf blowers. Very shy. Please call Sarah with any info- 989-2738 or 904-8943. Thank you! Penn Forest- SW county View Details
12/09/2015 Tabby 6 months old, spayed, has a micro chip, many colors with a small spot of orange on top of her head, about 5 pounds Roanoke County, Bradshaw area of Bradshaw Road View Details
12/12/2015 dog German short haired pointer. Female. She is 10 years old and answers to Diamond. Craig County Yes View Details
12/14/2015 Yorkipoo Weighs about 11 pounds mostly black waves hair with a little silver in it Norbourne Avenue,Briarcliff subdivision Vinton,Va. View Details
12/15/2015 kitten 5 1/2 month old kitten. Black & white with black spot on pink nose. Black eye patch. Very friendly. Likes people, other cats, and small dogs. Last seen around 3pm at 658 Hardbarger Road Buchanan VA. 658 Hardbarger Road
Buchanan, VA 24066
View Details
12/15/2015 Beagle mix Ran away from Teresa ln behind the Shell Station about 1pm. Name is Carolina 425 Teresa Ln View Details
12/15/2015 dog 2 lost dogs
one is a 100 pound male. german shepherd great Pyrenees mix. looks like white german shepherd. very friendly. 1 year old

the other is a female that is about 75 pounds. she is a pure bred great Pyrenees. she is white with brown ears and markings on her face. she is also very friendly. 6 months old
brookside golf course area of Roanoke va View Details
12/16/2015 Mainecoon silver Bell is a house cat. She is a rescue cat that my wife rescue from a job site in NW Roanoke back in 2010. She has not been outdoors since that time. She is very friendly and not afraid of strangers and may have been picked up by someone thinking she was a stray. 1125 16th St. SE Roanoke, VA 24013 Yes View Details
12/18/2015 Cat Black cat with light brown marbled spots. Light green eyes and she's declawed. Very sweet weighs about 7 lbs. Carson Rd. Area Bonsack VA View Details
12/19/2015 cat Yellow/orange not neutered castle Rock sw rke 24018 Yes View Details
12/19/2015 Beagle Lemon Beagle goes by Sampson lost on Twelve O'Clock Knob. Roanoke County Side new Poor Mountain Nature Preserve Twelve O'Clock Knob Road View Details
12/20/2015 Dog Miniature poodle named meeko, white in color with curly fur, is 16 years old and mostly blind and deaf Fincastle, va Yes View Details
12/21/2015 Poodle x bichon Cream, poodle cross bichon, male, 1year old. Red collar with silver name tag. Microchipped.
Last seen 1pm in Norley. Was being looked after by a pet sitter, heard a loud shot / bang and ran. Also has a pet sitter tag for dash pets.
Norley, Cheshire Yes View Details
12/22/2015 Cat She's a gunmetal-gray almost silver adolescent cat, looks no older than maybe one and a half years. She has yellow eyes with dark gray lines from her nose to her eyes, paw pads, and a dark gray nose. Her tail is also a darker gray at the tip, if you look closely you can see a few stripes at the end (Very feint!). She cowers to mostly everything, mainly men and boots. She came back the first and second nights but got scared when I opened the door and bolted off into the darkness. She did not return last night. She was a rescue and has always meowed at the back door. I think she might have been an outdoor cat at one time in her life, but I don't care, she's an indoor kitty now and I just want her to come home. 5340 Cooper Street, Roanoke VA, 24019. Yes View Details
12/22/2015 k9 Brindle walker hound pit mix. Virginia beach VA View Details
12/22/2015 cat solid light/medium gray. Has limp on back leg. escaped in Troutville. Was going to vet and needs medical attention. Male. Reward. Troutville. View Details
12/24/2015 Black and Tan Hound His name is Leo, he is a black and Tan Hound. Friendly as can be, has white on his chest.. missing since 12.24.15. Grandview roanoke Yes View Details
12/24/2015 Miniature schnauzer Bella is super friendly and even a little bit more trusting ...but unfortunately she's on a Heath and nature does its job and she decided to sneak out the house when our guests where leaving house,unfortunately nobody didn't notice her sneaking out !bella is white with neon spots on her and is really fluffy with her winter cut ! Serra messa , San Diego , zip code-92123 Yes View Details
12/26/2015 Beagle Our beagle wiggled from her harness today and ran off. We have search our neighborhood but have been unable to find her. She is a small 20 lb beagle with a brown head, black back and white chest with black spots and white feet with brown spots. She is very shy and extremely skittish. She would probably not come up to you very easily. She ran off in from out house on Dexter Road, Roanoke, Va which is the Summerdean Subdivision in Roanoke County by Hollins UNiversity. If you find her please give me a call at 540-529-2238 or 540-353-8206. Summerdean Near Hollins University and CVS Williamson Road View Details

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