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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
12/25/2012 Cat Black cat missing. He has a chubby tummy. Pretty social. NOT FIXED! His name is Elvis. He has a little patch of white fur on his chest. Very much loved and missed! Vinton,Virginia......Behind Manna Ministries. View Details
12/25/2012 Mini Pincher 12 year old Miniture Pincher lost on Edwardsville Rd in Hardy Virginia. She is black and tan in color. She was wearing a red rhinestone collar as well as a white flea collar. She has medical issues so any assistance would be appreciated. Edwardsville Rd Hardy Virginia View Details
12/25/2012 Dog - Vizsla Red Vizsla, looks like red nose pit bull, 65 lbs, very sweet. Red nose, gold eyes, walks with slight limp on back right leg. Was out for usual walk on Christmas morning and he and his sister took off after a deer. His name is Benny, her's in Lylah. They are both amazing and I miss them terribly!! Meadors Spur Rd Moneta Yes View Details
12/25/2012 Great Pyrenees Took off Christmas morning during routine outside time, chasing a deer in my yard. Have not see them since! Lylah, my GP, and my Vizsla, Benny, have been gone and I am heartsick. She is 88 lbs, solid white with black nose, dark eyes, always looks sad. Very sweet disposition Meadors Spur Rd Moneta Yes View Details
12/26/2012 cat gray male cat white feet chapman ave. around the 11 or 12 hundred block View Details
12/27/2012 Cat Dark Calico short haired american cat with orange accents by the name of tiger disappeared from home near the scrap metal yard in vinton. Daleton Ave vinton va View Details
12/28/2012 Cat orange Orange tabby cat Residence Inn View Details
12/29/2012 Cat Neutered male white cat. Has 2 different colored eyes. Very sweet. Garst Mill Park/ Grandin Rd area near Willowlawn St View Details
12/31/2012 Pomeranian I lost my pet on greenway dr roanoke, near williamson rd

Please call
I lost my pet on greenway dr roanoke, near williamson rd

Please call
View Details
12/31/2012 Shepperd Mix (husky looking) Black and white Mix. Around 40-50 pounds. Looks some what like a husky. Does not have tags and shots are not complete. Okay with people, iffy with other dogs. I've had him a week and he jumped the fence today in the Cave Spring area Roanoke, Cave spring area View Details
12/31/2012 yorkie This dog was lost on 18th st in south east. Was seen last in my fenced backyard. Southeast View Details
01/02/2013 Golden Retriever Loves all people SW Roanoke near Oakleigh Ave View Details
01/02/2013 Dog Solid White long haired dog, he is a Samoyed and has been neutered. Please call me if you have seen him. He probably would've been accompanied by a smaller black lab, female. Near downtown Vinton View Details
01/02/2013 Dog Reagan is a red white and brown blue eyed Siberian husky. Chewed through her leash so she could be wearing half of a pink leash as well. She is microchipped with info from adoption organization who are aware she is missing. She is friendly and likes other dogs... She escaped from Salem early Thursday morning (1/2/13). Salem Va View Details
01/02/2013 Male cat Henry is a male that isn't neutered. He is friendly and love able. He had a rasp like a person with a chest cold but he isn't sick. That what happened when he was 7 weeks old and had gotten extremely sick. He is tabby colored black,gray and white 3210 courtland rd. NW roanoke be 24012 Yes View Details
01/03/2013 Husky Reagan is a year old husky, she's around 40lbs, light brown and white fur, blue eyes, and very friendly. She's wearing a red collar that probably still has part of a pink leash connected to it that she chewed to get out. She's spayed and has her vaccinations up to date. Craig Ave. Salem, VA View Details
01/03/2013 CAT Pokadot, my daughters cat has been missing for about a week, he is solid black with a white spot in between his back legs. Please call if you have seen him. Vinton--near second street View Details
01/04/2013 Black Cat Samson is less than 2 years old. He has yellow eyes and has a white mark under his neck. We miss him so much. Our cat was last seen on Catawba Valley Dr (Rt. 311) near Hanging Rock in Salem. View Details
01/04/2013 Mini Pinscher Name is Rocko, SOLID red, no tag on collar, color on collar is worn (used to be red) so its a pinkish color now, very friendly, cut tail Off 10th street in NW, betweem orange ave and williamson rd, closer to orange ave Yes View Details
01/05/2013 Morkie Lost my Morkie his name is "Deuce" he is very friendly he has salt and pepper hair he weighs about 10 lbs and He ran off somewhere around the Crystal Creek Drive area. We were told that three young girls picked him up in a silver car if you will please return him he is greatly missed. Please call me anytime 304-673-1956 or 304-673-7205 please please please return him. He has a microchip and we are trying to locate him. Crystal Creek Drive View Details

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