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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
10/16/2013 dog 4 month old black lab puppy. new to home and name. playing with other household dog who also went missing for several hours but later returned. 76 silverbirch dr blue ridge va
near mountain pass rd and 460 in blue ridge
View Details
10/17/2013 Dog He's a 9 year old Rottweiler very friendly! He weighs about 140 lbs. His name is Bear! Oaklawn ave and winsloe Yes View Details
10/18/2013 Dog- cavalier King Charles Male not neutered but have an appointment to do so. We were given him a few days ago and love him so. His name is Marcus and very sweet and would go with anyone... Please help us find him, PLEASE He is about 13 pounds and tricolor (black,white, and brown). 1354 Archway Road, Blue Ridge, VA 24064 Yes View Details
10/18/2013 Cavalier King Charles spaniel Went out this morning and never came back. He has not been neutered. 13 pounds, tricolor (black white and brown). Very sweet and doesn't bark and would go to anyone. He does wine to go outside. Please help us find him. His name is Marcus. 1354 Archway Road, Blue Ridge VA. Yes View Details
10/18/2013 beagle basset hound Tri-colored beagle/basset hound mix strayed from home in Roanoke County, Bradshaw Road area near Salem on Friday night October 18th. He's friendly, docile, weighs approximately 35 pounds, and goes by the name "Bubba". If found or sighted, please call or email. Thank you Bradshaw Road in Roanoke County near Salem. Yes View Details
10/18/2013 Cat 9 1/2 year old feline, female, very friendly. "Pretty girl" is black and brown with a white chest and paws. Average weight. Sw. Roanoke county off Starkey road Yes View Details
10/19/2013 cat Cassie: female cat,short haired domestic gray with some brown and white markings on face. Answers to her name and will plays fetch. She has been spayed. 931 Finney Dr. Vinton VA (off Hardy Rd. near Aqua-net Swim Club). She escaped out the back door. She may still be in the neighborhood but we have been unable to locate her. View Details
10/19/2013 husky very friendly n hyper 7mo old mostly white n black with some brown dog also has one blue and one brown eye named sasha if u c her or have found her pls call am very worried about her because she is still a pup she got out of backyard sometime this morning 3829 green valley dr View Details
10/20/2013 Canine 12 year old white shih tzu got out of the fence this morning. She has cataracts and seizures. Her name is Sai 144 Huntington Blvd. Roanoke City Yes View Details
10/20/2013 Short-haired gray cat 1.5-year-old, shorthaired, gray/brown/white, female (spayed)
Missing since Sunday 10/20
Answers to her name and plays fetch!
931 Finney Dr. Vinton Va 24179 Yes View Details
10/21/2013 Cat black female cat answers to the name Middy. She is small and about 13 to 15 years old. She is very skiddish and has never really been outside. Mt. Pleasant area near Mt. Pleasant Elementary School. Yes View Details
10/21/2013 Beagle Neil is about 1.5 years old, tri color beagle. He weighs about 25 pounds and the left side of his lip is white. He is very friendly, sweet and energetic. Near Ordway Dr and surrounding streets near West Wind Apartments. He was on a walk with his dogwalkers about 10PM when he broke off the leash and ran into the woods and surrounding area. Yes View Details
10/21/2013 West Highland Terrier Bailey is a white Westie (West highland terrier), however he may be very dirty since he is on the run! He was lost Sunday 10/20/2013 around Carson Rd, 24012. He is about 5-6 years old; he has not been nuetered. If found please call Maureen @ 540-904-4606. Carson Rd 24012 View Details
10/22/2013 Pitt Mix & Australian Shepherd Two dogs gone missing from Cannady Rd Roanoke City on 10/22/2013. Both dogs are males, one a one year old, black pittbull mix named Lokie and the other a 9 month old, black/white Australian Shepherd named Aires. If found please call Louise @ 798-2540 or Alyssa @ 243-1427. ROANOKE CITY CANNADY RD View Details
10/23/2013 dog Her name is Maggie, answers to Maggie Mae, Maggie, or Mags. Last seen in the Grandin area around noon. She is a shepherd/lab mix. Looks like a miniature shepherd. She has a good bit of white in her muzzle. She is very sweet and affectionate, loves for people to pet her. If you call her and she perks her ears, the right one no longer perks up from where she had a tube in it. I have tried to post a picture multiple times now, but the site doesn't seem to know the difference between kilobytes and megabytes. Last seen in our backyard in Grandin around noon. View Details
10/24/2013 Mixed Breed Peekapoo Lost please call Jennifer @ 540-309-8767 if found! Yes View Details
10/24/2013 Long Haired Female Domestic Ca Gracey is a 9 year old female; somewhat skittish; declawed and spayed. Medium sized, mostly gray with a hint of brown; long haired. Very unusual to stray from home. 3725 Dogwood Ln (Jefferson Hills) Yes View Details
10/26/2013 cat gray, light stripes 4 white feet, white belly, small and very sweet salem, off red lane View Details
10/27/2013 orange cat Bianca is a 9yr old orange and white cat. She is petite and weghs about 9lbs. She normally always has a collar on but it recently broke. She is an indoor cat and is not familiar with the outside. She answers to clicking your tongue or by the name "me" or "me-me". She is so sweet but dosent like being picked up. She is our sons best friend. Vinton behind the exxon. On maddison ave. Yes View Details
10/27/2013 hound mix Name is Emmy. Light orange fur with dark color on face. Weighs about 35 pounds Autumn Wood Ln off Woodhaven View Details