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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
11/07/2016 Cat Gray boy got out of my dads car while stopped at the Reddy Mart in Hollins Va while traveling from Maine to his home in Alabama! He is a pure gray male neutered cat with bright green eyes who is wearing a red halter collar! Gray is very friendly and loves people! Please help us get gray boy home! Reddy Mart Hollins Va Yes View Details
11/08/2016 Cat His name is Grayboy and he escaped from my truck on or about November 8th at he time he was wearing an red harness. He should weight under 10 pounds should be a scar on right rear leg. Very likable cat and affectionate. Reddy mart in Hollis about 3:30am Yes View Details
11/08/2016 Cat solid black adult cat with green eyes. has been fixed Southwest Roanoke View Details
11/08/2016 Pit Bull My pit bull has been lost a little over a month. He is very friendly and Black with a white strip down his chest. He went missing near the Shenandoah area, NW. The dog has also been neutered. Please if you find him let me know, he answers to the name Bully . North West , Roanoke View Details
11/09/2016 Dog Tan colored pitbull went missing in SE Roanoke near freight car America. Please contact me if you see him SE Roanoke View Details
11/10/2016 Chocolate Lab Mix She is brown and has a white spot on her chest. around 1-2 years old. Her name is Lucy. She is fixed and microchipped. Dixie Caverns Salem,VA Yes View Details
11/12/2016 Shitzu mix Peppy is primarily black but has a cherry eye and an underbite. He was last seen near Monterey Elementary school Saturday night when my son was walking him. Peppy pulled away and backed out of his collar and took off. He is well groomed and our family pet who is greatly missed. Peppy is also microchipped. Fleming Oakes, near Hershberger and Plantation Rd. Yes View Details
11/12/2016 White and tan mix 30 lb mix 6 month puppy has black markings on tongue. Big ears like a shepherd but white and tan with long tail Grandin rd and Beverly blvd sw Yes View Details
11/12/2016 shih poo Diamond is a black Shih Tzu Poodle mix that got out of the gate today around 2:20pm. We believe she wondered onto Colonial Ave near Pasley Ave and someone stopped and picked her up. Dog is micro-chipped and registered with Roanoke City 3321 Heywood Ave View Details
11/13/2016 Short haired cat Black overweight. Green eyes. A rash on neck. 1602 Keswick Ave Roanoke View Details
11/14/2016 Cat Smrgl is a Russian Blue. He has a notch in one ear and a messed up hip so he sits funny. He has 4 teeth (his canines) and is a total scaredy cat. We think he got out through a busted window we were replacing. He is microchipped and he doesn't fight back. His defense mechanism is to pee on things or tuck up and hide. Bibb St/Baldwin Ave intersection. View Details
11/14/2016 dog wearing a red and black harness and a red collar with a transmitter Coaling Road area - may have chased a deer toward Rainbow FOrest View Details
11/14/2016 Canine brown and black with silver on muzzle and ears. 10.5 lbs intact male. Jordantown Rd/Vinton/Bedford County Yes View Details
11/16/2016 Black Lab mix Black lab mix goes by the name Buttercup. Disappeared from our home on Nov. 16 around 9:00pm. Very friendly. Has large cyst on stomach and also has epilepsy. Must have medication. 139 Pattonsburg Lane Buchanan,Va 24066 View Details
11/16/2016 Canine Schnauzer miniature pinscher jack russell terrier 1770 gilmer branch rd boones mill. Va View Details
11/17/2016 Dog Black Shih Tzu. She weighs about 10 pounds. Very friendly. Responds to Yoko. Jeters Chapel/ Jordantown area. View Details
11/17/2016 Long Hair Black Cat I live in Applewood Estates. She went out last night and hasn't come home. Daleville Virginia View Details
11/18/2016 Short haired cat White & black female cat named Angel. Corntassel Lane in southwest Roanoke County. Yes View Details
11/18/2016 Cat Her name is Izzy she is a black/greyish striped female she is wearing a Redskins Football collar and has pink/glitter nail caps on some of her nails she is an indoor cat that got out without our knowing. Randall Road/Rutrough Road View Details
11/19/2016 Cat Small black and white cat named Ivy with a white triangle on her head. The cat is 20 years old and is mostly but not entirely blind. She probably won't respond to her name and tends to dislike other animals and be nervous around people she isn't familiar with. She may be thinner than she appears in the image. on Woodthrush near Cave Spring High School. Yes View Details

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