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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
08/29/2013 Australian Shepherd Name is Kiwi. White with black and gray splotches. 2-1/2 years old. Friendly. Rowan Street in Salem, near Graham White. Yes View Details
08/30/2013 Jack Russell Terrier He jumped out of my car Friday night around 1045pm on Brambleton Avenue near Bo Jangeles Restaurant. He is probably injured from the jump from the car. Brambleton Aveunue near Bo Jangles Restaurant. Yes View Details
08/31/2013 Dog- Golden Doodle At approximately at 7 p.m. Marley, a GoldenDoodle wearing lime green shock collar took off up Read Mountain and in between Downing St and Buckingham Court in SteepleChase Neighborhood in Botetourt County. THere's been no sign of him since, no neighbors have seen him.

He's only 10 months old suspect he chased deer.
Steeple CHase Neighborhood, Botetourt County Yes View Details
08/31/2013 German Shepard 3 month old puppy. Short legged, very stout, black saddle w tan paws.
Majority black face w german shepard markings
Hillcrest Ave , behind New Yorker Deli View Details
08/31/2013 Cat His name is Oliver, he is 3 1/2 years old, he must weigh maybe 5lbs. Oliver is really skittish, extremely. 4410 Plantation Rd. Yes View Details
09/04/2013 Dog/Akita Full size female Akita seven years old. Answers to Autumn. She is yellow/golden with lighter whiter paws and a black nose. Route Va 116 S near upper end of the greenway Yes View Details
09/04/2013 Cat Kit is solid black with yellow eyes. She is about 4 years old. She is spayed. She can be a little moody sometimes. She is an in door cat that got loose. a home behind the Dollar General and Dairy Queen off of 460 where 460 and Gus Nicks meet Yes View Details
09/05/2013 cat/american short hair His name is Bandit, he got out thursday night after jumping out a window. He's prbobaly 8+lbs,Grey and white stripes, white patch on chest, white paws like boots, small white patch on nose. He is a husky boy, very scarred of people, and will probably run if you try to catch him, or he will try to hide. If you do end up catching him he is very nice and friendly and loves attention, when he wants it. Corner of Preston and Link Avenue in Roanoke City, Northwest Yes View Details
09/06/2013 German Shepherd Color black on hes head and body legs brown an and whiet on hes tail under 536 westwood blvd nw roanoke va 24017 Yes View Details
09/06/2013 cat Male, grey, shorthaired, no tail and microchipped. Last seen on Victoria St. NW in the Morwanda section of Roanoke City. $200.00 reward. If someone has him please call, the owner is very ill. Victoria St. NW, Morwanda section View Details
09/06/2013 cat Grey in color, shorthair and has no tail. He has been microchipped. $200.00 reward. Owner is ill. If anyone knows where he is at or you have him please call. 540-344-4238. Victoria St. NW in the Morwanda section View Details
09/07/2013 yellow sided greencheek conure we went on vacation and left the bird with a friend...escaped on windsor ave ..near valley pride carwash Raleigh Court area Roanoke city View Details
09/07/2013 Gray Tabby Cat Pepper is very sweet and friendly but may be a but skiddish at first. She has no collar but has a microchip in the back of her neck with her information. Last seen in Raleigh Court area, near Grandin rd. Yes View Details
09/09/2013 scottish terrier She is a white scottish terrier, very thin with ribs showing, thick cateracts on both eyes, she can't hear as good as she used to. She could use a nail trim. She has wiry white hair. Her name is Radar and she is a sweet old dog. Her owner is currently in a nursing home permantly due to a stroke and she is heavily greving him. She only eats fresh dog food and anything else makes her ill. She left through an open gate the kids left open by accident. Would like to find her so she can finish her days in peace and love. emissary drive, roanoke va View Details
09/10/2013 Border Collie Black and white intact male short hair border collie with beautiful brown eyes. Half of his face is black the other half is white. Very skiddish around other people will only come willingly to myself or my husband. His name is Tucker. Eagle Rock, Virginia on Route 43 about a mile out of the town of Eagle Rock on your way towards Buchanan View Details
09/11/2013 Boxer/Lab Mix Mia is loving and just wants to give everyone kisses. She responds to, "Mia, Mia Pup, Munchkin, and Mom". She loves dogs, kids, and adults. She's 1.5 years old. She is black with a big white chest, and one rear white paw. She has funny looking rabbit ears that stand up for the most part but she lays them down when scared, or is in trouble. They are like her sonar device. She loves car rides, and willing jumps right into a car. She also loves socks and fetching a ball, she doesn't return it very well. She approximately 70 lbs. Our gate was left open and when she was let out this morning it wasn't realized for approximate 1.5 hours.

PLEASE HELP!!! Mia is our baby and we are lost with out her. Please if you see her please call/text/email ASAP.
We live on Florist Road of Hershberger. Believe she took off in the direction of Friendship Retirement center and further towards Plantation Road. Yes View Details
09/12/2013 Shiba-Inu mix My dog, Diego, was last seen on the morning of 9/12/13 on Upper Craig's Creek Road in Craig County. He is very friendly and was wearing a black collar. Craig County Yes View Details
09/12/2013 Chihuahua Chocolate Brown Chihuahua with white on her feet, about 5-8 pounds, likes to bark alot but afraid of her own shadow. Queen Ave NW roanoke va 24012 Yes View Details
09/13/2013 dog She is black and tan ling hair busy tale part alaskian malamute part lab answers to daisy 5244 overland dr 24018 Yes View Details
09/14/2013 pitbull Black and white has white one tip of tail, paws, and a collar. she also has to snake bites on the top of her noes. Norfolk ave sw Yes View Details

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