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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
12/17/2012 Black Lab She is very friendly and will come to you. She is wearing her collar, but it doesn't have tags on it. She's black with white spot on her chest and toes. She's about 10 months old. Her name is Millie. last seen on Washington Ave, in Vinton. Yes View Details
12/17/2012 German shorthair Friendly 10 yr old 40 lbs. liver and white "ticked" with liver saddle Near the Coffee Pot restaurant on Bramblton ave View Details
12/18/2012 blue russian cat Chunky blue russian adult cat. Named Captain Jacqueline. Will answer to Captain. Has one fully developed eye. 3202 Pasley Ave., Roanoke Yes View Details
12/18/2012 Beagle Redish-brwn, name is Jeter. 2 yrs old, friendly but cautious. Hopefully with Toby, blk and wht and brwn. Missing 2 beagles. 3115 northside rd View Details
12/19/2012 dog Black and white very excitable smiles when excited name is baby. Botetourt View Details
12/19/2012 bosten terior mix Black and white anserws to the name baby very excitable Troutville View Details
12/20/2012 pit bull puppy Lost brindel pit bull puppy 7 months old five white patches on her chin, neck, chest, both of her back feet grainden village View Details
12/20/2012 Cat Six-toed Black cat with white on chest, belly and face. Responds to Eleanor. South Roanoke, off Richelieu Avenue View Details
12/21/2012 cat His name is EggRoll but,answers to (Eee) most of the time..He is a black silky haired cat.His eyes are black mainly but,they do turn a beautiful green after he's had his meal. He loves a very warm soap bath.He does whine the whole time while getting it but,doesnt scratch or jump out.He's a scaredy cat so doesnt like to fight.Eee will fall down & roll over when approached unless he wants to play in which case he will run around.When you ignore him he will keep pushing you w/his nose until you pay attn to him. He's picky about his food so he willnt eat just anything.He's a big baby & loves,loves to be held.Eee is only apprx 2yrs old. NorthWest Roanoke the 1300 block of Crescent & Massachutes View Details
12/21/2012 Cat Black and White Kitten. He was a stray-showed up at my house on Wed AM. I had to go to work last night and he obviously got out of my house while we were loading up. I found out that my neighbor called animal control and they came to get him last night. I did call and left a msg on the machine a few minutes ago. Around 817 12th St NW Roanoke, VA 24017 Yes View Details
12/21/2012 boxer/pit light brown black nose with black nails. her name is kayla sw roanoke va Yes View Details
12/22/2012 beagle mix His name is Benchi, he is white with black spots on back and let..got away with his leash, but his tags were not on him. . We live at 1119 Forest Park Blvd.NW, Roanoke,Va. 24017..Got away late Friday morning Saturday morning Yes View Details
12/23/2012 Cat Long-haired, orange cat...very friendly but shy. 12 OClock Knob Rd, Salem View Details
12/24/2012 cat Casper is a white tom barn cat who was a stray but began coming to us and we fed him. our plans were to trap him and get his shots & fixed. we sorely miss him. callaway area creighton drive off of antiouch road in rocky mount va Yes View Details
12/25/2012 dog he has a white head white paws grey body hes 7 months old he has a lite grey (ring around his right eye he has a white chest and a small white patch on his back and blue spots in both of his white ears please call if u has seen him 3119 forest park blvd.nw roanoke Yes View Details
12/25/2012 Dog 2 dogs, lab/Beagle mix - Red (roscoe/male) and black/white border collie mix Zoe - female. Neither one have their collers (they were removed when they were bathed yesterday). They both have been microchipped! Apparently while Christmas company were entering and exiting our home, our back door was left open and the dogs are missing! Please call with any information. Thank you! Hollins/north Roanoke Yes View Details
12/25/2012 dog - black & tan hound mix Ava ran out of the screen door accidentallly from Fort Lewis Blvd. Salem around 2:30 pm Christmas day. She is very friendly and we are worried. 8 months...fixed. listens to ' stay' and her name. Please call Pam at 519-7110 or pjderk@ gmail.com. West Salem - Fort Lewis Blvd. Yes View Details
12/25/2012 Cat Black cat missing. He has a chubby tummy. Pretty social. NOT FIXED! His name is Elvis. He has a little patch of white fur on his chest. Very much loved and missed! Vinton,Virginia......Behind Manna Ministries. View Details
12/25/2012 Mini Pincher 12 year old Miniture Pincher lost on Edwardsville Rd in Hardy Virginia. She is black and tan in color. She was wearing a red rhinestone collar as well as a white flea collar. She has medical issues so any assistance would be appreciated. Edwardsville Rd Hardy Virginia View Details
12/25/2012 Dog - Vizsla Red Vizsla, looks like red nose pit bull, 65 lbs, very sweet. Red nose, gold eyes, walks with slight limp on back right leg. Was out for usual walk on Christmas morning and he and his sister took off after a deer. His name is Benny, her's in Lylah. They are both amazing and I miss them terribly!! Meadors Spur Rd Moneta Yes View Details

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