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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
08/06/2013 Boxer Sophie is a fawn Boxer approx. 8 years old and went missing today around 1:30pm. Within the last couple of days she has gone blind. She got out of her fenced in area and wandered off. She is missing a toe on her back left foot. 264 Deerfield Rd, Hardy, in the Chestnut Forest neighborhood. Yes View Details
08/06/2013 Hound Mix She is black and white spotted. Weighs about 35-40lbs. Very shy and may not approach men, but kind. Somehow escaped out of a fenced backyard during 9-5pm. Grandin Village - North of Memorial. Yes View Details
08/06/2013 cat Black cat few scares from outside fighting other cats,missing hair on his butt also side of his eyes leading into his ears.also comes to the name sebastian Off old hollins road street carlos dr. View Details
08/06/2013 Cat Solid grey, no stripes, small white on chest, declawed and neutered. Small, smooth coat Salem village View Details
08/07/2013 Miniature grey hound He is a black miniature grey hound also known as a whippet. He has a white patch on his chest and stomach and has white paws and white tip on his tail. His name is woody. Craig county/new castle View Details
08/07/2013 Chiahuahua 6 month old black chiahuahua. Answers to Sadie. Lost 8/7/13 around 11:00pm. $50.00 reward if found. Dorchester Drive NW, Roanoke Yes View Details
08/07/2013 shepherd mix Black with tan markings with long hair. Answers to Max. Very loving. His little boy misses him very much Vinton behind Dance Etc. Chestnut St View Details
08/09/2013 Domestic Longhaired Cat Angel is a female indoor domestic brown/black longhaired cat that was fixed, microchiped (0A10492D38), and declawed in the front about 6 yrs ago by Angels of Assisi AND has been my son's therapy pet since then. She has been missing from our home in the Oak Grove/Cave Spring area since 8/9. Please call with info to 467-2831 or return her to her carrier in the driveway of 5643 Green Meadow Rd. Roanoke, VA 24018. Oak Grove/Cave Spring View Details
08/12/2013 Yorkshire Terrier We have lost a small yorkie or Yorkshire terrier near Orlando and Plantation road. She weights about 5 pounds and goes by Emma. She has white brown, tan and gray on her fur. Please if you find her call CJ Lewis at 540-581-4977. Reward will be given. Hollins area, Plantation and Orlando View Details
08/12/2013 lab mix Lab mix,shaved black lab white under snout. Goes by the name of Flash. Brambleton Ave Area View Details
08/13/2013 Blonde German Sheppard mix She is spade and somewhere around 9 months old. Her name is Luci and she does not have a chip or a name tag with a name and number on it like the one in the picture. She had on a red one (mentioned above) She is very sweet and is able to sit, lay, and give a paw. I miss her very much! 100 oak ridge rd
Union hall va
Yes View Details
08/14/2013 Dog Brindle 9 month old Male boxer mix goes by Brody or Buddy. Has a little white on his nose. Plantation Rd. Area View Details
08/16/2013 Pit bull/Bull terrier mix White bull terrier mix with blue-grey spots on back. Large ears that stand up. Light colored eyes. Less than a year old. Very loved and missed. Name is Tarheel. Elliston,VA View Details
08/17/2013 Bug black male "Rascal" with white on chest. curly tail Chaparral Drive, Roanoke, VA View Details
08/17/2013 Buggle tan female "Lizzy" spayed chaparral drive roanoke va View Details
08/18/2013 mutt Mutt. Small dog about ten pounds. Brown and black, brindle striped bushy tail. Fincastle, va View Details
08/19/2013 Cat Light tan female cat. Her name is Zoey and will respond to that. She is chunky and very sweet, but skittish. She has green eyes and still has claws on all 4 paws. Cinnamon Ridge Apartments off Starkey Road near Cave Spring Yes View Details
08/21/2013 German Shepherd 1 year old Black and tan German Shepherd Deaton Road Greenway water treatment plant SE Roanoke View Details
08/21/2013 Border collie mix She is brown and white. Name is daisy. She is very skidding especially of men. Prob looks like she needs to be groomed. She has a slit on her tongue. She's jumped once before and ended up in botetourt bear the truck stop. Please please please if you see her call me or text me. I can send pics. I want her home. My little boy misses her. This stinks since his birthday is Monday. Being our girl home please. Vancouver drive Roanoke 24012 View Details
08/21/2013 Yorkshire terrier Winston is a 12 year old Yorkie who is on medication for an infection and for other health issues. Our family is completely devastated. We think someone may have taken him or he may have gotten out of our fence. If you know who has him or if you find him please contact me anytime. He was last seen on Pyrtle drive in Salem,va. Pyrtle drive in Salem Yes View Details

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