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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
08/08/2016 Boston Terrier Got out of fence at 3204 Collingwood Street 3204 Collingwood Street
Roanoke, VA
Yes View Details
08/09/2016 Husky His name is Duke...he ran away around 1:30 today on Skyview Road Salem Va. He is gray and white with blue eyes. Skyview Road Salem Va View Details
08/10/2016 Cat Found her collar next to my house. She is a spayed black calico cat. She is mostly black peppered with orange and cream (this color mostly on h back and her back leg). She goes by mostly nicknames, CB or chat. Her actual name is Clarabelle. She is not the most loving cat so she may not run right up to you. She is mainly an indoor cat but is allowed outside with supervision but she pulled a ninja move and got outside without me being aware. 3rd street old sw area Yes View Details
08/12/2016 cat grey and white shorthair cat with white on chest and part of face. White socks. He is very friendly!
Smokey is an indoor can and got out. Has never been outside before.
He is probably missing his brother as much as his brother is missing him.
North Lakes, lower end off Peters Creek road in north Roanoke county.
View Details
08/14/2016 Boston terrier MIndy is an 11 year old Boston terrier. She wandered off from our home at 4:00 am when we let her out to potty. She is suffering from unknown neulogical problems. She typically does not come when called any more but will usually respond when she hears her name. She walks in circles and sometimes cannot get in and out of doors. She side wipes objects on her right side and the nails on her right front and rear paws are wetted down. She is NOT aggressive and will not bite.

Our home 4212 Berry Hill Cir. Vinton va -Roanoke va View Details
08/14/2016 small black long hair. grey/white hair on the end of paws and chest .friendly. roughly 10 to 15 pounds. name is Night. Elmont st Dorchester View Details
08/14/2016 Peekapoo Birdie..is Black with aging white around the muzzle.
Less than 10 lbs...16 years old
Blind and deaf.
4206 Twin Mountains Dr.
Vinton VA
View Details
08/15/2016 Great Dane Mostly black but has a white spot on her chest. Her ears are not cropped so she looks kinds of like a black lab in the face. Her tags are pretty old and worn. She has a tumor on her side that looks like a big bump. 6243 Mt Chestnut rd, Roanoke 24018 View Details
08/16/2016 Pit Bull She is a 2 month old pit bull , with black & white spots , she goes by left eye , or Lisa on her left eye is a black spot all around it . & she , is lovey & friendly . 5th & Loudon Yes View Details
08/17/2016 yorkie mixed with pomeranian his name is chocolate, about 5 years old, brown long haired coat, he's neutered and possibly has an aspca chip. melrose ave east 161 st Yes View Details
08/20/2016 Australian Shepherd Reddish brown and white with creme colored markings. Hazel eyes. Houston Mines Rd/ Nace Rd. in Troutvile Yes View Details
08/20/2016 cat He goes by the name of Jay. He is 1 year old. He is black with white fur coming through on the inside of his ears also on his chest. He is fixed. He went missing around 8/20/16. If found please contact me at 540-915-5295. Roanoke County(Cave Spring area) View Details
08/20/2016 Dog Stella is an Australian Shepard. Kind of skittish. She is missed so much. Lost from Houston Mines Rd Troutville Va Yes View Details
08/20/2016 Pit Bull Pupply Puppy brown with severe mange. The worthless owner dropped her in the cemetery on Westside Blvd NW Roanoke on Aug 20th. This was after I offered to get her to a rescue that would help her and find her a good home. Please I am worried. We have placed her information on Face Book and have heard nothing. Even if you have her and want to keep and give her a good home, please just reach out to me by phone to let me know she is safe. Thank you Dropped at Westside Blvd Cemetery View Details
08/22/2016 Cat Black and white tuxedo male cat. About 8 years of age. Has been fixed. Alot of white on belly. Muscular looking. Dillion Woods Subdivision. VINTON View Details
08/22/2016 Dog Roxy is a 7 year old Jack Russell shes mainly white with a brown face and early then white around her nose. we live on a farm
lower oak farm, Inwardleigh, okehampton, Devon EX20 3AS
Yes View Details
08/24/2016 Cat Long hair gray tabby Daleville,Va View Details
08/25/2016 Yellow Tabby Cat 5 year old female yellow Tabby cat . Has been spayed left is clipped. Weighs about 8to 10 pounds. North Roanoke County . Lives on Carefree Ln. Off Dent Rd. Near Airport Rd. Could be near Williamson Rd. View Details
08/26/2016 Maltipoo She is white and weighs about 5 lbs, her name is gracie 117 9th st rke va View Details
08/27/2016 Terrier Mix She is 6 months old and is a terrier mix. She is a companion dog to a women with stage 3 lug cancer. Her name is Pepper and sometimes she can be very shy. Buchanan, VA Yes View Details

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