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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
07/20/2013 Feline All black, very fluffy long fur, female, 8 yr old, 8 lbs., spayed, may come if hears human whistle. 2518 Richelieu Ave, SW, Roanoke, VA 24014 Yes View Details
07/21/2013 Boston Terrier Black & White Male (Neutered) Boston Terrier last seen July 21st @ 11 p.m.
Has Seizures and NEEDS his medication
Ammen Road (off of Brughs Mill Road) in Fincastle Yes View Details
07/21/2013 beagle She is a typical tri-color beagle, on the small side, and it looked like she was pregnant, but not extremely large. Teats were getting large and belly was enlarging. SUPER sweet. Red collar. Answers to "Little Pup" or "Little Bit" Turners Creek Road area between Callaway and Ferrum in Franklin Co. View Details
07/22/2013 Domestic short hair cat Black cat with a white patch on chest. No front claws. Last seen mid-July. Raleigh Court/Grandin area. View Details
07/22/2013 Gray cat Gray cat, very old, mostly deaf and has cataracts, name is smokey Peters creek road, north lakes subdivision Yes View Details
07/22/2013 dutch Sheppard mix my daughter-in-law was picking her up to go home and she jumped from jeep and ran about 9:30. We walked and rode neighborhood til 11:00 but could not find her. She is black, very loving,play bites sometimes. Her name is Noel and we call her nosey. She likes cats and kittens,chews plastic and is very strong. Plays with other dogs only barks at cats and squirrels. Weighs about 120 and stands 5feet 6 inches on back legs. About 3 feet tall. 5525 Plainview Ave. Roanoke county off of cove road near 419 end View Details
07/23/2013 Ferret Figure around 8pm lost in the Nicholas Hills area. Sadie; White/grey coat; head is white with two grey strips. She is a marshall Ferrett and has the two blue dots on her ear 5026 Nicholas Hill Lane, Roanoke, va 24019 View Details
07/24/2013 CAT Grey and White striped cat with blue eyes. Missing in Troutville area Apple Orchard Lane. His name is Lunas.
Troutville Apple Orchard Lane View Details
07/25/2013 daschund/chihuahua Name: SoLow... knows his name
4 months old
Black & Tan with white chest, paws and tip of tail
Missing from 2052 Clinton Ave Se near Fallon Park Area about 3-4pm
2052 Clinton ave se
Near Fallon Park area
Yes View Details
07/27/2013 beagle Smaller beagle (around 20lbs). Brown on face. Mostly white body with large black spot, and spotting on chest. His name is Tex. Poage Valley Rd. Extension Yes View Details
07/27/2013 black lab/aust shep mix Very shy, skiddish, about 7 months old -people tortoise shell pattern to coat Woods by Mt Pleasant Blvd SE & Shannon Yes View Details
07/27/2013 Cat Jacks is buff in color and he is 21/2 years old. Troutville, Va on Ottaway Rd. View Details
07/28/2013 cat 5 months old. Gray and white with black stripes and spots. Summer tree apartments off Franklin rd behind Kmart View Details
07/28/2013 feline 6 week old sold black kitten. very tame. lost in the bridle lane- carriage lane area by oak grove elementary school oak grove area- bridle lane View Details
07/30/2013 Cat Black Cat VERY fluffy and very affectionate. He has a small grey curly tuff on his chest. He loves attention, has a long fluffy tail, pointy ears and bright green eyes. He is very vocal and won't hesitate to get close to someone to get attention. He is not spaded or dewclawed. 1641 Roark Mill Rd Hurt Va. 34562 Yes View Details
07/30/2013 tabby Yellowish orange and gray tabby cat approx 13 lbs long thin body
answers to name Butterfinger
Starmount Avenue, Barrens Rad are Yes View Details
07/30/2013 Cat One eyed gray and black short haired tabby named Joey. Healthy, stocky build (14 pounds), friendly, 8 years old. Cravens Creek Road near Deyerle and Lewis Gale Hospital View Details
07/31/2013 cat Dweezil is a petite gray and white short-hair. She is declawed, and has a patch of fur missing from her chin. 5353 Chaucer's Court in Canterbury Park Yes View Details
07/31/2013 Beagle Two female beagles, year and half old with typical beagle markings. Black, white, and brown. One has more black then the other. Both females. One collar is pink and the other is black and go by ellie and lulu. Weight about 20 pounds. Very sweet and loveable. Off hardy rd in bedford beside turner branch. View Details
07/31/2013 Cat Dark tabby; brown with black stripes, raccoon tail, yellow green eyes, answers to 'Mason'. He's an indoor outdoor cat and very skinny but we haven't seen him in three days- he comes home everyday for food and attention, so we're worried. Roanoke VA near Preston Oaks Church-ish Yes View Details