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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
07/10/2013 short hair cat This kitty is very old, 27 yrs old. He is skinny and walks slow. He is friendly and his name is skinny. 25th and Rosalind ave sw Yes View Details
07/12/2013 Feline Answers to Boo or Booster. Completely black neutered male. Approximately 11 pounds & has all of his claws. Very clean teeth (full set), about a year and a half old. Very quiet and sweet. Kings Court subdivision (between Buck Mountain Road and the Blue Ridge Parkway). View Details
07/12/2013 Cat Lost our small female Orange Tabby cat. Goes by the name Chubby Wubby. She's extremely Skittish! Botetourt County, off Lee Highway, 1 mile north of the Town of Troutville, Between Mooses Hollow Rd and Old Homeplace Lane. Yes View Details
07/13/2013 Cat White & Grey male cat (large and very long). About 2 yrs old. Very fluffy tail and very affectionate. Will answer to Apollo. Canterbury Park - SW Roanoke County View Details
07/14/2013 Siberian Husky 13 years old
Mixed white/black/grey coat with white face, blue eyes, white ears. White legs/boots

Friendly family dog.

Due to age, has some mild discomfort in the back joints, may appear to be in pain in that area.
4817 Lytham Drive SW Roanoke, VA 24018
419/Oak Grove
Yes View Details
07/15/2013 Chihuahua pug mix 15-20 pound tan named Nadia SE Roanoke escaped from back yard on Morrill. View Details
07/15/2013 English Coon Hound Missing from our "fenced in" back yard when we returned from home work. He is 1.5 yo male White English Coon Hound. He has Brown ears and a brown patch on his Left side. He was wearing a blaze orange collar. His name is Griffin. He has not been fixed. He is VERY sweet and we really want him returned. :( NewCastle, Virginia Barbours Creek Area Yes View Details
07/15/2013 coonhound Missing from our yard July 15, 2013. WAS wearing orange info collar.
White English Coon Hound with brown ears and brown patches on sides. Male, unfixed, aprox 1 1/2 years old. Name is Griffindor---"Griffin". Very Friendly.
Peaceful Valley Road NewCastle, VA (Barbours Creek) Yes View Details
07/15/2013 Pit mix My mom was watching my dog while moving into apartment and we can't find him, I am worried sick. Male, fixed, his name is Tarheel. We think he had on a red collar but kids had taken off tags. medium size, long legs and he barks a lot. Friendly though. Pitt mix, white and blue(gray), white with spots, ears stick up a lot with a lot of gray spots on them. He has been missing at least a week and a half that I know of. This picture is old, I lost my memory card. Should still be recognizable. Please let me know! Hardy rd, vinton va Yes View Details
07/16/2013 Dog- Lab Camo is a lab boxer mix but looks like a solid black lab. Believe she got off her chain during thunder and lightning storm tues evening. Bandy rd, sterling rd area View Details
07/16/2013 Pitbull Light brown and white with brown tick marks (freckles), green eyes, about 60 pounds, short and stocky, very friendly and playful. We miss her dearly and want her home!!! Kessler Heights Area behind the Antique Mall off of Orange Avenue and Gus Nicks View Details
07/16/2013 dog Willie is a small yorkie mix. un neutered....very friendly.....possible dragging two leashes that he was tied to stake with. Walnut Ave, bottom of Mill Mountain Yes View Details
07/16/2013 king pit mastif brendal -was on electric fence and escaped from collar 1412 Barnhart drive Roanoke, VA 24018 View Details
07/17/2013 Pit Bull She is medium size. Black brindle color with white mark on chest. South Roanoke
by Yellow Mountain Rd and Mill Mountain Parkway.
View Details
07/17/2013 Jack Russell Mix Male very friendly. White with a few tan spots. No collar or tags but has a red bandana around his neck. Beaver Dam Rd in Buchanan VA View Details
07/17/2013 Cat White and grey tabby, light green eyes, long haired, one notched ear. Very sweet; responds to the name "Tibby". Meadow Crossing Ln. (Read Mountain Estates, Roanoke County) Yes View Details
07/18/2013 pit bull Brown pit bull ran off near 1137 Tompkins ave View Details
07/19/2013 JackRussel Black and white, brown on face and rump. Recent surgical scar under front right shoulder. Was 26 pounds. Dal-Nita Hills, Etzler Road area Daleville View Details
07/19/2013 Siamese cat 2 year old female Siamese cat, Delilah, was lost on the southbound side of I-81 at mile marker 172.9 as a result of a car accident. The car door was opened and she ran off away from the highway. This occurred between exit 168 (Rt 614 in Arcadia) and exit 175 (US 11, Natural Bridge) View Details
07/20/2013 BEAGLE 12 Y/O INTACT MALE BEAGLE. MARION, VA View Details