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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
03/26/1914 cat Black with white streak on face and white paws. Has a defect in her sternum. Needs to be at home. Troutville, VA. Rt. 11 or Lee highway near post office. View Details
05/27/1914 Jack Russel White with black and brown markings names Max Mt Pleasant area In Hampton hills subdivision Yes View Details
06/15/1914 Labradoodle white/vanilla color fluffy fur. Very sweet large dog with pink nose and pretty green eyes. We miss her very much and want her to return home to her family! If you have seen her or have any questions you can contact Brian or Brandy Ratliff or Mariah (540)915-2266. Cavespring/Boones Mill area near starlight ln View Details
06/25/1914 Cat Cissy is a very shy, strictly indoor cat; has never been outside. Pushed out window screen in bedroom while secluded in preparation for a veterinary appointment. She is age 8 and spayed. Reward for Cissy's safe return 1200 block of Hamilton Avenue in the Wasena neighborhood of Roanoke City View Details
07/15/1914 cat Solid grey charcoal cat, medium build about 5 yrs old, sleek but in good shape, neutered Near crossroads across from Kmart Yes View Details
07/30/1914 cat very small for her age. will come to you but does not like to be held. was rescued by current owners at least 2 yrs. ago very loud cry when talking last seen in roanoke county on Sequoia drive off woodhaven rd. View Details
08/17/1914 dog she is a small black dog with a red collar sweet her name is bubbles williambyrd school area View Details
08/21/1914 cat spayed, front paws declawed, left tipped ear
calico, patch tabby in color
Name: Autumn
Penn Forest area in Roanoke County Yes View Details
10/29/1914 cat Big blue eyes, dark tail and head markings. 1/2 V across nose on face and white chin and chest with small dark spot on chin. Front legs dark with white paws, back legs white. White chest. Dark and tan body.

Been missing for about 2/1/2 hours today since about 12pm
2807 fleetwood ave, roanoke, va 24015. Runs parrallel to Bramblton Ave, katy-corner to coffeepot on Bramblton. View Details
01/30/1915 mixed color tan let her out early this morning and she disappeared. she is mixed color tan and weighs about 50 lbs roanoke city View Details
03/04/1915 domestic long hair tabby cat Wheels is a grey/tan with black stripes tabby with 4 white paws, white under neck and on stomache. He is neutered and microchipped. He has all shots including rabies. He jumped out of my truck either at the pilot truck stop in Skippers Va. Off exit 4 on rt 95 or at the rest area near mile marker 108 near lady smith, Va on rt 95 Northbound side. I found him when he was around 4 weeks old and he has been with me ever since traveling the east coast in my truck. Wheels is friendly and will jump in your car or truck (tractor trailer). He knows his name....Wheels or Wheelie. He has tufts of hair coming out of his ears. Lady Smith Va rest area on rt 95 Northbound
or Skippers Va exit 4 of rt 95
Yes View Details
05/16/1915 Dog Friendly Tan and white lab mix male dog about 45 pounds named Gabriel. Day Ave SW, Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
05/25/1915 chihuahua Hes a very sweet brown and black dog.answers to peanut. Melrose ave. And 14th st roanoke va Yes View Details
06/04/1915 Dog This is a black and tan dog. He has black eyes with distinct tan eyebrows. He answers to the name Ike. He was last seen on Dudley Stretch in Eagle Rock on June 4. Route 220, Dudley Stretch, Eagle Rock Yes View Details
06/12/1915 Mini pincher/jack Russell mix 12 week old puppy. Brown with dark brown/black along his back and face. Short hair long face. Lives near Back Creek/ Starlight Lane intersection Boones Mill. His name is Wilfred. View Details
12/14/2012 Cat- Russian Blue "Gir" is a very friendly Russian blue cat weighing about 12 pounds. He has his claws and is neutered. He is also microchipped. He is grey all over and very soft with medium length hair. He responds to his name. Around the Grandin area, off of Mountain View View Details
12/14/2012 Lab/Pyrennies Mix Black Lab/ Great Pyrenies Mix - Black with White Feet answers to name of Spike. Wearing Orange Collar - no tags, tag fell off new one is in my purse Mt. Pleasant/Windy Gap Mountain View Details
12/14/2012 mixed rat hair terrier Black and grey (lots of grey) , almost completely blind and deaf. dementia last seen on Riverside, near the nursery I am told. View Details
12/14/2012 Brittany and English Setter White dog. Tan markings over right ear and eye. Left ear. Numerous smaller spots on torso Hunting Hills Yes View Details

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