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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
01/27/2015 dog Small black and white Havanese male dog about 8lb long hair. 9th st SE Roanoke Yes View Details
01/26/2015 chihuahua Please help! My dog doodle slipped out of the door of my apt at 433 Albemarle ave, across the street from Highland elementary school around 4 am. We are currently canvassing the neighborhood but no luck. He is about 5 lbs with 3 black spots on his back, black ears and a black dot on his head. He is a chihuahua and goes by the name Doodle or Doo. I have no kids or other pets so he is very loved and important to me. If you happen to see him please call at 540 - 598-7985. My name is Ashley ....REWARD!!!! house across from Highland Park Elementary and beside Highland Park Old Southwest historic distric View Details
01/26/2015 Jack Russell Older dog his name is kip he is a very sweet dog but he is about to pass he acts kind of confused please help find 2617 greenridge circle View Details
01/25/2015 Cat Her name is Montana and she is 5years old she is our family pet she wouldn't go up to any strangers Went missing from the north east section of Roanoke Williamson road area Yes View Details
01/22/2015 Black Lab The sweetest dog you will ever meet! her name is Luna and she is a very petite black lab. big brown eyes and a small face. she is very loving and wouldn't hurt anyone. She is very attached to my husband and hates when he leaves the house, we believe she jumped over the fence chasing after him when he left for work on 1/22. She is super fast and can jump ridiculously high. Grandin village area Yes View Details
01/22/2015 Black Lab Her name is luna and she is the sweetest dog ever. She is a very petite black lab with big brown eyes. super strong, fast and can jump ridiculously high. Grandin village area Yes View Details
01/22/2015 Cat Very Large Neutered Male. Cream and Pale Orange (Dreamsicle Ice Cream Orange color)Yellow eyes. Very friendly. We let him out Thursday morning. Has not returned or been seen by neighbors. Alberta Ave SW Grandin Court View Details
01/21/2015 begal mix she is friendly and her name is diamond oliver rd View Details
01/20/2015 big, grey cat His name is Gir (grrrr) and he will respond to his name. He is big and grey and friendly. Medium length fur. Off of Mountain View Avenue in the Grandin/ Norwich area. View Details
01/20/2015 Cat Male cat 4yrs old goes by the name Simba. He is orange\blonde colored and was last seen Tuesday January 20th on Kermit Ave NE Roanoke Va 24012. He is very fluffy and sweet. We miss him so much! Kermit Ave NE Roanoke Virginia 24012 Yes View Details
01/18/2015 cat She is almost six years old - answers to Daphnee or Daphee - Light gray, almost beige (looks like a the Ragdoll breed) with lihgt blue eyes - little on the plump side. from home address - 2313 Carlton Rd. SW Roanoke 24015 Yes View Details
01/18/2015 cat Answers to Daphnee or Daphee. Light gray nearly beige with light blue eyes - almost six years old - on the plump side. Home - 2313 Carlton Rd. SW Roanoke VA 24015 Yes View Details
01/18/2015 k9 female yorkie AJ is a 5 pound yorkie she has a pink bone tag with her name AJ on the tag. She is very friendly. AJ was given to my mom by her grandson who lives in Hawaii. My mom was so excited when AJ was flown from Hawaii especially for her as a birthday gift. My mom loves AJ and she misses him so much. If you see her dog please call so we can bring her back home safely. Cherry Hill area off of Frances Dr NW Yes View Details
01/17/2015 Mini Daushanud Her name is Coco she's been missing since 7am today and I can't find her. She went missing on Bent Mountain. On Poor Mountain road. Please help me find my baby girl!! Bent mountain va Yes View Details
01/17/2015 cat large breed brown tabby with shortish tail, long hair, neutered Guilford Ave SW, Roanoke city 24015 View Details
01/17/2015 yellow tabby Chevy is an older tabby cat abt 13 yrs old. I live in Hardy, Va. In Franklin Co. View Details
01/16/2015 husky/sheppard mix Her name is ellie she is brown in color beautiful brown eyes. she likes to jump but is sweet. she ran out last night after a cat and hasn't returned home. We miss her. SW roanoke floyd ave Yes View Details
01/16/2015 Mini daushaund Her name is coco she only a year old chocolate and tan in color. Reward if found. Bent mountain va Yes View Details
01/11/2015 Dog 2 missing a male fawn with black mask and a female Harlequin. his name Neeko hers Kiara.got our of yard non aggressive either one. 1423 Greenbrier ave SE Roanoke VA 24013 View Details
01/11/2015 Dog Small terrier mix. White with brown ears and brown spots on rump. Very old and cannot see or hear well. Very skiddish. 23rd Street NE Roanoke View Details