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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
06/27/2016 Shihtzu Black and white markings around face Allendale street Roanoke city Yes View Details
06/27/2016 cat Lilo is a small black cat with a patch of white on her chest and white on one front and one back paw. She has a notched ear from being a barn kitty before we adopted her. 321 Dale Road Troutville VA Yes View Details
06/27/2016 Chocolate Lab 2 yr old chocolate lab very friendly.. Will obey simple commands.. His eyes are hazel to green 287 Red Horse Lane Buchanan, Va. 24066 Yes View Details
06/26/2016 cat orange long haired cat 9th st se roanoke va 24013 View Details
06/25/2016 Dog- Cocker spaniel Max is golden in color, but may be covered in mud. He disappeared Saturday afternoon and a neighbor saw him rolling in mud. He then ran up into the woods. He does answer to his name. I am unsure if he has his tags on the collar. Off of 220 near roanoke and franklin county line. View Details
06/25/2016 Dog mixed breed Very sweet. Her name is kiera. She's a brindle color. We just moved and she bolted in a new area. She may be scared and hiding. Please let us know of anything please. Vinton area near southern states. 9th Street vinton Yes View Details
06/23/2016 Pit Bull Mix Her name is Rene. She is brown with a white face, about 40 pounds and very sweet. She grunts when she is happy. She got out sometime this morning after we left when someone broke into our back gate trying to steal a scooter. 679 Murray Ave SE Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
06/23/2016 Dog Her name is Pinny Layne and she's 6 yrs old. She's silver with black spots, she has a heart-shaped spot on her left side. She weighs around 30-40 pounds. She's an Australian Shepard/Weimaraner mix. She's got very expressive, big, brown eyes. She's very friendly and loves to lick. She's wearing a pink collar, she has been vaccinated and registered, but her tags are at home. Please help me find my babygirl! Hollins, off of Plantation Rd. In the brookside neighborhood, Capito St. View Details
06/23/2016 Cat She is about 4 months old she is still a baby ! She has 6 toes on all feet but one of her front paws . Her ears are a little curled . She is my sons cat and desperately need to find her ! Oak grove area on MCVITTY rd View Details
06/23/2016 Tabby cat He's a healthy fat tabby cat with very dark stripes all over him . Has a small head compared to his body . 11th street beside wasena park in sw roanoke . View Details
06/23/2016 pitbull black and white, name is diesel and he had a red harness on him north west off of Melrose and Lafayette. View Details
06/22/2016 Part King Charles/cockerspanie Short stubby tail Lansing road View Details
06/22/2016 shorthair cat Stray Cat my family has been feeding and taking to the vet. Call him Syd. Was recovering from a neck wound and on right shoulder blade a cyst of some kind. Is currently on a two week antibiotic. Walking with a limp on right front arm. Solid Black very sturdy cat. One ear clipped, the other has a cut-in scar at the tip. 419 8th St Vinton VA View Details
06/21/2016 pit bull She's very loveing and friendly. Dale ave se Yes View Details
06/21/2016 Cat Large male, mostly black. White underbelly and paws, with a white mustache under nose.
Neutered. answers to name of Blackie. Right eye has old injury with an OPEC color.
Glebe road daleville, va View Details
06/19/2016 Dog Weight: 46 lbs
Has a black mole on his head above his left eye.
Very friendly, non-threatening and up to date on all of his shots. Went missing from Branderwood neighborhood on evening of Sunday June 19, 2016. Was wearing a dark blue collar and flea/tick collar but no ID tags.
If found please call Andrea at (336) 765-8127 or Stephen at (336) 473-4111
Summerset Drive in Branderwood neighborhood, Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
06/19/2016 2 male Peacocks Adult peacocks, not tame. If seen, please contact me but do not approach them. They may roost in a tree after dark, and this will be the best chance for me to recover them. Flowing Spring Road off of Springwood Road, between Fincastle and Buchanan View Details
06/14/2016 Siberian husky mix Laska is a Siberian Husky mix of around 45lbs and currently has short hair. He is a very sweet dog and disppeared in the Vineyard Park area in Vinton Vineyard Park, Vinton View Details
06/13/2016 Boxer/German Shepard Mix Tejas is a tan Boxer/German Shepard mix with a white chest and white paws. Friendswood, Texas.
Sunset and 2351
Yes View Details
06/12/2016 Dog (Great Dane) Black with white and gray areas. He's been spotted multiple times but keeps running away. He thinks it's a game that people are trying to catch him. Sweet and loves kids and other dogs. His name is Norman. Brookfield lane in the bonsack area. Yes View Details

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