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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
11/02/2014 pit bull Light brown and white. Very sweet. Name-Buffy Boyds rd. Draper VA Yes View Details
07/29/2014 Cat Indoor cat escaped outside on 7/29/14 in Roanoke County (Hunting Hills area). 12 year old neutered male brown mackerel tabby cat with white feet and white chest. He is very cautious and scared around loud noises and new people, so will likely hiss or spat if approached. He is very loved and missed by his owners. Please contact eculpepper@gmail.com or call 540-989-6584 if you have any information. Roanoke County (Hunting Hills area) Yes View Details
07/28/2014 Tortoise LOST CAT, "NELLIE", Tortoise, 2yrs. old, small/med. size, spayed, has claws. Indoor only, she got out from home Sat. 6-14-14. She is a sweetheart, shy w/strangers, we miss her desperately, her twin Sister still cries for her as do we. We live on Belle Aire Ln, off Crestmoor Dr., behind Lewis Gale Hospital. We've followed all suggestions to find her, we haven't given up hope, still searching. Please, if you think you may have seen her or know someone who has found a kitty, contact us, help us find our girl. This experience has opened our eyes & hearts to all the many people who are searching for their beloved pets as are we, we hope for you that we will all find our "babies". Thank you to all who give their time & hearts to the cause of finding the lost. Roanoke City, from our home, 1305 Belle Aire Ln., off Crestmoor, behind Lewis Gale Hospital. Yes View Details
07/28/2014 mixed Abby - Black female - 5 years old - 39 lbs - brown eyes - white hair on chin area - blackish tongue - long skinny legs 2437 Windsor Ave SW - strayed from yard View Details
07/27/2014 Cat 12 Year old Male neutered Black and Gray Tabby cat. Will answer to the name Pumpkin. Missing since Sunday evening (7/27/2014) around 9pm. If you see him, please contact Sarah at 540-314-4966. He lives in Woods Crossing Town homes. He is microchipped and current on all of his vaccines. He was wearing a blue breakaway collar with a little blue bell and a tag. Off Starkey road. Woods Crossing Townhomes Yes View Details
07/23/2014 Dog White bichon mix, male neutered, about 22 pounds. Wearing collar with tags and is microchipped. Goodview, V View Details
07/22/2014 Dog He is a chihuahua / miniature dachshund mix, but looks more like miniature brown and tan dachshund. Name DoDo. Garden City Blvd Yes View Details
07/22/2014 shih-tzu/maltese mix Small black & white dog with curly hair. Head black w/white patch on top of head. Very friendly, has been spayed. Answers to the name Bella. She has liver problems and requires medication. When her ammonia levels are elevated, Bella becomes disoriented & wanders. She also has vision difficulties. Bella is about 8 mos old & weighs approx 7 lbs. Last seen on Craig Creek Rd., Eagle Rock View Details
07/21/2014 dog female foxhound goes by olive. has white fur with brown and black markings. does not bite is timid around humans and other animals. Rosalind hills/Raleigh court Roanoke VA Yes View Details
07/20/2014 Yorkshire Terrier Name is Toby, brown and black. Oakland Blvd. Neighborhood behind Preston Park View Details
07/18/2014 Car Lost on Garden City Blvd. 2 yrs, neutered, tabby and white, microchip, recently adopted from Angels of Assisi 3736 Garden City Blvd View Details
07/18/2014 american shorthair Approx 8/9 yrs old
Coloring white,tan,gold stripe,white belly
mouth on 1 side bad from teeth
tongue hangs out mostly
1308 dunmore st sw intersects with memorial ave 24015 Yes View Details
07/17/2014 Dog White Great Pyrenees lost. Goes by Nawny. Very friendly and wearing a black leather collar with pink "diamonds". She ran off while hiking Blue Ridge Parkway near Peakwood. Could have run off towards 220 area (IHOP, Chick fil a, Outback). View Details
07/17/2014 Great Pyrenees White fluffy Great Pyrenees. Goes by Nawny. Wearing black leather collar with "diamonds". Very sweet and friendly. Has cream markings on head. Lost on Blue Ridge Parkway trails near Peakwood in South Roanoke. May have cut through to 220 area near IHOP, Chick fil a, and Outback Steakhouse. View Details
07/17/2014 Yellow Male Tabby Cat Yellow Male Tabby Cat, 14 lbs, neutered, lost in Garden City/Yellow Mountain Rd/Roanoke County area. Classic yellow tabby with target markings on sides, white chest, four white paws, white tip of tail, and some white on face. Wearing blue collar with heart shaped nametag "Yellowstone", Rabies tag from Dallas, Texas. Last seen June 19, 2014. Garden City/Roanoke County Yes View Details
07/17/2014 Cat Female cat about 1.5 years old, primarily white with two big black spots on back and black tail, part of her face is black near her left eye. Her belly is all white. Her name is butters and she is fixed. She is short legged and a little fat. 1121 Dale Ave SE, Roanoke, Va 24013 View Details
07/15/2014 Red Tick Barbours Creek area in Newcastle. Broke chain and trailing bear in the Bald Mountain area last heard. approximately 8 months old. Name is TURBO. NewCastle, VA View Details
07/15/2014 Canine (Mutt) Damien is four years old, brown and black, intact and about knee-height/40 pounds. He sits oddly due to a hip injury as a puppy, has a curly tail, and is friendly with children and other animals. We recently moved from Roanoke, where my boyfriend still commutes for work, and I'm afraid Damien might have tried to follow him "home" and gotten stuck up there. Please contact me if you find him or have seen him! We miss him dearly and want him to come home. Willis, VA Yes View Details
07/14/2014 cat black cat. lost in penn forrest area. she is blind but very friendly. penn forrest Yes View Details
07/14/2014 Cat Solid charcoal, short hair cat, very friendly, decent sized cat but not fat, sleek and energetic, 5yrs old Crossroads area, south Yes View Details