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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
11/02/2014 pit bull Light brown and white. Very sweet. Name-Buffy Boyds rd. Draper VA Yes View Details
04/22/2014 catahoula Black and white male catahoula answers to Heineken has two different colored eyes one brown one blue Bradshaw road View Details
04/22/2014 lab Black lab answers to lancer Bradshaw road View Details
04/21/2014 beagle/chihuahua mix 12 lbs brown face with white around the nose, white chest, brown back with a white spot the size of a golf ball on her back recently spayed so her belly is shaved and the hair is growing. Richards View Lane off of Hardy Road near the railroad not far inside the Hardy line Yes View Details
04/21/2014 dog-boxer/lab Caramel colored with white chest. Answers to Diogi (D. O. G.) Loves people. Springwood rd, Buchanan. 8013 Springwood rd, Buchanan Yes View Details
04/21/2014 Cat Her name is Evie. She is a gray tabby cat. She has green eyes and is about 9lbs. She is small in her build. She has all of her claws and is spayed. Summerfield neighborhood in Roanoke County (near Bonsack) View Details
04/19/2014 Chihuahua Very lovable and friendly male chihuahua. He is tan in color with some white on him. His name is TJ, and he likes to bark but won't bite. If found PLEASE contact me. Thank you! Buena Vista Blvd. SE , roanoke Yes View Details
04/18/2014 Yorkie "Penny" Strother rd roanoke, va Yes View Details
04/17/2014 Cat White with gray spots small
Microchip 0A1327216F
greenwood rd View Details
04/14/2014 min pin He's brown and black. Lafayette and Massachusetts View Details
04/13/2014 poodle and cocker spaniel mixe Brown and white mixed breed with brown nose Raleigh court View Details
04/13/2014 Dog Small beige/brown long haired terrier about 15 lbs. Very sweet female named Lisa. Hollins University area View Details
04/12/2014 Long haired black cat Front claws removed, very friendly, green/yellow eyes, few white hairs on chest Brandywine Avenue off of Brambleton Yes View Details
04/11/2014 Cat Striped grey tabby; right eye is clouded over. Very affectionate; answers to Hemingway. Weighs about ten pounds. Fawn color underneath. 1607 Wayne St. Apt. 3, over by Williamson Road View Details
04/11/2014 dog white and black and a little brown with no collar long black nails male dog 4 years of age will be 5 this year cute brown eyes above the ankle a little chubby please contact us as soon as possible I had him for 5 years and love him to death so please contact me if you see him or found CENTER AND LOUDON AVE in ROANOKE VA View Details
04/11/2014 dog Brown and white med size dog shakes very badly needs mess answers to buster lost near fallon park area has a docked tail very sweet and loving if seen please call me 5263793 Southeast fallon park area Yes View Details
04/11/2014 Feline White with black markings 10 yr old male (neutered) cat named Kiefer was last seen about 10 pm Friday night. He is an indoor/outdoor cat. We have a cat door. 287 Martins Lane, Fincastle Yes View Details
04/10/2014 Germany short haired pointer My parents dog ran away that they are keeping for my brother who is currently away. She is a Germany short haired pointer that is mainly white with brown spots. She answers to the name Kaytee and is super friendly. She does have a hernia on her stomach area and around the age of 12 years old. Any information please contact me. Thanks so much. Se area View Details
04/10/2014 Poodle Mix just over 1 yr old, 65 - 70 lb. Great Pyrenees/Standard Poodle, primarily white with black on face and black spot on back; curly medium length coat (longer than in photo) lost with brown male Newfoundland/Standard Poodle Johns Creek area, Jefferson National Forest, near New Castle, VA Yes View Details
04/10/2014 Poodle mix 1 yr 4 mo old, 65 - 70 lb. Newfoundland/Standard Poodle, solid brown; curly medium length coat (longer than in photo) lost with white (and black) Great Pyrenees/Standard Poodle mix of approximately same size Johns Creek, Jefferson National Forest, near New Castle VA Yes View Details