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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
04/18/2015 Dog tan/brown/grey poodle mix The Orchards apartments 5360 Orchard Hill Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019 at the office. 540-977-6200, open Saturday until 3pm Yes View Details
04/17/2015 2 Labs - Black and an old Blon 2 labs Brambleton Ave across from coffee pot View Details
04/13/2015 cat Short hair gray and white spayed female cat.
No collar or microchip.
She has a small tattoo on the abdomen which indicates she is spayed.
Very sweet and talkative.
Salem, near Wildwood Road. Yes View Details
04/12/2015 Boxer Found boxer type female white chest and light brown with black nose... Called animal control it is being held there. Very sweet female her nipples are shown and has nodules in site on legs 2614 plantation rd ne Roanoke va View Details
04/08/2015 Poodle? Found running on Blue Bird Lane in Fincastle, VA. House trained dog. White hair. Maybe a poodle, but can't tell Blue Bird Lane in Fincastle, VA Yes View Details
04/07/2015 mixed--old--some boxey Have seen dog loose a couple of days not telling View Details
04/07/2015 Black Lab We were walking around Russlen Farms neighborhood and she followed us home. She is very young and sweet! Russlen Farms - Salem, VA View Details
04/07/2015 Black Lab We were walking around Russlen Farms neighborhood and she followed us home. She is very young and sweet! Russlen Farms - Salem, VA View Details
04/07/2015 Black Lab Found in the Russlen Farms neighborhood in Salem. Followed us home on our walk. Very sweet and friendly pup!! Salem, Va View Details
04/07/2015 Chocolate Lab Older looking dog with white hair around face Botetourt County; Blue Ridge/Mountain Pass Road area Yes View Details
04/06/2015 Chihuahua Small black chihuahua - starving & very skittish In the woods at the top of MacAfee's Knob Yes View Details
04/06/2015 Chihuahua I don't actually have this dog. I'm posting it from a facebook share but I can get in touch with the person that has it. This little girl is black, she has grey around her muzzle so she must be older. She looks like she was starving. Very thin. McAfee's Knob in Roanoke County, Virginia Yes View Details
04/03/2015 Dog Black and white Chihuahua mix, male not neutered. Not chipped. Rt. 460 Bonsack/Blue Ridge area at Webster Rd and Brookfield Subdivision. Yes View Details
03/31/2015 Chow/possibly mix Found older dog, looks like a chow or chow mix. She is light in color like apricot or dirty blonde. She probably weighs around 35+lbs. Her hair matted. She has some healed sores on her back. We had her checked and she appears not be micro-chipped. She is missing her family. On View Avenue off of Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke View Details
03/31/2015 Cat Long-haired grey/brown tabby cat found in Hunting Hills neighborhood. White nose & paws. No collar, no microchip. Please respond to identify this cat.
Hunting Hills neighborhood Yes View Details
03/30/2015 husky found at thriftway market troutville she appears to be young less than a year maybe 6 monthes
she has color of white grey/black
Thriftway at troutville View Details
03/30/2015 found @ 5:00 pm. Found near Hidden Valley Golf course on Keagy Rd. Yes View Details
03/28/2015 Dogs There are two stray dogs hanging around the bojangles on rt 220 next to outback in Roanoke va. One is black and white and the other is golden. They both look older and seem to be friends. They are going to get hit of someone does not retrieve them. They seem very sweet but I was not able to get close enough to the black and white one which is wearing a collar to see the tag. Bojangles on rt 220 next to outback in Roanoke. View Details
03/23/2015 yorkshire terrier This dog is running our neighborhood & I can't catch her. This dog is very skittish but keeps coming back to our yard. I would love to help him/her get home. Garst street/ haven off 419 View Details
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