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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
02/18/2017 dog 3 Male Beagles found in Northern Botetourt County.
All tri-color intact and probably less than a year old. No collars, tattoos, or identifying markings.
Soldiers Retreat Road
Eagle Rock, VA 24085
View Details
02/15/2017 cat Reported missing cat found same day! on Apple Blossom Lane Roanoke VA 24018. (please take down report) View Details
02/12/2017 Terrier ? Pure White; looks like Fox with long hair and long bushy tail. Likely an Inside pet. Showed up at my home about 5pm. and is hanging around in front waiting for Owner. Left Porch light on. Is smart but scared. I am NOT taking inside. Petty Acres, NE County View Details
02/10/2017 Feline Very sweet gray and white long hair cat with yellowish eyes. Doesn't appear to be full grown but still larger than a kitten (maybe a year old or less). Unfortunately, I am unable to keep him/her at my apartment so RCACP is taking great care of him/her (please contact them for information). Found under my car in the Regal Cinemas (Valley View) parking lot about 10pm last night. Yes View Details
02/09/2017 Pug maybe Brendal Cavespring View Details
02/07/2017 Beagle/Basset hound Running loose with a Blue Heeler mix Belle Ave Roanoke, VA 24012 Yes View Details
02/07/2017 1Beagle and1Blue Heeler The Beagle is a neutered male and had a broken runner hooked to his collar.The blue heeler mix is a female and they seem to be together as they are very comfortable with one another. Belle avenue between Pinnacle Ridge subdivision and Triple Crown estates in the roanoke/bonsack/vinton area. View Details
01/31/2017 Cat Tried to get near it, very skittish Mount Pleasant View Details
01/31/2017 Cat Black/white cat. Distinctive markings, very skittish. Mount Pleasant Yes View Details
01/27/2017 Canine Gold large dog Plantation road View Details
01/27/2017 Cat Orange Tabby with white markings 6oo Block Day Ave View Details
01/27/2017 Cat Yellow and seems to be well-fed and groomed. Friday night she was out in the cold wind and meowing constantly. Neighbor and I made a cozy box with blankets for her/him and left some food. She seems attracted to house across street from me, but I know they don't allow pets in that building 620 Day Avenue
Roanoke, VA 24016
View Details
01/25/2017 cat Young black cat, very friendly. near Roanoke Memorial hospital. View Details
01/21/2017 Hound/Doberman Please call and describe. Blue Ridge. Webster Brickyard Area. View Details
01/21/2017 Cat Small,black indoor cat. Very friendly. Mount Pleasant Yes View Details
01/20/2017 Black Cat Rescued from the original person on 1/24/17. Took to Vet today- No chip, unaltered male, 8-12 mo old. Had checked for Feline Leukemia & FIV Combo- Negative. Has a special marking to be identified. Home located behind Bent Mountain Bistro. View Details
01/17/2017 Chow/Golden Mix This fellow was wondering around our business all afternoon and came to our front door around 4 pm. We took him to vet to see if he was chipped but he wasn't. Found in Daleville at corner of Glebe/220. Glebe/220 in Daleville Yes View Details
01/16/2017 Dog Small black dog seen wondering on Dent Rd. About 7:00 pm. We were not able to catch the possible Yorkie mix, looked to be well taken care of. Tried to coax it but became more frightened and ran off into the woods with the fence down and across from the Minnick school. A roanoke county officer came out to try to help find it to no avail. We are keeping an eye out for the lil guy or girl. Dent Rd. Roanoke, VA near the Minnick school View Details
01/12/2017 dog Small shih tzu running around the 24th st Staffers Crossing area. Inside Kinsey Sign co fence. I put some good at the entrance gate. 24Th st nw near Shenandoah ave View Details
01/12/2017 Chihuahua Young sweet boy. Brown, black, and some white Williamson/Peterscreek Roanoke Va View Details
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