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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
08/02/2015 German shepherd mix German shepherd mix found on Route 311 in Roanoke County. One blue eye, very sweet, clearly an indoor dog. Please email, call or text to identify.

Roanoke County...Route 311 Yes View Details
08/02/2015 Shepherd mix This dog was found on Route 311 in Roanoke County. If you are the owner, please call to identify. Roanoke County...Route 311 Yes View Details
08/01/2015 feline 9lb. female tortoiseshell cat. Has been spayed. We took her to vet for checkup and rabies vac. Kentland Drive Roanoke County View Details
08/01/2015 Terrier mix (Yorkie & Alaskan She was found safe and sound! Thank you so much to Mr. Hinkle and the Regional Center for Animal Control & Protection! ?? feeling relieved. Found on Delaware Ave. NW Yes View Details
07/27/2015 Black short hair cat very friendly and vocal cat. floppy belly cave spring middle area. arlington hills View Details
07/26/2015 Beagle Beautiful female beagle in heat found in blue ridge on hickory falls rd. Hickory Falls Rd Blue Ridge Yes View Details
07/24/2015 Australian Shepherd Found female australian shepherd. Very sweet and personable. Please contact me if you know owners. Please provide vet records for proof of ownership. Hardy Road Dump Yes View Details
07/22/2015 Cat Small, black cat with bright yellow eyes. Extremely sweet and attention loving. Vinton View Details
07/20/2015 bassett hound Older male bassett hound. Right front leg deformity. 1140 Hamilton Ave SW Roanoke City View Details
07/20/2015 Canine Labrador 5-6 year old neutered yellow lab found Call Tracy 540-992-4218 Sunset Court Area 24019 Roanoke County View Details
07/19/2015 Dog Small brown and black male (unaltered). About 15 lbs and believe to be between 6 months and a year old. Has an injure to right eye. Very sweet and friendly. Found on Harborwood Rd, west Roanoke county, about a mile and half from Green Hill Park. Yes View Details
07/18/2015 Dog Black and White friendly dog found on Plantation Rd near the Shell station. Please share this post so that we may get it back to its owner. Plantation Rd.NE View Details
05/25/2015 CAT Large/Tan/ visably thin/Neutered and per Vet approximately 5-6 years old/missing one tooth that seems to be surgically removed/very friendly/loveable/obviously belonged to someone Bent Tree/Timberline/Colonial Avenue area View Details
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