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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
08/28/2013 chihuahua mix He is very small with large pointy ears, buggy eyes, and a very sweet disposition. He appears to be an older dog (about 5 or older). Brentwood in Roanoke County 24018 View Details
08/28/2013 Beagle mix Tan and white beagle/ mix Crescent Heights Neighborhood Yes View Details
08/23/2013 dog young brown/black female dog, with white patch on chest and paw. very sweet and well-behaved. corner of orange ave (460) and seibel dr. Yes View Details
08/23/2013 irish setter very sweet, friendly dog, seems to be probably at least 5 years old. well trained. In the gardens off of cotton hill (Rt. 221) cave spring area. View Details
08/21/2013 Lab mix Dark brown/auburn in color...with white chest an on his paw. 7950 Hollins Court Dr. Yes View Details
08/21/2013 Shepherd Mix Young, large, nuetered male shepherd mix dog found in North County - Call 540-915-2724 to identify and claim North County View Details
08/20/2013 cat siamese mix cat, female, declawed campbell and 8th ave, roanoke View Details
08/19/2013 Dog-Scottie Scottie dog found in Southwest Roanoke county. Has skin problem Rte. 221/ Coleman Road View Details
08/18/2013 Beagle mix White with light brown patches looks like she has been spade. Was on a yellow plastic over metal yard tie. Tillett rd Roanoke Va View Details
08/18/2013 Mix possibly Shepherd/collie Very loving sweet male dog. Not neutered. Affectionate and not skittish of contact. Listens well. He has been camping out at our home all day, sleeping on our porch. Is being fed and loved on by family. If this is your dog contact via email. We aren't keeping him chained up in case he lives near by and finds his way home. SE Roanoke, VA near Eastland Rd Yes View Details
08/18/2013 Dog- PUG Male Black ug Corner section of Edgewood Road and Brandon Road, Roanoke, VA 24015. Yes View Details
08/18/2013 dog He is a red/gold brindle & white pit. Young, very friendly, about 50-60 lbs. Roanoke View Details
08/14/2013 Dog Large young black male dog; not neutered; looks like cross between a Black Lab and a Great Dane (long legs).

Very friendly, sweet. Knows some commands.

No collar.
Found near downtown Roanoke at Higher Education Center off Wells Avenue. View Details
08/14/2013 dog small black and white dog found in montvale montvale, va View Details
08/11/2013 Basset hound very friendly, brown & white, long hair, jumped into my car with out any fear, seems to have a slight limp Found basset hound on Laymantown RD in Rainbow Forrest, Yes View Details
08/11/2013 dog Puppy boxer??? midway vinton View Details
08/10/2013 Border Collie Liver color. Intact male. Cave Spring Corners Yes View Details
08/09/2013 Dogs Found this yellow lab mix with his black lab puppy sister this morning, Friday August 9 around 9:15 am. Intersection of Terry Drive and Mountain View Road in Vinton View Details
08/09/2013 Dogs Found this black lab puppy with her yellow lab mix brother this morning, Friday August 9 at ..9:30 am. Intersection of Terry Drive and Mountain View Road in Vinton View Details
08/08/2013 dog small black unaltered male, very friendly SE View Details
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