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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
09/18/2018 Dog I witnessed this dog being dumped on side of road, the car was a red sedan with a broken tail light. when she saw my van approaching around the curve she jumped in vehicle and speeded away. I did not see a tag number. I was worried about the dog as he was standing in the middle of the road, confused it seemed and I was afraid he would get hit. Dante Mountain Rd, in Trammel, VA Yes View Details
09/17/2018 Pitbull Very friendly and clearly trained. White under her chin. Welton Ave, Roanoke VA 24015 View Details
09/17/2018 Pitbull Brindle pitbull with white streak on head Raleigh Court neighborhood Yes View Details
09/07/2018 Dog Deaf and has no teeth. 1110 Morgan Ave
Yes View Details
09/02/2018 Dog Small white poodle, looks like a toy poodle found on Hazelridge Rd around 2pm. She was overheated, no collar. Very friendly, she appears to still be a puppy. Hazelridge Rd near Friendship Manor. Yes View Details
09/01/2018 Canine Small ti medium breed dog. Appears to be a pug/spaniel mix Brambelton/ Grandin court View Details
08/25/2018 snouzer This dog was wondering along Peters Creek Road. It was very dirty and had obviously not eaten in a while. Peters Creek Road Yes View Details
08/22/2018 Cat - kitten Black kitten - 8 weeks old. Blue/grey eyes. Weighs 1.79 pounds. No fleas, no ear mites. Very friendly. She has stray white hairs on her front legs and a small patch of white on her belly neer her nethers. Has been taken to the vet to make sure she is ok and she has a clean bill of health. 5:30 AM 8/22/2018. Intersection of E Virginia Ave and S Pollard in Vinton. She was running in the street and nearly hit by three cars. View Details
08/18/2018 Dog Pit Bull My son found a young pit bull on Orange Ave. near the 19th St. CVS. Dog appears to have been out a while, very emaciated with ribs showing and very dirty. No collar. The dog is black and white, or chocolate and white. Very sweet. Roanoke Yes View Details
08/14/2018 Rabbit White, brown, black angora Brubaker dr roanoke county View Details
08/13/2018 Cat Black cat with small white patch on chest, long fluffy tail, very skinny, friendly Troutville, VA Yes View Details
08/12/2018 Cairn terrier or a mix He looks recently clipped on body. He is black, brown, and lot of gray/white. He is very friendly and loves other dogs. He seems for the most part obedient. 3400 block of Hillcrest Avenue NW Roanoke BA 24012 Yes View Details
08/07/2018 Pit mix All white female with one dark eyebrow Salem turnp8ke View Details
08/05/2018 Saint Bernard Mix Large Dog found in Montvale, VA. He is very friendly and followed me around. Red Collar but no tags. Anyone in the Roanoke or Bedford area missing him? He is very furry but very underweight. He appears to be some kind of St Bernard mix and has one blue eye. It honestly looks like he could have been traveling for some time because of the tangled fur and overgrown nails. I have him in a safe place. Montvale, VA Yes View Details
08/01/2018 Cat Grey and white Main Coon. Very sweet but scared. Looks healthy-visits is every day around 6pm Roanoke-Hollans, VA Yes View Details
07/29/2018 Dogs Salem near Roanoke College View Details
07/29/2018 Cat This sweet young orange tabby cat has been hanging around our house near downtown Vinton. Vinton Yes View Details
07/29/2018 Cat Sweet young orange tabby has been hanging around our house near downtown Vinton Vinton Yes View Details
07/29/2018 yellow labrador Very friendly large yellow labrador. She has a black mark on her head. Found in the Grandin area. Roanoke View Details
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