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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
11/14/2018 Cat Gray calico cat, VERY friendly. Has a soft meow. Really wants to come in from the cold! Troutville View Details
11/12/2018 Cat Unsure if male or female. Maybe about a year - 2 years old. Brown tabby with white paws and white underneath the neck. Old Cave Spring Rd in Southwest County Yes View Details
11/11/2018 Yellow lab 9 months approximately
Not fixed
Well groomed
Colonial road roundabout
Cave Spring United Methodist church parking lot.
View Details
11/10/2018 Boxer mix? This dog has been living in the woods near my house (near Lakewood Park in Roanoke) for a couple of months now. Very skittish and skinny. Appears to be part boxer. Neutered male, white with a brown patch on his back near his docked tail. Has a collar with what appears to be a transmitter. I am putting food out for him to try to get him to come to me. Roanoke Yes View Details
11/08/2018 cat Very friendly, very talkative male cat. He is long-haired orange with some white on paws and rear legs. He seems to want to come inside, but then leaves quickly. Roanoke County; Brookfield subdivision in Mt. Pleasant, just behind the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department Yes View Details
11/08/2018 cat Orange male, probably neutered. He is VERY friendly and talkative. Likes to be inside but is probably an indoor/outdoor cat. Medium to long hair. He is a wonderful cat, but I cannot keep due to allergies. Roanoke County, Mt. Pleasant area off of rt 116 Yes View Details
11/07/2018 Cat Black and white(tuxedo), Scared, but seems used to people. Very vocal. Glade Creek Apartments Yes View Details
11/06/2018 Yorkie poo Yorki poo black with curly hair white patch on chest. Ceasar Boy. Blue ridge View Details
11/05/2018 2 Kittens Two kittens (about 4 weeks old) found in Vinton. Landlord does not allow pets. I cannot care for them. One is all black and the other is all grey. Vinton off Marlou st View Details
10/28/2018 cat Black all over, whiskers are black, nose is black, paws are black, looks about 1 year old, very friendly Troutville, Rainbow Forest, Rainbow Estates, Laymantown Road area Yes View Details
10/27/2018 Staffshire terroir Mostly white with grey spots on both eyes and on his back and butt (large grey splotches not speckled) Super sweet un-neutered male very friendly with my pug and other dogs walking down the street, seemed like he was looking for his family. He wagged his tail tons very strong boy. Gave lots of kisses, we fed him and gave him some water while knocking on doors then called animal
Control. And is now at the shelter
Off of verndale and plantation rd Yes View Details
10/24/2018 Cat Male gray tabby ran into my house this morning. Cold and hungry but otherwise fine. Safe here with us. NW Roanoke View Details
10/21/2018 Cat White and gray cat with darker colored tail - at the Hanging Rocking Battlefield Trail across from Billy's Barn. Unable to get too close due to walking my dog. Did not see collar Hanging Rock Battlefield Trail North - near Thompson Memorial Rd & Kessler Mill Rd intersection Yes View Details
10/19/2018 Dog Brown Chihuahua looking dog found near Webster Rd, friendly and wearing collar Webster Rd Yes View Details
10/18/2018 Cat large black & white long haired; Very friendly. Found on Westover Ave. Waiting for pick up with Roanoke City Animal Control. Roanoke City View Details
10/14/2018 pug mix small very friendly, seems older with grey on muzzle. Pug maybe pug mix Roanoke 24017 View Details
10/09/2018 Pekingnese White, well groomed. Neutered female pekingnese. Turned over to Roanoke County police. Near the Food Lion store on Hollins Rd. Corner of Plantation and Hollins Rd. View Details
10/09/2018 Canine Black dog, neutered. Found in the middle of road soaking wet and tired.
He is at Angels of Assisi
Roanoke County Garden City View Details
10/07/2018 Dog (black lab) Adult male black lab. Older gentleman with graying at muzzle, sweet personality. Arthritis. Roanoke (near Cave Spring Middle School on Brambleton Ave) View Details
10/04/2018 pitbull mix orange pitbull mix, shorter stature, not neutered, doesn't bark but humps and whines. Super friendly. dark ring around neck, white belly. ROANOKE - but may have first been found in Radford View Details
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