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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
01/30/2014 dog he is a male dog german shepherd husky he has a butterfly shape on his chest he's 4 years old Roanoke virginia southeast View Details
01/28/2014 Dog Mostly black pit bull mix, being held as a stray at Hanging Rock Animal Hospital. Roanoke County Yes View Details
01/24/2014 Collie mix Looks like a collie mix. Large dog redish blonde Vinton View Details
01/23/2014 Hound Brindled female who recently had puppies. Golden eyes. Mountain View Neighborhood. Corner of 10th, Marshall, and Ferdinad Yes View Details
01/20/2014 Lab dog Black female Lab about 50lbs wearing a red collar Rainbow Forrest area View Details
01/17/2014 cat Cat has been staying in my yard for over a month...even in the bitter cold. She is gray and very friendly once she knows you. Just off Boxley Rd. Northway Dr., Roanoke View Details
01/09/2014 Retriever Looks to be an older male retriever, possible lab. Coloring is light tan-ish with shades of darker tan/orange. Appears to be neutered. Brought him to the emergency hospital to see if he was microchipped, but he is not. Very sweet and playful. Very friendly. found on Crumpacker Dr by the Orchards on the Roanoke/Bonsack border Yes View Details
01/08/2014 Black Lab Mix Black Lab Mix with a curly tail. Mainly black with a white chest. Has a very boxy head. Found at the corner of Rose Ridge and 43 in Botetourt County. View Details
01/08/2014 cat Long haired Black Cat. Looks to be a year old or younger. Very sociable, likes drinking water out of the faucet. She stays outside mostly but we've been bringing her in at night due to cold weather. We cannot keep her since our own Kitty doesn't want a sibling. We live on Shadylawn Ave nw Roanoke near Breckinridge school. View Details
01/03/2014 Dog Found in Roanoke City. Currently being held as a stray at Angels of Assisi. Roanoke City Yes View Details
01/03/2014 Cat Small black cat with a few white hairs. Golden eyes. Very sweet. Found on Memorial Ave near Grandin Village. Memorial Ave, near Grandin Village View Details
01/03/2014 Dog Found small/medium size female dog. She seems healthy. I am guessing she is at least 5 or so years as her muzzle is showing some graying. Very friendly towards people, including children. Does not seem to like cats or other dogs. Acts like she is used to being indoors (jumps and lays on couch like that is where she belongs). Enjoys car rides and acts like she is used to them. Seems to be house trained, at least partially. Doesn't enjoy being crated but tolerates it. Is leash trained. Seems to be very smart (knows how to use her nose to unlatch a gate). 9th street SE by the BP gas station. View Details
12/28/2013 White cat Very friendly and outgoing cat wandered right up onto the porch. Appears to be well fed but is very dirty. Has to be someone's pet! He seems to really love people and wanted to come inside immediately. Wasena neighborhood, right by Wasena park. Yes View Details
12/26/2013 cat Had an smaller adult sweet gray tabby with white feet coming to our house in the Barrington Rd/Fairhope Rd area of NW Cinty each day the week of 12/22 sometimes morning and sometimes at night. Very friendly and tried to come into house when doors were opened and allowed me to pick it up to put it in carry crate. It liked to stalk my dog and I when we would go out to walk and the dog kept trying to catch it causing me to fall on 12/26 am. It returned 12/26 night and I called animal control to pick it up. If you are missing this cute kitty, please call the animal shelter. I hated to turn it in, but it was dangerous for me to have it around the house since my dog was very difficult to control inside and outside when it was around. Not sure of sex. NW Roanoke (Barrington Rd/Fairhope Rd) View Details
12/16/2013 miniature ? Has a dog ID number but the company says the number is not registered. Looks like there was another tag that might have come off. Dog is very small, very quiet, very friendly. Curly hair, gray and brown. Off Brandon Road, Rosalind Hills area. Yes View Details
12/15/2013 canine A slightly overweight white dog.Appears to be a Bichon or a mix. About 25 pounds. We think she is female but not sure. She is very sweet,clean and friendly. She seems to like our cats and they aren't freaked out by her. Harborwood Road near Gladden Road in Roanoke county. View Details
12/13/2013 Beagle mix Found near Woodscrossing on Starkey Rd. Very friendly. Please call 540-293-3188 Starkey Rd Yes View Details
12/13/2013 Beagle mix Very friendly male found off of Starkey Rd near Woodscrossing. Starkey Rd off of 419 Yes View Details
12/13/2013 Dog Neutered male. Very friendly. Being held at Angels of Assisi. Found on Meadowcrest St, Roanoke County Yes View Details
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