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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
02/23/2015 some kind of small terrier He was found on small bridge on 10th street near rugby. Wet and scared. He is very friendly and has not been fixed. 10th street near rugby View Details
02/23/2015 Cat I believe this kitty is a female. It is a calico. Kind of a light color calico? Very sweet and loving. Fluffy cat and fluffy tail. She is not very big. Found on Templeton Ave NE Yes View Details
02/23/2015 some kind of small terrier Very friendly healthy 10th st near rugby ave View Details
02/23/2015 Canine male Yorkie (terrier) or mix; Small to medium sized in tact male. Found on 10th ST close to Rugby Avenue near the bridge (in the middle of traffic). Collar is light brown with two silver studs - Scanned for a microchip at AOA no microchip found. DOG FOUND AND SCANNED ON 2/23/15 10th ST. close to Rugby Avenue near the bridge around 4:30-4:45 PM View Details
02/24/2015 Cat Stripped calico, very friendly. She had been hit by a car we took here to the vet and she's doing great. We cannot have cats so we won't be able to keep her long and will look for an adoption center. She's a year old maybe younger. She is not fixed. Goodview Yes View Details
02/24/2015 lab/pit Black, Male, super awesome Grandin Road View Details
02/26/2015 2 Black Dogs Two dogs running loose in the Old Mountain Road area of NE Roanoke. Several neighbors have said these two are often running loose together. No one knows who they belong to. The dogs are very friendly. Male, neutered.

#1 was shivering from the snow and ice. As I searched for the owners, I met dog #2 who followed me home. The dogs may belong together. I can tell they are well behaved and affectionate. I hope the owners will ensure dog's have collars and tags and hopefully a microchip. Old Mountain Road is a dangerous and I'm concerned about safety.

Other neighbors have told me these two dogs are visiting other resident's yards which causes territorial issues for other pets. These sweeties need to be on a leash. Perhaps they accidentally ran away...or maybe there is a hole in the fence. ??
Old Mountain Road area of NE Roanoke, VA 24019 Yes View Details
02/26/2015 lab mix medium size black lab mix with boxy face.
not microchipped.
raleigh court View Details
02/27/2015 Dog Black and white with a little brown. Maybe a walker hunting dog. Very friendly. Large dog. One mile past James River High school Yes View Details
02/28/2015 Cat White/Cream cat with blue eyes Found in SE Roanoke near Mill Mountain/Carilion Yes View Details
03/02/2015 Dogs Two dogs wandering around in front of our house in NW Roanoke.

One looks like a beautiful light brown German Shepherd type dog; the other is a little dog, maybe pug type and mostly black. The large one appears to be wearing collar but no tags. Can't see collar on the small one. They are staying together and keep going up to neighborhood carports/porches. My husband tried to call them to our enclosed porch to look for tags but the dogs looked at him but would not come to him. They do not seem aggressive at all.
Showalter Rd. in NW Roanoke. They are still loose. View Details
03/02/2015 Dog This dog has been missing for at least 4 months. Male rat terrier or chihuahua. Not neutered. White with brown ears and very light brown patch behind eyes. Very skinny but that may be because he was on his own for so long. Very friendly. Couldnt keep him because my youngest dog is territorial inside the house but he came to play with my dogs daily. I dropped him off at Roanoke Regional Animal Control today. Clifton St NW Yes View Details
03/03/2015 Cat Angels is holding cat until 03/09 as a stray. Found in Botetourt 13th st Buchanan Yes View Details
03/06/2015 Dog Brown / Tan Terrier and Lab mix, Adult.
Main St in Buchanan Yes View Details
03/06/2015 ?pit/hound mix? Running lose on a very busy street. Very nice dog. Found on Brambleton Avenue at Mr. Bill's Wine Cellar. Yes View Details
03/07/2015 Dog White/tan pit bull. Friendly. Large dog SE Roanoke View Details
03/09/2015 Dog Found brown/golden and black small breed of dog. Bandy road View Details
03/11/2015 Terrier mix Black and tan, not neutered, no microchip. 17-20 lbs. Very sweet and friendly. Campbell and 10th street Yes View Details
03/12/2015 Dog..... White small dog. Not sure of breed. Possible shitzu North lakes View Details
03/12/2015 Pit bull Black pit bull with a white stripe down his neck. Obedient and crate trained West Roanoke county View Details
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