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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
07/31/2013 Chihuahua Fawn colored Grandin Village, Roanoke, Va Yes View Details
07/31/2013 Beagle Male about 20 lbs found off Williamson rd and hershberger rd area. Brown and white with mostly white chest and front legs, has brown eyes and nose. Contact Amanda 540-312-3445 Roanoke city View Details
08/01/2013 rabbit domestic white rabbit found living under trailer at worksite. Precision Fabrics Group - Vinton View Details
08/01/2013 pit bull very friendly well trained pit tan with pink nose shawsville View Details
08/03/2013 mix-small-older Older dog, maybe a jack russell-hound mix? Wearing collar. No tag. From Christie Lane running down Sugar Loaf Mtn Rd. Traveling with black (pit bull mix??). Could not find the black dog but the older jumped in our car and is very friendly. SW Roanoke County. Sugar Loaf Mtn area. View Details
08/04/2013 Dog Tan and white adult pit bull Old SW Roanoke near Franklin Rd. View Details
08/04/2013 Yellow Tabby Cat Beautiful young and loving yellow tabby cat. Ruritan Road area. Yes View Details
08/04/2013 Kitten Grayish with some tan spots on the body. Appears to be about 3 mos old (12 weeks). Very sweet. Follows us around everywhere. We rescued her from our church parking lot on Sunday morning. North Roanoke Baptist Church on Peters Creek Rd. North Roanoke Baptist Church on Peters Creek Rd. Yes View Details
08/05/2013 dog Yorkshire Terrier wandered onto my property and tried to chase my moving car. It appeared she was with another dog. The other dog was shy and ran away, but it was a white or buff colored ,pekingese or shih tzu breed of dog.
I was terrified that the dogs would be hit by the speeding cars on Rt. 24, so I have the Yorkie. Hopefully, the other is safe, somewhere.
RT 24 View Details
08/05/2013 Canine Sweet unspayed female dog. 25 lbs, short hair, black with white on chest and feet. Approximately 1 year old. Very sweet and social dog that appears to come from a loving home. Found on Twelve Oclock Knob Rd a few miles from Rt. 221. She appears to have been in the woods for a couple days at least. View Details
08/06/2013 Mixed huskie/golden or lab One blue eye one brown. Yellow white fur. Spot of brown fur on tail body has been shaved Cave spring View Details
08/08/2013 dog small black unaltered male, very friendly SE View Details
08/08/2013 Dog FOUND INJURED DOG - ROANOKE CITY. Yellow Mtn Rd near Wellington (rd that leads to So Rke Co/RMH from Garden City) on Thursday 8/8 at 5:30PM. Female, 30-35 lbs, had been hit by car. Yellow Mtn Rd near Wellington (Roanoke City) Yes View Details
08/09/2013 Dogs Found this yellow lab mix with his black lab puppy sister this morning, Friday August 9 around 9:15 am. Intersection of Terry Drive and Mountain View Road in Vinton View Details
08/09/2013 Dogs Found this black lab puppy with her yellow lab mix brother this morning, Friday August 9 at ..9:30 am. Intersection of Terry Drive and Mountain View Road in Vinton View Details
08/10/2013 Border Collie Liver color. Intact male. Cave Spring Corners Yes View Details
08/11/2013 Basset hound very friendly, brown & white, long hair, jumped into my car with out any fear, seems to have a slight limp Found basset hound on Laymantown RD in Rainbow Forrest, Yes View Details
08/11/2013 dog Puppy boxer??? midway vinton View Details
08/14/2013 Dog Large young black male dog; not neutered; looks like cross between a Black Lab and a Great Dane (long legs).

Very friendly, sweet. Knows some commands.

No collar.
Found near downtown Roanoke at Higher Education Center off Wells Avenue. View Details
08/14/2013 dog small black and white dog found in montvale montvale, va View Details
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