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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
07/15/2013 Rabbit Two rabbits Pebble Creek Apartment Homes, Cave Spring, SW Roanoke County
View Details
07/16/2013 boxer Boxer mix, friendly. Eden ave. near Starkey Rd. View Details
07/16/2013 African Spurred Tortoise Please call to describe the size and special markings Bedford va View Details
07/16/2013 Dog White female with bill/tan spots around the eyes. Very sweet probably had a litter in the past. Traveling w/ male. Been on the run awhile covered in ticks. Route 122/116 Wirtz Va area Yes View Details
07/16/2013 Dog Found this little guy off the parkway in Botetourt while it was raining one day. He is very sweet and gentle. Brown and white, white tip on tail, floppy brown ears. Yellow and greyish eyes. Very beautiful dog! I know if someone lost this sweet fellar they must really be missing him right now. Off the parkway in Botetourt Yes View Details
07/17/2013 Canine Black male, white on chest. Looks like a young lab mix. Blue collar with no tags. Intact 220 near clear brook gas station View Details
07/17/2013 Pitt Bull or Pitt Bull Mix Super sweet female dark brindle- young. Shock collar battery is flashing green still. At the intersection of Sylvan Rd. and Happy Trail Yes View Details
07/18/2013 Mixed breed pit Two dogs found together. They get along really well so we think they were in the same household. One is a female, so smart and sweet, tannish brown in color, looks like a mix between a pit/boxer/lab, maybe 50 lbs. The other is a white puppy with dark spots, big paws but she's a little one right now. Think she's a pit mix.
I really want to find their owner. I can send you pictures if you think they are yours.
Found on Tayloe ave in SE Roanoke View Details
07/19/2013 Kitten Black and white kitten around the age 4-6 months old. Kind of looks like he has a mustache. Richland Ave NW off couple streets over from Williamson Rd. Behind Berglund Credit Line View Details
07/19/2013 Small Beagle Mix? Mainly tan with darker fur on back and white markings on chest and feet. Very sweet. Northwalk Dr/Bentley Park area in North County. Yes View Details
07/21/2013 french buldog 5-6 mo old, black, white chest, short tail, bat ears, short nose. Godley Station, Pooler, GA 31322 View Details
07/21/2013 Boxer Brown/White fur, Medium Size Hurt Park View Details
07/22/2013 dog Mostly tan with some white, small to medium sized with large ears. Very friendly. Found off of Vernon behind the Family Dollar near Fallon park View Details
07/22/2013 Blue heeler Sweet dog with large black spot on back Adjacent to blue ridge parkway near cotton hill and shingle ridge, mallard lake subdivision View Details
07/22/2013 dog/Blue Heeler sweet dog with large black spot on back mallard lake subdivision near parkway off of shingle ridge and cotton hill View Details
07/26/2013 Beagle small beautiful beagle black, tan and white very sweet made her self right at home weighs around 20 lbs. Botetourt area off Catawba 779 in the green acre areas View Details
07/27/2013 Pomeranian Small black dog - Pomeranian Ellett Road and Lusters Gate in Blacksburg/Ellett Valley, Virginia Yes View Details
07/29/2013 unknown Two matching breed dogs seen by hidden valley middle school track. No collars. One was grayish black and the other tan. Shaggy. Look like pure breeds. Hvhs track. Unable to contain. View Details
07/29/2013 dog-Pomeranian Black male Pomeranian showed up at our house possibly Sunday night 7/28. Very sweet and friendly, body is shaved, no collar, brown eyes Troutville, Sunset Ave/Twin Oak Drive area View Details
07/30/2013 Canine Spayed female found off of Bent Mountain Road. Hound mix, probably Bassett? About 12-14 weeks old; still has baby teeth. Mostly black, but has some white markings. Front legs are more-so white with black spots. Very sweet! Recently spayed (tummy still shaved) and has a spay scar and green spay tattoo on belly. No microchip. Staying with a great family for the time being, but they are anxious to find this sweet girl's owner! Can e-mail picture if needed. Off of Bent Mountain Road (24018) View Details
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