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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
09/09/2015 Cat Young black and brown tabby cat found in the Blue Ridge area of Botetourt County. Friendly but aloof. May be deaf Blue Ridge Yes View Details
09/10/2015 small lab/hound mix small brown young female maybe about 20 lbs. sweet. orangish eyes. View Details
09/10/2015 Dog Please call, text or email if you have any information. Woodhaven Road, off Peters Creek Road. North Roanoke area Yes View Details
09/10/2015 Cat Young black and brown tabby with green eyes. Friendly but aloof. May be deaf. Age: unknown but probably not full grown Parkview Drive, Blue Ridge in Botetourt County Yes View Details
09/11/2015 Kitten A dilute calico about 3 to 4 months old with half of a tail.
Botetourt county area View Details
09/11/2015 hound/hunting type young hound with markings like a blue tick or possibly Australian something, with long skinny tail that curls up. He wandered into yard on Newport Rd., Catawba, Va. View Details
09/13/2015 Pit bull Gray (blue), female, clipped ears, has had puppies in the past, well fed, head injury, very sweet. Turkey branch rd. Westover, MD View Details
09/14/2015 Dog VERY friendly male Beagle.
Older with a graying face.
Wearing a collar but no tags.
Found running loose near the West End Center for Youth Downtown.
Found running loose near the West End Center for Youth Downtown.
The corner of Patterson Avenue SW and 13th Street.
View Details
09/17/2015 Canine Pom Mix? Dog found on Hillcrest Rd wearing blue worn nylon collar. Adult appears to be a pomeranian mix, female. Contact Steve 309-2386 Hillcrest Yes View Details
09/20/2015 Shepherd mix Small-med about 40 to 50lbs female shepherd mix. Skiddish and timid at first, very sweet and affectionate. Was said to have been seen running with a black dog, maybe pit bull type. I have no idea about the black dog.
Shepherd mix is safe, had dinner and of course slept inside with my other pups.
She ate breakfast this morning and is fine - drinks a lot.
Will be taken to vet this morning for microchip scan.
Please call to identify
Across 419 from AllState Bldg View Details
09/20/2015 West Highland Terrier Found running on Williamson Rd; Appears to have some type of allergy with extreme hair loss. Adult, neutered male. Wearing E-Collar. Contact Myra 525-5462 Off Williamson Rd Yes View Details
09/21/2015 Cat Long-haired calico female with black tiger stripes. She has four white paws and a white belly. Very friendly, and well fed. Found in the neighborhoods behind Walmart in the Bonsack area of Roanoke. Yes View Details
09/25/2015 mix breed/short hair Female pup (4-6 months), non-spayed. Thin, lanky, black short, shiny haired. Has a bit of white on the nose, white tipped tail, floppy ears, four white paws with black speckles on them. Very sweet. Russlen Drive, Salem, Va. in the Russlen Farms Subdivision. Yes View Details
09/26/2015 Cat Declawed grey cat found in Applewood Estates View Details
09/30/2015 Dog Friendly, energetic young male. Knows simple commandos. Multi-brown. Hound pitt bull mix? See picture Elliston, VA Yes View Details
09/30/2015 Mixed breed Older, Black and Tan, well trained and taken care of. Came to our porch around 9:30 pm on 9/30/15. 2303 Carter road sw Roanoke va 24015 View Details
10/05/2015 dog think this is Black Mouth Cur. Very sweet. not dog or food aggression at all. intersection of North Lakes Dr. and Eveningwood in North Lakes subdivision located off of Peters Creek Rd, in North Roanoke County, Roanoke, Va View Details
10/06/2015 Cat Female cat, looks to be half Persian and possibly half Russian Blue in coloring. Long hair on tail, tufts in ears. Young, possibly less than a year old. Soft, dove grey in coloring with small, almost square white patch on upper chest, larger white patch on lower belly area, reddish 'streak' down spine, green-gold with copper eyes.

Extremely friendly, does not seem to like dogs, or other cats. Looks to have had kittens fairly recently (is still lactating). Have seen no evidence of kittens or active nursing.

Neighbors say she has been in the area for a minimum of 3 weeks now, before she finally showed up in my yard.
Sweetbrier Ave SW/ Brambleton AVE area, migrating up towards Hollowell, near Sweetbrier Apartments and back again. Yes View Details
10/07/2015 shih tzu short hair. white w/dark grey ears and around eyes Thompson Memorial rd. in Salem, Va. View Details
10/10/2015 cat Black and white cat. On my porch. 719 westside blvd Roanoke va 24017 View Details
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