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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
10/14/2015 Dog Black/White medium dog (Beagle) StarkeyRoad area View Details
10/17/2015 Dog possibly plot hound - brindle, about 1 year old Old MTn oad View Details
11/08/2015 cat Found about two weeks ago. Solid black. Very loving. Small and kind of thin. Looks young. May be a male that is fixed. I am not good at sexing cats. It wants to come in the house and my dog is not having it. NE Roanoke City Yes View Details
11/18/2015 Dog (Min Pin X) 6 to 12 months old, 10 pounds, neutered male. Rutgers Drive NW, Roanoke Yes View Details
11/20/2015 Gray / black striped cat with white paws along with 4 other stray cats suddenly appeared in Georgetown neighborhood of Cave Spring. Staying on various house front stoops on Greencliff Rd. Yes View Details
11/21/2015 Cat Large Gray male cat . Not striped but has some variation in Gray coloring--sort of marbled. Clearly has been someone's pet but is somewhat afraid of contact. Franklin Rd and Wonju SW View Details
11/21/2015 long haired cat Very affectionate long haired orange and white cat. Seems to be indoor cat and is very well groomed. King St. Vinton View Details
11/22/2015 kitty Beautiful black and white kitty. Somewhere @ 6-10 months old. 1 special feature that will need to be identified South Roselawn. View Details
11/22/2015 dog Gray and white intact male. Possibly a pit mix. Very sweet, but skittish. Skin irritation on his back near his tail. Wandering several roads in Raleigh Court/Grandin Road area. Also may have been seen off Brambleton near Coffee Pot several days earlier. View Details
11/27/2015 Cat Yellow and white, short haired, white paws, very sweet 5507 castle rock road Roanoke View Details
11/29/2015 cat orange tabby.young maybe 6 to 9 months old very friendly,sweet and loving.Someoone must be missing her greatly!She is a wonderful kitty!! corner of Bandy Rd and Rockingham Rd View Details
11/30/2015 dog Small lap dog. Well groomed. Was found at 9:45am near Garst Mill Park. He was wearing a blue and black/white checkered sweater. No tags or collar. On Willowlawn Rd near Garst Mill Park. View Details
12/02/2015 Cat Little white and brown cat (possibly Himalayan) found in Windsor West area with no collar. Has tumor/scar tissue under nose. Very calm with humans. Animal control picked him/her up to protect from our dog. Please contact them to get your kitty back! Windsor West View Details
12/05/2015 Cat White cat black gray spots Roanoke county Yes View Details
12/08/2015 Cat Female Orange Tabby Cat, maybe a year old. Sweet as can be. Mcdonalds in Troutville Yes View Details
12/08/2015 Husky/yellow lab mix? One blue eye one brown eye Bradshaw road, Salem VA View Details
12/10/2015 cat Black and White short haired tuxedo cat.Yellow eyes,white paws
Looks like he may have had a collar.He is friendly
Brambleton Ave....Deli,and hardware store area..roanoke View Details
12/16/2015 Dog Pitbull foun don aragona dr Vinton, Dyllon Woods Subdivision. He is very friendly and approached to me as soon I called him. He is at my house but cannot keep him because I travel friday. Please contact me as soon as possible. He is brown brindle mix with white pawns and chest. Aragona dr Vinton Yes View Details
12/17/2015 Pretty markings, hound mix, maybe blue tick with two large circles on back, one on lower back and one over back and tail. body mostly white and grey flecks with pretty face brown and black and a dark upside down heart at base of head. Dark paws. came to our house on Pinnacle Train in Craig County, Route 42, seemingly attached to our grey Chevy van parked out side. View Details
12/19/2015 Cat Gray cat, large, white paws Salem, VA Yes View Details
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