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11/19/2013 Maltese? Found a white maltese (maybe?) with a brown nose. Heā??s definitely older and has brown spots that can be seen through his fur. He seems like he might have some trouble with his vision as well. Heā??s super friendly and barks when he gets excited. Iā??m fairly positive heā??s been neutered. Shell station on Plantation Rd in Roanoke View Details
11/17/2013 australian shephard found a very friendly young Australian shepherd tonight. she is very friendly, mainly white with red and brown spots, blue eyes Palaski, Roanoke View Details
11/15/2013 pit bull/rottweiler Dog was found at 7:00 AM on 11/15/2013. Very thin. Appeared to have a hurt back leg/paw. Sugarloaf Mountain Rd near Longridge neighborhood View Details
11/15/2013 dog Took to vet and checked for microchip and found none. He's generally quiet, weak, very thin and walks gingerly on back legs.

This is a second post, as I did not have a picture for the first post.
Found on Sugarloaf Mtn Rd in Southwest Roanoke County near Longridge neighborhood. View Details
11/06/2013 Dog Dachshund, young female (1 year or less?), brindle colored. Probably 10-15 pounds. No microchip - took her to Angels of Assisi, but they do not keep stray animals, so we're holding onto her until we locate the owner. Found in Roanoke City, wandering around the Wasena Park area on Wednesday 11/6/13 at about 8:30 am. Yes View Details
11/05/2013 Australian Cattle Dog Breed Found in the Herman L. Horn Area, Vinton, Va on 11/05/2013 Is spending time in backyard to stay out of busy road. Is well behaved and loving. Vinton, Herman L. Horn School area Mountain View road Yes View Details
11/05/2013 Basset Hound Found this basset hound on Brambleton Avenue near Papa John's pizza. He's doing well at our home. We'll keep him for a few days, if no one claims him, we'll take him to the shelter. Roanoke, Brambleton Avenue near Papa John's. View Details
11/04/2013 Dog She is a white dog with a black face and a few light black spots on her back. She is about 50lbs and very sweet. She's playful, but can be a bit timid around people at first. Woods Ave in SW Roanoke, Va. Right off of Franklin Road. Yes View Details
11/04/2013 cat Small, sleek, short haired mostly black cat, with some brown. Gold eyes, friendly, meows. Hanging around our house and it's too cold for it to be outside! If you're in my area and think this petite little feline is yours, please contact me. Rosecrest road in the Cave Spring area of Roanoke County View Details
11/02/2013 dog Chihuahua White female Chihuahua with brown spots on her ears. Very friendly. Botetourt South Orchards subdivision View Details
11/01/2013 Cat Orange kitten found outside our house tonight. Was hungry and thirsty, looks like a small wound on it's nose is healing. Very loving and affectionate. 7412 Bradshaw Rd Salem VA Yes View Details
11/01/2013 Pit Bull He is a really sweet dog. He was in the middle of the road and almost got run over. He is super friendly and loving! He must have an owner somewhere?? intersection of Route 11 and Pico Drive near Buchanan. Yes View Details
10/29/2013 Coon Hound very friendly
call to identify
Buchanan VA View Details
10/28/2013 Tabby Neutered good health domesticated seems like a house cat Gray with black stips and spot like Bengal Cat Hollins University Hollins area View Details
10/27/2013 Corgie Mix tan and white corgie mix. overweight and difficulty walking. older dog, maybe 8 or 9 years old Blue Ridge Parkway between Roanoke and Bedford View Details
10/27/2013 Black Mixed Lab Dog Black mixed lab dog found early Sunday morning on 10/27/13 along Route 11 on Main Street in Buchanan. Dog was found near D&J Produce by a nice lady traveling though our area who saved the dog from being almost hit by a truck. The dog was wearing a blue collar, but did not have a tag. Animal Control was called and the dog was taken to the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection. Extremely nice and well mannered dog. If this is your dog or if you know who she/he belongs to, please contact RCACP shelter. Main Street Rt. 11 in Buchanan Virginia near D&J Produce Yes View Details
10/25/2013 beagle male, neutered, tri-colored beagle found in front of Kmart on Hershberger. He is EXTREMELY sweet. He is wearing a collar, but no tags. Kmart on Hershberger View Details
10/25/2013 Doberman Pinscher This beautiful Doberman was found in Roanoke City in the South East area - It has been brought to the Regional Center for animal control and protection and is being held as a stray there. Please contact them at 344-4922 to redeem your dog. SE Roanoke Yes View Details
10/24/2013 Boxer Boxer probably about 2 years old with a full tale. fawn colored, white chest unnetered male ā?? found Fort Avenue near main st ā?? call Margaret @ 803-210-6113 found today. Fort Avenue near Main St View Details
10/23/2013 german shepherd mix??? We found this female in the 1900 block of Windsor Ave, SW in Raleigh Court on Wednesday, October 23rd at 3PM. She is approx 35-40 lbs and has the coloring of a German Shepherd but not the facial features. She is very friendly. Please call if you have any information. 1900 Block of Windsor Ave, SW in RALEIGH COURT View Details
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