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Please check our Lost Pet List to see if the pet You've found matches any of the pets reported missing. If the pet has not been reported lost on our Lost Pet List please add the pet to our Found Pet List. Thank you for taking a moment to make sure a lost pet finds their way home.

Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
07/24/2014 dog Found two dogs. One Lab and the other one a Basset. The Lab is blonde, big and beautiful. The Lab is friendly and the Basset just tolerates you. They are both wearing similar collars but different in color. The Lab is a male and I cannot tell what the Basset is. Can't tell if either of them have been neutered. Welches Run Rd, about one mile down from Bonsack Walmart right off of 460 behind the Food Lion. View Details
07/23/2014 Cat Shorthair cat. A light buff color with some white markings on chest. Cat is declawed and has a mark on its nose. Yellow eyes. 4000 Block Garst Mill Rd, corner of Larsen Lane above Garst Mill Park. View Details
07/23/2014 Shorthair Feline Buff colored declawed female cat. Some white markings. Corner Garst Mill Rd and Larsen Lane in Roanoke County. View Details
07/22/2014 Dog Large, older male dog. Brindle coat. Friendly. Seemed confused/disoriented/lost. Morgan's Miill Rd. in Goodview, VA Yes View Details
07/22/2014 dog White and black female beagle mix. Graying hair around eyes.faded flower patterned collar with purple heart tag with Tira on one side and phone on other. Left message on phone numbers voice mail. Very sweet dog looks healthy but does have a few minor scrapes or scratches and a couple of ticks. Will tend to these in daylight. she is currently on a dog lead in my yard with food and water and she will be fine to stay until her owner is found. I am beside the shop in on 24 and Jordantown road in stewartsville. Jordantown Rd and Rt 24 Stewartsville View Details
07/21/2014 canine Brown,not neutered, medium size with light brown eyes. Very gentle and great with small children and other pets. Bradshaw Rd. View Details
07/21/2014 dog medium size intact male,brown very sweet. Bradshaw Rd View Details
07/20/2014 Dog White and tan hound mix, not neutered. Fincastle Yes View Details
07/18/2014 Collie Mix/Mutt Mostly black, brown legs and white blaze down chest. 50-60 pounds Bonsack/The Orchards on Winesap Dr Yes View Details
07/11/2014 Cat Long haired, gray with white around mouth and chin. Not de-clawed. Friendly, and loves to be petted. Between Oak Grove and Twelve O'Clock Knob Yes View Details
07/10/2014 cat grey cat found in the ph area of toanoke Shrine Hill area in Roanoke, around the Patrick henry HS area Yes View Details
07/08/2014 dog hound Lab doberman mix black brown brown eyes 2 to 4 years old I think uneutered male very gentle and we'll behaved no collar about 18 inches tall white belly brown and black face symmetrical mask like Memorial Ave Grandin court area View Details
07/08/2014 Golden Retriever Found this dog in Hollins area. Older dog, female. Please call us if this is your dog. Hollins, Va. Yes View Details
07/07/2014 mastiff mix ? Cedar colored large dog. Black face and ears. Long tail with curl at end of tail. Longer fur on tail. Lighter area on front of chest. Bedford Va Yes View Details
07/06/2014 Dog Old black lab mix. Long haired with a patch missing on back at base of tail. Very sweet. Morrison ave in Vinton Virginia down from Herman L. Horn View Details
07/05/2014 Dog Has a pink collar on, as well as two other smaller collars. One looks like a possible flea collar. Seems to be an older dog. She has issues with one or both of her rear legs and struggles to move. Dark brown fur. Is very friendly and seems to interact well with other animals. Mount Pleasant/Garden City View Details
07/05/2014 cat senior black cat, blind, found on Valley Ave. in Wasena area. Valley Ave in Wasena area View Details
07/04/2014 Grey and white cat Very sweet grey and white cat, appears to be older. Some matted fur and very skinny Has a collar with a tag that's unreadable Hollins area near walrond park View Details
07/04/2014 Chihuahua Has a lump on the back of his neck. Looks like an older dog. Weighs around 15 pounds. This dog was picked up as a stray in Vinton, off of Bedford Rd Yes View Details
07/03/2014 Mixed Two black dogs. Fincastle area View Details
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