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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
10/06/2013 Bull Terrier Found on Blue Ridge Parkway near Vinton exit, chasing cars. Obviously a pet. Blue Ridge Parkway near Vinton exit. View Details
10/04/2013 Lab/mix Found in Callaway area of Franklin County. Very friendly and tame. Seems young, playful but has been around people in the past based on his sociability and his obedience level. Act like a pet who was not shown much attention, not miss treated so much as just not loved on enough. Seems very smart. Has kind of a flop eared look to him as they lay differently from one ear to the other when he perks them up. Non aggressive so far as I have seen. I have pet and touched him all over to see if he had any hurts anywhere and other than the look of I don't know you that well he accepted all contact with no aggressive inclination. This male dog has not been fixed. He was lean when I found him but not starving. I figure he has not been lost or abandoned for long. Gap Gate Road in Callaway area of Franklin County Yes View Details
09/29/2013 dog Smallish black pup mayb about 9 months......looks like a pekinese with longer snout....must have proof of ownership... Was found laying on side of Manning rd Roanoke NE.

View Details
09/27/2013 unsure Found on Bowman St NW. Very sweet and approachable. Bowman St. NW, near Williamson Rd. & Meadows St
View Details
09/26/2013 Dog-beagle/lab mix? Tan and white puppy, looks like a mix of beagle and lab Off colonial avenue, near water towers and sunscape apartments View Details
09/26/2013 Dog White, medium sized, with brown spots. Has two extra toes on both back feet. Very friendly Vinton, off Nemmo Road Yes View Details
09/19/2013 Chihuahua mix Black Near YellowMountain Road and RMH View Details
09/16/2013 Dog Brown Chihuahua Male (not nuetered) found at Botetourt County Department of Social Services - please call to claim. Proof of ownership will be needed to redeem. BOTETOURT COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES View Details
09/12/2013 Lab Mix She has been running around Old Southwest for a week. Nobody could catch her.

she recently had Puppies. she is about 10lbs and 12 inches tall.

The size of a toy poodle but black like a Lab.
Old Southwest

Allison ave near railroad tracks.
Yes View Details
09/11/2013 Dog Chocolate lab (possible mix), female, older Cotton Hill Rd, Roanoke, Va 24018 Yes View Details
09/10/2013 Orange Tabby Cat is young - estimated to be about 6 months old. Has while feet. Northampton Apartments, 1541 Wyndham Drive, Vinton, VA 24179 View Details
09/10/2013 Dog Blue weimaraner found in Roanoke County area NAFF ROAD. Not nuetered. Found September 10th. Please contact Sara at provided number. Give description of the collar the dog should be wearing so that we can clearly ID you are the correct and rightful owner of this dog.
09/10/2013 weimaraner Sweet pup found of Naff Road outside of Boones Mill on Roanoke County side. Roanoke County View Details
09/09/2013 Pure Bread Beagle Very sweet. About 9 months old. Tri colored.Please find him.I pray every night that he would be waiting on my front porch.Please call when you find him. View Details
09/06/2013 Dog Medium sized dog with pointed ears, gold/tan color. The dog's chain is broken.

Roanoke county tag VA31263

Dog is currently on our porch with a gate.
2317 Ridge Road, Roanoke, Va. My email address View Details
09/05/2013 dog Found running across Avenham Ave. in Roanoke City. She appears to be an English setter with a Roanoke City dog tag. Avenham Ave. Roanoke City View Details
09/04/2013 Cat Long hair grey with white, green eyes. Sweet but skittish. I think a female, but its difficult to tell with the long fur. A little chubby, adult. She's claimed my porch and acts like she's used to coming inside. I've never seen her in the neighborhood before. Old Southwest neighborhood, Woods Ave SW Roanoke City View Details
09/03/2013 Dog Young, large, nuetered male shepherd mix dog found in North County - Call 540-915-2724 to identify and claim North County View Details
08/29/2013 Cat This loving female (we've named Honey Boo) is definitely someone's loving pet and must be missing her as much as she is missing her owners. There was no collar and not sure yet is she has a microchip. Her coat was still well groomed so she has not been missing for very long.

She is very small and from what I've learned on the Internet, she would be called a "Torbie". Long hair fur of half orange/black tabby with tortiseshell mixed throughout. Very little white at all except just around her chin and fur from her ears.

She seems to not be afraid of vehicles. Perhaps she hopped out of someone's car and was visiting and got away. She definitely is not used to the outdoors as we have watched her try to hunt. She warmed up to us real quick after we offered her food and some loving touch.
Wondered onto our property. Just north of Boones Mill in Roanoke County. Yes View Details
08/28/2013 Mutt Brown/reddish pup with black face. Approximately 20-30 lbs and maybe 6 months old. Off Memorial near Grandin Road. Yes View Details
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