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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
07/03/2013 Cat Striped tabby cat, very friendly and desperate for attention. Has claws, no collar. Walking around the parking lot of The Berkshire Health and Rehab in Vinton on Clearview Rd. The Berkshire Health and Rehab parking lot, Vinton VA, Clearview Rd. Yes View Details
07/01/2013 CAT A grey tabby cat has adopted our front porch. I have followed him around our neighborhood and asked neighbors if he belongs to them. He does not seem to belong to anyone, and everyone says they just see him hanging around. We have a cat already and do not want any more. He has a terrible howling meow and keeps some of our tenants awake at night . May we bring him to your phycility?
Please do not call our home phone, it is not working at the moment. Thank you very much for your help with this.
375 Washington Ave SW #1
Roanoke va 24012
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06/29/2013 Yorkie or silky terrier Dog was seen running through the neighborhood and came to the back porch. Was initially scared of people but has warmed up significantly since receiving food and water. The dog's nails are long, suggesting it has been out on its own for some time. Dog found running through the neighborhood near Interstate 81 and Riner Rd. Yes View Details
06/29/2013 DSH Kitten Small black and silver kitten found at Riverwalk near 13th/Bennington St. Riverwalk Yes View Details
06/27/2013 dog Intact male beagle approximately 20 lbs. Very friendly and obviously someone's pet. Black, brown, and white markings. N. Rome Drive in the Orchards area behind the Bonsack Walmart Yes View Details
06/27/2013 Pitt My Son was running the trail and came across this brown dog, seemed very skid-dish, would not let my son get too close before he/she ran off. He did get a photo and I have uploaded. Blue Ridge Parkway Spur toward Mill Mt Star at the Chestnut Loop Overlook Yes View Details
06/25/2013 dog small female brown lab mix near Grimes Creek / Middle Valley Area
Hardy, VA
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06/25/2013 Rotveller or Doberman mix Very nice obedient dog. Was running lose on 24. Picked up from the road. Keeping at the house for few days. Found in Stewartsville where Lovers lane meets 24. View Details
06/25/2013 Jack Russell terrier white with brown on left side of head, cropped tail, not microdhipped Poor Mountain Rd, Bent Mountain View Details
06/25/2013 Chihuahua Timid male Chihuaha; dark brown coat with white on face and tan legs Found on Welcome Valley Road Yes View Details
06/22/2013 great dane Blue great dane his name is Batista he was found 6 houses from our house 6673 jeters chapel road Yes View Details
06/21/2013 Husky Found roaming 221 in Roanoke County. Very friendly and jumped right in the car when I opened the door. Black and white, really pretty baby blue eyes. I actually had seen the dog roaming for two days before trying to pick it up to rescue/feed it. Roanoke County, Route 221, towards Bent Mountain, Va. View Details
06/18/2013 Cat Mostly black cat with some white on feet. Stuck in a tree in our back yard. Animal control said it would find its own way down but it has spent 2 nights up in the tree already. We put a ladder against the tree and a can of tuna under the tree to try to lure the cat down and make it easier to get down but the cat just climbed up higher so far. Showalter Road in NW Roanoke View Details
06/14/2013 beagle/fozhound/russell terrie white with dark brown and black patches, brown eyes, white tail, brown & black end 3247 Londonderry Ln. Roanoke, VA 24018 View Details
06/05/2013 CAT Female, 1 y/o, tortoise color, signs of having just had a litter. No kittens seen. Sweet as a Button! Highfields Farm, off Rt. 221, near Back Creek Elem. School. View Details
06/05/2013 felines Two kittens (black) approximately 6-8 weeks old found shelter at my home under a parked vehicle. I live in a rural area and have been feeding them as I try to find a home for them West River Road in western Roanoke County View Details
06/05/2013 Dog Dark brown brindle perhaps shepherd mix. Found in Bonsack area wearing a greenish black collar and dragging long chain. Bonsack View Details
06/04/2013 young cat Dark gray with brown undertones, black stripes, 4 white feet. Appears to be about a year old. Tail is gray with black rings. Affectionate, will let me pidk him up. Has a white spot at his nose. 3528 Forester Rd. SW
Roanoke, VA. 24015
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06/02/2013 Cat Orange Long-haired tabby, believed to be male, but not sure
Very friendly
Has some clear discharge from eyes, but does not seem to be in any discomfort
Generally very healthy looking
Never seen in the area before June 2nd and neighbors do not recognize the cat from before this date either
Do not want to take this sweet one to the shelter, but very much want him to be reunited with family if he has one. Please contact for photo if you think this could be your cat.
Old SW Roanoke City, near Jefferson St. View Details
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