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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
02/26/2015 lab mix medium size black lab mix with boxy face.
not microchipped.
raleigh court View Details
02/24/2015 Cat Stripped calico, very friendly. She had been hit by a car we took here to the vet and she's doing great. We cannot have cats so we won't be able to keep her long and will look for an adoption center. She's a year old maybe younger. She is not fixed. Goodview Yes View Details
02/24/2015 lab/pit Black, Male, super awesome Grandin Road View Details
02/23/2015 some kind of small terrier He was found on small bridge on 10th street near rugby. Wet and scared. He is very friendly and has not been fixed. 10th street near rugby View Details
02/23/2015 Cat I believe this kitty is a female. It is a calico. Kind of a light color calico? Very sweet and loving. Fluffy cat and fluffy tail. She is not very big. Found on Templeton Ave NE Yes View Details
02/23/2015 some kind of small terrier Very friendly healthy 10th st near rugby ave View Details
02/23/2015 Canine male Yorkie (terrier) or mix; Small to medium sized in tact male. Found on 10th ST close to Rugby Avenue near the bridge (in the middle of traffic). Collar is light brown with two silver studs - Scanned for a microchip at AOA no microchip found. DOG FOUND AND SCANNED ON 2/23/15 10th ST. close to Rugby Avenue near the bridge around 4:30-4:45 PM View Details
02/22/2015 Cat Kitten about 5-7 months old. Very malnourished. Tame and knew what letterbox is. Very friendly with people. Seems very clean for being out without food for what appears a long time.

Color is black and grey stripe with subtle hint of brownish tan at nose and chin and paws.

I would prefer to keep the car for the 5 day stray period and then turn over to a no kill shelter if the owners can not be found.
Under my porch 3360 Randle Dr Roanoke va 24014 Yes View Details
02/22/2015 Hound Found male dog, hound mix, timid but friendly Persinger Rd / Colonial Ave Yes View Details
02/22/2015 Dog Tan/beige coloring, long hair short small dog.
Long snout and body like Dotson but your lie type ears eyes & hair?
Very friendly
Collingwood St. (Near Williamson road) View Details
02/21/2015 dog This is the 2nd time this large, mixed breed has shown up at our house. We live in Salem/Roanoke County off of Wildwood Rd. She is wearing a chain collar with no tags. Kings Crest subdivision at Goodwin and Wildwood Rds. Yes View Details
02/21/2015 dog Found at our house in Kings Crest subdivision, Western Roanoke County. Goodwin and Wildwood Roads, Western Roanoke County. Yes View Details
02/17/2015 Dog Large black intact male dog, looks like great dane or mix. Very thin and very skittish, Animal control unable to catch him SW Roanoke City off of Overbrook, Close to city/county line, will try to get picture View Details
02/17/2015 2 dogs found bull/pit mix? dog not fixed and pomeranian mix, came together same collars and harness, pic attached Enon drive near walrond park Yes View Details
02/15/2015 Dog/Beagle Found our dog "Honey Bun" at a neighbor's house. Thank you and you may remove our dog of the reported lost dog list. At neighbor's View Details
02/12/2015 cat solid white cat. declawed. female. possibly spayed. very gentle with other cats. loves to cuddle and purr. problem with litter box in that she won't use it, possible because of other cats. villamont rd, blue ridge View Details
02/10/2015 Cat Large gray and white adult cat Lafayette Blvd NW Roanoke View Details
02/07/2015 cat Brown/gray tabby. Small, perhaps not full grown. She's very sweet and appears to be well taken care of. Rainbow Forest, Botetourt county. View Details
02/04/2015 Cat This is a cute little female gray tabby with stripes around her tail. She was found on Syracuse Ave NW ( my patio) with my other cats eating. She is very nice, approachable and comes when she is called. She is small and looks like she has missed a few meals (several). I can tell that she must have belonged to someone because she is more docile that my others ferals I have come across. If you are missing this cutie please contact me or Angels of Assisi. I am currently fostering her for the time being. Syracuse Ave NW (down the street from RAMS magnet school) View Details
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