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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
05/17/2015 Dog 1-2 yr old Black Lab mix. Female, very sweet but shy. Carvins Cove Road, Salem VA View Details
05/16/2015 Maltese/shiz su? Mix Very friendly. Recently groomed(shaved). Looks to be white and brown markings but shaved very close. Appears to be an indoor dog and jumped right into car so used to being in a car. Appears to be a possible mix but hard to tell with grooming. Maltese? Shiz su? Tail and body are longer but a smaller head. Very clean but can tell she is confused about where she is. Corner of Twelve o Clock Knob Road and Ridgelea. Yes View Details
05/16/2015 unsure Beautiful beige and white dog. One eye has been removed. Found on Wildwood Rd. Wildwood Road Salem View Details
05/11/2015 Dog (Medium) Dog is running loose. Will not let you capture it. Seemingly very friendly and plays with other dogs that are fenced in, including mine. Leaving food and water for it. Beautiful dog...very light tan in color with a fox-like face, curled fluffy tail and pointed ears Summit Hills neighborhood Yes View Details
05/07/2015 cat Very sweet, no fear of dogs, extremely thin, matted hair but may have been shaved at some point. 2200 block Windsor Avenue in Raleigh Court neighborhood View Details
05/06/2015 All American Intact male, weighing about 45 lbs. all white except for tan ears, tan around the left eye and a spot of tan on his rear. Very friendly, clean, appears well fed and cared for. Could be part Australian Shepherd or other shepherd mix. Mill Mountain Parkway (the spur road leading to the Blue Ridge Parkway) near where it crosses over Welcome Valley Road View Details
05/06/2015 German Shepard Mix He had followed several hikers for miles and was in the parking lot drinking water out of a puddle. He is large, tan and black. Macfee's Knob parking lot (Roanoke County) View Details
05/06/2015 Pit Bull Mix Black young female with white on chest and under throat.
Both hind paws have white toes.
When first spotted on 4.28 she was wearing a chest harness.
When found there was no harness.
Sweet, friendly but shy.
Blue Grass Trail, Rockbridge County near the Botetourt County line View Details
05/04/2015 dog found her 5-4-2015 on 12 oclock knob road. Very sweet and friendly. brown/black medium size girl. salem, va, 12 oclock knob road Yes View Details
05/02/2015 Doberman pincher Wondered in my backyard on colonial ave. 3600 block. Very friendly puppy. Black tan and has a white chest patch. 3600 block colonial Ave Yes View Details
05/02/2015 Dog, possible terrier breed Small male dog, black and white with brown facial markings. Black Martha Stewart collar with no tag. No microchip. Wearing green bandana. North Lakes area, wandering down Deer Park Dr. in Roanoke Va. View Details
05/02/2015 dog--smallish hound? Tricolor Tricolor hound? approx 30-35 pounds. Dog is neutered male. Dog found us along Appalachian trail at top of Tinker Mountain and followed us to car. Has a 2012 rabies tag. Tricolor with short hair and short tail. Unusual teeth. Appalachian Trail Botetourt Tinker Mountain section View Details
05/02/2015 Small Terrior Found in North Lakes on Deer Park Dr. Very friendly to humans. Gets protective around other animals. Intact (not neutered). Need to find this guys home fast! Please call if you know anything. Deer Park Drive At the end of North Lakes in Morth Roanoke County Yes View Details
05/02/2015 terrier Black and white male terrier, Very quiet well behaved has a little bit of brown around his face. Found on Deer Park Dr this morning (may 2nd ). Deer Park Dr, Roanoke Va, in north lakes View Details
05/02/2015 Dog, possible terrier breed Small male dog, possible terrier breed. Black and white spots with brown facial markings. Wearing collar but no tag. No microchip. Wearing green bandana. Friendly and obviously well taken care of. North lakes area on deer park dr in Roanoke va around 8am. View Details
05/02/2015 dog Pitbull found on chaparral dr & treeswallow.. very playful! :) dog is welcome here til retrieved. I have a male pitbull not fixed so keeping separated! Chaparral & treeswallow roanoke. View Details
05/01/2015 cat This cat showed up about 2 to 3 weeks ago and will not leave our home. We have posted signs and information at the local store and no one has replied. We have been feeding this animal so it's not starving but we can not keep it and trying to figure out how to find it a home.I am very allergic to cat dander and having this animal in our home is causing me severe allergies . Huddleston smith mountain lake area View Details
04/29/2015 Lab Mix Older / friendly
Cresthill / Cave Spring View Details
04/26/2015 cat Believe the cat is pregnant can't keep it. Roanoke City View Details
04/24/2015 golden retriever/beagle mix Thanks to a Facebook tip and prayer our Silo reconnected with his owner while he was posting a reward sign. We are so thankful. Near Roanoke Country Club Golf Course. Yes View Details
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