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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
04/20/2017 ? Likes belly rubs. Knows sit and shake. Eanes rd near bandy rd View Details
04/14/2017 ?? This dog appeared on our door step looking for food and shelter. She is a cute and friendly little dog. I would love to find her a home. We are not able to keep a dog for an extended length of time. 5340 Sandy Ford Road, Blue Ridge, VA 23064 View Details
02/07/2017 1Beagle and1Blue Heeler The Beagle is a neutered male and had a broken runner hooked to his collar.The blue heeler mix is a female and they seem to be together as they are very comfortable with one another. Belle avenue between Pinnacle Ridge subdivision and Triple Crown estates in the roanoke/bonsack/vinton area. View Details
12/10/2016 2 dachshunds 2 dachshunds near morningside park. Morningside park View Details
03/06/2016 Alaskan Malamute black and tan with small white diamond on forhead lincoln ave roanoke va View Details
12/19/2015 Austrian shepherd husky He's a black Austrian shepherds mixed with husky bright blue eyes white paws and belly he's a sweet heart wearing a camo harness Lignum Va Yes View Details
10/02/2016 Bassett Found walking along guard rail 220 Botetourt County just past car wash before Read mt road intersection south bound side. 220 Botetourt View Details
03/11/2016 Beagle Very old, flea allergy and hot spots. Ticks. Clearbrook Walmart area View Details
07/30/2016 Beagle There is no collar tag. I think it is a beagle, but am not sure. Mostly black with brown and white spots. Hauling around a chain leash attached to one of those devices that keep a dog wiyhin a certain area by attaching to the ground. Which happened to be green. Not sure how he managed to pull it out. He backed off repeatedly when I approached him, so I didn't try to keep him here. He was here around 7:45 PM. Forest Edge Drive, Roanoke Va View Details
12/15/2016 Beagle Friendly beagle, well cared for Greenway Dr, Brookside Townhomes, North Roanoke County Yes View Details
12/23/2015 Beagle mix White beagle with black markings, not neutered North Lakes neighborhood Roanoke County View Details
05/10/2016 Beagle Mix Dogs very sweet, scared older female. Beagle markings, gray hound looking face - sharp nose Found dog running down Dent Rd. Roanoke VA View Details
11/17/2016 Beagle mix Very friendly, came right to me. He is safe from traffic and other dogs. Woodhaven roanoke va View Details
02/07/2017 Beagle/Basset hound Running loose with a Blue Heeler mix Belle Ave Roanoke, VA 24012 Yes View Details
03/01/2017 Beagle/Beagle Hound mix She is about 20 lbs. Tan and white. Merriman road/starlight road. Near 7104 starlight road View Details
03/27/2017 Beagles 2 older beagles traveling together Between Wasena and Towers Yes View Details
01/20/2017 Black Cat Rescued from the original person on 1/24/17. Took to Vet today- No chip, unaltered male, 8-12 mo old. Had checked for Feline Leukemia & FIV Combo- Negative. Has a special marking to be identified. Home located behind Bent Mountain Bistro. View Details
02/28/2016 Black Lab/ Doxin Mix Black lab/ doxin mix, female, was found in moving in the direction of Petty Ave from Elden Ave in Roanoke (Hollins), VA area.

Dog looks to be about 1 year old, very puppy looking.

Please call for further details at 424-832-6580 or at 540-467-1821. Leave a text message if you can if nobody answers.

Thanks, Zac.
534 Elden Ave, Roanoke, VA 24019. Yes View Details
09/21/2016 Black long hair cat Black long hair cat with white blaze on throat and white toes on foot. Found looking around our yard for food. Extremely hungry. It is very friendly - allowed my granddaughter to pick it up immediately. Roanoke county 5441 W River Rd Salem VA Yes View Details
09/03/2016 bluetick coon/german short? I cannot tell how old this dog is, she was very skinny and dehydrated. It seems like she had been lost for several days at least. She drank a ton of water when I found her walking down the side of the blue ridge parkway at about 1:00am. She also eats a ton. I gave her a flea bath and she has been enjoying the AC at our house however she is very territorial around our small yorkies and even bit one of the during feed time. She is a sweet dog otherwise. Blue Ridge Parkway, 6 miles away form peaks of otter View Details
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