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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
01/27/2013 Small to medium black and white dog has been seen on our property a few time. Its a little shy and I haven't been able to get close. Has a very high pitched bark and appears like a high energy type dog. Buchanan, Fincastle View Details
11/28/2014 brindle beagle mix possibly Brindle beagle mix. Young and unneutered. White legs and nose and chest markings. Found on Rock Spring road and Goodview drive in Goodview VA. Very friendly. No microchip. Good weight and we'll groomed and we'll taken care of. Fresh cut nails. Probably missing for at least one week. A neighbor had him in the basement for a few days and hung signs but no response. Chases cars and has fleas. Took him to Bedford Animal Shelter this morning. This site won't allow me to post pictures. intersection of rock spring road and Goodview drive View Details
12/20/2012 Dog/Lab Mix Found a few days ago in Garden City. She has a collar on with no tag. She's kind of skiddish, but very affectionate once she opens up to you. I haven't found a name that she answers to. I've just been saying a bunch of different names to her to see if she responds. She's large/medium sized with light brown fur. Black nose and black around the eyes. White-ish underbelly. Very playful. Estates Rd SE, Roanoke, VA 24014 View Details
04/20/2013 ? Yorkie terrier Small brown and black ? Yorkie Terrier (very matted and dirty) This dog has not been contained but has been roaming the neighborhood for days. Several people have attempted to catch it, but it is very skiddish and very fast. RCACP has been notified. Meadowlark Rd SW, near Penn Forest Elementry and new Roanoke County Library View Details
03/06/2015 ?pit/hound mix? Running lose on a very busy street. Very nice dog. Found on Brambleton Avenue at Mr. Bill's Wine Cellar. Yes View Details
02/26/2015 2 Black Dogs Two dogs running loose in the Old Mountain Road area of NE Roanoke. Several neighbors have said these two are often running loose together. No one knows who they belong to. The dogs are very friendly. Male, neutered.

#1 was shivering from the snow and ice. As I searched for the owners, I met dog #2 who followed me home. The dogs may belong together. I can tell they are well behaved and affectionate. I hope the owners will ensure dog's have collars and tags and hopefully a microchip. Old Mountain Road is a dangerous and I'm concerned about safety.

Other neighbors have told me these two dogs are visiting other resident's yards which causes territorial issues for other pets. These sweeties need to be on a leash. Perhaps they accidentally ran away...or maybe there is a hole in the fence. ??
Old Mountain Road area of NE Roanoke, VA 24019 Yes View Details
02/17/2015 2 dogs found bull/pit mix? dog not fixed and pomeranian mix, came together same collars and harness, pic attached Enon drive near walrond park Yes View Details
07/16/2013 African Spurred Tortoise Please call to describe the size and special markings Bedford va View Details
01/06/2013 Akita? She has the palest blue eyes, female, looks like she might've had a litter but she's very young. Super friendly. She acts like she lives at my condo and she's extremely friendly. She's not chewy, she rolls onto her back for submission if you sound the slightest bit exasperated with her and she's fearless about people. She appears well kept, skinny at the moment and her fur is patchy between long and short- as if she had beens heeding her winter coat for summer when she found herself outside. Marietta Georgia in our new-ish condo complex off Sandtown Rd. I'll get an image shortly. View Details
09/07/2014 American Bulldog? Found: White dog with dark brown spots on ears and hind area. This dog was found wandering on Roaring Run Road. She is shy, but very friendly. She was found on 9-7-14 around 7:30 p.m. Roaring Run Road, around 7:30 p.m. View Details
05/27/2013 Aussie Cattle Dog Found the dog roaming the picnic area begging for food. No one claimed her when we asked if she belonged to them. Went to the nearby housing area to see if anyone recognized her or knew who she belonged to but they didn't know. Found at Groundhog Mountain picnic shelter on the Blue Ridge Parkway View Details
11/05/2013 Australian Cattle Dog Breed Found in the Herman L. Horn Area, Vinton, Va on 11/05/2013 Is spending time in backyard to stay out of busy road. Is well behaved and loving. Vinton, Herman L. Horn School area Mountain View road Yes View Details
02/18/2013 australian sheperd mix fixed male, older dog. Well behaved. House broken Edwardsville rd. hardy va Yes View Details
11/17/2013 australian shephard found a very friendly young Australian shepherd tonight. she is very friendly, mainly white with red and brown spots, blue eyes Palaski, Roanoke View Details
05/27/2013 Basset Hound Please describe gender, collar color and markings in order to claim this dog. Will not hand over to just anyone. Rightful owner must provide additional details. NE Roanoke View Details
08/11/2013 Basset hound very friendly, brown & white, long hair, jumped into my car with out any fear, seems to have a slight limp Found basset hound on Laymantown RD in Rainbow Forrest, Yes View Details
11/05/2013 Basset Hound Found this basset hound on Brambleton Avenue near Papa John's pizza. He's doing well at our home. We'll keep him for a few days, if no one claims him, we'll take him to the shelter. Roanoke, Brambleton Avenue near Papa John's. View Details
07/24/2014 Basset Hound He is chestnut or brown in color. Looks to be a mix but definitely has some basset in him. Older with gray hair around his mouth. Traveling with a blonde lab with same kind of collar but only wider. Found on Welches Run Rd right off 460 about 1 mile past Walmart. They came from the direction of Ridgefield development. View Details
03/07/2013 Beagle The dog has been running in and around our fenced in parking lot for the past two days. I'm trying to catch it, but the dog is very energetic and playful. He seems to be young and healthy. He isn't wearing a collar. If you come to pick up the dog and see it inside the fence, please come to the front office and someone will let you in to try to catch the dog. I will continue to try to catch him. I'm very worried he'll get hit by a car because this is a high-traffic area near Orange Ave. 518 Pocahontas Ave., Roanoke, VA 24012 View Details
07/26/2013 Beagle small beautiful beagle black, tan and white very sweet made her self right at home weighs around 20 lbs. Botetourt area off Catawba 779 in the green acre areas View Details
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