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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
10/04/2014 Dog Tan Dachshund. Sweet and friendly. Answers to name. East Gate Neighborhood View Details
10/03/2014 Beagle Puppy 12 lb. Beagle Puppy. She appears to be pure breed and not a mix. She's the standard Beagle tan Black & white colors. She does not have a micro chip and has fleas. The corner if Electric Road/419 and Glen Heather Drive (Roanoke) next to the Getty Mart Yes View Details
10/01/2014 Cat Friendly long-hair grey tabby. Date found is approximate - cat has been in the neighborhood for awhile. Near 2100 block of Kenwood Blvd., S.E. View Details
09/26/2014 dog white poodle-ish girl--recently groomed, very friendly found running down Belleville Rd. near Shirley and Brandon 24015 View Details
09/21/2014 Dog I found this intact/unaltered male yesterday around 4.30 pm in the Cedar Point Apartment complex. He appears to have been in the wild for awhile. He has long nails, dirty ears and he was completely infested with fleas. I've bathed him, but there are still some fleas on him. He is very sweet, and he wants nothing more than to sit on my lap. He hasn't barked, he didn't have any accidents over night and he seems to get along with other dogs. Cedar Point Apartments, in Cave Springs View Details
09/21/2014 Dog/pitbull White and dark brown patches pitty with green yellow eyes. about 1 yrs old. Very sweet but a tad hyper. Apparently doesn't care for cats. Found her crossing Jefferson street in vinton va. She almost was struck by another car so we called to her and she came right to us. Drove around looking for potential owners who'd be out looking for her but all the people we saw didn't know her. Hoping to find owner but in meantime she is being well taken care of. Vinton va View Details
09/20/2014 Shitzhu Found at corner of Peters Creek and Barrens. Peters Creek and Barrens View Details
09/19/2014 Canine Small, brown mutt (terrier/feist looking mix) fund near Ivy Ridge and Fortune Ridge Rds in Bent Mtn. I almost hit him as he was running across Bent Mtn Rd to Fralin's Produce. NO name tag on his choke collar. Is at my house. Bent Mtn, VA/Fralin's Produce Yes View Details
09/19/2014 Canine Small, brown mutt (terrier/feist looking mix) fund near Ivy Ridge and Fortune Ridge Rds in Bent Mtn. I almost hit him as he was running across Bent Mtn Rd to Fralin's Produce. NO name tag on his choke collar. Is at my house. Bent Mtn, VA/Fralin's Produce Yes View Details
09/19/2014 feline Samll black with white paws and white under chin. Very friendly and cuddly. Grandin Court/Livingston Road View Details
09/17/2014 dog Dachshund found in north Roanoke. Proof of ownership (i.e. vet records, etc.) required. North Roanoke View Details
09/16/2014 collie mix maybe Shepard mix Long hair mix adult Green ridge rd Roanoke county View Details
09/15/2014 Mixed Male, not neutered, brindle colored, possibly plott hound mix, 29 lbs, loves people.. From 220 near the Roanoke County and Franklin County line. View Details
09/14/2014 cat An adult tabby, light in coloring has taken residence in our backyard. He/she has been in confrontations with our cats (one is also a tabby, but darker). Seems friendly, but causing issues with the 5 cats that live within our few houses. 3122 Glenmont Drive in Southwest Roanoke off of Penn Forest Blvd. Backyard/under our covered car in driveway. View Details
09/13/2014 Kitten Black and white kitten wearing green collar. Really sweet and seems to have been around people a lot. She is very friendly and playful. Found in Vinton, the neighborhood of Spring Grove beside William Byrd High School. View Details
09/13/2014 Cat Black and white kitten found in a tree. Very friendly and seems to be very comfortable with people, especially children. Very sweet. Found in the Spring Grove neighborhood beside William Byrd High School. View Details
09/13/2014 Cat Extremely friendly male black/gray Tabby Cat with green eyes. Mountain View Road, Vinton Roanoke County side near the Blue Ridge Parkway Yes View Details
09/13/2014 cat this is a grey and black tabby cat, I think it's a male. He looks to be about 8-10 lbs, is rather lean-looking except for some loose skin on his underside near his hind legs. He has some tan areas on his underside near his back legs. His chest has a small white spot and his chest and front legs have black "rings". He is tame and wanting to come inside. I've been feeding him. He seems to like Fancy Feast, especially the tuna flavors !
Oakcliff Townhomes, off Garstmill Rd, near Cave Spring Corners. The homes are behind and above The Brambleton Deli and NW Hardware. View Details
09/11/2014 Cat All black male cat found. He's neutered with golden eyes. Very friendly. Clearbrook View Details
09/10/2014 Small Dog DOG SPOTTED ON TRAIN TRACKS IN ROANOKE... Small dog (possibly a long-haired Dachshund mix, white with tan markings) spotted on train tracks near Carlos Drive crossing in Roanoke. The crossing is just off of Hollins Road and not far from Old Mountain Road. As I approached Carlos Drive around 7pm on 9/10/14, I met a nice lady who was trying to help capture the frightened, loose puppy. I think the dog was initially seen running along Hollins Rd; it then ran toward Carlos and went southbound on the train tracks. When I arrived at the scene, the dog had vanished. I went home to pick up supplies. When I returned, I found the dog running along tracks, this time running northbound toward Carlos crossing. When the dog saw me he rested a bit, but as I tried to approach the dog got spooked. This time running south along the tracks again. I drove around to the neighborhood where the tracks lead (near Columbia). Another nice lady who lives near the track said she would be on the look out. By this point, it was getting dark so the search effort ended. Special thanks to the sweet lady I met on Carlos who has a heart of gold. She also came back to look for the little dog. Hoping the dog is found safe and soon. PLEASE SHARE with anyone who may have lost a little dog fitting this description. Hollins strs in Roanoke running along train tracks
Yes View Details
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