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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
04/09/2016 mix Hes black,tan and white. He is a puppy about 25 pounds. He has tan eyebrows with a tan muzzle and legs. His chest and toes are white. N.W. Clarendon area. View Details
06/22/2016 Long hair Chihuahua Very sweet. Embassy drive north Roanoke View Details
06/12/2016 Labrador Retriever (Chocolate) Chocolate Male Lab, not neutered, approx. 7 years old or older, graying on chin, lypoma under left front leg, very gentle and friendly, approx. 75 pounds or more, no microchip In Arcadia on James River at Alpine Farms camp/public boat landing Yes View Details
09/09/2016 Lab mix, black Small Black lab mix. Dog less than a year old. Very sweet.

Text 540 589 6423 or 540 816 9147. Very hot outside. Im not keeping this dog in my house.
View Details
04/09/2016 Lab and Pekinese? (2 Dogs) They have collars but no microchips. I was looking for my dog Sunday and I talked to gentleman that said a lady is looking for these Two dogs. He does not have the contact info for her. They were found on Mountain View Rd in Vinton. If these are your dogs I have information on where they are. They are safe and we have been trying to contact you. Mountain View Rd in Vinton Yes View Details
12/23/2015 Lab Found young female chocolate lab in N. County off Plantation Rd. Has shock collar and VERY tight red collar (removed it). N. County off Plantation Road Yes View Details
05/08/2016 Lab Two dogs showed up at my house around noon today. One is black with a blue collar another is brown with no collar. Both are friendly and know some tricks so I know someone is missing them. They appear to be lab mixes. Dickerson Mill Rd Moneta Va View Details
06/01/2016 Kitten/Cat Solid gray with white dot above her chest. She's either a runaway or has been abandoned. She was extremely malnourished. I feed her every day and she uses my deck for shelter. Vinton, VA
Thrasher Church area
Yes View Details
07/31/2016 Kitten Solid black kitten 6-8 weeks old.
Very calm and loving and I believe to be be someone's pet.
Camille Ave in Moo Maw Heights off of Salem TurnpikeThe kitten looks to be 6-8 Yes View Details
08/31/2016 Kitten Found kitten around 3 months old, orange tabby. SE View Details
12/23/2015 Jack Russel mix? Beagle? Very sweet male dog found in North Lakes area of Roanoke County. Roanoke, Va Yes View Details
02/10/2016 Hound mix Hound mix, not fixed. Found in the thaxton, va area. No tags, had a chain that looked like it had broken off attached. No scars, good health. Thaxton, Virginia View Details
04/18/2016 Hound dog Found along the road, following our car Hardy Rd. Vinton View Details
09/06/2016 Gray and White Kitten Female (I think) gray and white kitten. Found with a Yorkie mix. Liberty Road between Plantation and Williamson Yes View Details
02/17/2016 German shepherd mix Found him wandering the streets in blue ridge. Please contact me . he seems to be missing his home Blue Ridge, Va Yes View Details
05/22/2016 German Shepherd Dog Very friendly female German Shepherd Dog found next to Valley View Mall around noon today. A man and I caught her and are looking for her owners. Please contact me for more info. She looks well cared for, so I know there is a family who is missing their girl. Next to Dick's at Valley View Mall intersection. View Details
08/22/2016 Feline Hey Facebook friends I am in desperate need of your help! Today Animal Control found a kitty off of apperson in Salem Va, named Michelle. She is an eight-year-old grey cat and has a microchip, that is how we were able to find out everything. Her owners information was out of date and the phone numbers did not work. We have information like her owner's name is Roberta Curran and back up emergency contact is Ashley West. I have reason to believe that Ashley may have moved to Salem in July or surrounding area. Last known address for this cat was in Michigan. She may have been hit by a car and has head trauma but she is alive and would love to have her owner by her side while recovering. Please share this post with friends and reach out to anybody who may have any information! You can contact me on Facebook or call Salem Animal Control. 800 block of apperson in Salem, Va View Details
09/09/2016 Dog-Lab Young male - black with white markings on chest. Very friendly and well cared for. Corbieshaw Rd in Roanoke City Yes View Details
08/12/2016 dog pitbull He was a super sweet dog and was trying to get into are fence to play with our puppy. He is a light brownish tan and white pitbull male with a black collar. He would not stay still long enough to get a good picture 9th street vinton, va View Details
01/20/2016 Dog - Pitbull White Pitbull with Black & Brown spots

Looks to have black eyes - very friendly
Off Williamson Road View Details
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