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Please check our Lost Pet List to see if the pet You've found matches any of the pets reported missing. If the pet has not been reported lost on our Lost Pet List please add the pet to our Found Pet List. Thank you for taking a moment to make sure a lost pet finds their way home.

Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
03/28/2017 Shih Tzu Male. White with brown spots. Groomed. Looks like he may have issues with his right eye. Appears to be an older dog. Friendly. Bower Rd off of Electric in South Roanoke County View Details
02/26/2018 shepherd/husky mix blue eyes small tri color shepherd looking dog with blue eys and curly tail. 8136 Vista Forest Dr. Southwest County Roanoke, Va Yes View Details
02/26/2018 shepherd/husky mix blue eyes Found traveling with another dog. Has two blue eyes. Vista Forest Dr. Southwest County, Roanoke at foot of Bent Mountain off of 221. Yes View Details
07/27/2016 Shepherd mix Very friendly older tan dog. Has a little bit of white around his muzzle and black specks on his tongue. Was found near Colonial Baptist Church on Mountain Pass Rd. towards the 460 side. Probably around 60 or so pounds. Likes getting in the care but requires help. Mountain Pass Rd Blue Ridge View Details
07/20/2016 Shepard ? Queensland Heeler Looks like Shepard (maybe) in the facial area, and Queensland Heeler around the rear haunches, white blaze on forehead, cropped tail. The Plains VA View Details
09/03/2017 She run away from.home. My dog was lost in s.w. last seen was in s.w. near the dog park I need held finding her her name is malya she is a Chihuahua mix
S.W.Roanoke VA View Details
08/04/2016 Scottish terrier Black Scottie no collar. Found at round about in colonial. Wound on lower back.
Strayed off around 8:15 pm. Was told he was picked up by a passing car.
Round about near colonial drive. View Details
07/15/2016 schnauzer mix Very sweet schnauzer mix female found running on a busy road, Westgreen Blvd near Kingsland, Katy, Tx. Westgreen Blvd near Kingsland, Katy, TX View Details
01/07/2017 rottweiller mixed Came into our yard for the upper part of the neighborhood of GlenCove Subdivision.
likely from cove road, north lakes or wood have road area. Cannot find its way back due to the snow. Very sweet temprament.
Yes View Details
01/07/2017 Rottweiller mixed found in glen cove subdivision, tracks come in to our yard from up in the neighborhood, or towards north lakes, have not seen anyone looking for a dog we have watched. He is sweet and whines for his home.
Our dog will not allow him to eat so i am worried about him.
glen cove subdivision Yes View Details
07/31/2017 red husky Found Ivy Ridge Road, Bent Mountain Ivy ridge road View Details
07/28/2016 Red heeler very sweet female friendly Off Plantation rd near Oliver View Details
09/26/2017 Pugs Friendly pugs, one male and one female. Found wandering woodrow, near 9th st SE. Corner of Woodrow and 9th st SE Roanoke View Details
03/11/2016 Pug mix Found with old beagle. Very bonded pair. Fleas and ticks. Very tight collar that has Rubbed fur off neck.
Clearbrook walmart area
View Details
02/09/2017 Pug maybe Brendal Cavespring View Details
06/20/2016 Pug I found a male Pug on my porch this afternoon...He is elderly and overweight and wearing no collar...I gave him water and went back to give him some food, but he was gone...He couldn't have gotten far though...I am so concerned about him...Please email me if you know who he might belong to! Southwest County...Cave Spring Corners View Details
09/24/2016 Poodle- small Small; less than 10 lbs, tan poodle. Friendly. Outer Vinton neighborhood near Feather Rd View Details
11/11/2017 Pittbull mix lb or border coll Black with white chest, belly and feet. White stripe down his face. Walnut avenue SE View Details
05/06/2018 Pitt mix She seems to be a pitt mix. She is yellow white color. i would say maybe around 40 pounds maybe a bit more. FOund her on my front door, freshly bathed on hIghland ave SW near the park. SW Highland Ave Roanoke va 24016. Yes View Details
09/21/2017 Pitt Black and white Pitt with black harness on. Friendly. Young Templeton Ave Roanoke va 24012 View Details
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