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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
07/15/2016 schnauzer mix Very sweet schnauzer mix female found running on a busy road, Westgreen Blvd near Kingsland, Katy, Tx. Westgreen Blvd near Kingsland, Katy, TX View Details
01/07/2017 rottweiller mixed Came into our yard for the upper part of the neighborhood of GlenCove Subdivision.
likely from cove road, north lakes or wood have road area. Cannot find its way back due to the snow. Very sweet temprament.
Yes View Details
01/07/2017 Rottweiller mixed found in glen cove subdivision, tracks come in to our yard from up in the neighborhood, or towards north lakes, have not seen anyone looking for a dog we have watched. He is sweet and whines for his home.
Our dog will not allow him to eat so i am worried about him.
glen cove subdivision Yes View Details
07/31/2017 red husky Found Ivy Ridge Road, Bent Mountain Ivy ridge road View Details
07/28/2016 Red heeler very sweet female friendly Off Plantation rd near Oliver View Details
03/11/2016 Pug mix Found with old beagle. Very bonded pair. Fleas and ticks. Very tight collar that has Rubbed fur off neck.
Clearbrook walmart area
View Details
02/09/2017 Pug maybe Brendal Cavespring View Details
06/20/2016 Pug I found a male Pug on my porch this afternoon...He is elderly and overweight and wearing no collar...I gave him water and went back to give him some food, but he was gone...He couldn't have gotten far though...I am so concerned about him...Please email me if you know who he might belong to! Southwest County...Cave Spring Corners View Details
09/24/2016 Poodle- small Small; less than 10 lbs, tan poodle. Friendly. Outer Vinton neighborhood near Feather Rd View Details
06/22/2017 Pitbull? I work at Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare, and for the last week I have noticed a puppy walking in the road/sitting on the sidewalk when I am coming to work and leaving. He is very friendly and will come up to you if you come toward him. He does not have a collar, and I cannot see any visible food or water left out for him. It does appear that he has been eating out of the trash left on the street. I am very concerned that he is going to be hit by a vehicle that is driving down the street as I witnessed someone yesterday have to stop in the road to avoid hitting him. I have seen him wandering around Chestnut Ave NW right down the street from Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare. I saw him sleeping on the porch of 531 Chestnut Ave NW, but I have also seen him come from the house on the right. I have also seen him standing in the road and sitting on the sidewalk. Yes View Details
03/21/2016 Pitbull Beautiful gray boy. Looks like a pitbull. He's fixed. High energy so I think he's quite young. Knows sit, lay, and shake. Good with kids. Good with other dogs. Likes to run and play fetch. Pretty big. Mountain Meadow Neighborhood View Details
08/16/2016 Pit mix Black white 10-12 weeks old pit mix 5th Street and Loudoun Ave. Roanoke, VA View Details
03/03/2016 Pit Bull FOUND -> YOUNG FEMALE PIT BULL. I will not post pictures because she does not have very many identifiable features. I will be holding her until someone claims her. Please PM me information if you have lost your dog. I would like pictures to make sure she is in fact yours. View Details
03/12/2016 Pit Bull White male pit bull with one blue eye and one brown eye. Obviously indoor dog. Very friendly. Ellett Road, Christiansburg, VA Yes View Details
03/09/2016 Pit bull Sweet young tan and white. Well groomed with blue harness type collar as well as a flea collar. Grandin rd area around Norwich. Yes View Details
03/07/2016 pit bull tan and white male pit bull. He is blind or almost completely blind with scars and a swollen ear. This precious animal is friendly and is very well trained. off of Liberty and Williamson rd. Yes View Details
11/03/2016 Pit Bull FOUND DOG - Female Pit Puppy found running loose at intersection of Carlton and Avenel Ave in Raleigh Court area, with collar and leash but no identification. Sweet but very energetic. Please share to help find owners. Carlton Road and Avenel Ave, Raleigh Court, Roanoke Yes View Details
07/14/2017 Pit bull Sweet brindle pit male super friendly love kids and doesn't mind my small dog. View Details
11/10/2016 Pit Pit bull puppy white with some gray markings. Found at Colonial Ave and Brandon Yes View Details
08/15/2016 Peekapoo Thank you very much to our neighbor who found our girl...thanks to all our family for helping us look. Twin Mountains Dr View Details
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