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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
10/28/2013 Tabby Neutered good health domesticated seems like a house cat Gray with black stips and spot like Bengal Cat Hollins University Hollins area View Details
11/29/2013 small, dark fur Very friendly dog. Wondering around Snowgoose Cr. View Details
09/10/2014 Small Dog DOG SPOTTED ON TRAIN TRACKS IN ROANOKE... Small dog (possibly a long-haired Dachshund mix, white with tan markings) spotted on train tracks near Carlos Drive crossing in Roanoke. The crossing is just off of Hollins Road and not far from Old Mountain Road. As I approached Carlos Drive around 7pm on 9/10/14, I met a nice lady who was trying to help capture the frightened, loose puppy. I think the dog was initially seen running along Hollins Rd; it then ran toward Carlos and went southbound on the train tracks. When I arrived at the scene, the dog had vanished. I went home to pick up supplies. When I returned, I found the dog running along tracks, this time running northbound toward Carlos crossing. When the dog saw me he rested a bit, but as I tried to approach the dog got spooked. This time running south along the tracks again. I drove around to the neighborhood where the tracks lead (near Columbia). Another nice lady who lives near the track said she would be on the look out. By this point, it was getting dark so the search effort ended. Special thanks to the sweet lady I met on Carlos who has a heart of gold. She also came back to look for the little dog. Hoping the dog is found safe and soon. PLEASE SHARE with anyone who may have lost a little dog fitting this description. Hollins strs in Roanoke running along train tracks
Yes View Details
07/19/2013 Small Beagle Mix? Mainly tan with darker fur on back and white markings on chest and feet. Very sweet. Northwalk Dr/Bentley Park area in North County. Yes View Details
07/23/2014 Shorthair Feline Buff colored declawed female cat. Some white markings. Corner Garst Mill Rd and Larsen Lane in Roanoke County. View Details
07/01/2014 shitzu white and brown shitzuâ?¦very friendly. Found on 220 near Home Depot this morning around 5:30am. Unsure of sex. 220 near Home Depot View Details
03/03/2014 shih tzu? Small off- white dog. Wearing a black collar with green rabies tag & Roanoke county tag. Very friendly. William Byrd High School area Yes View Details
10/21/2013 Shih Tzu Poodle Male, Apricot colored poodle mix (shih tzu or pekingeze. Friendly and obviously owned by someone. Out running loose without a collar. He has clearly been outside quite a bit (dirty feet and eyes). In a neighborhood off of South Mountain Road off of Starkey in SW Roanoke County. Close proximity to the intersection of Buck Mountain Road, Crescent Rd neighborhood, several townhome neighborhoods and the Branderwood neighborhood. View Details
09/06/2014 Shih Tzu Found dog on Brandon Ave. near Grandin. Sweet white female Shih tzu looking dog with grayish brown spots. Is micro-chipped, but is not registered. Has a collar, but no tags. Was bleeding some from mouth when first encountered. May have been scared by the storm today and chewed her way out. Grandin area off Brandon Ave. Yes View Details
06/24/2014 shi tzu mix Older white shih tzu (maybe terrier mix as well). Very sweet Walking along Greenridge Rd. in Salem View Details
08/21/2013 Shepherd Mix Young, large, nuetered male shepherd mix dog found in North County - Call 540-915-2724 to identify and claim North County View Details
07/30/2013 sheep Black dog with white on front old dog View Details
02/03/2013 Scottish Terrier Very nice, black Scottish Terrier. Looks well-fed and cared for. Maiden Lane SW, Raleigh Court neighborhood View Details
05/26/2013 schnauzer GREY & WHITE NW 36TH & MERIDAN

View Details
01/16/2013 Rusty Coats I have seen 2 rusty coat dogs med/lg breed. Perhaps male and female as one is a little bigger than the other. They were seen in roanoke county eanes rd/ bandy rd garden city are of roanoke va. They are together in the back yard running around, will not come to me to give shelter. garden city eanes and bandy rd View Details
06/25/2013 Rotveller or Doberman mix Very nice obedient dog. Was running lose on 24. Picked up from the road. Keeping at the house for few days. Found in Stewartsville where Lovers lane meets 24. View Details
01/09/2014 Retriever Looks to be an older male retriever, possible lab. Coloring is light tan-ish with shades of darker tan/orange. Appears to be neutered. Brought him to the emergency hospital to see if he was microchipped, but he is not. Very sweet and playful. Very friendly. found on Crumpacker Dr by the Orchards on the Roanoke/Bonsack border Yes View Details
03/08/2014 Retreiver Mix Very sweet but skittish Has collar and tag but can't get close enough to read address on tag but looked like name on the front of tag was REESE. Mid-size dog, black/dark brown with lighter belly. Healthy but thin, gave it a bowl of food and it gobbled it up Camelot Village Apartments, Salem, VA. After it ate it ran off but might still be in the neighborhood View Details
01/07/2013 Rabbit Brindle (maybe Tortoiseshell?) colored, medium tan with thin black stripes, ears lay flat when back and perk upward

Rather docile, easily interacted with before it got scared when trying to be captured

Talked with ANGELS OF ASSISI - dropping off at their center at end of day
Tompkins Ave, SE, Roanoke VA Yes View Details
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