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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
01/13/2013 Unknown Small 10 - 15 pounds, light brown, long hair, dirty Ellis Court, Salem, VA Yes View Details
05/26/2014 Unknown One male and one female dog found on the Blue Ridge Parkway around 11:30 on Monday 5/26/14. No collars. Both brown in color. Blue Ridge Parkway View Details
06/06/2014 Toy Chihuahua Was running up Walnut in to Town of Vinton, was hit by car new the Market Square behind Post Office. I took it to Vinton Vet Hospital Town of Vinton View Details
08/18/2014 terrior mix found on Ashley Drive, Hardy. Bedford County. Very friendly. Call to identify. Bedfor County close to Hardy Road 5 miles from Vinton View Details
05/21/2014 Terrier/poodle mix? Small friendly light brown, dark brown eyes, young puppy, female? Laban Rd (north Roanoke county) View Details
01/05/2013 terrier mix found running in the middle of Chaparral Drive at noon Saturday. He is white with one brown ear and two brown spots. He has a docked tail. He is very playful and friendly. He seems to love to play fetch. Penn Forest--Chaparral Drive View Details
03/11/2015 Terrier mix Black and tan, not neutered, no microchip. 17-20 lbs. Very sweet and friendly. Campbell and 10th street Yes View Details
12/26/2012 Terrier I found a Jack Terrier (I believe) on Thirlane Rd, Roanoke, VA at about 8.15am. Right behind the United healthcare building, he was scared and cold, hard to tell the color he had been in the rain and was a bit muddy but he was white with brown and black spots and he had a brown collar. Animal control was called and he was picked up On Thirlane Rd Roanoke, VA behind ADT and United healthcare building View Details
03/29/2014 Terrier Little black well mannered little fellow. Meacham Road Yes View Details
10/07/2014 terrier white terrier, well groomed, 15 to 20 pounds, very sweet Sunnyside Dr SW Roanoke County View Details
05/02/2015 terrier Black and white male terrier, Very quiet well behaved has a little bit of brown around his face. Found on Deer Park Dr this morning (may 2nd ). Deer Park Dr, Roanoke Va, in north lakes View Details
07/02/2014 Tabby cat Tiger striped tabby. It is a male that has been neutered. Very friendly. Plantation Road near McDonalds. View Details
10/28/2013 Tabby Neutered good health domesticated seems like a house cat Gray with black stips and spot like Bengal Cat Hollins University Hollins area View Details
10/18/2014 Tabby Very mean scared cat Ne View Details
02/23/2015 some kind of small terrier He was found on small bridge on 10th street near rugby. Wet and scared. He is very friendly and has not been fixed. 10th street near rugby View Details
02/23/2015 some kind of small terrier Very friendly healthy 10th st near rugby ave View Details
11/29/2013 small, dark fur Very friendly dog. Wondering around Snowgoose Cr. View Details
05/02/2015 Small Terrior Found in North Lakes on Deer Park Dr. Very friendly to humans. Gets protective around other animals. Intact (not neutered). Need to find this guys home fast! Please call if you know anything. Deer Park Drive At the end of North Lakes in Morth Roanoke County Yes View Details
09/10/2014 Small Dog DOG SPOTTED ON TRAIN TRACKS IN ROANOKE... Small dog (possibly a long-haired Dachshund mix, white with tan markings) spotted on train tracks near Carlos Drive crossing in Roanoke. The crossing is just off of Hollins Road and not far from Old Mountain Road. As I approached Carlos Drive around 7pm on 9/10/14, I met a nice lady who was trying to help capture the frightened, loose puppy. I think the dog was initially seen running along Hollins Rd; it then ran toward Carlos and went southbound on the train tracks. When I arrived at the scene, the dog had vanished. I went home to pick up supplies. When I returned, I found the dog running along tracks, this time running northbound toward Carlos crossing. When the dog saw me he rested a bit, but as I tried to approach the dog got spooked. This time running south along the tracks again. I drove around to the neighborhood where the tracks lead (near Columbia). Another nice lady who lives near the track said she would be on the look out. By this point, it was getting dark so the search effort ended. Special thanks to the sweet lady I met on Carlos who has a heart of gold. She also came back to look for the little dog. Hoping the dog is found safe and soon. PLEASE SHARE with anyone who may have lost a little dog fitting this description. Hollins strs in Roanoke running along train tracks
Yes View Details
07/19/2013 Small Beagle Mix? Mainly tan with darker fur on back and white markings on chest and feet. Very sweet. Northwalk Dr/Bentley Park area in North County. Yes View Details
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