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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
03/08/2014 Retreiver Mix Very sweet but skittish Has collar and tag but can't get close enough to read address on tag but looked like name on the front of tag was REESE. Mid-size dog, black/dark brown with lighter belly. Healthy but thin, gave it a bowl of food and it gobbled it up Camelot Village Apartments, Salem, VA. After it ate it ran off but might still be in the neighborhood View Details
01/07/2013 Rabbit Brindle (maybe Tortoiseshell?) colored, medium tan with thin black stripes, ears lay flat when back and perk upward

Rather docile, easily interacted with before it got scared when trying to be captured

Talked with ANGELS OF ASSISI - dropping off at their center at end of day
Tompkins Ave, SE, Roanoke VA Yes View Details
07/15/2013 Rabbit Two rabbits Pebble Creek Apartment Homes, Cave Spring, SW Roanoke County
View Details
08/01/2013 rabbit domestic white rabbit found living under trailer at worksite. Precision Fabrics Group - Vinton View Details
09/09/2013 Pure Bread Beagle Very sweet. About 9 months old. Tri colored.Please find him.I pray every night that he would be waiting on my front porch.Please call when you find him. View Details
02/05/2014 Possibly walker coonhound This male dog was found in Fair Haven VT. No tags. He may be a hunting dog so he might be far from home. Yes View Details
12/07/2013 Possibly bichon, small white White dog found running around outside my house. He's small and looks like he could be a Bichon Yes View Details
01/29/2013 Poodle Either a toy poodle or a puppy. All white. Looks cared for. Hershberger Road. Was in the street - at 3570 Hershberger Road Yes View Details
12/25/2012 Pomeranian Dog has a scar on its back.
Dog has an injured or infected eye.
This is a re-entry to correct spelling of the breed.
[By the way, all dogs are the same species.]
211 Spruce LN, Callaway, VA Yes View Details
05/04/2013 pomeranian Found at 2326 grandin rd. It is a business called Allsports Cafe 2326 grandin rd. Roanoke va 24015 View Details
07/27/2013 Pomeranian Small black dog - Pomeranian Ellett Road and Lusters Gate in Blacksburg/Ellett Valley, Virginia Yes View Details
07/14/2013 PittBull So apparently my house is the beacon for lost dogs this year as this sweety makes #4 :)
Beautiful male pitbull. Has not been fixed. Wearing a black collar with a silver buckle on it. I believe the buckle has some hearts on the edge.
He is white with a brown ear. Super sweet. Very hyper. Seems to be the poster child for ADHD. He has a very sweet demeanor but not sure if he is trained or not as mostly Pitbulls will not respond to anyone other than their master.
My house. Like i said..apparently my house is a beacon for lost dogs. Call to verify the dog and ill give address and directions then. Yes View Details
10/09/2013 Pitt/boxer mix?? Brown puppy probably 6 months? Has white spots on feet. Seemed very hungry (fed him) 12o'clock knob rd Roanoke/Salem Yes View Details
07/17/2013 Pitt Bull or Pitt Bull Mix Super sweet female dark brindle- young. Shock collar battery is flashing green still. At the intersection of Sylvan Rd. and Happy Trail Yes View Details
06/27/2013 Pitt My Son was running the trail and came across this brown dog, seemed very skid-dish, would not let my son get too close before he/she ran off. He did get a photo and I have uploaded. Blue Ridge Parkway Spur toward Mill Mt Star at the Chestnut Loop Overlook Yes View Details
03/13/2014 pitbull mix Tan. Small Off 460 close to aspca View Details
07/14/2013 Pitbull Very friendly and sweet, not fixed, male pitbull. All white except a brown patch around eye and on his ears. Wondered into our yard. Off of gus nicks rd in Vinton View Details
10/10/2013 pit-mix male unneutered black dog with white patches. Approx. 1-2 years old. Found with his brother. Cove Rd. near 419 and I-81. View Details
11/15/2013 pit bull/rottweiler Dog was found at 7:00 AM on 11/15/2013. Very thin. Appeared to have a hurt back leg/paw. Sugarloaf Mountain Rd near Longridge neighborhood View Details
04/29/2013 pit bull mix This guy is very sweet and knows a few commands. He was recently shaved from his midsection to his tail due to mange (?). Wearing wide red collar. Jeters Chapel Rd. area of Stewartsville, VA outside of Vinton. Yes View Details
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