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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
06/13/2016 Yorkie maybe? Found on Sears Rd. on 6/13/2016 (off of Dalewood Rd. near Lakeside Church)
Very small dog, perhaps a Yorkie. Very friendly. No collar.
Sears Rd. Salem VA (Off of Dalewood Ave. in Salem - near Lakeside Church) View Details
05/21/2016 Yorkie Matted underneath, has been a momma before, long hair. 3-4 yrs old Elm ave. View Details
11/15/2016 Yorkie We found this sweet little hanging out in our backyard one night. We contacted the owner only to find she was abandoned and didnt want the dog back.

We live in a rental that does not allow pets or we would keep the dog. The dog gets along well with our 1 year old. She doesnt bark much, and is house trained.

We took her to the vet. shes now up to date on her shots and appears to be in good health. Vet said she may need some dental work and estimates the dog is 5-7 years old. (we have the vet paperwork if needed)

We would really like her to go to a good home she is such a nice dog.
Yes View Details
03/08/2017 yorkie very sweet looks like tag fell off of collar. Nice tick and flea collar with reflectors. 1119 4th street southeast Roanoke
Roanoke Fruit & Produce Company.
Yes View Details
07/08/2017 Yorkie No microchip-no collar Cynthia Drive, SW County, Roanoke, Virginia View Details
10/06/2017 Yorkie Found trailing his leash. Brown Highland Park, Roanoke Old Southwest View Details
08/31/2016 Yellow Tabby Cat Katie has been found. Thanks to everyone who helped keep an eye out for her. She was scared ,hungry,and very thirsty. So if you have a pet missing don't give up . They could still come home or be found. We are so Happy to have Katie Girl Home. We will pray for all the other lost pets . View Details
04/23/2017 yellow and white cat Medium yellow and white male cat. Kind of afraid, but if you talk to it it meows and gets very friendly. We have been feeding it and get ticks off it. We can't keep it because we have a female already and she is afraid of him. Gravel Hill Rd. Troutville, Va View Details
03/27/2016 Westie white Westie, he is being well taken care of until we find his real home Starkey Rd View Details
01/26/2016 West Highland Terrier Westie found at Willow Lawn St near Garst Mill Park Willow Lawn St near Garst Mill park View Details
05/14/2017 walker/ hunting dog reddish brown with white feet and spots looks to have walker and possibly blue heeler in him, well mannered clear brook area 220 View Details
07/19/2017 Walker Found female walker not spay in elliston va on cove hollow rd Cove hollow rd elliston va
Yes View Details
07/17/2017 Walker Found female walker on cove hollow elliston va. No collar, no chip, no spay Cove hollow rd Yes View Details
08/11/2016 unknown short hair multi color Found running around in Dixie Caverns Campground with another larger dog. Very thin, ribs and spine seen. Lovable, napped in lap. Fed but not seen next morning. Neighbors and mgmt. didn't recognize pic. Dixie Caverns Campground 5753 W Main St, Salem, VA 24153 Yes View Details
08/11/2016 unknown short hair Happy go lucky, black and brown short hair, medium size, too big for your lap but wants to sit in it anyway. Found running around Dixie Caverns Campground with a smaller multi-colored dog (separate entry) approx. 10 pm. Fed but was gone in the am. Pic wasn't recognized by neighbors or mgmt. Dixie Caverns Campground 5753 W Main St, Salem, VA 24153 Site #47 Yes View Details
10/18/2016 Unknown My son found a dog and he's keeping it in a cage at our home 7014 Cotton Hill Road View Details
10/02/2017 Tortoise shell cat Appears healthy and well cared for, just began staying around our home. SE Roanoke near Roanoke Memorial Hospital Yes View Details
05/27/2016 Terrier mixed I believe She is sweet and loving dog looks like she has had puppies very sad and needs her owners Morningside and Penmar SE View Details
08/20/2016 terrier mix?? Neutered male, tan, terrier mix(?) Very sweet, well behaved. Wearing collar, no tags, not microchipped. Olney Rd, Vinton, VA View Details
05/11/2016 Terrier mix Very sweet little girl. Very friendly. Has had puppies in the past. SE Roanoke near Morningside. View Details
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