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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
05/27/2014 Zebra Finch A male zebra finch flew into my basement today. Comfortable around people, obviously a pet (especially since these birds are not native to VA). I have given it suitable seeds and water but cannot keep it long-term because of my dog. SW Roanoke View Details
06/04/2013 young cat Dark gray with brown undertones, black stripes, 4 white feet. Appears to be about a year old. Tail is gray with black rings. Affectionate, will let me pidk him up. Has a white spot at his nose. 3528 Forester Rd. SW
Roanoke, VA. 24015
View Details
01/28/2015 young cat young cat with blue eyes white with light grey and tan markings cotton hill south west roanoke Yes View Details
04/08/2013 Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire terrier or another terrier-type found at Pebble Creek Apartments in Cave Spring Pebble Creek; 3345C Circle Brook Dr, Roanoke, VA 24018 View Details
05/06/2013 Yorkshire Terrier Timid calm sweet older female Yorkie! She must be crate trained, found on Castlerock RD in SW County May 6th at about 5:15pm. She may have run over from Longhorn Ave also. She's safe and getting extra love from the kids. Give me a call if she's yours! Thanks! Castlerock/Longhorn SW County Yes View Details
03/23/2015 yorkshire terrier This dog is running our neighborhood & I can't catch her. This dog is very skittish but keeps coming back to our yard. I would love to help him/her get home. Garst street/ haven off 419 View Details
05/21/2014 yorkie/terrier/poodle mix? light brown coat (hint of gray on back), dark brown eyes, small (15-20 pounds?). On Laban Road (North Roanoke County) Yes View Details
03/26/2013 yorkie-lost running on 460 running in traffic on orange between siebel and king. poor thing scared to death tried to get it to come to us but it was too frightened. View Details
05/31/2014 Yorkie Terrier 2nd Dog Tag "Pet Clinic of Rocky Mount, Va ID#17930",#483-1777. Have attempted to call but not open. We live right off 220 in Clearbrook and concerned for dogs safety. We are unable to bring him inside due to young children. 5505 Will Carter Ln Roanoke Va 24014. Dog showed up at our house. View Details
06/29/2013 Yorkie or silky terrier Dog was seen running through the neighborhood and came to the back porch. Was initially scared of people but has warmed up significantly since receiving food and water. The dog's nails are long, suggesting it has been out on its own for some time. Dog found running through the neighborhood near Interstate 81 and Riner Rd. Yes View Details
03/22/2015 Yorkie mix(?) Found on Street. Oakleaf Dr. Nw View Details
01/05/2013 Yorkie Short white and gray hair, neutered,slight balding around spine area Southwest Roanoke county near cave spring middle school View Details
08/04/2013 Yellow Tabby Cat Beautiful young and loving yellow tabby cat. Ruritan Road area. Yes View Details
05/24/2014 Yellow Lab mix with 3legs Friendly sweet dog missing his left front leg. Alpine Road in North Roanoke County View Details
01/02/2013 yellow lab mix Male, yellow lab mix (or so it appeared) was found in Plantation Oaks neighborhood off of Plantation Road around 6:30am on January 2nd. Very friendly dog with a collar, but not tags. Please call Roanoke County Animal Control for more details. They picked him up around 8am. Plantation Road, North Roanoke County View Details
01/05/2013 Yellow lab Adult yellow lab, obviously well fed. Grandin View Details
04/10/2013 yellow lab approx 1 to 2 year old female yellow lab - in heat

No microchip
Bottom Creek Lane, Bent Mountain View Details
08/15/2014 Yellow could be a lab not sure Sweet and friendly. She is yellow and looks really well taken care of. She was running down Brambleton at 2 am in front of the Brambleton center going in the direction of Krogers. Brambleton in Sw Roanoke View Details
10/20/2013 White Terrier White Male Terrier. Very friendly. He doesn't look like he has been missing that long. Still looks healthy. He was in our yard on Layman Road off of Bonsack Road in Roanoke County. View Details
05/31/2014 White Pom Has license but no personal info Found on colonial rd View Details
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