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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
08/03/2016 Canine Male Un-neutered terrier dog, blonde color North Lakes Subdivision, North Roanoke County View Details
08/25/2016 Canine Female Terrie Black and Brown in color wearing a black harness. She is at Brambleton Veterinary Hospital. We can be reached at 540-774-5236. She was found on Rosewood off of Brambleton on the morning of 8/25/16 Yes View Details
08/28/2016 Canine Large dog. Looks to be a Lab mix/ dark chocolate. Scruggs road Moneta View Details
09/16/2016 canine White and tan/brindle bull dog mix. Very friendly. About 2-5 years old. Small scar between shoulder blades. Monet Drive near Chagall in the Groves neighborhood off Cotton Hill in Roanoke County Yes View Details
01/27/2017 Canine Gold large dog Plantation road View Details
10/06/2017 Canine Ran in front of my van on 16th and Kenwood st in SE. around 10:30am 16th and Kenwood ave se View Details
11/01/2017 Canine Tan around 5 months old 19th st. and Tazwell SE. At 8 am. he was running in the road and trying to get in a trash can. I got him and waited 10 mins. To see if anyone came looking for him. View Details
11/01/2017 Canine Older fawn pug found running on Brambleton Avenue near the Coffee Pot. Brambleton Avenue View Details
11/14/2017 Canine Black and white border collie mix and seems to be less than two years old Mt. View road in Vinton at Ruddle road cross section View Details
12/14/2017 Canine Female tan and white hound. Very friendly. Has spots on her front legs and black on her muzzle. Found running down Brambleton Ave by North West Hardware. Yes View Details
12/31/2017 Canine Brown and tan with hazel eyes. Recently spayed with blue tattoo Parkway in Botetourt View Details
01/04/2018 Canine Mature male, tan and white with tan patches on back, gentle demeanor Found in Salem, VA on Main St./ Conehurst (near Lakeside Plaza) Yes View Details
11/01/2017 Canine/ Pug Older Fawn and black mask pug, older seems to not be able to hear. Brambleton Ave View Details
04/08/2016 Cat Friendly adult orange tabby with tuxedo markings Stewartsville View Details
04/10/2016 Cat My mom found the cat this morning at the bottom of our outside basement stairs hold up in a milk crate that she uses for gardening stuff. When I went down to check it out it looked like it was asleep but woke up when I got close. So far it hasn't made an attempt to move away when I get close but I'm hesitant to pick it up since I'm not sure how friendly or sick (if at all) it is. I can't bring it inside because we have a dog that's not too friendly to other animals. I'll try as much as I can to keep it comfortable if it stays there overnight. Corner of Montague and Wentworth Ave. About 4 to 5 blocks behind Breckinridge Junior High School. View Details
04/10/2016 cat Brown tabby, looks adult size. Just saw him/her running across Campbell Ave to the Jefferson Center. Not a safe place for a cat, due to high traffic in the area. Jefferson Center on Campbell Ave, Roanoke View Details
03/18/2016 Cat Tabby Williamson Road/Yardley Drive View Details
01/18/2016 Cat Orange black & white long hair cat. Very friendly and acts she once had an indoor home. Have seen cat around for some time before helping her during the bad weather when she begged to come in. Found in Read Mountain area. Read Mountain, Steeplechase neighborhood Yes View Details
12/19/2015 Cat Gray cat, large, white paws Salem, VA Yes View Details
01/18/2016 Cat Grey, with a tiny circle of white on chest. Dixie Caverns area. Yes View Details
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