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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
06/28/2015 Beagle mix Found along Bradshaw Rd. Real young recently spayed. Bradshaw rd in Roanoke County near Mason Cove Elementary School. View Details
08/23/2014 Beagle mixes? ? Two brown black and white dogs on grandin Rd ran into our yard were running in traffic and obviously lpst. We have them please call to pick up 3581 grandin Rd Roanoke va 24018 View Details
04/20/2013 Beagle or Beagle-mix This is a very sweet dog who is clearly someone well-loved pet. Hunting Hills View Details
10/03/2014 Beagle Puppy 12 lb. Beagle Puppy. She appears to be pure breed and not a mix. She's the standard Beagle tan Black & white colors. She does not have a micro chip and has fleas. The corner if Electric Road/419 and Glen Heather Drive (Roanoke) next to the Getty Mart Yes View Details
10/31/2014 Beagle puppy She is an 8-10 week old puppy. She was with another dog who appeared to be a brown and black Boarder Collie. The other dog ran off when I pulled over and picked up the puppy. Neither dog was wearing a collar. I found this puppy on the side of 221 in SW Roanoke across from Haran Baptist Church. View Details
03/02/2014 Beagle/Bassett Female, very friendly, pink collar- no tag, older. Please call if you know who it belongs to. Found dog near Williamson Road/Huntington Blvd on March 2. Yes View Details
06/14/2013 beagle/fozhound/russell terrie white with dark brown and black patches, brown eyes, white tail, brown & black end 3247 Londonderry Ln. Roanoke, VA 24018 View Details
11/23/2014 beagle/shepherd mix Older female dog, black and tan, grayer around the face, extremely sweet and loving. Found on Buck Mountain Rd Yes View Details
01/27/2014 Begal Older Beagle SW Roanoke Co View Details
08/02/2014 Bl Shepherd and Bl Wirehire Te Very friendly found running up 24 towards Food Lion Route 24 coming from car wash right there at Goode Park View Details
05/05/2013 Black & white Small black & white kitten found. Very playful. Has black beard & black dot on nose. Foxhall Circle Roanoke Va Yes View Details
05/05/2013 black / white Found on May 5 2013. 3 month old female kitten . Weighs 2 lbs 12 ounces Foxhall Circle SW County Yes View Details
09/18/1914 Black and little Gold Cat Came home same address View Details
12/25/2012 black and tan coon dog Large breed black and tan dog. Found trotting down Old Cave Spring Rd. around 9am. Old Cave Spring Rd. View Details
04/07/2015 Black Lab We were walking around Russlen Farms neighborhood and she followed us home. She is very young and sweet! Russlen Farms - Salem, VA View Details
04/07/2015 Black Lab We were walking around Russlen Farms neighborhood and she followed us home. She is very young and sweet! Russlen Farms - Salem, VA View Details
04/07/2015 Black Lab Found in the Russlen Farms neighborhood in Salem. Followed us home on our walk. Very sweet and friendly pup!! Salem, Va View Details
12/19/2012 Black lab mix She is black with a few white hairs (hardly noticeable) on her chest and a few on her feet. I did't notice the white last night. Her snout is long like a shepherd, But her skull structure around her eyes is wide like a pit bull. Although on first glance she seems like a very slim black lab. She gets along well with children and other dogs and seems to have been kept in the house. She is under a year old, very puppish. My little boy thinks she's great! My two Pyrs are quite protective of her. 5821 cavalier drive View Details
01/08/2014 Black Lab Mix Black Lab Mix with a curly tail. Mainly black with a white chest. Has a very boxy head. Found at the corner of Rose Ridge and 43 in Botetourt County. View Details
06/17/2014 Black lab? puppies Found 2 black young puppies. Both Male. Very friendly. They have walking harnesses and flea collars but no tags or information. found this evening at 7:15. NW Roanoke Biltmore Dr. View Details
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