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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
07/22/2013 Blue heeler Sweet dog with large black spot on back Adjacent to blue ridge parkway near cotton hill and shingle ridge, mallard lake subdivision View Details
08/10/2013 Border Collie Liver color. Intact male. Cave Spring Corners Yes View Details
02/23/2013 Border Collie, Blk/wht Dog has shown up at my house for last 3 days. Skiddish of people. Can't tell if male or female, will not allow me to get too close. If this is your dog, please contact me as soon as possible. Beautiful dog. Brunswick Forge Road, Troutville, VA View Details
05/20/2013 Boston Terrier this dog looks like a full bred boston terrier. she is a brindle and black and white mixed color. Rutrough Road toward explore park. she was running in the middle of the road and got in my car when I stopped. very well mannered. great dog View Details
07/16/2013 boxer Boxer mix, friendly. Eden ave. near Starkey Rd. View Details
07/21/2013 Boxer Brown/White fur, Medium Size Hurt Park View Details
10/24/2013 Boxer Boxer probably about 2 years old with a full tale. fawn colored, white chest unnetered male ?? found Fort Avenue near main st ?? call Margaret @ 803-210-6113 found today. Fort Avenue near Main St View Details
01/01/2013 Boxer Young male boxer found wandering Oak Grove area off 419. We brought him in once it got cold and saw he was shivering. Will leave outside during day while at work. Oak Grove/419 View Details
05/07/2013 Boxer Mix Senior Boxer Mix found on Crystal Creek Dr (near Cave Spring Middle School). Crystal Creek Dr (near Cave Spring Middle School) in Roanoke County Yes View Details
10/11/2013 Brown Chihuahua & Grey Terrier 2 dogs found together 419 near Lakeside Kroger View Details
10/06/2013 Bull Terrier Found on Blue Ridge Parkway near Vinton exit, chasing cars. Obviously a pet. Blue Ridge Parkway near Vinton exit. View Details
01/08/2013 canine Dog was turned in today after someone found him wondering on Tazwell Ave. A Banfield rabies tag was on his collar and we were able to find his information in the computer. The number listed on the account was no longer accurate so we are not able to locate his owners. He is a husky mix about 2 years old. Please call or come by to claim. Tazwell Ave SE Roanoke View Details
12/19/2012 Canine A sweet female black/brindle/white dog....maybe a Boston Terrier/Boxer mix. Such a sweet girl about 2-4 years old. In Troutville...near the Troutville Fire Dept View Details
07/17/2013 Canine Black male, white on chest. Looks like a young lab mix. Blue collar with no tags. Intact 220 near clear brook gas station View Details
07/30/2013 Canine Spayed female found off of Bent Mountain Road. Hound mix, probably Bassett? About 12-14 weeks old; still has baby teeth. Mostly black, but has some white markings. Front legs are more-so white with black spots. Very sweet! Recently spayed (tummy still shaved) and has a spay scar and green spay tattoo on belly. No microchip. Staying with a great family for the time being, but they are anxious to find this sweet girl's owner! Can e-mail picture if needed. Off of Bent Mountain Road (24018) View Details
08/05/2013 Canine Sweet unspayed female dog. 25 lbs, short hair, black with white on chest and feet. Approximately 1 year old. Very sweet and social dog that appears to come from a loving home. Found on Twelve Oclock Knob Rd a few miles from Rt. 221. She appears to have been in the woods for a couple days at least. View Details
12/15/2013 canine A slightly overweight white dog.Appears to be a Bichon or a mix. About 25 pounds. We think she is female but not sure. She is very sweet,clean and friendly. She seems to like our cats and they aren't freaked out by her. Harborwood Road near Gladden Road in Roanoke county. View Details
02/27/2014 Canine Neutered friendly male. No tags or microchip. Knows how to sit and house broken By Pet Vet on Electric road. View Details
06/16/2014 Canine Intact brown male Chihuahua or mix. Fishburn Park,Southwest County View Details
07/21/2014 canine Brown,not neutered, medium size with light brown eyes. Very gentle and great with small children and other pets. Bradshaw Rd. View Details
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