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Please check our Lost Pet List to see if the pet You've found matches any of the pets reported missing. If the pet has not been reported lost on our Lost Pet List please add the pet to our Found Pet List. Thank you for taking a moment to make sure a lost pet finds their way home.

Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
03/31/2015 Chow/possibly mix Found older dog, looks like a chow or chow mix. She is light in color like apricot or dirty blonde. She probably weighs around 35+lbs. Her hair matted. She has some healed sores on her back. We had her checked and she appears not be micro-chipped. She is missing her family. On View Avenue off of Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke View Details
03/31/2015 Cat Long-haired grey/brown tabby cat found in Hunting Hills neighborhood. White nose & paws. No collar, no microchip. Please respond to identify this cat.
Hunting Hills neighborhood Yes View Details
03/30/2015 husky found at thriftway market troutville she appears to be young less than a year maybe 6 monthes
she has color of white grey/black
Thriftway at troutville View Details
03/30/2015 found @ 5:00 pm. Found near Hidden Valley Golf course on Keagy Rd. Yes View Details
03/28/2015 Dogs There are two stray dogs hanging around the bojangles on rt 220 next to outback in Roanoke va. One is black and white and the other is golden. They both look older and seem to be friends. They are going to get hit of someone does not retrieve them. They seem very sweet but I was not able to get close enough to the black and white one which is wearing a collar to see the tag. Bojangles on rt 220 next to outback in Roanoke. View Details
03/23/2015 yorkshire terrier This dog is running our neighborhood & I can't catch her. This dog is very skittish but keeps coming back to our yard. I would love to help him/her get home. Garst street/ haven off 419 View Details
03/22/2015 Yorkie mix(?) Found on Street. Oakleaf Dr. Nw View Details
03/20/2015 Dog Poodle mix (possible cocker spaniel poodle mix) neutered. no chip. Will need proof of ownership. Highland Ave 24013 Yes View Details
03/20/2015 German shorthair pointer Beautiful dog, white with brown, very friendly, well socialized. Wandered into our back gate Friday night looking for attention. Raleigh Court neighborhood, near Patrick Henry HS Yes View Details
03/16/2015 Long haired Dachshund Brown,long haired Dachshund, very friendly, has a spot of missing hair on back. Near William Fleming High School found on Frontage Road View Details
03/15/2015 Vizsla Spayed female, very friendly, microchip registered to former owner. VA Route 24 near Parkway exit. Dog was crossing 4 lanes of traffic. View Details
03/15/2015 Jack Russell Young male Jack Russell terrier, well groomed, trimmed nails, very happy and playful. Black head with brown. White body with some black spots. 919 Peyton St, Roanoke, VA 24019 View Details
03/15/2015 Collie Mix Found on Catawba Creek beneath Tinker Cliffs. Dog is black, fluffy, w/white paws. Very friendly. Gray muzzle. Hard of hearing. Have in my kennel as I don't want him to wander into the road. Catawba Creek below Tinker Cliffs. View Details
03/15/2015 Collie Mix Black fluffy older female dog. She is small and has four white paws. Very sweet but almost deaf. I still have this sweet girl in my kennel to keep her from getting hit by a car. She is very friendly and enjoys playing with my dogs. Please share this with your friends. Someone is bound to be looking for her. I found her on Catawba Creek at the base of Tinker Cliffs/Appalachian Trail. Mile 10 Of 20. Tinker Cliffs/Appalachian Trail, Mile 10 of 20. Yes View Details
03/12/2015 Dog..... White small dog. Not sure of breed. Possible shitzu North lakes View Details
03/12/2015 Pit bull Black pit bull with a white stripe down his neck. Obedient and crate trained West Roanoke county View Details
03/11/2015 Terrier mix Black and tan, not neutered, no microchip. 17-20 lbs. Very sweet and friendly. Campbell and 10th street Yes View Details
03/09/2015 Dog Found brown/golden and black small breed of dog. Bandy road View Details
03/07/2015 Dog White/tan pit bull. Friendly. Large dog SE Roanoke View Details
03/06/2015 Dog Brown / Tan Terrier and Lab mix, Adult.
Main St in Buchanan Yes View Details
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