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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
12/24/2014 Shepard mix Gold color Shepard mix about a year old friendly little timid at first Intersection of hardy rd and beagle club View Details
12/23/2014 Cat Smaller sized tabby cat. Skittish. Has white paws, faint white marks on nose and between eyes, and has a Nubby tail. Moneta, Va View Details
12/21/2014 Cocker Spaniel FOUND: One lost dog, male Cocker Spaniel, neutered, buff color. Very friendly and clean. Recently groomed. Found Sunday evening 12-21-14 in the Wasena Park area. Very family friendly and knows what a couch is :) Wasena Park area of of Main St. SW Yes View Details
12/20/2014 Cat Semi-long haired black and white cat with black spot on nose. Cove Rd in Roanoke City near Lafayette Blvd View Details
12/20/2014 Cat Older black male cat Franklin Rd and Wonju, SW Roanoke View Details
12/18/2014 cat Short haired Black/Grey tabby with faint brown patches all over. 3-5 months old. Gold colored eyes. S.E. off of 9th St. View Details
12/16/2014 Dog Male, Brindle and white puppy Newport Road, Catawba Yes View Details
12/13/2014 cat Mostly white small cat with black spots. Very sweet. Crystal Spring in Roanoke Yes View Details
12/11/2014 Dog white / brown Chihuahua mix Found on Bedford County line Yes View Details
12/10/2014 Pit Bull Grayish Brown 10th Street NW / Williamson Road Yes View Details
12/08/2014 Dog Long hair black and tan chihuahua / shepherd mix found in Roanoke City. Wearing a collar with tags. Roanoke City Yes View Details
12/08/2014 cat-grey and white, gold eyes Very friendly grey and white cat, very friendly. Gold eyes, white paws. Just showed up we have to keep it outside because our greyhound is not cat friendly. We have asked around. Fincastle Virginia Murray street. Yes View Details
12/01/2014 Cat Young female cat. Very friendly. Not micro-chipped, but is spayed. Dilute tabby calico with green eyes. Buchanan, VA (off Rt. 11) Yes View Details
12/01/2014 Cat (orange tabby) Very friendly large (full grown) orange and white tabby. White patches on face and neck. Fairway Forest neighborhood near Salem/SW Roanoke County line. Yes View Details
11/28/2014 brindle beagle mix possibly Brindle beagle mix. Young and unneutered. White legs and nose and chest markings. Found on Rock Spring road and Goodview drive in Goodview VA. Very friendly. No microchip. Good weight and we'll groomed and we'll taken care of. Fresh cut nails. Probably missing for at least one week. A neighbor had him in the basement for a few days and hung signs but no response. Chases cars and has fleas. Took him to Bedford Animal Shelter this morning. This site won't allow me to post pictures. intersection of rock spring road and Goodview drive View Details
11/28/2014 cat has marking of a calico & tabby, orange dot on top of head, very friendly but skittish Vinton/Stewartsville area Yes View Details
11/23/2014 beagle/shepherd mix Older female dog, black and tan, grayer around the face, extremely sweet and loving. Found on Buck Mountain Rd Yes View Details
11/23/2014 cat Found outside Cave Spring Baptist Church Brambleton & Rosaelawn Yes View Details
11/22/2014 Jack Russell Terrier Brown and white, very excitable, whines a lot Roanoke Va- around Williamson Road View Details
11/22/2014 Pekinese? He appears to be a purebred Pekinese maybe. Found this little guy trotting across 460. Stopped and picked him up at the entrance to Hickory Woods Apartments. H Wasn't wearing a collar, so I took him to animal control to see if he was microchipped. He wasn't. Decided that was the best place to leave him since most owners will go there to find a lost pet. Yes View Details
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