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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
07/04/2017 Terrier Mostly white with brown spots. Wiry hair. Fairly young and not neutered. Roanoke city just outside of Vinton. Off of King St. View Details
07/04/2017 Dog White & Tan dog found running around a neighborhood in Roanoke, just off King Street. He is wearing a collar but had no tags or microchip. He is safe & comfy, his picture is attached. King Street in Roanoke City Yes View Details
07/04/2017 Chihuahua (long-haired) Tan and white male long-haired chihuahua Bonsack area in Orchards neighborhood View Details
07/02/2017 Flat coat retriever, pyranese No identifying information. Found this beautiful black dog in the middle of the road at the top of Peakwood Drive in South Roanoke last night at 11:00 pm. Squeaky clean, well-mannered and no stranger to a couch or children. I have two dogs and they are fine together, however, keeping them separate. He's rested, has eaten, been walked and likes to be near human caregiver. That said, he does look like he is missing his family. South Roanoke, top of Peakwood Drive in street at intersection of West Ridge Circle. View Details
06/28/2017 cat dark gray tabby with white neck, chest and feet - sweet young cat, est. 6 months old or so, loves to be held and petted - very skinny, very vocal, very hungry 14th Street NW Roanoke, Melrose Rugby neighborhood, across from Eureka Park Yes View Details
06/22/2017 Pitbull? I work at Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare, and for the last week I have noticed a puppy walking in the road/sitting on the sidewalk when I am coming to work and leaving. He is very friendly and will come up to you if you come toward him. He does not have a collar, and I cannot see any visible food or water left out for him. It does appear that he has been eating out of the trash left on the street. I am very concerned that he is going to be hit by a vehicle that is driving down the street as I witnessed someone yesterday have to stop in the road to avoid hitting him. I have seen him wandering around Chestnut Ave NW right down the street from Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare. I saw him sleeping on the porch of 531 Chestnut Ave NW, but I have also seen him come from the house on the right. I have also seen him standing in the road and sitting on the sidewalk. Yes View Details
06/20/2017 Dog Female, blue/white pit/mix Near Plantation Rd NE View Details
06/18/2017 dog Taffy was found by my neighbors Pickwick Rd View Details
06/12/2017 Dog White body with a black spot at the base of his tail. Brown ears and a white stripe down the middle of his face. Corner of View and Poplar in Roanoke County Yes View Details
06/09/2017 Dog Chihuahua Cave Spring View Details
06/09/2017 cat Burmese small adult, frightened so could not get close 23Rd st and Salem Turnpike NW Roanoke View Details
06/06/2017 Dog She appears to be a Chihuahua Pug mix. Was suspicious at first but is very sweet. Wasena Park Yes View Details
06/04/2017 Dog black and white mixed breed, mostly black with white feet. front paws are spotted, white chest. one ear sticks up. Moneta Yes View Details
05/30/2017 black cat correction on previous info, the cat does have claws, just trimmed nice. The cat is very friendly and wants a lot of attention. I can't keep her, I already have 2 cats. 4524 Long Acre Dr. 24019 off Old Mt. Rd at the very end of the neighborhood. View Details
05/29/2017 Beagle under a year old,very friendly. Mostly tan face,typical beagle coloring. wandering down middle of Rt 311, near the Wildlife RD (closest to Roanoke side). Also reported in Craig County. Worried it belongs to someone walking the trail so we are notifying the area shelters View Details
05/25/2017 Dog Tan colored Cairn terrier, small breed around 30 pounds, great demeanor, friendly, neutered Near Airport Rd. in Roanoke county View Details
05/25/2017 Dog - Cairn Terrier Neutered male, looks to be a tan cairn terrier about 30 pounds, great demeanor, very friendly. Found close to the Police Academy on Barns Avenue near Airport Road. Barns Avenue between the police academy and Airport Road. Roanoke County Yes View Details
05/21/2017 Cat Small grey tortie. Very friendly. Grandin Road Extension/Deyerle area View Details
05/21/2017 Dog There is a stray dog coming for food at a location where I feed cats. The dog is full grown and looks like a husky or malamute. Appears to like cats but won't let a close to it. Mostly white with patches of gray. Between Tanglewood Mall and Franklin Rd SW Roanoke City - Townside Mall area. View Details
05/20/2017 Coon Hound Pit Bull Mix Pair Bonded pair appears. Large Dogs, seemingly a mix of coon hound and pit bull. Very affectionate. Could not have been out there long, they are not emaciated. The darker colored one has longer and more matted fur. They were bedding down on the side of the road but happily followed up to the house. They wanted inside badly. Fed and watered them and they fell asleep in seconds after in my basement. 2803 Highland Rd, Roanoke, VA 24014
Near Explore Park off 13th Street past the WWT plant.
Yes View Details
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