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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
05/24/2014 Yellow Lab mix with 3legs Friendly sweet dog missing his left front leg. Alpine Road in North Roanoke County View Details
05/21/2014 Terrier/poodle mix? Small friendly light brown, dark brown eyes, young puppy, female? Laban Rd (north Roanoke county) View Details
05/21/2014 yorkie/terrier/poodle mix? light brown coat (hint of gray on back), dark brown eyes, small (15-20 pounds?). On Laban Road (North Roanoke County) Yes View Details
05/19/2014 Dog Affectionate black white and tan female, white tipped tail. Small to medium sized under 25 lbs. 3rd St Old Southwest, Roanoke VA 24016 Yes View Details
05/16/2014 Dog Being held at Angels of Assisi. Call 344-8707 if your dog. Roanoke City Yes View Details
05/14/2014 Dog He is white with light brown/tan spots on back. Very nice, comes even though do not know his name. Has responded to Puppy but sure that is not his real name. Wonderful friendly dog, may have been mostly indoor dog. Maybe a beagle mix, not sure. Seems to be great with kids. Appears to have been around cats before. He has not bothered my cats. Shelbourne Ave Vinton VA. intersection Niagra Rd. View Details
05/10/2014 Cat Tortoise/tabby (gray & brown) markings with white on paws and muzzle. I'm like 80% sure it's a male, but no guarantees. We saw him Saturday 5/10 but he promptly ran away. However, Monday, he was under the porch and I was able to pet & feed him. He is sweet & tolerant, even allowed my dog to lick his face. He is very skinny though, so he's probably been gone a while. I couldn't get a good picture, but I have a slightly blurry one that I can text someone. Dry Hollow Rd., Salem, VA (near Glenvar/Dixie Caverns) View Details
05/08/2014 lab maybe mixed black male with small amounts of white on chest. Very friendly. Have put up fliers with dogs pic. on it and posted on facebook Giles county rescue squad, Pearisburg View Details
05/08/2014 dog male Black lab ,maybe mixed .Very friendly. thin line of white on chest. Giles county rescue squad, Pearisburg View Details
05/05/2014 cat black and white kitten about 3 months old. See picture. Pads are raw, very skinny, but very sweet and house trained. Must belong to someone. Brookside Golf Course at Hollins Plaze, Williamson Road, Hollins, VA Yes View Details
05/01/2014 dog Found the evening of 05/01/2014. Wire-haired, mid-sized terrier type male dog. Very friendly. Approx. 2 to 3 years old Williamson/Plantation Rd. area. View Details
04/30/2014 LABS Found 2 big lab dogs 1 female 1 male Dixie Caverns area Dry Hollow ROAD View Details
04/28/2014 Cat 3 3 week old kittens
2 Gray/White
1 Gray

Currently held at Angels of Assisi
4904 Colonial Ave, Roanoke Yes View Details
04/28/2014 K9 collar and flea collar were both pink. collar in cloth. On Thomas Ave NW, between 12th ST NW and Grayson Ave NW.
On corner near end at Grayson
View Details
04/28/2014 Collie Mix Very friendly red and white dog. Has the face of a collie. Very dirty and very matted has been seen in the neighborhood twice this week, once about 5 days ago and again on Monday. Kyles Mill Road north of Fincastle View Details
04/27/2014 Beagle Very sweet male beagle. Must provide detailed description and/or picture of dog to claim. Blue Ridge Parkway in Botetourt County near Bobletts Gap, MM 100. View Details
04/26/2014 hound mix Found dog- Bent Mountain, near Amherins Winery- black and white male,
intact, hound mix- white blaze, white tummy and socks- white tail tip- friendly, seems to have been a pet and he misses his family !!
Bent Mountain View Details
04/25/2014 Cat Long-haired adult cat, probably male, has black and tan tiger stripes and a bit of white around mouth. Near Cove and Hershberger NW Roanoke View Details
04/24/2014 Dog Tri color, head is mostly tan, legs and feet are white. Very, very sweet dog. She has been hanging around the neighborhood on Porter's Mountain which is near Blue Ridge, Montvale and Stewartsville for a week or more. She came to my house yesterday and appears thin as if she has been away from home for a while. I will snag her for you if you think she is your girl, otherwise, I'm going to leave her free and hope she finds her way back home. 1773 Wooldridge Rd. Blue Ridge VA View Details
04/19/2014 Cat Blue eyes. Has a white body and stripes on the face, tail and paws. May not have its claws. Day avenue. Roanoke city. View Details
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