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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
07/24/2014 Basset Hound He is chestnut or brown in color. Looks to be a mix but definitely has some basset in him. Older with gray hair around his mouth. Traveling with a blonde lab with same kind of collar but only wider. Found on Welches Run Rd right off 460 about 1 mile past Walmart. They came from the direction of Ridgefield development. View Details
03/07/2013 Beagle The dog has been running in and around our fenced in parking lot for the past two days. I'm trying to catch it, but the dog is very energetic and playful. He seems to be young and healthy. He isn't wearing a collar. If you come to pick up the dog and see it inside the fence, please come to the front office and someone will let you in to try to catch the dog. I will continue to try to catch him. I'm very worried he'll get hit by a car because this is a high-traffic area near Orange Ave. 518 Pocahontas Ave., Roanoke, VA 24012 View Details
07/26/2013 Beagle small beautiful beagle black, tan and white very sweet made her self right at home weighs around 20 lbs. Botetourt area off Catawba 779 in the green acre areas View Details
07/31/2013 Beagle Male about 20 lbs found off Williamson rd and hershberger rd area. Brown and white with mostly white chest and front legs, has brown eyes and nose. Contact Amanda 540-312-3445 Roanoke city View Details
10/08/2013 Beagle Brown/white/black female beagle mix Off of bradshaw road behind Mason Cove Elementary School View Details
10/17/2013 Beagle Sweet female beagle found in Grandin Court area. Pleae contact jennifer @ 598-7712 to reclaim Grandin Court Area Yes View Details
10/25/2013 beagle male, neutered, tri-colored beagle found in front of Kmart on Hershberger. He is EXTREMELY sweet. He is wearing a collar, but no tags. Kmart on Hershberger View Details
03/13/2014 Beagle found on riverland road running loose. very friendly and well mannered. knows what a doggie door is, and he checked out the gates on the fence. roanoke va View Details
04/27/2014 Beagle Very sweet male beagle. Must provide detailed description and/or picture of dog to claim. Blue Ridge Parkway in Botetourt County near Bobletts Gap, MM 100. View Details
05/08/2013 Beagle / Hound Mix Rust and white. Tail has white tip. Four white socks - socks have light rust colored freckles. Yellow eyes / flesh colored nose. Has been neutered. Zion Hill Road, Fincastle, VA 24090 View Details
02/03/2014 beagle hound mix Found at Walnut & Wise Avenue rail road tracks ...puppy had come out of creek as if he'd been swimming in the water & was scared. White with light beige coloring on head & face with black spots only on the right side of his body & on his butt Walnut & Wise ave intersection at rail road tracks.
View Details
02/03/2014 beagle hound mix Approx 4 months beagle/hound mixed male, white with beige head, muzzle, & ears. Blk spots on his left side (your right looking at him) & blk spot in his butt. Very friendly, loving,& exceptionally good dog - gets along with other animals including one of my cats not the other. Pees on paper & outside. Rail road tracks at midway off Walnut & Wise Avenues - found coming out of creek south leash attached. View Details
08/18/2013 Beagle mix White with light brown patches looks like she has been spade. Was on a yellow plastic over metal yard tie. Tillett rd Roanoke Va View Details
08/28/2013 Beagle mix Tan and white beagle/ mix Crescent Heights Neighborhood Yes View Details
12/13/2013 Beagle mix Found near Woodscrossing on Starkey Rd. Very friendly. Please call 540-293-3188 Starkey Rd Yes View Details
12/13/2013 Beagle mix Very friendly male found off of Starkey Rd near Woodscrossing. Starkey Rd off of 419 Yes View Details
02/27/2014 Beagle mix Approx 15 to 18 lbs. Beagle mix dog, brown head, black spots white body. Found at Tinkerview Townhouse parking lot Cloverdale a few minutes ago (5 pm). My sister is trying to get hold of him/her to check for a collar. Obvious he is lost. Do not have a picture at this time Tinkerview Townhouse parking lot in Cloverdale, VA View Details
02/27/2014 Beagle mix White and light brown, with a darker spot by the collar. Sweet, gentle and well behaved. Obeys simple commands and walks on a leash. Livingston Road, in the Grandin Court area of Roanoke City View Details
10/10/2014 Beagle mix Found an older beagle mix on Buck Mountain Rd in Roanoke County. Very sweet and well mannered. View Details
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