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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
10/22/2014 Poodle Found a sweet male poodle this morning at the intersection of Bandy and Ferguson Valley at 7:15 AM. He has recently been groomed and bathed. For fear of him being hit by early morning traffic, I brought him to my house and contacted neighbors. After no luck, I called the County. They picked this sweet guy up this afternoon and have him now. Please get him home. Ferguson Valley Rd and Bandy Rd View Details
10/22/2014 DSH declawed, tuxedo, male, very friendly Maiden Lane, Old SW View Details
10/19/2014 Dog Dog appears to be a neutered male beagle/lab mix. Found on Floyd county on the blue ridge parkway mile marker 161. No tags/chip. Approx 30 lbs. Appears to be a adult. Some grays on mouth. Very sweet Floyd county - blue ridge parkway mile marker 161 Yes View Details
10/19/2014 cat Russian Blue small gray cat showed up in yard about 2months ago I have been feeding her, very shy finally let me touch her and now she is inside. Very small in size,? older and may have teeth problems. Was she left behind when you moved? Oliver Rd &Wentworth Ave NE Behind the Spanky Macher home. View Details
10/18/2014 Dog Medium white fluffy dog... Very friendly and well kept. Blues eyes. Maybe a husky type. Sorry I have not seen it yet but will get pics tomorrow and take to scan for chip. Rescuer has no phone right now but works at the Exxon station @ 10pm. You can contact me and I will coordinate. Brambleton Ave at the corner of Garst Mill Road Exxon station. View Details
10/18/2014 Tabby Very mean scared cat Ne View Details
10/18/2014 Cat friendly orange tabby near the 2100 block of Kenwood, S.E. View Details
10/17/2014 Dog being held at angels of assisi Found in Botetourt County Yes View Details
10/17/2014 Chihuahua mix??? Tan, very friendly and sweet neutered male, about 12 pounds. He was checked for a chip by the vet and does not have one. Penn Forest View Details
10/10/2014 Beagle mix Found an older beagle mix on Buck Mountain Rd in Roanoke County. Very sweet and well mannered. View Details
10/10/2014 Cat Male orange tabby kitten, NOT neutered. Wearing collar (black, one round bell). He seems to have injured one of his hind legs while wandering. Dale Ave and 4th St., Southeast Roanoke Yes View Details
10/09/2014 rotweilet mix Found in grandin area, knows neighborhood fairly well. Very sweet Denniston View Details
10/07/2014 terrier white terrier, well groomed, 15 to 20 pounds, very sweet Sunnyside Dr SW Roanoke County View Details
10/05/2014 dog Beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback female. Very soft and sweet. Scar on back. Found in the Vinton/Stewartsville area of Bedford county. Yes View Details
10/04/2014 Dog Tan Dachshund. Sweet and friendly. Answers to name. East Gate Neighborhood View Details
10/03/2014 Beagle Puppy 12 lb. Beagle Puppy. She appears to be pure breed and not a mix. She's the standard Beagle tan Black & white colors. She does not have a micro chip and has fleas. The corner if Electric Road/419 and Glen Heather Drive (Roanoke) next to the Getty Mart Yes View Details
10/01/2014 Cat Friendly long-hair grey tabby. Date found is approximate - cat has been in the neighborhood for awhile. Near 2100 block of Kenwood Blvd., S.E. View Details
09/26/2014 dog white poodle-ish girl--recently groomed, very friendly found running down Belleville Rd. near Shirley and Brandon 24015 View Details
09/21/2014 Dog I found this intact/unaltered male yesterday around 4.30 pm in the Cedar Point Apartment complex. He appears to have been in the wild for awhile. He has long nails, dirty ears and he was completely infested with fleas. I've bathed him, but there are still some fleas on him. He is very sweet, and he wants nothing more than to sit on my lap. He hasn't barked, he didn't have any accidents over night and he seems to get along with other dogs. Cedar Point Apartments, in Cave Springs View Details
09/21/2014 Dog/pitbull White and dark brown patches pitty with green yellow eyes. about 1 yrs old. Very sweet but a tad hyper. Apparently doesn't care for cats. Found her crossing Jefferson street in vinton va. She almost was struck by another car so we called to her and she came right to us. Drove around looking for potential owners who'd be out looking for her but all the people we saw didn't know her. Hoping to find owner but in meantime she is being well taken care of. Vinton va View Details
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