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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
06/03/2015 Dachshund canine Brought into Angels of Assisi to search for owner, report filled out at Angels of Assisi Kathy is holding the dog for owner to come forward. Found on Petere's Creek Rd call 540-309-0931 (Daschund Mix) Brown/Black Male. Peter's Creek Rd View Details
06/03/2015 Yorkie Canine 5/24/15 Found running down Plantation rd .roanoke county 5892450 Found 5/24/15
No gender or furter information provided
Plantation Road Yes View Details
06/02/2015 Long haired Doxi mix small black and brown male longhaired Doxi Mix. Peters Creek Road near Oakey's Funeral Home View Details
06/01/2015 Canine Boxer Found in Williamson Rd Area - adult female appears to be in heat. Williamson Rd Area Yes View Details
06/01/2015 Golden Pheasant Found yesterday under my house. I called animal rescue and they suggested that I post here. They said that these are pets and I'm sure someone must be looking for him. Falling Creek area of Roanoke County, near Vinton. View Details
05/29/2015 Dog A small tan chihuahua type dog has been hit by a car and is lying in the weeds by the side of the road on Starlight Lane about 1/4 mile from where Merriman Rd bears to the right. It has no collar but thought the owner may want to have some closure and dispose properly of they body. Starlight Lane View Details
05/29/2015 poodle White, very friendly. Iris in Moreno Valley View Details
05/26/2015 Dachshund Black and tan intact adult. Appears to have a back injury (he has a tender spot and occasionally limps) but moves about pretty well. Approx. 15 lbs. Balding spots on ears and head; full grown and possibly 5+ years-old. Very friendly and well mannered. near 10th St NW Roanoke City View Details
05/26/2015 Dachshund Found Dog. Dachshund or Dachshund mix. Full grown, approximately 15 lbs. Intact male. Very friendly and well-mannered. Located wandering near 10th St NW. NW city Yes View Details
05/23/2015 Cat All black male cat with green eyes. Neutered. NOT declawed. VERY friendly and obviously well cared for. Elm and 4th street Yes View Details
05/21/2015 Pit Bull Terrier 5-year-old white female pit bull with tan spots, lost at Smith Mountain Lake, in Union Hall off of Route 942. Injured front left paw and wearing a protective cone, she went missing after returning from the vet. She is very sweet natured with no agression whatsoever. She answers to Olivia. Lost on Balsam Drive, Union Hall View Details
05/19/2015 Golden Retriever Very friendly and well kept. River Oaks Drive Salem, Virginia Roanoke County View Details
05/17/2015 Dog 1-2 yr old Black Lab mix. Female, very sweet but shy. Carvins Cove Road, Salem VA View Details
05/16/2015 Maltese/shiz su? Mix Very friendly. Recently groomed(shaved). Looks to be white and brown markings but shaved very close. Appears to be an indoor dog and jumped right into car so used to being in a car. Appears to be a possible mix but hard to tell with grooming. Maltese? Shiz su? Tail and body are longer but a smaller head. Very clean but can tell she is confused about where she is. Corner of Twelve o Clock Knob Road and Ridgelea. Yes View Details
05/16/2015 unsure Beautiful beige and white dog. One eye has been removed. Found on Wildwood Rd. Wildwood Road Salem View Details
05/11/2015 Dog (Medium) Dog is running loose. Will not let you capture it. Seemingly very friendly and plays with other dogs that are fenced in, including mine. Leaving food and water for it. Beautiful dog...very light tan in color with a fox-like face, curled fluffy tail and pointed ears Summit Hills neighborhood Yes View Details
05/07/2015 cat Very sweet, no fear of dogs, extremely thin, matted hair but may have been shaved at some point. 2200 block Windsor Avenue in Raleigh Court neighborhood View Details
05/06/2015 All American Intact male, weighing about 45 lbs. all white except for tan ears, tan around the left eye and a spot of tan on his rear. Very friendly, clean, appears well fed and cared for. Could be part Australian Shepherd or other shepherd mix. Mill Mountain Parkway (the spur road leading to the Blue Ridge Parkway) near where it crosses over Welcome Valley Road View Details
05/06/2015 German Shepard Mix He had followed several hikers for miles and was in the parking lot drinking water out of a puddle. He is large, tan and black. Macfee's Knob parking lot (Roanoke County) View Details
05/06/2015 Pit Bull Mix Black young female with white on chest and under throat.
Both hind paws have white toes.
When first spotted on 4.28 she was wearing a chest harness.
When found there was no harness.
Sweet, friendly but shy.
Blue Grass Trail, Rockbridge County near the Botetourt County line View Details
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