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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
09/16/2016 canine White and tan/brindle bull dog mix. Very friendly. About 2-5 years old. Small scar between shoulder blades. Monet Drive near Chagall in the Groves neighborhood off Cotton Hill in Roanoke County Yes View Details
09/15/2016 cat Someone's pet. Ownership must be proven Roanoke County near Vinton/Bedford County line. View Details
09/12/2016 mixture Black/white "tuxedo", mostly black, white feet, white spot on hip, white chest. Missing some teeth, 16 years old, doesn't hear well. Missing from 47 Manchester Court, Troutville, VA 24175 In the brush close to 47 Manchester Court, Troutville, VA 24175. Lost a few ounces of weight, but otherwise none the worst for wear. View Details
09/10/2016 Cat Black, elderly cat. Very sweet. Woman and granddaughter on scooter came through neighborhood days ago looking for this cat. NW Roanoke. Whitney Avenue area. Yes View Details
09/09/2016 Lab mix, black Small Black lab mix. Dog less than a year old. Very sweet.

Text 540 589 6423 or 540 816 9147. Very hot outside. Im not keeping this dog in my house.
View Details
09/09/2016 Dog-Lab Young male - black with white markings on chest. Very friendly and well cared for. Corbieshaw Rd in Roanoke City Yes View Details
09/09/2016 cat Young female cat. May have had kittens 10-12 weeks ago. Black and white. Maiden Lane near Dudding in Raleigh Court View Details
09/06/2016 Dog Yorkie mix found with a gray and white kitten. Friendly. 10-15 pounds. Liberty Road. In between Plantation and Williamson View Details
09/06/2016 Gray and White Kitten Female (I think) gray and white kitten. Found with a Yorkie mix. Liberty Road between Plantation and Williamson Yes View Details
09/06/2016 Cat Male, neutered, long haired Tabby, over 2 years old. Hiding in basement stairwell. Yes View Details
09/04/2016 dog female bluetick/german shorthair mix. blue ridge parkway near vinton View Details
09/03/2016 bluetick coon/german short? I cannot tell how old this dog is, she was very skinny and dehydrated. It seems like she had been lost for several days at least. She drank a ton of water when I found her walking down the side of the blue ridge parkway at about 1:00am. She also eats a ton. I gave her a flea bath and she has been enjoying the AC at our house however she is very territorial around our small yorkies and even bit one of the during feed time. She is a sweet dog otherwise. Blue Ridge Parkway, 6 miles away form peaks of otter View Details
08/31/2016 Yellow Tabby Cat Katie has been found. Thanks to everyone who helped keep an eye out for her. She was scared ,hungry,and very thirsty. So if you have a pet missing don't give up . They could still come home or be found. We are so Happy to have Katie Girl Home. We will pray for all the other lost pets . View Details
08/31/2016 Kitten Found kitten around 3 months old, orange tabby. SE View Details
08/28/2016 Canine Large dog. Looks to be a Lab mix/ dark chocolate. Scruggs road Moneta View Details
08/28/2016 Dog Found in Garden City area. White with brown spots. Yes View Details
08/25/2016 Canine Female Terrie Black and Brown in color wearing a black harness. She is at Brambleton Veterinary Hospital. We can be reached at 540-774-5236. She was found on Rosewood off of Brambleton on the morning of 8/25/16 Yes View Details
08/22/2016 Feline Hey Facebook friends I am in desperate need of your help! Today Animal Control found a kitty off of apperson in Salem Va, named Michelle. She is an eight-year-old grey cat and has a microchip, that is how we were able to find out everything. Her owners information was out of date and the phone numbers did not work. We have information like her owner's name is Roberta Curran and back up emergency contact is Ashley West. I have reason to believe that Ashley may have moved to Salem in July or surrounding area. Last known address for this cat was in Michigan. She may have been hit by a car and has head trauma but she is alive and would love to have her owner by her side while recovering. Please share this post with friends and reach out to anybody who may have any information! You can contact me on Facebook or call Salem Animal Control. 800 block of apperson in Salem, Va View Details
08/20/2016 terrier mix?? Neutered male, tan, terrier mix(?) Very sweet, well behaved. Wearing collar, no tags, not microchipped. Olney Rd, Vinton, VA View Details
08/16/2016 Dog (markings like rottie) Small - med dog. Looks somewhat like a minature rottie. Good with other dogs. Black and tan. Looks full grown. Someone said they wanted City Dogs to hold for a week and they would come back for the dog. SE Roanoke Yes View Details
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