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Please check our Lost Pet List to see if the pet You've found matches any of the pets reported missing. If the pet has not been reported lost on our Lost Pet List please add the pet to our Found Pet List. Thank you for taking a moment to make sure a lost pet finds their way home.

Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
03/10/2014 Dog Currently being held as a stray at the RVSPCA. Hound mix, approx. 4 months old Stoney Battery Rd. Troutville VA Yes View Details
03/10/2014 dog Currently being held at the RVSPCA. Hound mix, approx 4 months old Stoney Battery Rd. Troutville, VA Yes View Details
03/10/2014 DSH Black senior short haired cat. Found on Bluebird Lane in Roanoke County. Please call if this is yours. Bluebird Lane, Roanoke County Yes View Details
03/08/2014 Retreiver Mix Very sweet but skittish Has collar and tag but can't get close enough to read address on tag but looked like name on the front of tag was REESE. Mid-size dog, black/dark brown with lighter belly. Healthy but thin, gave it a bowl of food and it gobbled it up Camelot Village Apartments, Salem, VA. After it ate it ran off but might still be in the neighborhood View Details
03/07/2014 Dog Great Dane mix. Found on 220 in the Clearbrook area. Very friendly and well mannered. Is currently being held at Brambleton Vet. but will be kept in a personal residence beginning this evening. Roanoke County. Clearbrook area. Yes View Details
03/07/2014 Lab Female chocolate lab. Painted front nails. Meadows Road, Vinton. View Details
03/06/2014 Golden Retriever neutored male golden found running at large 3211 echo dr vinton Yes View Details
03/03/2014 shih tzu? Small off- white dog. Wearing a black collar with green rabies tag & Roanoke county tag. Very friendly. William Byrd High School area Yes View Details
03/03/2014 Weimaraner Dogs One Male and female grayish/brown(tan) Weimaraners (assuming)! Botetourt County - Blue Ridge/Troutville area View Details
03/03/2014 Mix Black with tan face and legs. Seems young maybe around 1yr old. Weight around 20 to 30 lbs. She has floppy ears and long tail. intersection of Houstond Mines Rd and Salt Pond Rd - Near Nace north of Troutville View Details
03/02/2014 Beagle/Bassett Female, very friendly, pink collar- no tag, older. Please call if you know who it belongs to. Found dog near Williamson Road/Huntington Blvd on March 2. Yes View Details
03/01/2014 dog Small (20 lbs), tan, white blaze on her chest and white back paws. Possibly a jack russell terrior, probably young, very energetic and friendly. Hershberger and Florist Rd. NW Yes View Details
03/01/2014 Domestic Long Haired Cat Long Haired brown/gray tabby. No tail. Very matted. Will approach me for food. Cal State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90032 Yes View Details
02/27/2014 Beagle mix Approx 15 to 18 lbs. Beagle mix dog, brown head, black spots white body. Found at Tinkerview Townhouse parking lot Cloverdale a few minutes ago (5 pm). My sister is trying to get hold of him/her to check for a collar. Obvious he is lost. Do not have a picture at this time Tinkerview Townhouse parking lot in Cloverdale, VA View Details
02/27/2014 Canine Neutered friendly male. No tags or microchip. Knows how to sit and house broken By Pet Vet on Electric road. View Details
02/27/2014 Beagle mix White and light brown, with a darker spot by the collar. Sweet, gentle and well behaved. Obeys simple commands and walks on a leash. Livingston Road, in the Grandin Court area of Roanoke City View Details
02/20/2014 dog Medium white/tan dog. Roanoke city Courthouse View Details
02/19/2014 chihuahua-mix ? short haired, brown, underbite, very friendly, 8-10lbs. has been seen recently walking the trail around parkway near the 419/220 area of Mill Mountain/Home Depot/Tanglewood area. View Details
02/16/2014 Dog Small dog about the size of a large cat with fluffy light brown fur. Unfortunately the dog was hit and killed in the road before I saw it. I moved the body up on to the median strip. Roanoke NW on Hershberger Rd near Shell and Hardees View Details
02/09/2014 Dog Small brown dog ~6-7 years old. Williamson Road Area View Details
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