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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
11/07/2016 Feline very sweet 2-3 yr old dark brown tabby. Possibably spayed, but no scar or tattoos were found. She was scanned for a microchip, but she didn't have one. She had minor flea dirt, several ticks and was dirty which makes me think she had been out for a few days. She is a bit overweight, but not extremely fat. I can't stress enough how sweet she is. the side parking lot at Harris animal hospital, which is at the intersection of Williamson and Peters Creek rd. In Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
11/04/2016 Cqt I found the cat at Fallon Park Elementry school.He is not neutered maybe around a year old.He is all bones.He is Orange in color. SE ROANOKE View Details
11/03/2016 Pit Bull FOUND DOG - Female Pit Puppy found running loose at intersection of Carlton and Avenel Ave in Raleigh Court area, with collar and leash but no identification. Sweet but very energetic. Please share to help find owners. Carlton Road and Avenel Ave, Raleigh Court, Roanoke Yes View Details
10/29/2016 Cat Gray with green eyes Between 2228 Wycliffe Ave and 23th St SW, Roanoke, VA 24014 Yes View Details
10/28/2016 Lab Mix Found dog this morning 7am. He come in together with my two beagles. 6355 Juliet Ct., Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
10/28/2016 mixed breed dog Spotted on Vista Forest. About 30 pounds. Female I think. Short, wavy coat. Brown/black. Folded ears. Frightened. She ran from me until I could not find her.

I do not have this dog in my possession.
Vista Forest/Forest Edge Subdivision off of Bent Mountain Rd near Big Lick Vet View Details
10/25/2016 Cat Orange tabby cat up the tree in my back yard. It's a willow tree and pretty weak so we can only climb so high and do not have a tall enough ladder. I have called animal control so hopefully they will get the kitty down. 2119 Denniston Avenue, Roanoke 24015 - in the tree in the back yard. Accessible through the alley. Yes View Details
10/18/2016 Unknown My son found a dog and he's keeping it in a cage at our home 7014 Cotton Hill Road View Details
10/11/2016 Mix Medium older female found walking down Brambleton Ave this morning. Very sweet but needs medical attention to her eye. Brambleton Ave Cave Spring Yes View Details
10/11/2016 St. Bernard mix Dog seen walking up the street at the corner of Winbourne and Maiden Ln. Corner of Winbourne St SW and Maiden Ln SW View Details
10/07/2016 Cat Very friendly tabby with green eyes and somewhat short tail. It's been been hanging around for a few days. Is pretty skinny and desperate for love. Hamilton Terrace, Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
10/04/2016 Dog Black and very friendly. Poor mountain rd bent mountain va View Details
10/02/2016 Bassett Found walking along guard rail 220 Botetourt County just past car wash before Read mt road intersection south bound side. 220 Botetourt View Details
10/01/2016 Kittens Found 4 kittens in a window well of a neighbors home. Salem, VA View Details
09/29/2016 Dog Brindle puppy, looks like a pit. Very sweet pup. Was wearing a collar, please identify when calling so I make sure this little guy goes to the right owner. Eastland Rd SE, Roanoke View Details
09/29/2016 Dog American Bulldog or some type of Bully puppy found in Roanoke near Williamson Rd. Behind Berglund. Very shy. Was barely able to catch. Call and describe please. Will take tomorrow to check for microchip. If I don't answer please leave a voicemail. Wayne Street ME near Williamson View Details
09/28/2016 tabby cat He's a scrawny grey tabby OSW/West End Roanoke City View Details
09/27/2016 Cat White cat- appears to be less than a year old. No microchip 534 Elm Ave SW. Was in neighbor's tree. View Details
09/25/2016 Corgi mix For a male corgi mix on my front porch is ten and white very sweet loving dog maybe 2-3 years old can follow some commands sir stay and lay I did feed him and have him water before animal control came I hope he finds his loving home Green ridge road Roanoke VA 24019 View Details
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