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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
12/16/2013 miniature ? Has a dog ID number but the company says the number is not registered. Looks like there was another tag that might have come off. Dog is very small, very quiet, very friendly. Curly hair, gray and brown. Off Brandon Road, Rosalind Hills area. Yes View Details
12/15/2013 canine A slightly overweight white dog.Appears to be a Bichon or a mix. About 25 pounds. We think she is female but not sure. She is very sweet,clean and friendly. She seems to like our cats and they aren't freaked out by her. Harborwood Road near Gladden Road in Roanoke county. View Details
12/13/2013 Beagle mix Found near Woodscrossing on Starkey Rd. Very friendly. Please call 540-293-3188 Starkey Rd Yes View Details
12/13/2013 Beagle mix Very friendly male found off of Starkey Rd near Woodscrossing. Starkey Rd off of 419 Yes View Details
12/11/2013 dog, pit bull White with grey spots, very friendly pit showed up at my door on Fontaine circle in cave spring area. I took her to vet for shots, they said she has adult teeth and is not spayed, and is about 18 months old. She's obviously been homeless a while, but has manners so I suspect she was someone's pet at one time. Fontaine circle, cave spring area in roanoke county. View Details
12/10/2013 unknown Small all-black dog. Medium-short tail.
Green Spring Ave, Wilmont Farms subdivision, Roanoke, VA 24017
Dec. 10, 2013, between 9:30 and 10
Walked in to our house when my husband came in after parking the car.
Soaking wet, but not hungry and not thirsty.
View Details
12/10/2013 cat black part-Persian cat, probably a young male. very friendly - found in parking lot of Mountain View (on 13th street) View Details
12/09/2013 Hound Mix Red and white male hound mix, he weighs around 65 pounds, very smart, knows basic commands Found in Botetourt County off of Webster road View Details
12/08/2013 Dog Brown and white pit bull. Mostly Brown with white paws Dollar Store on Plantation View Details
12/07/2013 Possibly bichon, small white White dog found running around outside my house. He's small and looks like he could be a Bichon Yes View Details
12/05/2013 Dog Tan and white small dog. Very skittish. We had her locked in a backyard, but she has escaped once. She is very fearful and we cannot touch her. Looks to be a beagle, Chihuahua mix. Near Cave Spring Middle school Yes View Details
12/05/2013 Dog Dark brown and black medium length shaggy coat with bobbed tail. Little bit of white on chin and chest. Very sweet. Bluefield Blvd. SW, Roanoke, VA 24015 Yes View Details
12/05/2013 pit bull (dalmation?) Several months old, short black and white mixed hair with black patch over right eye, black spots on back of white neck, lower half of legs are white, end of tail is white. About 2 miles nort of Mill Mountain spur on the Blue Ridge Parkway. View Details
12/04/2013 Husky Beautiful Husky found in Colonail Brambleton Area.. Might of been lost for several days... About 5 years old.. Grey, black and silver in color... Colonial Brambleton Ave area by the Coffee Pot Pub View Details
12/04/2013 Husky Beautiful Husky found in Colonail Brambleton Area.. Might of been lost for several days... About 5 years old.. Grey, black and silver in color... Colonial Brambleton Ave area by the Coffee Pot Pub Yes View Details
12/03/2013 Cat Light colored calico/tabby cat. White on nose and chest. Back legs are white. Gur is graish with orange and white mixed in. VERY friendly and loving. Sat outside our back door as if she lives here. Springwood/Buchanan View Details
12/03/2013 cat Still trying to find owner for tortoise shell- tabby cat. She's super sweet and loving. Back legs and nose are white. Missing a chunk out of her left ear. Springwood area of Botetourt Co./Buchanan View Details
12/01/2013 Maltese or Shih Tzu She's been wandering in the woods behind our office for a few months. Missing lots of hair on her back and legs. She's very skittish and we haven't been able to catch her yet. She does gobble up the food we leave out for her. Looks to be a Maltese or Shih Tzu but we can't get close enough to tell. She's wearing a pink harness but what hair she has is matted around it. Vinton Farmers Market View Details
11/30/2013 Corgi Pap mix Small young dog found wandering in the road. At angels of Assisi until Tuesday then moving to Franklin County Humane Society. Green ridge Road near Lakeside baptist Church View Details
11/30/2013 dog Brown and white. No microchip, no collar. Knocked on doors where he was found and no one recognized him. He was VERY hungry and VERY scared! He is currently at Angels of Assisi in Roanoke, Va. until Tuesday and then will go to Franklin County Humane Society from there. Think he is less than a year old. Green Ridge Road near Lakeside Baptist Church Yes View Details
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