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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
08/28/2014 long hair dachshund Male long hair Dachshund. Intact (not fixed). Rust/Red in color. Approx 2 years old. Very docile. Very well trained. Roanoke Civic Center area Yes View Details
08/27/2014 Dog Chocolate brown/black male Pit Bull
A touch of white on all four feet
Has an unusual mark on his chest
Appears to be neutered
Very sweet but nervous and scared
Had on a tri-colored collar
He really just wants to go home

Please if he is your dog call 540-597-4088
Found off of Bore Auger Road in Blue Ridge
Which is Botetourt County but closer to Bedford
Yes View Details
08/24/2014 Shih Tzu? Small black dog, maybe Shih Tzu or Havanese, all black. Found at Campbell Avenue and 11th on Sunday afternoon around 4pm. Very friendly, long, bushy tail. Campbell Avenue and 11th. View Details
08/23/2014 Beagle mixes? ? Two brown black and white dogs on grandin Rd ran into our yard were running in traffic and obviously lpst. We have them please call to pick up 3581 grandin Rd Roanoke va 24018 View Details
08/21/2014 Dog Super sweet grey and white pit. Very friendly and well cared for, about 75lbs, obviously somebody's baby. Come get your dog!!! Hooter's on Williamson Road in Roanoke. View Details
08/19/2014 Canine Very Friendly, tan & white wire haired terrier. Glenvar area, near Fort Lewis Baptist church View Details
08/18/2014 terrior mix found on Ashley Drive, Hardy. Bedford County. Very friendly. Call to identify. Bedfor County close to Hardy Road 5 miles from Vinton View Details
08/16/2014 chihuahua Black with gray face and chest. Clearbrook area. View Details
08/15/2014 Yellow could be a lab not sure Sweet and friendly. She is yellow and looks really well taken care of. She was running down Brambleton at 2 am in front of the Brambleton center going in the direction of Krogers. Brambleton in Sw Roanoke View Details
08/15/2014 Great Dane Driving home on Woodhaven Road, we almost hit this was in the middle of the road. We turned around to try to help it.......went back and found it but it was too scared. We were afraid that we would get it hit by a car. It was traveling on the side of the road but went back out into the street when we tried to get close. It ended up going into the woods in the curve of Woodhaven so we do not actually have it. It is tall and lanky and did not appear to be very old. It was dark so we could not see it up close but appeared to be a puppy or young adult. Hoping if someone is looking for it, this will give some hope and narrow down the location. If coming from Peters Creek Road, it was in the S curve area. It went into the woods in the S curve....on the right hand side. This is prior to getting to the Green Ridge Rec Center. View Details
08/15/2014 Dog - Boxer Very friendly, well behaved. About 40-50 pounds. She is safe with us until owner is found. Catawba Road near Roanoke and Boutetourt county lines View Details
08/15/2014 Cat "Jenny" is a black female cat who was part of a feral trap/spay/release program at Brammer Village on Peters Creek Road involving almost 20 cats. She was spayed at Angels on 5/17/05 and her left ear was tipped flat. She went missing just over 2 years ago and has recently returned. She has a very small white patch under her jaw near her throat that is hard to see. She has sable undertones to her black coat. She often lies down like a sphinx with her front paws curled in front and her tongue out just a little. She is very thin and obviously aged. We will continue caring for her as long as she needs. Someone has been taking care of her for over 2 years and must miss her. If this is you, please contact me. Brammer Village, 3019 Peters Creek Rd, Roanoke. View Details
08/12/2014 Hound mix Short-haired, mostly Black with Tan markings, not sure of breed, but looks like a hound mix. Approximately 1 year old, 18" high, and 25 lbs. Very gentle and loving. Blue Ridge Parkway near Copper Hill, mile marker 141. Yes View Details
08/09/2014 Cat/Calico Found small cat/older kitten, calico, mostly orange at El Toreo in Roanoke in the parking lot, Peters Creek Rd and Brandon. Cat has been picked up by Roanoke Animal Shelter. Cat is very friendly, wearing a green flea collar, and is obviously someones pet. Doesn't seem to be an outside only cat, and has been hanging out around the restaurant for a few days. Please call the shelter if this is your baby. El Toreo Roanoke VA Yes View Details
08/09/2014 Canine Black and White Border Collie Peters Creek Road near the Putt Putt. View Details
08/07/2014 Female dog She is Beautiful Name is Bella with Zip code 24179

Please call for verification of pHone numbers on Tag and provide picture please.
787 shelbourne ave Vinton Va 24179 View Details
08/03/2014 cat Being held at SPCA as stray. Stray hold ends 8/14/14. 1340 Baldwin Ave. Yes View Details
08/03/2014 Blue heeler. Austrailan cattle Blue heeler male. Trained. Knows sit. Likes to ride in a truck. Ironto/Elliston at halls Methodist church View Details
08/02/2014 Bl Shepherd and Bl Wirehire Te Very friendly found running up 24 towards Food Lion Route 24 coming from car wash right there at Goode Park View Details
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